January 17th, 2019
Tour De Pick Up Day 2
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 [=rgb(34, 34, 34)]Hi,[/]I am going to write FR - everyday. Tonight was Chode Night out for me!
Score - 6 numbers0 make outs0 sex

Day 1 City - LondonVenue - Heathrow
See 2 turbo 10s.. small talk .. get compliments on on t shirt.. they scream I"m ready with me. But I choded out big time and was in my head whole time.
Day 2 - 
City: Los AngelesVenue - Sun cafe, studio city.Theme: Sun cafe is #1 raw vegan cafe in California.
Enter with my friend
Waitress is super hot.. She says she loves my t shirt. Where did I get it etc. Get pics taken with her.. Tell her how I heard about the place and how I just landed here. Would meet her on saturday morning.
2 set at the table:
Me: Oh! whats the huge bottle on table -- you guys drinking at vegan cafe?CuteChick -- Oh no! that is waterMe: oh! I thought you two naughty drinking vodkaFatchick - No! we just having our shakesCuteChick - Oh that is such a cool SpongeBob I ' am ready t shirt. I love that.. You watch it?Me: Couple of times here of there..FatChick - oh I love that show!Me: I am here after ages! What do you guys suggest me to try here.FatChick - We come here for smoothiesMe: I ordered blueberry super cacao smoothie. What do you guys think?Cutechick - You should try Kale smoothie too.Me: hmmmFatchick gets busy on phone-- good cueTake a chair - sit with cute chickME: What places do you suggest around here -- I know about bulan.. any other?Cutechick and Fatchick - what you trying for ? Raw vegan?Me: I am new to the scene - just learning the ropes.. Anything is fine meCutechick - Try cafe gratitude, veggie grill etc.Me: Avoid.. Just give me your number.. I text you where I am heading and you can help me out..Even better. we can eat together..Get the number..Small talk.. Leave
Place : Vogue supper club.
Learnt from Gurus - to pump up your state -- keep talking.
Before entering the venue - I see completely wasted girl coming out  with bouncer tagging her and not letting her move. There is paparazzi shooting her. I small chat with the guy.
To Huge black Bouncer :Me: What does supperclub mean man?Bouncer - Do you know Jesus?Me: YeahBouncer - Do you know Last supper?Me: YEah!Like Jesus Christ last supper.Me: Oh you mean Wine club?Bouncer - (starts laughing)..No man like last supperMe: Oh you mean like last club on planet -- that is why you guys take $40 cover charges.He cracks up again.. like crazy..
Me: Is this allowed -- Says I' M ready -Bouncer - Ready for what?Me: Party here!!Bouncer - do you have id?Me: don't have american ID Bouncer: Any passport?Me: I got my local driving licence and by mistake take out pounds.. He looks at it.. what is that?Me: oh yeah! those are pounds and those are rupees!
Get Free Entry without cover charge.. Talk about exchange rate and fun stuff.
looks like karoake night..
See guy chatting with a girl.His game sucks.. worse than mine..Low approval seeking voice..Hear their bits of convo..Girl is talking something about Rome.. Guy doesn't get itMe cut in: You mean Rome as in Rome,Italy?Guy: Oh Italy!.. Oh yeah etc..Again some chatter -- she mentions Canada.Me: oh you from Canada?Her: I am originally from Germany. I grew up in Canada.Me: How cute - I just came from Germany yesterday.Frankfurt. Today morning was at London. Her: Why Germany? is it cold there?Me: No! Not germany cold yet. I am software guy. Was doing an event there.
Chode dispersed.. Girl is interested in me.Random chatter - getting to know each other..Some good song plays up -- I try to spin her around.. FAIL!! I am like NO!!! spin your bar stool..Show her by doing it and raising hand..She imitates me.. smiles and hi5.Exchange numbers..Her friend walks in..She goes for the song..Me: Oh is that your friend?
Chode tries to talk to friend..I cut in..Is that your friend..? Why do you introduce us.Introductions!! Repeat the software flying story.Make her do bar stool spins..Pump her state..Girl 1 goes for singing..I put my hand around Girl 2.. She puts her arm around me..I am like today is my day 1 in LA.. I am hiring you as my best friend in LA..You are hired.. push pull..why are you not singingbreaking up our friendship you know this song?Kiss her on cheek 
exchange number.. She has to leave.. She has classes next morning at 7 am. I invite her to party next day. She says not tomorrow.. Lets do it on friday.. Exchange contacts.Feed mine in her Iphone.Bye bye!!
Chode and other guy comes up.. they say man! you should approach that blondie! you could totally do it. I guess they are new at pick up and recognized what I was doing..
A girl comes and sits next to me,..
I start humming Dene waala jab bhi deta.. deta chappar phad ke!!
Girl - She just came from Karaoke performance -Me:  I am stilling your beer.. I like Corona!.. Take away her beer..HER: No give my beer back.. Me: Hands off hands off! my bottle now.Playful tug of fightMe- oh you sing so well.. she is sitting next to some guy..Physical escalation - Arm around her while talking.. 
I just say hi to guy and ignore..As I am getting close - Girl stands up and goes for another song..Small talk with guyShe comes back..eKiss her on forehead..ruffle her hair.. treat her as my girl.. I believe I am closing.ME: who is the guy next to you? Is he your friend?Her: Yeah! Guy starts talking to her.. Her mood changesHer: You shouldn't talk to me anymore. He is getting jealeous and might snap..Me: Ok I get it..Start talking to somebody else..She leaves to get her beer..Talk to guy - how do you know her?Man: oh she is my wife..I know he is lying but really didn't want any trouble.. Leave!!
Talk to 2 setMe: When does this place shut down?Girls: Oh no! we have bfs and change direction.I ignore them.. They look dumb too.
Next set..start talking to girl.. usual escalation..her friend checks in -0 keep your hand to yourself. Don't touch her..I still try to continue but it keeps getting colder and colder.. Friend keeps blocking everything I say..

Go out!Talk to some Indian guys there.. Talk to a girl who just finished her performance -- she was rocking.. befriend her You so rocked the placeI am impressed etc..-- number close.. she goes out for smoke break.. don't want to pursue her..
Place is getting empty -- idle by .. decide to leave.. already 1 45 am. Nothing really happening.. Waitress gives me complimentary drinks from her end.
Venue : Mike and M - 24
Bar - Some guy tries to amog me!! I just ignore him.. yeah hahah! whateverGirls are really scary.. biker chicks...goth girls.. they might not be so tough. but really IGNORE..
Sit at table with 3 girls.. Start talking.. Get all of their numbers..Her: My name is CollenMe: oh mine is Cody!I tell her .. I got jet lagged and trying to stay out till 4 am.Exchange numbers.. Invite them out next day to all..2 :20 pm - Bar guy screams -- we are closing the bar.. make your way out.. Chat up to few more people. Hear more about Spongebob I'm ready line with variation.. I guess its my favorite t shirt now.
Nothing there anymore around the Boulevard.. Head to home..Energy went down at end. didn't push set hard enough.. No make out and chode going home.. Tomorrow I am promising to push to bitter end.. better esclation.. less gaming.. 
Saw so many chicks taller than me.. Super 10s..Met 2 at elevator at my hotel.L.A is 100x better than Mumbai in term of girls for sure. may be the way they dress up has something to do with it. Peace out!! More approaches tomorrow to come.. Getting back in the game.. trying to remember all the old training.
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