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Alexander~ D.C. HOTSEAT November 2012 Review
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* Major Topic
- Subtopic / Specific Point

Structure of Review (cause it's long):

* Intro
* Why I'm writing this
* D.C. Freetour
* Way in which videos are presented
- Evolution from 2009 to 2012
* Comparisons to other instructors
* The Natural Instincts Method
- Where NIM works (EVERYWHERE - big cities to small towns, college, social circle, day, night)
- "There's no reason why you're not enough."
- Relaxed Arousal
* If he has all this information and videos online for FREE, why attend a Hotseat? - TLDR? *READ THIS THEN.*
- Learning Remotely vs. In person
- Networking
- INTERACTIVE (You can ask questions! They are encouraged!)
- Bonus Content
* How long was it?
* How to get the most out of Hotseat
* What Alex Focuses On
- *TIME*
- Positive and Negative Expressions (more for people new to this)
- Physical Expressions (more for people new to this)
- Tests (mostly for people new to this BUT you will see some PROFOUND videos when this is combined with *TIME*)
* My Experience
* Clearing Up Misconceptions / Miscellaneous Lessons (WHAT I GOT OUT OF IT) - kinda like the end of a FR
- Warmups (How RSD Tyler fucked me up) ;)
- Groups (everything from 2 set upwards)
- Being Physical
- Taller girls (difference of 4"+)
- Time
- Qualification for the purpose of reminding youself why you're talking to her
- High Value Mindset
- The 5 Star Scale
- Inspiration
* Conclusion
* How it could be improved
- Somehow clear misconceptions - Freetour Vids, RSDN, FAQ page, etc, whichever way is easiest. Especially misconceptions someone coming from the North America/Europe RSD style game would have.
-  More audience interactivity
- More 2012 videos

Review GO

* Intro:

Alex's November 2012 D.C. Hotseat was the third RSD Hotseat I attended. The first was Jeffy's Hotseat in New York in October 2011 (Tyler and Julien also were in attendance and both gave great speeches the day after Hotseat) and the second was Tyler's Hotseat (with the second day of Julien's footage) in D.C. in April 2012 (Alex was in attendance and we saw a few of his videos).

* Why I'm writing this:

I'm writing this review because Alex's style of game is truly unique and on an entirely different paradigm than anything else that has come before it. It blew me away, not because I'm in any way new to this because I'm not, but because of how different, effective, and fucking versatile it is. I have attended two Hotseats before. I had already seen a lot of shit beforehand so I wasn't blown away by what I saw in Jeffy's or the Tyler/Julien Hotseat, except Tyler's "Paula" video cause he does a LOT of what Alex does in that one. That's not to say I wouldn't have paid even $2000 for each of those two Hotseats because I absolutely fucking would (where I would acquire that kind of money I'm not sure so thanks Tyler for the incredibly low prices!). What I got out of those two Hotseats was the vibe of the instructors, and to ask them questions personally to make sure I really got what they were talking about. Fine-tuning my game so to speak. What I got out of Alex's Hotseat was on a whole 'nother fucking level. Holy shit. This is going to be a long review.

* By the way, this is his D.C. Freetour he gave Thursday before Hotseat:

It explains in a sense where he's coming from.

Funny thing, I understand it better now AFTER attending Hotseat, although I was there in person when it was delivered. Also, I just looked at Alex's two youtube channels (50+ videos) and all of them take on a whole new meaning after attending Hotseat. I see how they are all connected. I did before but DEFINITELY NOT at such a deep level.

* Way in which videos are presented:

Alex's style NOW is different from his style 1 YEAR ago and COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from his style in 2009 when he first started recording. He starts off with the 2009 videos and you see how his style is comparable to most intermediate guys' styles, the general RSD American/European Tyler/Julien/Brad/Jeffy/Ozzie style. This is when he started recording video and learning the lessons that changed his whole game to something new and different. As the videos go on through the years 2009, 2010, 2011, you see how what he does even in 2011 contradicts what he does and teaches now. Why? Because he still hadn't fully come into his new style, his new paradigm completely in 2011 even. When you see his game in 2012, you see what his game really looks like now. It's INVISIBLE. He's just a regular social guy. COMPLETELY NORMAL. Fits in completely with his surroundings. Doesn't do anything overt to the girl, nothing extremely physical, no calling her a dog or to be his pig or running the train. Just chill. And he gets the girl. The way the game was meant to be played. I said that after I watched Flawless Natural. I was wrong. The Natural Instincts Method is true natural game. True invisible game.

