October 22nd, 2018
Tour De Pick Up- Jeffy,Tyler, Mike, Frank & Carl
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White Tiger

White Tiger

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No offence to anybody but I am going to write every single detail down. This is for my memory in future. 
 My day 1 & 2 of pick up tour'

Start the day with heading to Starbucks and T mobile store.

Venue: Starbucks
Just random questions. Goes nowhere.

Venue - Bulan Thai Restaurant
I go there with the person who I am staying at LA, met via Airbnb. 

Pick up a table with 3 chicks around me. He is shocked to see my game and turns out to be a good wingman.
Me: I am taking that book away.
Her: OK
ME: Is that good book?] (Don't remember the book name - it was big)
Her: Yeah its like Harry Potter meet Twilight thing. Way better than cheesy Twilight
Me: Oh nice! Suggest me good food to eat. 
Her: Oh I don't know, this place is popular for Thai curries.

Multiple Thread theory in my head.. 

Me: wow! You can give me your books
Her: No I rented mine from library.
ME: Oh! OK
Give order.. see her leaving.
Me: Oh you leaving, how rude?

The host whose place I was staying at .. his friends came over and helped me out to get prep for the night. Taught me how to use perfumes and other stuff. They told me what to wear and what to do. 
Venue : Hotel Roosevent.

Meet up with another RSD student. Jeffy is nowhere is sight. I am ready to approach - Pumped..Nick comes upto me and asks Are you here for the bootcamp. I am like yes man! 
He calls up Stuart while I open up 3 set with one cute girl and her mom and grand mother. I tell them I am tourist and talk to them nicely. 
Hi where you from.. OMG
I want to go there. etc..
Student (Don't know your handle man so typing your real name - NICK)  comes and tells me stop  leads me upstairs. I see Jeffy standing on top of the stairs. I am like hey.. Meet the superGOD of pick up. 
Jeffy (from earlier FB interaction) -  Oh so you are friend of Harsh?
Me: Yes
Jeffy- You flew here from India to get on bootcamp?
Me: yes (introductions)

Surprise : I see Tyler out there. He just quickly talks to jeffy for bouncing. Carly is there - Some super hot girl dressed awesomely at bootcamp. 
We go to some place Health and something where they serve healthy salad.

I thought we would just go out and start approaching in my head and Jeffy would be like - do this, do that -- watching me whole time. Instead we are at table and watch Carly, Tyler and Jeffy having their salad. Setting the expectations. I exchange number with everyone quickly because I know I tend to get lost a lot.

Tyler - Character Vs DNA - May be he would make video of it. Told some student to watch some San Diego free tour video. Tyler says he and jeffy are friends for a long time but they both have different personality with characterstics lapping over. DNA defines what kind of person you are. 
I think I should have video recorded the thing but then it would be rude to do that. Especially because Tyler was eating.
- Expectation from bootcamp
- Promise to instructor
-  Everybody introductions - There are 2 swedish guy who are running late and Tyler is waiting for them to come, so that he can brief them.

- (Something about Tyler takes longest time to warmup and something about Julien crazy stuff.). Other guys please fill me in. 

Take Tyler number. Tyler is like don't call me but I am giving you my number anyway as my battery is low. I am like alright! He explains the club we going to. LURE and how is LA life. I explain to them Indian life (Atleast my version of it. ) Explains bit of LA to me. I am in LOVE with L.A as long as I have cool friends to hang out with. Its like city I can live with if I find great appartment which I kind of - already have. Pick up would enable me to get better at it anyways. 

Venue: LURE

Just get in VIP queue as Mike bought the pass for the bootcamp. 
Chat up with 2 girls in Line - She has big camera in hand. 
Me: is that even allowed inside?
Her: I have reporter pass. 
ME: What do you do once again? 
HER: I am covering z trip here ( I thought it was TV show but turns out its the club's special DJ. Now I get it why girls were so crazy about him. I will have to find out more about him. I thought he was repetative).
Just small talk - get inside the club - Jeffy says he likes what he saw and we should keep our energy level low till club picks up and I should keep doing what I am doing and then go boom boom aggressive late in the night. I took his advice too seriously I guess.

Befriend staff AJ,Mick, 
I find logistics out for myself. Do I want to be near stage or near bar. I use flash light to go around as I can't see in the dark. I decide to stick to the bar. 
Approach everything left and right

Do the openings ..Frank and Carly are there.. I ask them small questions. They tell me not to waste time between sets.. keep approaching.. Take their advice.
Frank tells me few rules

1. Keep a condom
2. Chew a gum or get mouth freshner - U going to spend night close to lot of people mouth and your mouth better smell good.
He shows me how to do esclation on Carly.

