November 19th, 2018
Alexander Hotseat = Mindblowing. Full Review
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The Natural Instincts Method is truly amazing. So simple and effortless in comparison to everything else out there. It’s seriously invisible- and it doesn’t require 100 paradigms and reframes. It’s natural, instinctual and incredibly effective and socially intuitive.

First, I know some people say they just don’t connect with Alex in his videos. Let me tell you. This dude is legit. His vibe is contagious- just light hearted, FUN, natural, patient and really calm. Just hanging out with him for a weekend helped me internalize the kind of vibe I need to create. It doesn’t surprise me that while we were in Boston he hooked up with a gorgeous blonde girl---despite her finding out via Google about his job. 

I’ll structure the review in the following way:

1. Where I was coming from
2. Key concepts
3. Why you should go

Where I was coming from
I have been involved with RSD for a little over a year. Watched Blueprint. Read tolle, and the other 800 prescribed self help books. Yes, I did go out, but most nights I just did 15 approaches and got a few useless numbers, every once in a while meeting a cool girl that I would hook up with. But with all the self development stuff (seriously reading Tolle over and over, ayn rand, fire in the belly, way of superior man, mastery, etc.) I lost myself. I honestly did not know who I was anymore. And I had to have 30 reframes in my head at all times to talk to anyone. Like trying to remember Tolle, and then the usual RSD themes like “be outcome independent, be assertive, be decisive, have freedom from outcome, have intent, fuck social conditioning, draw state from within, self esteem versus ego” x100 other esoteric complicated things to remember. I was a mess. But I knew I had to do something, and after reading Alex’s articles on I really connected with his ideas.

Key Concepts
Enter the Alex Hotseat. Now, Alex has been off in Australia and Europe for the past 5 years, completely isolated from RSD. He’s developed a lot of his own ideas, a few of which parallel common RSD ideas and but most are counterintuitive and completely different way of understanding what it means to be natural. But the Hotseat is his Blueprint, and I am going to tell you why it is going to help you become naturally and effortless arousing.

The principle behind Alex’s Natural Instincts Method is that “there is no reason why I’m not enough.” Not "I am enough", which is just some affirmation which has been around for years. Think about it- as a naturally attractive man, who is in touch with a full range of emotions, and not socially conditioned- how are you not enough? When you truly come into alignment with this mindset, which is the ONLY one you need to internalize, everything else is going to flow. How can you place a girl on a pedestal when you get this?

Arousal is a function of time. Most guys go up to the girl and want a makeout or some indicator of interest after 5 minutes. But understanding female psychology is to understand that women work completely different in the arousal department. It takes time. Why rush it? Why try to force yourself onto the girl and try all these high risk dramatic techniques instead of kicking back and relaxing? If you truly are the guy she wants to hook up with- why are you all intrusive and needy and dramatic? Wouldn’t you just be calm and relaxed, out having fun with your buddies?

And that is the pure BEAUTY of Natural Instincts. You’re just this friendly guy------but ----and this is huge---you are still expressing yourself in a "bouquet of emotions." You can talk shit- say you don’t like something, say fuck you, fuck off, I hate you- but said with a smile and good vibe. You can say negative things, express yourself in a negative way (By the way, the show Top Gear is incredible for learning this) because as a human being, you will have likes and dislikes. (What sports team do you hate? Why? Etc. everyone has preferences, just learn to express them instead of just what you like.) 

Then learn how to express yourself in a positive way. E.g. I love this restaurant, it has the best food- or telling the girl you love her scent or her composure, or that she is classy and sophisticated or seriously whatever you like about her. Girls will MELT at this. If it is combined with the negative emotions too. It’s a balance. And by using these positive expressions, you’re eliciting that response in her- ex. You’re really an amazing person---she starts to identify with it and act that way.

As this is going on, you are also very gently touching her---always around the shoulder area, not intrusive. And lightly, almost like feathery touch, not harsh. It’s very subtle, you almost wouldn’t notice it unless Alex specifically identified in his videos when he does it.

During the interaction, you will get tests. It’s the girl’s way of finding out that you are the alpha type guy, and she doesn’t even know she is doing it. She just does it. From beginning to the end, she will test you. Deal with it. Laugh, understand that it’s going to happen. But you will get fewer tests the more friendly you are. The defense wall she has will slowly wither away and she eventually will be easier to chat with. But most guys never get past the blockade, the pad between you and the girl. Because they are so focused on the meaningless, mindless, emotionless reactions ----where are you from, what do you do…it’s only after that when you actually get to know the girl. And even then, the girl’s emotions will go between negative to positive and then back to negative then positive.

Understand that as a man, it’s your job to bring out that feminine side of her. Every girl in Alex’s videos has some bitchiness at first. It’s just their socially conditioned response to meeting a new person. Can you blame her? Just be patient, give it time, and be calm and relaxed. The craziest example of this was the video Alex showed with this Swedish girl. She was incredibly rude to him, negative, mean, tested him for two days, but eventually, after they hooked up, she was a sweetheart. She sends him a text “Hope you get home in time to meet your family! Have a wonderful Christmas. Lots of hugs.” Incredible. Every girl has that sweet, feminine, caring side and it’s your responsibility to bring that out in her.