There are also breaks between videos where he shows the audience funny videos they want to see, to contrast to the hardcore learning during the main videos. There's a buffet of fun videos to choose from but I won't go into details. Trust me you'll laugh your ass off. None of the learning videos are short snippets however. They are all the way from open to pull. You see how professional pickup is done start to finish and see how normal it looks.

There's plenty of vids that show Alex get rejected. He will also point out in the videos from 2009-2011 where he does something wrong. Also, you see him warming up.

* Comparisons to other instructors:

One can consider Alex's Natural Instincts Method as Tim's Flawless Natural Method taken to it's extreme logical conclusion, and in a sense that is true but Alex's paradigm in reality is an entirely new and completely uncomparable style of game to everything that has come before it. If you look at the styles of Tyler, Julien, Jeffy, Ozzie, Brad, etc. you'll see than in a sense they're all different variations of the same style of game.

Alex's style is completely different. The only one you can maybe compare it to is Tim's style but only in the way that Tim directly asserts, "I have a 100% belief that my game is a 10" and "I don't give a fuck about what anyone thinks of me." Consider if Tim took those ideas and their implications to 99% of their potential, Alex takes them to 100% of their potential. And that fucking last 1% changes the entire game. The Flawless Natural Method and the Natural Instincts Method look completely different in application, from personal experience and from watching the Hotseat videos.

- INNOCENCE. The most recent addition to Alex's game. VERY HARD TO FULLY FLESH OUT AND EXPLAIN BECAUSE YOU REALLY HAVE TO EXPERIENCE THE VIBE (or have met other people in your life beforehand who embody it). Since you view it as an inevitability that you'll sleep with her, you don't have any ulterior motives - you're there just enjoying the girl. Getting lost in the moment. You're not trying to get laid cause you know if you stay with her you will get laid, even if not tonight, then at max a week from the day you meet her. So you waste time WITH her. You see a lot of this idea of INNOCENCE in Tim's game, although Tim never explicitly teaches it but expresses it through his vibe.

* The Natural Instincts Method works everywhere. EVERYWHERE:

Daygame, nightgame, big metropilitan cities, small towns, college, social circle. It doesn't matter. This is truly some genius level shit - his version of nightclub game is completely applicable to social circle. Actually it's the SAME. The way you are in your social circle (and college environment if that's your situation) is the same way you are in a nightclub.

You don't change SHIT. NOT EVEN PHYSICALITY (unless you do bathroom pulls in your social circle and in that case more power to you!). You don't have to walk into a loud nightclub and think you need to adopt a certain set of behaviours that are (maybe) foreign and even strange/weird to you. You don't have to act different or be different. You don't have to stand out. It doesn't look weird. It looks normal. It looks COMPLETELY NORMAL and that's the genius of it. BUT you do have to go in with the mindset and truly believe "There's no reason why you're not enough." After Hotseat, it won't be that hard.

* The foundation of the Natural Instincts Method: "There's no reason why you're not enough."

Alex asserts, "There's no reason why you're not enough" and teaches you to be truly higher value without doing anything special at all. If you truly believe you're higher value, your game is automatically a 10. If you truly believe you're higher value, you automatically don't give a fuck what anyone thinks of you. One of the implications of this mindset is the vibe that you get - what Alex calls Relaxed Arousal. I'm not going to go too much in-depth into all the terminology; if you don't know what some terminology is, look up his youtube channels. He has a ~10 min video elaborating pretty much any topic/terminology he will mention in the RSDAlexander channel. For completion, here are the links:

* If he has all this information and videos online for free, why attend a Hotseat? THE FUCKING BENEFITS:

#1) Learning about an idea through an article or video online and hearing about it IN PERSON are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCES. There are SO MANY WAYS they are different . . . you pick up the instructor's vibe through direct eye contact, his voice, subcommunications, TALKING TO HIM, etc. and in a sense you feel the emotion of the idea which makes it actually real for you, and also prevents you from misconstruing it. Yes I realize that the "emotion of the idea" shit sounds weird. Also, in person you can let social conditioning affect you in a positive way, including the conviction in the instructor's voice when he's talking to you. In short, in person is always better.