Carly was awesome too. She would help me out in sets.. I would walk around hand on her shoulder. I think I should have taken their numbers as i got lost later in night. Will remember to that tomorrow. Take everybody numbers

I approached like everything so I dont remember much of it.
Key Sets:
1. 4 set -
I introduced myself to everyone, talk to all the girls and isolated the one I liked. Kissed her on cheek but then she had to go to VIP and I didn't stop her.
2. 2 set 
I lost the girl because I didn't pay much attn to her and some other guy came approaching and I let her go.
3. mixed set.
Turns out guy is staff at popular SUPPER club.. Exchange number and he promises he would let me in next night if I go there. I take his number. Girl doesn't talk much. I am approaching guys, girls and everything.
4. 2 set which I am winging with student Erik/Eric. 
He doesn't isolate and we lose both the girls as they are pinging each other. Eric had huge approach anxiety problems. Hope he improves. He is lot in his head. 

Jeffy is like you have like zero approach anxiety. I am like yeah! I am nto worried about approaches. I even groped some girls. Held their boobs and like oh okay!! got away with it. I tell him, my problem isn't approach, its escalation and closing. I lose my state a little as I get lost and I am trying to find way to the bar. Jeff decides to venue change. Just to amuse myself - I had dance off with guys. Went to some other bar where nothing worked out at all except some chick wanted me to be there in her photos.

I am told that its rainy thursday night and nothing would be happening in LA. People are like that. Hence decide to do debrief.
I hear stories about Nick - He had make out with some MILF.

My positives
1. My energy is awesome.
2. I am totally outcome independent
3. I had almost zero approach anxiety.
4. I gave impression that I would do good that night. 
5. Mike and Jeffy both think I am elite and small crucibles need to be fixed to push me to elite level.
6. Instructors thought I was on meth or something. I told them -I am naturally so high.

Jeff: How are you feeling right now?
Me: I can go on all night for atleast 10 hours.
Jeff - Did you sleep a lot today?
Me: Nope. About 5 to 6 hours.  LOL! 

1. I push too much.. No pulls
2. Try to leak value when I grab the girl
3. I didn't make out and try to pull. My game is enough to allow me to do that. Atleast what instructors thought. 

I told them my expectation and how I want to get usual good in game and then head back. 20 days of non stop sarging. While debref is going on, Nick goes out and is making out with some black chick. Her friend and some other guy are getting in middle. I go out to wing him .. they are making out and girl is touching his dick and stuff. It was awesome. I am mouth lot of girls tomorrow night. Nick game looks better than me for now.

Thanks to Harsh - I feel I have picked up lot of sub conscious habits from him which makes people think I am better than what I am.

Notes to Self - 
Learn to use props. Laser fuse prop was awesome. So many girls wanted it. So many chicks opened up with that prop itself. 

What I hope to improve in my bootcamp experience today:
1. I want instructors to wing with me. Do on spot critique. Mike offered me to do that. May be Frank would help out too. 
2. My problems are weird and really different - I feel I should get experience little simulated to my reality. Just want them to put me in top of the game, and I would handle rest of the small stuff myself. Tomorrow -- say out loud with me-- mouth night.. I am not going to stop myself from getting atleast 5 make outs. Pull or night is fail. 
Debrief:Scenario games
dissection of the game and how to do it. 
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Sweet review, I thought that was interesting to read. To get makeouts all you have to do is just try to Makeout with every girl that you want. You'll eventually get it haha.
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White Tiger

White Tiger

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 Mike words that I don't want to forget:
"You are fighting with one hand tied to your back. You have the right mindset, your head is in the right place. You going to take lot of hits before you make it. When you do make it, you would be that better."

Quote 2:
"Considering your situation you doing 11 out of 10. Just get basics right and you would fly."

Quote 3:
"Small chunk and use everything to your advantage. Hideous Indian system should be used to your advantage. Build adventure and amp it up more."

Things to learn:
1. When to pick up the girl physically. I am good at lifting people up.
2. Learn few dance floor moves. 
3. Day Game
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Actually love the detailed write-up.

I think I saw you @ Lure last night, I was there solo-ing and saw Jeffy then later Tyler. Fun times! Maybe see you out tonight. Kill it!

“'What the fuck!' gives you freedom, freedom brings opportunity, opportunity makes your future"

Vegas wingmen who want to step shit up!

Eastern Europe: The Field Reports

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White Tiger

White Tiger

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 Tour de pickup day 4

RSD Bootcamp night 2:
Night was all about physical escalation. I didn't know how to escalate till today. I now need to hardwire it in my head. I am playing too safe and need to do something aggressive. There are professional guys out there to tell me when to stop and when to go harder. I am doing things which might creep out girls because its not satisfying enough for me but its low level escalation. 

Venue: Edison Lounge
I was completely out of state when I entered the venue and kept rationalizing not to approach. I went to rest room, pumped my state up with my usual pump up routine. Got out and started approaching. 

Key Sets

Set Nurses:
I am with 3 nurses and I feel like finally I will get my make out with this set. I can isolate them. However set fails when I am forced to convert into spectator mode by some acrobatic rope show at the venue. Once stifled, you tend to fuck the set up. I was able to isolate and small talk and do everything.

