January 18th, 2019
Alexander Hot seat Review Washington DC November 10th 2012
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Hey everyone. I attended my first hot seat this past weekend and had a great experience.
I’m not one of those people who spend hours reading RSD and learning each instructors techniques. I read in another review that Alexander’s techniques clash with others. Well so what? Talking to girls isn’t a linear method, just take what you like from everyone and combine it with your own expertise.


The attention to detail on most videos were amazing.

Alexander is a really chill guy. He is a talented video editor so the videos he showed us were quite good quality. He spent hours making the audio so easy to understand even though the videos were taken in extremely loud clubs. He added subtitles to a lot of his videos and even took the extra effort to add symbols in the top left corner. I can't even imagine how long this must have took. These symbols came when Alexander gave positive emotion (symbolized by a P), negative emotion (symbolized by a N) and P/E which came on screen when he did something physical. It really, REALLY, drilled into my head how to use these expressions and I love this part of the videos. He showed us a wide variety of videos from all kinds of countries. He even showed me some from Tokyo which I loved.

He showed us FULL interactions.

It literally blew my mind watching Alexander go up to girls, talk to them for a good 15 minutes while he was just smiling, amusing himself. The whole first 15 or more, I watched as girls didn’t bother to restart the conversation while Alexander just talked 95% of the time. I slowly watched the girls open up and Alexander worked some more magic. It was a huge wake up call to me to stay in the interactions after seeing this because what I label as a blown set, Alexander lablel's as a great set. Since he showed up full interactions, I suppose other hot seats showed more short ones? I don’t think that more is better; I liked how we spent quite some time on an interaction. Alexander would often pause and tell us to write something down or repeat something whitty he said that we can use. I wrote down many clever lines Alexander uses in a wide variety of situations. To fucking a girl in the bathroom, to statements of empathy, I have many new things to say which I don’t think can make me good at game alone, but are GREAT additions.

Alexander was completely involved with the audience the whole time.
I have heard sometimes other instructors are so tired, they just loop videos and sleep in the back. I would not have liked that; I like how Alexander was actually involved. He was watching his own videos, smiling, pausing and telling us to take notes, answering our questions. He would even get up and do some demonstrations. I have no clue where this guy gets his energy from, but he seems to have an endless supply of it! I understand at points it was annoying when people asked too many questions, but it really only took another 20 seconds or more and they paid the money to see it so they have the right to ask if they want. Even during breaks Alexander was talking to people or letting us go to him and ask questions. He’s just a nice guy.

Alexander is fucking talented

Alexander is a beast in field. Watching his interactions were really deep and his moves were carefully planned out. At the same time, since I don’t study RSD TOO much, I still greatly benefited from it. It was just me, an average guy, watching some guy who knows how to talk to girls. I understood why he did things like statements of empathy and negative expressions. I had never heard of these terms before and now I understand them so well, just by watching what he did. If you have a brain and even didn’t study before, you can easily figure out what he means by watching what he does. But Alexander even spent a quick 30 seconds explaining the concepts and by day two, I knew them inside and out. I don’t think you can find someone better than Alexander at this shit.

It was just really fun
I don’t know about you, but I can’t sit in a room for a good 8-9 hours, taking notes and keep focus. But Alexander made the experience interactive and fun. He said some lines that were funny as hell in his video and the whole room would break out and laugh. He showed up some cool short videos of his and his friend and some hilarious amoging videos. I don’t know, I just feel more adventurous after meeting Alexander because I’ve never met someone as crazy as him.

What Alexander can improve on
I thought this whole ordeal was done extremely well, given it was his first hot seat ever.
Some of the videos weren’t fully edited, like missing audio enhancement or subtitles at parts. I’m sure by the time he comes to your city, they will be done. It didn’t take a whole lot out of the experience though.
A lot of videos were from Europe. HE DID show us videos from America, but majority from Europe. I think the skills are similar in each region, but different things to appeal to European girls. And sometimes English was not there first language (like in Finland), but the girls still spoke quite well
Sometimes Alexander would show us interactions that went by great, but they amounted to nothing. I don’t know if this is a bad thing, but when it amounted to nothing I was just like "oh…"
I would have liked to see a rejection compilation at some point. HE DID show us some rejections and they were pretty rough haha, so that was nice to see that he’s not perfect in field
I don’t think his style of game fits everyone. If you are an annoying, talkative, loud mouth then it will be perfect for you. If you lack decent communication skills, I think you should work on that first if you really want what you learned from Alexander to benefit you.

Final Thoughts
I really can’t think of anything else negative. I personally highly recommend the whole thing and I had an amazing weekend learning from him. It was great to see someone so talented in the field breaking down why he is doing such and such. I learned some handy in field moves by watching Alexander and seeing how to use them. I embraced new concepts I learned from watching his videos and I feel great that I know them. I loved seeing Alexander’s verbal diarrhea when he started interactions and slowly watch as the girl first went from “Who the hell is this crocodile hunter wannabe?” to “Omg Alexander stick it in me raw!” Lol. OH YEAH, make sure to attend the "Bonus day" because it is really just a continutation of day 1.

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