January 17th, 2019
I owe Brad Branson a Bottle of Champagne [THX FOR ALL THE PUSSY! Nekkid Pictures inside]
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Manu Frio

Manu Frio


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I fucked a lesbian in Montreal (almost instantly;) I ran a train on a girl in Montreal
with one of my best friends, I slept with an Australian cutie in New York, woke up
in a multi-millionaire’s loft in Tribecca with Basquiats on the wall & 2 women next
to me, tongue kissed several women, slept with a New York model (and got tired of her,)
I got my dick sucked in public more than a couple of times and now have 2 regular
booty-calls and a third one coming into my stable… It’s all thanks to Brad Branson
the man, the Legend and the man to whom I owe a bottle of Champagne…

I’m gonna explain how all of this happened, but 1st let me tell you my skill level –I
don’t think I’ve ever posted an original thread on the forum…
…By no stretch of the imagination was I a virgin or an introvert before I got back in
the game this year… And the truth is → because I was building my business, I only
slept with one girl in 2010 & 2011… But this year I decided to get back into the
Game… And now I’m up to #22 for the year… I still count (Haha!)

It’s kinda like Evolutions fixed a glitch in my Game… It opened up the flood gate in
the areas where I sucked haha.

Brad made me an initial-secret-tester of his system “Evolutions…” because we got
into some business dealings with each other… And immediately, I was able to
categorize myself as an intermediate → according to his standards anyway… I used
to think of myself as pretty advanced –but I only got laid every once in a while
(when I had a social life.)

I was so stunned by the content in the beginner section alone that I took a picture
of my computer screen like an idiot (I kinda felt like I was taking part of history or
something Haha! Sometimes I do corny shit)

I was just a little overwhelmed at how much content I got… Needless to say, I
finished Evolutions in less than 3 days… I didn’t watch any TV –didn’t read any
news papers or magazines… I even cut back from work a little bit… (Since then
–I’ve watched it several dozen times!)

“Are You a Prostitute…? –no? Let’s Fuck some more…”

I like to test everything as soon as I learn it… so I went out on the 3rd night after
watching all the videos… it was kinda difficult to let go of my way of doing things,
so on the 1st night I did pretty good but I didn’t pull –second night was horrible
(Sunday night in New York), so on Monday I told myself: “I’m gonna go out there
as Baby Brad Branson… This meant: I’m not gonna do anything I already know,
I’m just gonna follow Evolutions methodology word for word… I did & it was a
rainy Monday in SOHO New York (This means Shitty Night…)

I met and fucked an Australian hottie in less than 2 hours… Here’s how it

After I walked through SOHO halfway drunk through 10 different desert bars and
clubs on a rainy Monday night, I still kept persevering and went back to
“Home Sweet Home” Even after I had already been there on the same night…

When I sat on a bar stool, I could clearly see the only 7 people who were in the
whole place… 3 random guys and 4 girls who seemed to be friends… I sat and
leaned back against the bar as one of the girls came and ordered something…
I was already in a Good headspace (The Brad “I’m Awesome” headspace!) and
proceeded to ask her some questions…

I found out she was Australian and was here in the city for 4 days with her
friends… After some conversation I went in my head and started asking myself
questions (How can you move this thing to sex? etc) But, this caused some
paralysis, so I excused myself… She suggested I should dance with her…
I told her I’d join her in a bit after I’d finish my beer.

Her cuter friend walked pass me, and I remember thinking in the same vain as
Natural Tim: “That’s for me…” I grabbed her and said –“you’re fuckin’ cute… are
you also from Sydney?” She responded with “You’re confident –and proceeded to
tell me about where she was from (Kings Cross…) As I got bored with her
conversation within the 1st minute, I just kept a direct stare into her eyes, and
looking at her lips…

mid-convo I just plunged into a short makeout session… It was on. Her friends
came & instead of trying to steal her away, they just started saying
“You lucky slut!” I was unfazed by the so-called compliments they were also
throwing at me… I just kept making my own inside-jokes and making them laugh
in the process –a real man on his path…

