December 14th, 2018
following my dick around Asia (hk, vietnam, kuala lumpur, bali, philipeans, thailand, Japan)
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Hong kong baby! The start of my asian adventures. Im with my parents for 3 weeks b4 they leave and I plan to travel south east asia solo or with my buddys/rsdwings for 3 months. Message me if your gonna be in the region.

It’s Friday night. So we get into hotel around 11. I sleep till 1am. Get up shower, check out amazing view from my roof. Hit up Lan Qwai Fong the dope party district with tones of foreigners, shit is bumpin its aweesome!

Mad ppl on the streets in clubs and bars. I grab an $8US bottle of wine from 7/11 and drink a bit as I walk around. You can drink in the streets it’s dope ☺

Open a cute girl she’s a designer for tommy Hilfiger with a crew of them. Typical lan qwai fong, everybody partying seems to have a sick job. End up going with her to a club but some dude comes along and pulls her away and couples up with her. Open more girls, dance drink, meet dudes, getting free drink from bottles service dudes, having a blast.

At some point I see a cute girl come in with her friends I grab her and wall slam her, she seems down but she runs of after a bit. I think I hesitated on the mackout. Later when im outside I see her with some dude walking off and try to steal her but she left with him. Later I see her walking down the street solo so hit her up and she is down to cruise with to my rooftop at hotel.

No taxis will take us maybe cus its pretty close and the want a better fare? Taxis are cheap in hong kong which is great. So she lives close so we go to her tiny “apartment”. She is swiss and studying in hong kong and quite cute. Along the way she keeps saying the usual “I’m a good girl, we’re not gonna have sex” over and over. I of course agree. Her place is close it would be a dope location to pull to and was.

Her place is fucking tiny but nice. Like super tiny. I drink some of my drink and we mackout but she gets real defensive right away and a shit load of lmr goes down. She keeps saying she doesn’t do this and I should find a new girl, says I should leave and pretends to sleep ect. I am kinda reactive cus im a lil tipsy and it often happens towards the end for my drunkness.

Her ass is so nice and tummy flat. At one point I pull her pants down and fuck her but then when I try to switch position she wants me to stop, so it goes back to lmr. Tickle her and try to finger her. She would stop me from fingering her but wouldn’t when I fingered her through her leggings so I would get her hot by doing that then take her leggings off then try to fuck her. I start fucking her again and the condom breaks and as soon as I stop to get another on, she goes back to lmr but eventually I fuck her and cum. I give her ass a good spanking for the lmr.

Then I fuck her some more then bounce around 6am and go back to hotel and go sight seeing with my parents spelling like comdoms and pussy.

Hong kong is sick for pick up at least in my experince. I’ve been there 3 times and pulled all three times! Never had such successful ratio anywhere else. Ppl seem really down to hook up, in lan kwai fong or the other party region I ended up in last time, as everyone is wanting to relax from business or is on vacation.

Funny thing being with my parents, so they have first class tickets which gives them access to the awesome first class lounge with food, booze and private showers. So im obviously one of their guests but they have one more so I suggest we bring in a random stranger and their like maybe you could find a cute girl. Im think shit why didn’t I think of that so one the tram to our terminal i see a cute asian girl and I kinda chode then my mom points her out and I talk to her and she is down.

From Taiwan but Studied in Canada and is clearly into me. Offers me some her foods she bought for her friends as souvenirs. Unfortunately her plane is leaving very soon so I can’t pull her to lounge for attempted shower insertion but as we get closer to the lounge my parents come over and re-invite her to lounge.

Pretty cool although they were chodey wings “don’t look In her bag…” when she is offering me stuff.

it iz what it iz
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haha beryl you're the biggest raw promoter ever!

you're an aweful aweful and awefully sexy dude.
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Soliiid persistence. Don't listen to Beryl's rawgenda
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Hanoi, Vietnam.

Got here few days ago but was sick so I didn’t go out. Did walk by the new downtown Hanoi backpackers hostel and saw it was bumpin around 9. So the next day (Thursday) when im feeling better I drink in my hotel and head out to the hostel to check it out.

I get there and im feeling a little off cus I hadnt been out in almost 2 week since I was scuba diving in remote Indonesia. I don’t talk to the crowd outside and head for the bar but bump into a tiny but sexy Mexican girl and talk to n touch her and her firend. Bounce around bar talking to a few ppl but decide to check out the hostel floor for talent.

See a girl come out of washroom in underwear and I try to go into her room but say no when she asks if this is my room. It seemed to be an all girl room but I should have lied and said yes. Lessoned learned: lie for logistics.

I go to the washroom on a diff floor and notice a bra hangong over the shower stall door. After a lot of hesitation I knock on the door and say “can I come in” “…No..” . talk a little bit to this unknown girl and then she comes out but seems not down.

I go downstairs and bar is empty and im told they went on a “pub crawl” to a club down the street. I go there hit up a few girls then go outside see a mediocre girl give me the fuck me eyes, mackout and pull her to hostel and into shower but she wont do anything and I acting extremely not down so I go back to back chill with some other ppl.

Then the whole hostel crowd leaves and crossed the Vietnam equivilant of a higheway to get to lighthouse bar/phuc tran bar. Get there it’s the late club but pretty grimey with 3 floors but only one floor with ppl on it. At the bar there a girl trying to buy beer. I talk to her and tell her to buy me whatever shes having. She has a relatively plane face but is certainly cute enough to fuck.

steal her beer drink some then chat a bit but bouncer her up to the empty third floor because it’s “too loud down there” sit n talk a bit n try to kiss her after a bit she denies hard and the shit testing commences

“you cant just kiss me you don’t even know me”
“im not gonna kiss you”
“let’s go downstairs”
“im not gonna have sex with you”
(says that like 10 times all night)
I would just agree with her
“there are lots of hot girls downtairs would you kiss them too?” “yes but im here with you now”
talk with her more. she’s from denmark and is here volunteering at a school. After a few failed kiss attempts I kiss her on the neck

we talk about music and she says she likes Leonard cohen. Im like "he’s Canadian". She think hes American. I bet her $5 that he Canadian and then casually try to pull her to try n find the answer. