October 20th, 2018
newbie get laid
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Saturday, pull a 24 year old photo model, (sober)

the Saturday start my friend David comes over, he just gonna pick up his bicycle,
we talk about girls we have fuck and like to fuck, and about pick up,
when we sit here and drinking coffee and talking, the asian girl call, and tell me, she is here out side my door,
i was surprised, but i invite her in, she have a short red sexy dress on, ( its cold here ) and she live 30 min a way with a car
, so i automatic think she have been with some other guy, and just like to come by and say hi, when she was in the city, (im cool with that,) so we hug and kiss a little,
so i make her some tea, and sit her down with me and David, and he and i continue talking about girls, and pick up,
she have see me in action many times, she know what i do, after 1-2 hours David go home,

i tell the asian girl i have a hung over and like go back to bed, and she ask if she can sleep with me, and she also tell me she have take the bus from where she lives, just to see me, ( far a way ) and i give her a compliment about her short red dress,
i take her to the bed rum, pull off her red dress, bend her over the bed and spank her ass a few times and kiss her neck,

and tell her. lets sleep a hour, im so tired,
when we waken, my mam call, and like me to come home and eat some food she have over, ( love my mam )
so i tell the asian girl i gonna drop her off,
because my mam live out side the city to in the same direction as the asian girl, she be jealous and think i gonna go to some another girl, i tell her to fuck off, and she say she is sorry, i put her in the car and drive her home,

when i sit in my parents home i start to text the girls i have take number from the day before,
i start wih the girl from the bar, we text back and forward, i be soon tired about it and call her, ( Maria )
she just telling me how little time she have, and how busy she is, so i hang up in her ear, she is too boring to talk to,

then i text the young girl from the bus, she is more fun, and it end with i telling her i gonna call her later when get back home, when i get home she ( Emelie) and i talk for a while, she like me to see me now, i explain i have promise my friends to meet up with them too night,
but it ends with i drive home to her and pick her up, an take her to my place and make some pancakes for her,
and she telling me she is 24 years old ( i`m 39 ) and work as a photo model, she show me her pic on the Internet to
prove it, she do some jobs for some clothes company's,
her body is so fucking perfect, i fuck her for 2-3 hours, she was on, it was so fucking easy,

12:30am i drive her home, and i drive down to the bar, and pick up my friend David,
he try to pick up some girl he know from before, she dont look interested,
i tell hem to dump her and follow me to the next bar,
dont need to warm up, have just fuck a photo model, i tell David,, just on, Bang! dont think just open,, Bang!
its 1 hour to they gonna close the bars, i was on all the sexy girl in the bar i could see, it look to me they all was there with there boy friends or they was engaged or married, but i get 2 make outs, it was just for fun,,,
( my boy friend is here, its ok, he cant see us, kiss me before he see us, )

out side David like to stand and talk to some guys he know and a girl with a boy friend,
i tell him to give up now, lets go, we walk back to first bar, all bars close now, all people walking out,
we looking for the girl he try to pick up earlier, we find her, she is standing with some guys,
David walk up and open her again, and i say i can drive her home, if she make coffee for us,
she say OK, we jump in my car and drive home to her place, when we get there, i tell her im to
tired for coffee now, i gonna drive back home and sleep,
and i leave her and David out side her place,

when i drive home, the photo model call me, and ask if i like to come over on tea before i go to bed,
i tell her im fucking tired, but i go there, it was really nice,, i call her a and fuck her again,

when i fucking her my phone rings a few times,
on my way home i call back, its like 5am now, its the red head girl, ( see field reports pic from November 1st, )
she like me to come over, i feel tempted, but i need to sleep now, after we have talk for a while we agree about to meet up and eat a pizza later this week,


text David and ask if get some, and he did, he fuck her,

the model girl Emelie, text me and ask if i like to see her too day,

and i have forget to talk to the 25 year old , whole weekend , so i text her. just to say hey,

 i just feel tired to day, just like to eat a pizza and relax,,,,, and i feel happy, i feel like i have start to take the next step in my development,
this Thursday, i talk about i like to be better with hot girl and i think im on my way,
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Tjena, nice FR med bilder! Gamear du i göteborg?
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just some pic from this morning, before i go to work,
the 24 year old photo model have been here, every day, for the last 6 days, and she start to thinking about me as her
boy friend,  I`m tired about her, and i like to see some other girls now
, maybe she hang around anyway who knows,

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Friday, polis take me!!!