#2) Networking. Finding wings. Meeting like-minded individuals.



He really fucken bent over backwards to make sure we understood what he was talking about. After every video there was a considerable question/answer session, and he even encourages you to ask questions EVEN IF HE'S IN THE MIDDLE OF A VIDEO if you don't understand something. He will literally pause the video and not continue until he makes sure you get what he's talking about. (It makes sense cause you're paying $300 for this and you shouldn't leave without everything you wanted out of it.)

By the way he's not an idiot about it either; if he's previously talked about something thoroughly in a vid or article, he'll just reference that and continue on. For example, a guy at Hotseat asked about what a Statement of Empathy was mid-video and of course Alex pauses video to answer. I had already watched a dedicated video on the Statement of Empathy Alex had posted on his youtube channel a while back so I was not looking forward to him talking at length on something I had learned about a long time ago and personally use pretty much in every club interaction that lasts more than 5 minutes. To his credit, Alex simply referenced the Statement of Empathy video and in 10 seconds we were back to Hotseat content. Efficient times.

DID I MENTION THIS IS ALL NEW CONTENT? YES, Z.E.R.O. crossover from the Jeffy and Tyler/Julien Hotseats. Jeffy and Tyler/Julien have similar styles, more accurately come from the same paradigm of game, so there was a lot of crossover between my first two Hotseats, maybe not in content but in the general ideas focused upon. Alex focuses on *completely different* ideas.)

We don't waste any unnecessary time here, we're not talking about "How do I approach" or "How do I deal with approach anxiety" because those are covered in the bonus videos. Oh yes, you get bonus videos so you don't waste time asking basic questions in Hotseat.


The bonus videos are thorough as fuck. Alex already has his entire TWO HOUR LONG Natural Instincts Method video  posted online. For free btw. Here it is, for ease of access:
The bonus videos are of similar length. They go deep:

- The Create Initiative video is 1 hour and 39 mins long.

- The Enduring Tests video is 3 hours and 17 mins long. This is not a typo. 3:17:28 if you want to be exact.

- The Physical Game video is 1 hour and 25 mins long.

- ALSO, there's the Attraction video that will be uploaded any day now lol and you can guess it's going to be of similar length if not longer. Alex emailed us at 3:40pm earlier today (11/14/2012) and apparently it's uploading right now. In summary, this Hotseat is quite the whored-out package and is meant for someone to really learn this shit. And it's different shit from anything that came before it. You're already getting hours on hours on hours of bonus content so when you come to Hotseat, the goal is to really fine-tune your learnings in person, with the guy who came up with these ideas firsthand. Let's not forget his two channels online with hours of content either. If you come out of a Hotseat not learning pretty much how to take an interaction from meetup to sex then you're fucked. This goes for pretty much all three Hotseats I've attended but SPECIALLY THIS ONE cause it's EVERY MEASURE HAS BEEN TAKEN TO MAKE SURE YOU LEARN.

* Length/Time:

We started about 12:30pm on Saturday. Went on till around 9pm. We had 2 breaks, each like 15 mins long.

On Sunday, I arrived late around 7:15 and the Hotseat had already started (Thanks for saving me a seat at the front, _____!). It went on till after 12am, about 12:30am I think. We had one like 5 minute break.

* How to get the most out of Hotseat:

- I'd suggest go out Thursday night after Freetour, Friday night, and then come in with any questions you have on Saturday. You will very probably have enough time before Hotseat starts to ask him any question you might have, but specifically from Thursday and specially Friday night. Don't be afraid to ask questions if you don't understand something (you're paying money for this *LEARNING* experience and asking questions is *encouraged*). Then after Hotseat GO OUT Saturday night to apply what you've learned. You'll definitely find people from Hotseat who are going out. (I know people who got laid that Saturday night btw). Then on Sunday, ask questions about your experiences Saturday night to see what Alex or others would have done instead/their take on things. This way, even if you choose not to do a bootcamp, you get the benefit of a debrief of Friday and Saturday. Personally, during some of Alex's videos, specially Sunday, I found out I made mistakes Saturday night that I didn't even realize were mistakes!