Alex: “I know every girl has potential. You have to put the female in the frame of developing her. You can never expect anything, you help her realize her potential. As a leader, you focus on a person’s good things instead of their bad things.” All of these girls have flaws, just like us, but all of them have some beauty in them, and you have to try to find that, rather than knock her off a pedestal, which is only going to put you in a bad mood and bad vibe. Looking for the good in others will put you in a good vibe.

Empathy and Innocence
This is the biggest part most guys lack. Just an overall innocence and vulnerability to their personality. Fuck how alpha you are. Being alpha is when you have influence over others, which can only come when you learn to empathize with anyone and appreciate anyone, connect with anyone, which mitigates tests and makes them less before they even come. Calm and easygoing with everyone.

Check your ego at the door. Let go of this assertive frame. Yes, you still do what you want and take action. But it’s from a place of innocence and complete vulnerability. It becomes so much easier. Nice, relaxed, slow rhythm. If you’re coming in with this really dominant frame, it’s hard for people to get comfortable around you. It’s so much easier to get people to want to be around you when you are relaxed and comfortable.


Talk about anything. I used to think that I had to talk about really cool things, like travel and hobbies. Alex talks nonsense a lot haha. You can literally say anything. No really. It doesn’t matter. What is in your room right now? TV? A Lamp? Talk about it. Where did you buy it, why do you like it? turn that into a thread about where you live, where you want to travel, etc….this is something you must learn. If you are going to have long conversations, then you are going to have to learn how to create something out of nothing. The girl is not going to talk much in the beginning. You have the responsibility to control the interaction and lead it. I know. It sucks that you have to be a man. Deal with it—and learn to start talking about anything. Alex provides examples of things to say, which I will not give away here, but they are great.

Patience is key. Take it slow, Don’t rush. You want to be with the girl at sunrise, not get some useless number. You’re just this friendly guy. She is wondering if you are even trying to hook up. Versus every other guy who blatantly hits on her, you are just this friendly guy who is calm, having fun, positive vibe. Then, the girl can start to game you. Now that’s not to say that Alex won’t make a move, because he will, but only when he knows that the girl will be into it. The longer the interaction, the more comfortable she will become with you. The interaction is solid.

How Self Help Fucks You Up
As a side tangent, self help will fuck you up if done too much. You basically have all these thoughts about what you should and shouldn’t do. Like a robot. Viruses. You can’t even connect with people. 

The best self help is writing down and acknowledging instances where you made progress. It’s like whey protein for your muscle. If you work out your muscles and don’t take protein after, you won’t grow. If you just go out and write down the progress you make, your reality expands. Even if you get blown out---you can write down that you stayed in the interaction for longer than you ever have, or some positive attribute. And this is why when you endure the rejection or negativity, and also have some success, your reality will expand further and further. And eventually, because of the risks you have taken, you know that you have expanded your reality more than the girl, and again, helps you internalize that you are enough.

Finally, there’s no reason why I’m not enough does not equal “I don’t give a fuck”. That will only put you in some shitty vibe where you have no empathy for others. You’re more friendly, you’re empathetic, you’re patient, you’re just this really cool guy.

Why You Should Go
If you’re stuck mentally masturbating about self development…not having success, not getting invited places, not having dates. If you want to learn how to have a good, relaxed, fun vibe that others gravitate towards, and will help you to have gorgeous, classy, amazing women in your life—take the hotseat. It is worth way more than $300. And yea, I woke up at 4am on Saturday, took a 2 hour flight to Boston. Then slept in the airport Sunday night and got on a 5am flight back to make it to work. So stop your excuses. 

Oh and if the hotseat isn’t enough, you also get 12 hours of bonus videos. One 3 hour video on enduring tests, 1.5 hour on creating initiative, 1.5 on physicality, and then the others on arousal.

Thanks Alex.  

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INB4 this gets moved.

Looking forward to the Hot Seat myself. :)
                   Such game.
Much improve.
                              So amaze.
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Nice try Alex. Nah, jk. But name a few of these please: 'Alex provides examples of things to say, which I will not give away here, but they are great. '
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Aspire27 wrote:
 I woke up at 4am on Saturday, took a 2 hour flight to Boston. Then slept in the airport Sunday night and got on a 5am flight back to make it to work. So stop your excuses. 

I gotta admit, thats pretty impressive! and yeah, you've pretty much confirmed there are no excuses. LOL.

I agree, I gravitate towards the Alex way of game more so than the other instructors, although they're all good.
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 Just watched Alex's video at the bottom of his post.

At 02:12 he mentions "dealing with idiots who antagonise and confront you"

What does he teach about that? How does he do it?
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 Sounds like some good information

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