January 16th, 2019
Dark Newbie Tips
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 Dark Newbie Tips

Preface: I'm writing this to address the complaints that 100% new "dark newbies" have with their female relationships, but more importantly their entire life, the main cause of which is lack of inspiration to understand the inner workings of life enough to go through with the main prospect of dissolving your ego, which is the only source of inspiring a dark newbie to their initial actions.

This guide runs with the grand assumption you are a dark newbie like I am/was. People who have already adapted socially probably don't need this, but may learn some stuff to help their mental frame solidify.

The reason I think I have such good information on this is that I have always prided myself on being able to verbalize whatever it is im dealing with, naturally my existential worries manifested into some interesting information, I should also note my game is not very good at all, and that in fact ties in with this theory, I am, however, JUST good enough that COMPLETE dark newbies may be able to imagine myself in their shoes, which I think is a good place for them to be looking.

Remember: Finding the answer to your questions is the only way to fully internalize the idea, if you take someones word you fail.

Instead of posting my progress, I will keep updating this thread with things I'm coming up with as I deal with them.



- I was a loner in school, small circle of slightly more or less lame friends
- not good at all with girls growing up, my youth I had nothing but a fluke fuck with an insane (but somewhat hot) broad
- lived almost entirely as a hermit my whole life
- handful of friends that I never talk to
- I was and still am pretty terrible in social situations
- on welfare, cant get jobs, shit at interviews, barely scraping by with some gangsta shit methods of living cheap
- ride an ebike, buy $1 thrift store clothes (awww yeaaaa, gangsta!)
- always understood that love isn't a monogamous thing, thus drawn to the ideas of RSD
- at the point i can escalate on girls if they're in my limited social circle, to which they usually back out
- do cheesey kino and opens just to get used to talking to girls randomly (ask for time, light touch on arm)

Again, I'm not exactly the 40 year old virgin, nor am I Mr. Suave, I'm at about the level a dark newbie whos worse off could see themselves within a short amount of time


The epiphanies I've had to Lighten my Dark Newbiness, thus, raise my intent:


- I try to become the lower value loser bombing his value (yet being courteous) picking up only the empathetic slutty sexmachine girls (rare), not trying to be Mr. Alpha running the show... as a dark newbie for me it was impossible to fill the Alpha role (for now at least), settling on Omega is at the very least a good learning technique for me, I'm NOT recommending you settle on this low percent of females unless it's actually what you want out of socializing

- I have to get good with girls, or my style of life cannot progress, my life will not progress because I will not breed, therefor the newbie excuse that it is unimportant to breed is not true, it's as important as eating food, my current lifes version of eating food is like my DNAs version of fucking girls, if I dont want to ever breed, I am committing suicide thus I continue to suffer as though I am slowly suffocating or starving

- I do not need to breed now, or more than once in my lifetime, because all I need to do is breed once and I still reduce population by 50% but spread my DNA, the idea here is I can wait until society is making the positive enough changes to be sustainable for me and my childs life if I'm worrying too much about causing my child to suffer through the bullshit in society, I simply make sure I can give them the life that I personally would not mind, and additionally, although this may sound INCREDIBLY bold, I should give my prospective child the option of assisted suicide should they want it enough, this whole thing is important to me because if I am causing suffering through my actions, I rationalize my way out of it

- to get good I cannot do something (IN ITS ENTIRETY) that I am completely terrible at in a social environment, I have to baby step myself into the activity through interaction, COMPLETELY FORGET ABOUT MY IMAGINATION OF THE FUTURE OTHER THAN A VERY SMALL CHANGE, IT IS PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO DRASTICALLY CHANGE MY CIRCUMSTANCE IN A SHORT AMOUNT OT TIME, whether a man successful with women is able to verbalize it or not, they never imagine themselves too drastically different, yet, always make subtle changes to their situation, thus drawing women in

- to get the willpower to have a style of life I like, I need to fuck my shit up in some way, put myself through some amazing and challenging experience that makes me stronger and make it worthwhile to spread my genetics, it is not egotistical to think I deserve better women than others if I earn it, conversly, it is not wise to be jealous of the men doing better than me, but, better to empathisize with the happiness they are receiving, this also helps your freedom from outcome

The Triangle of Learning:


     Emotion _______ Logic
                \            /
                  \        /
                    \    /

- trust that learning through meditation (moments of thoughtlessness), logic (moments of understanding), and emotional (moments of letting completely go of thought, logic and even the whole concept of bounding between the two) pathways are all seperate and all work to round out the entire character, one should be logical when alone, to better understand game, meditative when alone, to better understand WHY you game, and then emotional when you interact, in order for your world to now become a part of the rest of other lifeforms worlds, as opposed to you falling into oblivion as a permanent dark newbie

every angle is needed!
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Clarifying the contradiction of Intent + Freedom from outcome:

Just a random thought I had to clarify the fact that intent DOES conflict with freedom from outcome.