- Personally, since I was already aware of Alex's youtube channel and had watched the Natural Instincts Method video as well as the two bonus videos that had been released pre-Hotseat (the Enduring Tests one was uploaded Friday so I didn't get a chance to see it pre-Hotseat), my main goal was to see the full application of his method through his videos, ask questions to make sure I understood everything, to get a feel of his vibe, and MOST IMPORTANTLY to see what Alex, someone who could arguably be the best in the world at this (see his About Me video), focuses on.

* What Alex Focuses On:

- He makes it very very very easy to see what he focuses on because his focuses are Time, Tests and how serious they are, Positive and Negative Expressions, and Physical Expressions and he has a Heads Up Display showing all of these:

- He has the Time of Day AND Time in Interaction on the Top Right Corner of every vid. He focuses on spending time with the girl which makes the set more and more solid (although it might not seem solid on the surface).

- On the Top Left, whenever the girl gives a Test, a marker shows up. Also, depending on the degree of the test, additional markers may show up.

- Also on the Top Left, whenever he uses a Positive or Negative Expression, a marker denoting which shows up. Also, whenever he uses a Physical Expression, a marker shows up for that.

- Leaving the venue with the girl at the end of the night - inspiring the girl and her group to take you with them because the night doesn't end as soon as you arrive home from a night out (duhh) but usually a few hours later.

- Being social with everyone in the girl's group but being physical only with the girl.

* My Experience:

- Personally, I found he focused a LOT on the tests, seeing things as tests which I just see as formalities or "what every girl does and has no relevance at all." Perhaps that part was for others who were not as used to going out. Or maybe it was to push the point that "things like this are what you endure through and so should expect as par for the course." I think I just figured it out, the Positive and Negative Expression, Physical Expression, and Tests ARE there for those who are new to this! That would make sense, as personally I use them naturally just out of going out a lot and also cause of Tim's idea of Emotional Spikes. Anyway, getting off topic . . .

- What I personally found NEW and IMMENSELY valuable was the new focus on *TIME*. After seeing his Hotseat videos, and seeing what he plows through (What I mean by plough: endure by not defending yourself instead of attacking and breaking her defenses, because that just causes more defensiveness on her part), a lot of that self-trust rubs off on you. She might even be negative towards you but if you're there spending time with her she IS going to be aroused by you. Inevitable.

- Also, the idea of INNOCENCE is something I'm going to make a part of my life from now on.

* Clearing Up Misconceptions / Miscellaneous Lessons (What I got out of Hotseat that REALLY HELPED ME IMPROVE):

