November 21st, 2018
Edinburgh Hotseat with Julien
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Hotseat 2 Review
Edinburgh, Scotland

20-21st October, 2012

I wake up on saturday morning, after a long night in the club and an unsatisfying 5 hour sleep on Rosco's couch. Time to head to hotseat in Edinburgh.


I'd been to freetour on the thursday and was amazed at the amount of value Julien could squeeze into an improvised speech; the guy had talked literally nonstop for 3 hours and had managed to weave in huge amounts information tailored to the audience's varied skill levels and sticking points – the youtube videos, awesome as they are, really don't do him justice... the guy's a total pro.

By the time we got on the train, my thoughts had shifted away from my poor sleep and onto what was coming up in the rest of the day. This was a PAID event – if he'd put so much effort into something that was free, how extreme was this going to be? I was excited – and by the end of the day I wasn't disappointed.

Day 1 - Tyler Footage

The event ran from 3 in the afternoon to 11 at night so i'm not going to run a detailed list of each and every video I saw – instead i'll write down my overall impression and the key things I learned as an intermediate level guy in the game.

The main thing I took away from the first day was that what Tyler was doing wasn't at all different from the things I do myself – the only difference was his consistency and his ability to stay positive no matter what happened. This was both a huge shock and a huge relief to me. I realized what deep down I already knew – my game is good, good enough to get me laid, and the biggest thing that's messing me up right now is the belief that it's not. In the free tour Julien spoke about guys who get caught in intermediate purgatory and start focusing on getting 'perfect game' instead of on getting the girl. This was me.

In the rejection compilation video, I watched as Tyler bounced around from set to set like a big happy baby, totally loving the game and not getting hung up on the results. He made mistakes, and sometimes he recovered from them, but a lot of the time he didn't. The blowouts didn't matter, they were completely irrelevant - when they happened Tyler just went straight into the next set and kept going. This video was a really important part of the hotseat for me, it showed me that the instructors really weren't cut from a different cloth and that if I just focused and kept going out, i'd get similar results. It was a really effective wake up call, and probably the most important thing I learned from the whole event.

Another thing I saw, that will be huge for me in the upcoming months, was the whole “be the buyer, not the seller” thing. I've heard of this in a lot of the videos, but it's never got through to me – mostly cos I had no idea what it actually was and what it looked like. I'm still not sure how exactly to describe it – it's one of those things I really had to see to understand, and it's something that i'll have to implement into my game before I can even start to explain it. I've tried to write a couple of sentences on it but it never comes out right – so if you're like the pre-hotseat me and don't really understand the concept, you'll have to go to hotseat to see it in action. Sorry!

Here's a bunch of hugely important things I learned from the first day's videos (and from julien's breakdowns of them):


-- Attract EVERY girl you meet; don't just go through the motions on the average sets and try and 'turn it on' for the hotter ones – this makes you put higher value on some girls and not on others, and makes you come from the “seller” frame.

-- Don't try to rush the interaction – enjoy it, sculpt it, and let it take it's full course. Girls want to see the full movie, not just the last five minutes. Trying to close too early is a symptom of the scarcity mindset, which is detrimental to your game.

-- Once the set is opened, stop trying to chase her. Lean back, draw her in, and assume it will work. Build comfort.
Q: If she's already attracted, why are you still hammering away at the attraction stuff and not taking it to the next stage?
A: Because you're coming from the seller frame where you need to impress!

-- KEY: Create a window of investment – give her the opportunity to leave if she wants. When she stays, it will be her decision and it will be because she likes you. The interaction will run much more smoothly, because you are the buyer and you don't “need” her to stay.

At the end of the two video sections (around 10:30), Julien had us do some exercises to get warmed up for the night ahead. We got into groups of four and went through them one by one:

1. The three other guys turn their backs to you, while you rattle of some loud and passionate nonstop conversation for 30 seconds.
2. Same as number 1 but the guys face you and stare at you with judging eyes.
3. You talk for 30 seconds about the key things you learned from the day while the other 3 guys do everything they can to distract you (shaking you, shouting, insulting you etc)

These were great fun and I found them pretty easy, having done similar social pressure drills on bootcamp with Ozzie. The only thing that put me off was Julien sneaking into the group – he kept forcing me into my head, something that's not happened in years, and I went completely silent for about 5 or 6 seconds, completely losing my flow. When he left I got it back, but it made me determined not to let it happen again.