Intent means you want to fuck this girl, freedom from outcome says you can't REALLY want to fuck this girl... = Contradictory

However, we've all heard the talk about how there are billions of women, and millions of those are hot women, thus, this should put you at ease in your freedom from outcome, although in a way it lowers your intent with the specific girl...

The magic way to describe it is not Intent + Freedom from outcome, but instead, the new magic combo:

"Intent to fuck every female of similar calibre to this specific female" + "Freedom from the outcome of fucking this specific female"

There will always be SOME attachment to the outcome of fucking the specific female you are talking to. However, it should be the EXACT level of the ratio of this specific female to the other prospective females you could ever attain throughout your life (MUCH less outcome dependance than the average guy, but, more than a robot just mechanically going through the motions).

Thus you should care about the interaction going smoothly only because it's a waste of your time, and a waste of the living space this female takes up compared to a female that would be compatible. I actually feel that your game would be WORSE should you neglect the fact that the interaction has SOME weight... this is probably the biggest reason dark newbies get so fucked up on initial approaches, they bound from caring too much, to caring too little due to the confusion of the old magic combo intent + freedom from outcome.

It's also perfectly logical to want a female more than other females, but again, ensure you aren't attaching more than she shows she deserves, by rewarding a female when she is doing things that please you by lowering your freedom from outcome ever so slightly. Still, don't be afraid to calibrate in either direction if you think you've gone too far.

The fact you are on this website means you should be getting chased, here's why:

With this being said, and self-developed males being naturally waaay more attractive than gen pop males...

This is why game FUCKS US OVER... the females WANT TO FUCK US, BADLY... but they also know that it will probably be their entire lives peak experience.. they are simply savouring that moment...

This is why it's FUCKING KEY to NEVER fall into chaser push-over permission-boy mode...

Especially in a smaller city, it's vital to keep up the "chasey" vibe, BECAUSE IT'S THE FUCKING TRUTH.


Or you're selling yourself short, it's incongruent... YOU had the balls to admit you weren't getting your sexual satisfaction, everyone on this website is the cream of the crop in terms of ego dissillusion and willpower for admitting we were losers to come here to begin with...

And the fact is if you go out, bitches get more and more wet the less and less ego you display...

Fast forwarding the females around you into the moment of them being ready for you is going to be highly dependant on how hard you can flex the muscle of letting the ego drop... how much ridiculous movements and feelings can you display to this girl within the shortest amount of time while still being accepting towards whatever odd actions you take.

Don't beat yourself up for flinching, you're supposed to (on some SMALL level) flinch when a girl walks by, provided she is nervous. It's socially intelligent to mirror the amount of nervousness she puts off, this proves you are attuned to her emotional world and will be better at naturally doing the things she wants in bed.

The problem comes when you flinch from a girl who ISN'T nervous around you, then YOU'RE creating discomfort, women pick up on and avoid the SOURCE of discomfort, not the people affected by it and are sensitive enough to mirror it...

For example: some creepy drunkish dude hovering around me... creepily stares at me for a solid 5 seconds... then again for 5 seconds.. finally mumbling some "sup" or some shit... is it wrong for me to feel this discomfort? Will females be turned off because I'm noticing the amount of discomfort he is in, provided I stay positive and don't crumble under his frame? No. The ONLY way to fully understand if someone has good intentions is to mentally mimic their subtle style of movement and make your judgement on that first hand experience of that style, THEN you can make extrapolations and judgement calls on that persons character, based on other real world experiences when you've felt that way...

This happens so naturally and automatically for socially adjusted people, the reason they leave people who are socially awkward is because they are so empathetic they can't help but feel that nervous pain...

This is why high-value people who are empathetic and try hard to care about people DO NOT WANT TO HANG AROUND APATHETIC PEOPLE... They will, if they HAVE to... to survive... but it's their right to move away from such suffering.

This is why it feels like a "secret society" and these people get laid so easy it's almost scary and fucking cult-like... it's because it IS like a cult... a cult of empathy...

My Chemical Integration vid in my sig actually talks about the genetic difference of people who have a sense of empathy... if you truly want to develop empathy you need intellect... and intellect requires amazing nutrition... nutrition requires a decent situation with a bit of money...

Most of this post is fundamental game information I've never heard talked about...

(Updated: June 8th, 2013)
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