go out around 10pm,
meet up with a friend ( Blondy )she she have two friends with her, two fat friends, she have text me earlier and ask me if i like to follow them out,
we standing and talking about stuff and chill, i asking about the guy she see, and ask her to show me a pic on him,
she start to excuse her self and telling me the guy she see is not sexy but she like him,
and when she show me the pic, i`m confused, he looks like a good looking normal guy,
did not understand why she need to excuse her self about his look, but i tell her, he is a good looking guy, and also tell her i`m happy for her,

soon they like to go to the next bar,
when we walking Emelie ( the 24 year old,) call me, talk to her a few min, walk in to the next bar,
bay a beer and relaxed, both off her fat friends, is really on me, and telling me how good looking and sexy i`m,
i dont care much about them, just talking polite to them,

take a walk around the bar, run in to the asian girl i know, i hug her and are happy to see her,
dance a little with her and her friends, "the party is on" her friends start to pulling and touching me, and try to get my attention,

walk around a little more, take a piss, run in to Blondy and her friends again , she looks angry at me,
and even her friends telling me she is angry, i asking her whats happen?
she just turn her back against me, i just thinking what ever, and walk back to the asian girls,

a guy standing there and dancing with them, i say hi to him, he have a cool
sweater, i say to him, nice sweater, and i start to dance and making out with the asian girl again,
her friends on me again, and pushing and try to get my attention again,

take her to the bar, and bay her and my self a beer, when we standing there and wait for the
bartender, Blondy and her two friends shows up, behind us, i introduce the asian girl to Blondy and her friends,
they standing and pressing them self against me, i can almost not move, and they start to telling me, how bad asian girls is, and i should not bay her a beer, i dont care,
then one of Blondys friends lean in and start to making out with me, i pull a way, and she start to
excuse her self, with saying, she dont know whats happen to her,
i`m juts cool about it and start to drink my beer,

i see some guy i know, talk to him for a few min, the asian girl walking up and start to hugging and rubbing her self on me, we walk back to the dance floor,

the guy with cool sweater walks by, and he pulling me in the shirt, i think he asking me what time it is, so take up my phone and give him the time, he start to look angry, then i hear what he say, he say, my shirt is ugly, i put down my phone in my pocket and say to him, OK, thanks, and take a few steps to the side,
i`m really confused, he still standing there and stare at me and looking really piss off, i have no idea whats going on,

i think its best to go back to what i do, and don care about him,
the asian girl pulling me out on the dance floor, a swedish women start to dance with her, ( sexy looking )
i take a step back and enjoy the view, when the swedish women start to grind on the asian girl,

suddenly the asian girl walk up to me and telling me the swedish women have tell her i have fuck her,
i have never see the swedish women before so i say, i don dont know that swedish women,
i`m really confused again, what a fuck happen here, the asian girl is really piss off, and she runs a way,
i like her so i walk after her, and telling her, i dont know that swedish women, i have never see her before in my life,
( thats true ) but she dont believe me and just continue. and she telling me what a big shit i`m, so i say, lets ask that swedish women what she sad, lets go to her and ask her, but the asian girl don like to, so its end whit i pull her to the swedish girl and ask her why she lie about me,,,,,
then the guard comes and telling me i need to go out, so i just walk out, and when i comes out the say they need to do contact the polis, the polis dont do much they start to ask the asian girl whats happen,
and i ask the polis whats happen now, nothing they say,

i ask the guard why they kick me our, and hey say the
bartender, did think i was to aggressive when i pull the asian girl, thats why,,,,

so i standing out side with he asian girl, and i say to her, lets go home to me and drink some wine.
but i was still angry at her because she dont believe me,, when i tell her i did not know that swedish women,
fucking drama, she know i see other girls so why so upset, even if its have been true,

hate fuck her later, and drive her home later in the morning, was still angry about her drama shit,

have try to call and text Blondy to day, we are just friends or was friends,. but she dont pick up her phone, i dont kow why she is angry,
i was nice and chill with her and her friends, more drama,,,,,,,,
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Saturday, a friend and i try a new club,

its was a really big club, 5 different rooms, i have never see this much people on one place before,
it was a shock to me to see all this sexy girls in one place, i just walk around and sad WOOOW yeahhh,,
i open a few girls , but it was really hard,,,, but i get 3 numbers, (weak numbers )

some pic on my friend in action, kissing and take numbers,

when i get home i call the 24 year old, and she take a taxi home to me, we drink some wine,
and i drive her home this afternoon,

talk to my friend to day, and we agree, we will go back there and do better next time,
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Hey dude, nice Field Reports, seems like you are taking lots of action and that you also pull some hotties :)

Where in Sweden are you gaming? I will move to Stockholm in January 2013, would be cool to meet up if you are in that area.
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HEY man
good game
but i feel that you  have many many anger in you
anthor try to have fun insted to play the game you will have more success
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planing for the evening, i gonna go to small pub, and maybe meet up with one off me friends,
and do some warm up sets for the weekend,
i feel great, the 24year old ( Emelie ) sleep here last night, we stand on my balcony and look on this winters first snow fall,,,,,,
and i have bay some soap and deodorant, so i gonna smell good this weekend,

my friend and i plan to try two new clubs this weekend, i have was on one of them yesterday, it was a club for 18 years olds,
and he sad it was great, some of the the teenage girls even come up to him, and start to talking, he is 30,
but he sad he was to shy to ask for number or try to bull, but he sad he was physical with them,

the 25 year old, have call me two times to day, and asking if i like to help her move,
i sad yes, i gonna try to make her my girl friend, and this is good way to meet her friends, and to show i am a guy she can trust, maybe,,, i have no idea,, lest see whats happen,
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