After the exercises, Rosco and I headed back to Stirling and hit the club for about an hour or so. I was completely exhausted and it showed, but I was still happy to be out, and I rocked a good amount of sets before heading back to Rosco's couch and passing out.

Day 2 – Julien Footage

Thankfully, the second day didn't start until 6pm, so I was able to catch up on some sleep before heading through. This was the bonus day, but I knew Julien wouldn't be any less motivated – this was going to be his own stuff he was showing, and it would be a lot more important to him to do a good job.

Like with Tyler's footage, I was amazed at how normal Julien looked – apart from the consistency, there was very little difference to what i'd already been doing in set. There was another rejection compilation video, which I identified with more than Tyler's one – some of the mistakes were just far too familiar lol. However, like Tyler, Julien wasted no time between sets and just kept going. This is something i'm definitely going to try and implement in my game too – after sets I automatically 'return to base' and waste 3 or 4 minutes before picking out another set to open. From now on, i'll try and bounce seamlessly from one set to another and see the difference it makes.

A big thing I learned from the whole weekend was how important it was to move a girl away from her friends and get her 1 on 1. It's been something i've only recently started working on consciously – it's now cemented in my brain from going to hotseat and seeing examples of it in every video. I saw how Julien casually interacted with the girls' friends – you always need to do at least the bare minimum with them to reduce the risk of them shit-talking you behind your back and turning the girl against you. Obviously it will still happen sometimes, but it's good to know you can minimize this.

Some other key things I learned from Julien's videos:

-- Set the rhythm of the interaction – there's literally no end to the things you can do to accomplish this.

-- Let go of the outcome and let you're thoughts words and actions be aligned. Don't filter, be congruent!

-- “Your friends wont see”. Understand that no girl wants to look like a and take steps to make her feel like she wont be judged for her actions.
“Afterparty”. Find out the logistics and work with them. Have at least a loose plan for your endgame. Say anything to extract the girl - appeal to her adventurous, romantic side; work through all the logical objections so has has no reason to say no; give her the opportunity to say no etc.

-- Create 'conspiracy theories'. Frame it so it's like you & the girl vs the world. Create your own little bubble that just includes the two of you and no-one else. So effective, especially for eliminating guys in the group/bofriends.

-- Work the compliance ladder. Every time she complies with you –whether through verbals, actions or sub communications – it gets harder and harder for her to say no to you. Eventually becomes impossible.

-- Always assume attraction.

-- “I'm such an asshole”. Acknowledge the social strangeness, let her know you know what's up.

As with the tyler footage, there's so many little things you learn it's impossible to write them all down – what I've got above is just what was key for me and my sticking points.
After the videos, we did the same exercises as yesterday and Julien wrapped things up. The exercises went much smoother all round and I was pleased not to be put off by Julien this time – also, as a side note, this is a great way to bond with other guys at the event and teach yourself not to take distractions/insults seriously. It actually does a lot of good for a simple 20 minute drill.


If you're thinking about taking a Julien hotseat, definitely do it. It's all there from open to close and it's structured so anybody can learn from it, no matter what the skill level. The whole thing is mind blowingly detailed, immersive, entertaining... and it's worth ten times the amount you pay for it. Also the instructor presense is invaluable – legal difficulties aside there's no way they could put this out on video and still have it be as good, so don't hold off on the event because you think it might get leaked or released as a product.

Even if you don't want to pay the money for hotseat, definitely hit up a freetour if you get the chance – it's great for meeting other people in the area or in nearby cities. I was happy and surprised to find out there were so many cool people at the event – reading too much of the main forum can really make you paranoid about meeting other RSD guys! Before the event I knew nobody in the whole of Scotland that was into this, but now if I have a night out in Glasgow or Edinburgh, there's always cool people to wing with.

Thanks to Julien and the rest of RSD for the awesome event, it was actually life-changing.
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