I took her outside, she said she wanted to smoke –I told her: “no smoking in my
presence! I hate that shit…” makeout ensued… She was a bit drunk, I sat on a
short railing and turned her away from the bouncer and small crowd outside the
door… we were literally 10 feet away –and in her shifted perspective (from the
takeaway)it’s like the onlookers magically disappeared (short attention span,) cuz
I told her… “You should kiss it!” She said: “Kiss what?” I lowered her head and sure
enough she gave it a couple of licks through the zipper :-) I didn’t get overzealous
so I picked her up and said, we should leave NOW…

I live in Westchester (45 mins away,) so my only logistical option is usually in the
car… She said: “Wait, let’s go tell my friends, and I need another drink!” I took her
back downstairs to Home-Sweet-Home, I could tell she was scared a little bit –so I
went to have fun with her friends on the dance floor to relieve the tension (it showed
her I wasn’t attached to the idea of leaving immediately…) And I told them each
individually, “I like your friend, I’m taking her back to your Hotel room… Cool?” They
gave me the habitual; “Take good care of her!” all the while asking me if I had friends
for them…

So I walk out of this place with the chick on my arm, I’m parked 5 to 10 blocks away
and she has heels on… I tell her to take them off so we can walk… She refuses, so the
walk is longer than anticipated… As soon as I get in the car I remove her top and start
making out! Remove her Bra… Then the shock of my life… She starts crying!

She says: “You have no respect for me, you wanna fuck me right here in your car, where
people can see us (it was 3 in the morning! No one was roaming the streets & it was a
dead night), CCTV is probably filming us… You think I’m some slut!” I put her clothes back
on her, play it cool and say… “You know what, I’m glad you reacted this way... Because I
don’t wanna rush anything, it just felt natural. In fact I don’t even want sex from you… I
just wanna get to know you…”

I drive around a bit, we talk… She exclaims “you’re one of the good ones aren’t you???”
And I park the car close to her hotel at the Holiday Inn in SOHO” to my surprise, her friends
are not home yet… Even with the earlier freakout I still lead her to her room, and the minute
we get in –she’s the one undressing me now! We fucked 5 times! Her friends never showed
up! I left at 6AM Haha

In between our sex sessions, she was so shocked by what was happening that she kept
asking me: “Are you a prostitute or something?” At 1st I was flattered, but she said it so
many times that, it became a bit creepy to tell you the truth… And we spoke for like an hour,
And she just kept backwards-rationalizing the whole experience→ trying to understand why I
was able to fuck her so seamlessly… After her –I fucked about 4 girls in the same way
(on the same night…) And I’ve come to notice that this is something common for me –girls
will start talking to me about how baffled they are about the whole experience!

This was my 1st 1-night stand where I was fully aware of what I was doing and leading the
interaction straight through without an inkling of hesitation… Evolutions did it! Well Brad did,
Haha… The next day I text all my boys! Tell them about the night… And they were all hyped
to go out after that story… Most of my friends are naturals… So we went out, it wasn’t as
successful, but I felt like a king in their presence…

Initially I was going to go over each story in this one post, but see as how it’s getting
extremely long… I’m probably going to write one more story and start a journal detailing my most
memorable nights instead…


My First Time winging Brad

The first time I winged Brad (Brass Monkey in the meat packing district NYC), I had already
gone over Evolutions several times; so I knew his methods extremely well… I was assisting him
on a New York bootcamp… While we were watching the clients, he told me “dude, hot chick on
the left! So I approached her… picked her up a little bit and started toying with her…” She was a
sexy blonde with a tight dress → 9 (I just don’t wanna say 10) her 3 friends were all Med students
as was she… And they loved us instantly –I just gave them hard value slap straight from the
beginning as Brad likes to say…

…My amazement was that in that particular interaction I had more value than him… Granted
his night was starting, he was watching over students but –just by following his concepts, I had
more value than HIM… I’m 6’4, charismatic and not bad looking… But in the looks department I’m
not Brad Branson… So I was shocked. The girl asked me, “So why is your friend so clean-cut
and you look like a hipster with a Mohawk?” At which point Brad interrupted and told the girl –“stop
talking to him he’s a serial killer…” They all laughed, but I just kept talking… and the energy veered
back to me while he spoke to another friend.