- Warmups. Fucking Tyler in one of his videos mentioned that some people didn't need to warm up and got into "state" immediately (BTW "state" doesn't exist in the Natural Instincts Method - Time, + and - Expressions, Physical Expressions, and Tests are all that your attention should be on). Since I saw that video by Tyler, I believed I didn't need to warm up. That shit had been fucking me up recently cause I used to just wait around until a hot girl arrived and it really fucked my results up. Until Alex cleared it up for me. YES EVEN ALEX WARMS UP.
- Alex mentioned that he can warm up very efficiently so of course I asked him how. He mentioned a bunch of things but the ones that helped me Saturday night were:
- He said that since he knows what him being in a good mood feels like to him, it helps him get into a good mood. So on Saturday night, I thought I was relaxed completely but then I *recognized* that in fact I was feeling a little bit of stress from the environment. Warmup time. This tip REALLY helped me.
- Overescalating. Wasn't warmed up at the start of the night so just lead a chick to the dancefloor, and immediately I go for the makeout. No go, but now I'm warmed up and feeling quite comfortable. Also, I use the awesome Alex line "You started dancing on me! I thought you wanted me to. :D " (Yes, with the smile).
- While on the topic of lines, you get a lot from Hotseat. The "I thought you wanted me to make out with you/kiss you/dance with you/touch you there/bite your neck" is GOLDEN. It's like you're flying an airplane and just in case you go too quick you always have the safety parachute.
- Also, something else I learned was the different TYPES of Statements of Empathy. Alex uses a lot of them, but I found out in my experience that whenever you can, go ahead and add in the "And if I'm too manly(lol)/aggressive/confident/touchy feely/etc. you let me know" at the end of it. Alex uses Statements of Empathy from time to time but sometimes leaves this "you let me know" line out. Adding it creates a US vibe vs a ME/YOU vibe. This wasn't explicitly mentioned in the Hotseat but it's an important distinction. A very very important distinction. Kind of like how Alex says to use a Negative expression whenever you can (for the newbies), I'm going to use the "you let me know" line as much as I can with the Statement of Empathy.
- Also, before "I thought you wanted me to," my safety parachute was the Statement of Empathy, but now I have that and also the "I thought you wanted me to" line or even to the friends of the girl the "I thought SHE wanted me to" which lets you get away with a strong physical expression. Slick.
- Also, Alex mentioned that the most important part of the night is the warmup. So now every instructor's ideas on the warmup are the same, where before, cause of the Tyler video, I was confused on this and didn't think Alex did them.
- Another question I had was how he chose warmups - hot ones, ugly ones, etc? Response: Whatever you want. Doesn't matter.

- Groups (2 sets, 3 sets, 4 sets, 5 sets, ...). I asked Alex what he would do when faced with like a 5-set scenario, would he spend equal time talking to every one but more time with the girl he likes and the answer is no, spend EQUAL TIME with EVERYONE - the way you make sure you get the girl you like is by making sure that although you are talking to everyone equally, be PHYSICAL ONLY WITH HER. ALSO, *INSPIRE* the whole group to WANT to hang out with you.

- Being Physical. Alex said that he only touches a girl shoulder and above. He elaborated that this applies only for the first 3-5 minutes. After that, you can be more physical. But on the approach and for the first 3-5 minutes only touch her above the shoulder.
- Brush and lead. Genius.
- Coat hanger. GENIUS. Have to be there in person to understand it.
- Also, although there's not much hardcore physicality in the Natural Instincts Method (except for physical expressions or ultimately when you're fucking her/rooting), if the girl is being noncompliant with something over and over again you are allowed to go beastmode on her but only with just one physical expression, like picking her up, spin hug, whatever you want. But keep these strong physical expressions sparse. Like every 45-60 mins or so, just to show that you can - as in if you allow her to be noncompliant, she knows that you are *ALLOWING* her to do so cause you are more than capable of beastmode pick her up, spin hug into makeout, but you are *CHOOSING* not to on *YOUR* terms.

- Taller girls (4"+ taller)
Someone asked Alex what you do when the girl is like 4" or more taller than you. Cause kissing, clawing, etc. Answer: Sit down.

- *TIME* Covered this previously. Profound.

- Qualify her a lot not only to qualify her (duhh) but also to remind yourself why you are talking to her. For me this is quite helpful cause I always qualify (unless she's a party girl) but not for the purpose of reminding myself why I like her.

- Alex's mindset of "If you percieve she's not worth spending the whole night, or even going on a date, or multiple dates with, why are you talking to her? We're going for quality here." I'm living this all out. Prevented me from making an idiot decision on Saturday night when after I fucked up my main set for the night, I could have chosen to sleep with a 3 star girl but chose not to because fuck, "we're going for quality here." High value mindset. Also, other implications of this mindset is approach whoever you want to (so no approach anxiety) and reapproach whoever you want to. Girls truly believe they are beneath you although you believe you're beneath them sometimes.

- Learning about the 5 star scale and finding out that what I thought were 3 star girls are actually 4 star girls! Yea!

- His videos and adventures. Inspiration to push it. Also, the amount of work this guy put in into the Hotseat - imagine editing and reediting the videos, inserting captions, adding the markers for different types of Tests, Expressions, and also having the face-time (Time in Interaction) marker stop whenever he's not talking to the girl. The touch-ups where every video is so clear, same with audio. Inspired to party harder and work harder, and have a camera on hand to do it.