We got called in middle and Tyler started giving us lot of theory out. He will do the video on this I believe:
1. Minimize time between sets
2. Girls shouldn't affect your state
3. Don't judge yourself
4. Set RAS to right things like if girl is in your peripheral, approach.
5. Find something amusing from sets and keep building up things after each set.. Keep pushing it little further every set.
6. Statement of Intent 

Tyler did lot of demoes and there started debate about Slow tracking and Hard stops. I am not one of his student so couldn't expand on it until late night as I was with Jeffy the whole time. 

Key sets

Opened this tall girl and she totally loved me but she had a husband and 3 kids and complimented me and stuff. Told me I am very good looking guy and I know some crazy sex stuff which normal white folks won't know. 

Key set 2:
I used stock broker line on some dude, just for fun and his girl came to me and started talking about him being boring, always on phone etc.

I spent lot of time absorbing everything happening at the bootcamp. Problem was shifting states from analytical and spectator mode to back into zone where your sets start clicking. I am not having anything clicking at the venue. I run out of stuff to say or set doesn't match up my energy. I believe I should run my million dollar mouth piece and keep talking if set is stalling out. If conversation isn't going forward, instead of acting weird.. keep talking till bitter end when they move away. Even thought I might find energy dying away. 

Venue" Luce
We go to new venue and understand logistics. Almost burnt down the whole venue. I couldn't figure out any sets that weren't moving at the bar. I moved around a bit, got on dance floor but lot of couple scenes. I was choding around and I realized it quick enough. Looked for someone around to help me with sets. Mike and Jeffy came to rescue. One of them pointed to seated set 

Dead set:
She was dead tired. I am like okay.. slow dance with me.. 
she was like okay.. i am tired
okay.. lets party together... we going to this place called supperclub..
her too tired wanna go home..
ok lets do this.. I lift her up..
her: you don't lift LA girls
I am like that doesn't make sense.
Pull her aside - make out.. 
Ask for her number, she doesn't want to give it out in front of her friends. I am okay with it.

Set dancefloor
Music just ended and girls were trying to leave. I just grab this girl.. hey who are you.. where you heading..
her = I have glass of water in hand or else I would have shaken your hand.
I tell her , alright give one to me..
I go with her to her table and she gives out the glass to her friend..
I pull her aside and go for make out..
some girl comes in middle and takes her away.

Set Uncomfortable

I started talking to his girl. she liked me but I had lose hand on her shoulder. She was getting uncomfortable, I should have stepped back. Mike pulled me aside and told me.. step back.. come back in again. She obviously doesn't hate you or she would have gone away. You are very good looking already. 
There were lot of other sets. Nothing really except just chat chat.

Feedback from Mike
1. Game isn't mechanical.. it is random and chaotic.
2. Try different things.. be nice or be jerk..If it doesn't work, change it and try again. I haven't done any jerk sets yet. i want to try this tomorrow.( More mouth tomorrow)
3. If you opened them earlier, open them late again. Doesn't matter if they blow u again. 

Feedback from Jeffy - 
1. Build Emotional Intelligence ( you learn overtime).
2. Don't be Gorilla -- learn to step back and re push when set is getting uncomfortable

Jeffy - I guess I need more feedback and things to work on. 

To do:
1. Get crazy
2. Mouth Rape
3. Understand the game plan for next 15 days. 
4. Get better feedback.. Try my own mental mechamism of escalate and step back.. Make it natural. 

If I remember something later, I will post it up.Just made good new friends. 
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Welcome to LA. :)

I remember you from back in the day. You've been in this game for quite some time now. Glad to see you taking a BC around here. Hope it's everything you expected and more.

BTW, it's club LURE and her name is Carly. ;)
                   Such game.
Much improve.
                              So amaze.
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White Tiger

White Tiger

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 Now in VEGAS. Thanks for correcting my mistakes - I have corrected them.
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 And I bet the healthy salad place you're talking about is "tender greens". It's so good haha. :)
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Haze~ wrote:
Welcome to LA. :)

I remember you from back in the day. You've been in this game for quite some time now. Glad to see you taking a BC around here. Hope it's everything you expected and more.

BTW, it's club LURE and her name is Carly. ;)

WRONG. It is, in fact, Carl. 
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Almost at elite level but don't know how to physically escalate?! If thats the case, then I'm at GOD Almighty Level...slaying down greek goddesses with my Thor-like cock!
Nathan! Resurrection Crew Alumni 2009

Austin RSD Bootcamp July 10-12, 2009 with Nathan! and the Resurrection Crew! BIRTHDAY SEX! BIRTHDAY SEX! BIRTHDAY SEX! 
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jlaix wrote:

WRONG. It is, in fact, Carl. 
LOL. I'm going to remain silent on this one.
                   Such game.
Much improve.
                              So amaze.
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