November 21st, 2018
Alex Washington DC Hotseat Review
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Pretty sweet.  5 star program.  

I think this is actually EXACTLY the kind of stuff I need to be going through to be getting higher quality girls.  Specifically for me its about the "relaxed arousal" and the "there is no reason you are not enough" kind of stuff.  

I feel like Alex's teaching is actually aimed at guys who actually want to get good rather than at guys who want to be popular or cool in the pickup community.  

IMO Alex is kind of teaching at a different level of paradigm than what I see elsewhere in RSD, and the theme of innocence that he emphasizes is a big key (you'll see it with other instructors videos' though they never really emphasize that).  

I also found that how other guys in RSD describe Alex is not quite spot on, Jeff has said "Alex just WAKES UP IN STATE" yet Alex showed some videos where he basically needed to warm up.  These interactions had no real positive or negative expressions, so the girls weren't getting as titillated as they would be in a more interesting interaction.  Alex himself also has to warm up.  (Weird that this is actually a big takeaway for me heh.)  

A lot of the stuff I liked about the program:
- Alex answers questions whenever they pop up
- it contained breaks and was a bit more spread out than Tyler's Hotseat2 which gives you time to talk to the other participants which is nic
- I can see the difference between Alex's "beastmode type game" (the older video in SF) and his newer "You are enough type game" (the first video he showed, where he pulls a Swedish girl from the dancefloor).  I can see that difference in my own game at different times and on Saturday night I did feel like I was far closer to the "You are enough" kind of game and it was a super good night for me.  There is no stress, no rush, no worries.  

Oh and also I'll throw out that I learned some areas of his game where I used to think that he was very different than everyone else's game (namely in physicality) but I realized that he actually was very physical at times, it just comes in EXTREMELY SMALL DOSES.  Like a typical RSD dude will try to the girl for 60 minutes straight, but Alex will do a mild dominance for maybe 20-60 seconds every so often but only after being in there for 20-60 minutes.  So this really did clarify in my head the physicality stuff...whereas before I thought "Alex game" involved only occasional shoulder brushing and that was IT.  

Anyway, I'm headed up to Boston for some more of this, I was pretty tired out by listening to Alex all weekend but doing it another weekend I'm sure I'll soak it up better and I'm looking forward to some more of these to learn how to pull this into my own interactions in my own way.  I'll write up a more detailed review after Boston, but I've been busy since I'm here on the east coast hanging out w some dudes I ran into at the DC hawtseat.  

(Yeah one Hotseat is enough, especially if you watch the bonus videos to explain more detail, but for me personally and I would assume 80% or more of RSD's client base, this stuff is really important missing pieces, and to me, worth revisiting over and over to really "get it".)  
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Sweet. Good stuff. Looking forward to it next month.
                   Such game.
Much improve.
                              So amaze.
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Nice post nigglett. Those hotseats were pretty fucking tight. I just posted my own review called "WHY YOU SHOULD NOT TAKE ALEXANDERS HOTSEAT!!" - check it out
Also posted the story about the if you wanna check that out too, since I hear your addicted to this forum... its called "Jake Bangs a MILF" under field reports. 

Had fun with you this week. can wait for you to get down here to philly again.

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Nice write up bro!  I can't wait for my first Hot Seat in October!

Rock on!
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