* Conclusion

I could've written reviews for Jeffy's Hotseat and the Tyler/Julien Hotseat. Shit, I spent $600 total ($300 for Hotseat and $300 for transportation/travel/hostel) to get from D.C. to NY in the middle of the school year last October. I was 19. I considered it completely worth it, even to this day and would have paid more. Same with the D.C. Hotseat earlier this April. But I didn't write reviews for them, honestly, because they were exactly what I expected - $3000 worth of value for the fucking cheap price of $300 (Yea I expect high standards from RSD) - and they fully delivered that both of those Hotseats. This one was on an entirely new level.

Of course, Alex has learned from the previous Hotseats before him, and made improvements on them, so of course I expected that high level of quality - the amazing video editing, quality and resolution, the markers popping up every time something happens, the bonus videos, everything. Alex has worked at RSD for 5 fucking years and has been talking shit about the quality of his infield videos, his experience as a coach, etc. for quite a while now, so of course I expected all of that. Actually, the markers and bonus videos and fucking attention to detail were wayyy more than I expected to be honest, but that's not why I'm writing this review. Only cause someone works really hard for something doesn't mean you value the final product more.

I'm writing this review cause this product, this Hotseat, has truly inspired me to write about it and praise it - just like how you want to inspire a girl to spend time with you and even be your girlfriend cause you are just that fine of a product she can't get that anywere else. What he teaches and how he teaches is mindblowing. From someone who has attended two previous Hotseats and has been around the block, going out consistently 2-4 nights a week for a while, whoever is reading this, this should mean something to you. This will change your entire paradigm of picking up girls. The even more amazing thing is, the deepest value of this paradigm of pickup, the foundation, the base, which is the idea that "There's no reason why you're not enough," and its implications, are valid for every successful paradigm of pickup that has come before this.

Nightclub game, social circle game, metropolitan city game, small town game, Alex's style works everywhere. Also, even if you choose to not follow his "style" and go hard North American / European style, the core of "There's no reason why you're not enough" is still valid in any style. So is the idea of Relaxed Arousal. So is the idea of INNOCENCE for that matter. As well as TIME. You can apply the ideas of the Natural Instincts Method to any style you want. The Natural Instincts Method takes into account every paradigm of pickup that came before it and goes beyond anything anyone's put out on game. Ever. How Alex picks up girls will blow your mind in the simplicity and ease of it and how natural it feels and even LOOKS to an outsider. Alex's discoveries are literally like Charles Darwin figuring out Natural Selection. Like the discovery of dark matter like Alex gleefully calls it.

At the end of Hotseat, you'll be like, "Shit, this is just a regular guy of normal human intelligence like me who has figured out not one but several genius level, game changing ideas. And he has literally transferred his ideas, and the emotional paradigm they exist in, to my head, in TWO DAYS. Done. Wow. I just really want a picture with him right now." Seriously. Should you do the Hotseat? Do it. And don't forget to commemorate the experience so you can look back on it a long time later.

* How it could be improved

#1) Make a FAQ page of the questions you get asked every Hotseat. And have it posted online for every one who signs up or just keep it for yourself. Update it with new questions as you do more Hotseats. In a few months, you'll have a clear idea of where your delivery/content/ideas can be misunderstood and prevent that by addressing them early on. Cover all exits. Maybe release content based on Hotseat questions/ common misconceptions, and maybe release that as extra bonus material, or just on RSDN as your Hotseat goes on.

#2) Post a video/article about what you would do in different situations.
2 set? Spend equal time with both girls and be physical only with girl you want.
3 set? Spend equal time with every girl and be physical only with girl you want.
4 set? Spend equal time with every girl and be physical only with girl you want.
5 set? Spend equal time with every girl and be physical only with girl you want.