After a while, I ejected –for some gay reason; I was more interested in seeing the students
win than myself. And I knew Brad’s game extremely well, so I told the girl I’d see her later
and proceeded to watch over one of the 3 clients we were monitoring for the weekend…

One thing that is consistent in my game now though, is I consistently chode-out better
looking men than me… I love doing it. I used to do that every once in a while before, but now I am
consistent with it.

The first time I winged Brad successfully, surprisingly enough, was with another Australian
girl haha! This one, he had already slept with a couple of years prior to the day… And she was tall,
gorgeous with a nice sense of style… Even though she had just moved to New York (that weekend I
believe,) she already knew she was hot-shit and wasn’t afraid to assert herself amongst the crowd of
savvy nightlife New Yorkers…

But Brad was teaching Bootcamp, and it turns out they both were in New York on the same
weekend. So they met. In the beginning when she showed up, he told me: “Yo, I gotta watch these
clients –just watch over the girl for me… “Cool”

I expected her to be very cordial and sweet –but it was the opposite –haha

She went on a diatribe about how Brad is a shithead… How she hadn’t spoken to him in 2
years, and he must think he’s God’s gift to women… And how she should probably leave with some
other guy, just to show him… “How is it possible that I’m here and he’s not even paying attention to me…”


She complained most of the night about how he hates watching the news, and how he
doesn’t care about world issues etc… Mind you; she hadn’t spoken to him in 2 years, yet she
remembers all these small things about him… After a while, I was getting sick of all the complaining…
And Brad was taking care of his clients… So I just said let’s have a drink… She proceeded to flirt with
guys at the bar… And I thought for sure Brad lost this one…

Shockingly enough, as we changed venues she kept coming with us –1st to pianos, then to another
little bar (I always forget the name of that place…) where she flirted with the guys at the pool
table… One thing I was surprised about is how every time men took her up on flirtations, she kept
coming back to me as some sort of shield or bodyguard… So even though at first I thought Brad must’ve
done something wrong… I knew that she was still smitten by him…

…so at the end of debrief that night, Brad returns, the bars were emptying out, she has a
seemingly-combative look on her face & all he says is “let’s go…” And she melts in his arms
like a little girl… smiling, and submitting to his quiet dominance… hours of complaining deflated with
“Let’s go…” (hahaha!) I don’t wanna give details about what happened later, as Brad is a private person… Haha.
But they disappeared in the night never to be seen again…

I must love public BJ’s because it happened again…

This one happened right after Brad left New York, so I took the momentum of that weekend
and catapulted into several adventures… I knew this girl for a while… But I never had the
decisive-nature necessary to pull it off… Sometimes you’re just stuck in limbo with your friend,
and you’re just not sure if she likes you… or If you should try to push things forward and risk losing
the friendship… All those doubts are not “The Way of the Superior Man!”

So I told her to meet me at a little café that is the epicenter of my ecosystem… That café,
and the treatment I get over there has gotten me laid several times already… I don’t go out with
guys much, but I must say, as far as wings are concerned –that café is my best… Which is precisely
where I met the rich girls, but that story’s for another day…

Anyways she wanted to meet me so I suggested the café… My friends who are owners,
managers, bartenders and servers always give me special treatment when I show up… But when girls
accompany me… They make me look like a king (sometimes I tip 300%, other times I dine for free!)

She shows up 30 minutes late… I tell her I almost left because I don’t like people wasting
my time… She apologized; drank some wine with me and we went to a restaurant of her choosing, we
split the tab…

At the other restaurant I was very playful, and speaking to her very sternly but nonetheless with a
smile on my face… The sexual aura I was giving off was so strong (shark with a boner) that
she stopped me mid-conversation and told me “Manu… I don’t want anything weird to happen,
you know we’re just friends right?” to which I responded “What?!? I don’t wanna fuck you!” it kinda
jolted her that I came out and said it, because her wording was so careful, beating around the bush
and very polite… This wasn’t so much a shit test, but her, preserving her lady-like frame and our
friendship too…

Now we’re sitting across from each other at a small square table and I’m dominating the
conversation, but every time I make my points, I’m very handsy –instead of touching the side of her arm , I
go straight for the boobs back to the side of the arm, and to the boobs… I can see she’s getting turned
on a bit… But I carry on with the conversation…

…She suggests another bar, not too far from the restaurant… Right outside that bar there is
a dark little doorway and I sit down at the steps; as she tries to sit next to me I pull her on me… She
sits on me, and I go to town→ makeout, breast fondling… She is bewildered by what’s going on but smiling
and laughing like a little kid!

So I say the same thing I’d told the Australian girl outside of Home-Sweet-Home “you should
kiss it…” No, no… At first I said “touch it…” She did and looked away in laughter… Then I said… Kiss
it… She gave me more than a couple of licks… I told her to stop… And she said, let’s take a cab: She
lived in Queens…

When we got there it was nuts! I had whiskey-dick :-o …she kept telling me my dick was
wise, cuz friends aren’t supposed to act that way… We didn’t fuck that night, she sucked me off, and
pleasured me every other way though… and we’ve been having sex ever since… I think I may even be
catching feelings.

Here are some pictures of the morning after…


What I learned from Brad

Well, he taught me how to be a better leader… And all the subtleties that come with that at
the beginner level, the intermediate level –and I can confidently look forward to the advanced concepts he
has already laid out for me… I just know what to do, and I can anticipate certain advanced players’
problems that will show up in my future… I feel freaking outstanding all the time…

…And now that I have his blueprint I feel like when I look at his new kickass videos on the
front page, that I have a more heightened view of the things he goes through in them… Because I know
exactly what part of my game can improve from it…

I remember in 2007, I had Anthony Robbins in my bucket list… Mystery, Patrick Ewing, and
several other people who influenced me in one way or another… I feel like having met Brad is much bigger
than meeting Mystery could have ever been… And as a side benefit → I also met Owen who has been a
major influence also… This year has got to be top 3 in my whole Life… And it’s still going on… Thanks Brad
for everything! Every time I go out now, I’m almost positive a new adventure with some new girl is going to
start… This shit is amazing!
Naturals with an open mind come into the game with the reference experiences already embedded
The Gates Blast Open --and you reach dimensions you never thought possible --That shit Cray!
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 Glad for you, but dude, did you actually just post some girl's picture on the internet? She really landed herself a winner there.

And yes, I did masturbate to them. Have a nice day.
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 Bruce leroy!! lol
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Sweet dude. Good shit. :)
                   Such game.
Much improve.
                              So amaze.
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Was an interesting read. Is this evolution thing new?
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Manu Frio

Manu Frio


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 Yes it is, he's releasing it this week... This shit is gonna be crazy!
Naturals with an open mind come into the game with the reference experiences already embedded
The Gates Blast Open --and you reach dimensions you never thought possible --That shit Cray!
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 Fucking sick!!!!!!
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Manu Frio

Manu Frio


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Hahahaha! Like Bruce Lee Roy I've got the glow!
Naturals with an open mind come into the game with the reference experiences already embedded
The Gates Blast Open --and you reach dimensions you never thought possible --That shit Cray!
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 good shit.. i have wanted to get a bj in the club, but never really did it.. your approach is money.. kiss it.. i'm gonna use that shit.

so it sounds like evolutions is a mind fuck in the right direction like blueprint ? 
"Fuck social conditioning and fuck what anybody thinks of you!" ~Tyler Durden
Rejection > Regret
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Manu Frio

Manu Frio


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sabster wrote:
 good shit.. i have wanted to get a bj in the club, but never really did it.. your approach is money.. kiss it.. i'm gonna use that shit.

so it sounds like evolutions is a mind fuck in the right direction like blueprint ? 
While Blueprint is more philosophical and soul shattering... I would say Evolutions
makes you take action and you get simple mindsets that make you feel entitled and
fix handicaps etc...

It's more hands on...

The one thing I can say is this: Some things that worked for me in the past by pure luck,
I can now replicate with consistency... Cuz I know how to make it work...
Naturals with an open mind come into the game with the reference experiences already embedded
The Gates Blast Open --and you reach dimensions you never thought possible --That shit Cray!
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seems you are pushing it hard. I know you have had success, but no need to make it holy grail, cause the only holy grail is you yourself going out...

Ill buy it anyways cause i like brad and his work. 
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