You say it all the time but someone coming from the open-talk to friends-chill-isolate-bring back-chill-isolate-bring back-repeat-leave the club mindset will probably not even realize what you're saying even though you keep repeating it. So it could help if you made a video about that or explicitly say in Freetour/Hotseat: if it's a 2 set, I'm spending 50% of my time with each, if it's a 3 set, I'm spending 33% of my time with each, if it's a 4 set I'm spending 25% of my time with each, but I stay in proximity to the girl and establish solid physical rapport only with her. I don't isolate, except where the friends isolate for me by leaving me and her. Only after 3-5 mins when the girl and I are more chill do I initiate below the shoulder touch, and only if I want to. I want to inspire the whole group to take me wherever they go, as in if it's a 5 set, all of the 5 or at least the talkative/social ones should be very happy and excited to have me go with them wherever they're going. (Assuming checking logistics, qualification, good solid game lol, full range of emotions/emotional spikes/ positive and negative expressions, hygiene, etc and of course for the newbies actually approaching the girls you want lol and warming up when the night starts, etc.)

This is pretty much the first part of your D.C. Freetour speech, but I still didn't realize the implications of "Be friendly with the whole group but only physical with her" until I asked explicitly how much time you're spending with the friends.

#3) Encourage more questions, although you did this EXTREMELY WELL. If felt like everyone was advanced or something at the D.C. Hotseat, no one asking questions. Some people I know definitely were, but it seemed like either most people were awestruck and had never approached and had their mindblown, or were advanced, with very few in the intermediate range cause of the almost no / low amount of questions from most people. That's just the vibe I got from it. Maybe they have approach anxiety lol. I liked you asking around the room to what people would do in different situations - that would have fixed a lot of problems in my opinion - I think you stopped doing that halfway through Saturday. Also, maybe ask, "How would you continue with this set? In the next 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, if her friends came, if they have to go to the bathroom, if they tried to drag her away, if you're trying to pull, how would you qualify, how would you seed the pull, what do you say/do when they tell you they're leaving but don't invite you, different situations like that, etc."

#4) Have more time to do the 2012 videos to really hammer it in (but I'm nitpicking here, by the time of the 2012 Tall Asian video, we had solid fucking idea of what to do credit to you)

#5) There is no #5. You did an excellent job Alex. Very well done. Thank you.

Btw, if you had planned to have the positive, negative, and physical expressions, and the tests there for the newbies, that was a genius move. Cause honestly that's all a newbie needs.
"There's no reason why I'm not enough." - Alex
"I don't give a damn what anyone thinks of me." - Tim
"Do something. Do anything." - Owen

And for the ones that take your breath away:
"Get lost in the chemistry . . ."
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It's kinda long. But from the first half I gather it was worth it. Too bad he ain't coming to Singapore. 
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I like Alexander because he understand how newbies think and act: the pittfals. 
He clears up many unanswered questions and makes everything cristal clear. 
 Enjoy live to the fullest
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 Nice post man
I cant agree more with you, alex's style is different, he looks more of a normal dude, but with a sick game, 

When in Brazil dude?
 Vibe can't stop!
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Great write up man.  I also took the Hot Seat and did the bootcamp and you pretty much covered everything I would've said.

The only thing I would add which you didn't address and which Alex reiterated (especially on Bootcamp and after watching his Enduring Tests video) was STAY IN SET.  If you really want to improve and grow STAY IN SET. Can't tell you how many times I was thrown back in set on bootcamp and not understanding at first how important it is for you to push your comfort zone by STAYING IN SET.  I suppose it ties in with the *time* principle but for me that statement help solidify it in how I should act.

For Alex: the only thing I would recommend (which the OP covered) was when you asked us questions on how we would respond in certain situations and then you stating what you would do.  I wished you did it a little more as it really illustrated how your mind works by not knowing how you might react in a certain situation and then hearing your answer really shed light on how you interpret the situation.

Overall a great experience and awesome write up.

There is no reason why you are not enough.
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There's plenty of vids that show Alex get rejected. He will also point out in the videos from 2009-2011 where he does something wrong. Also, you see him warming up.

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How do you watch the bonus videos? Do you get them only if you sign up for the hotseat? or these are online?
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Great review,
Considering attending Alex hotseat now... hmmm...
Just to say though, Tyler talks about warm ups all the time, he's obsessed with momentum...
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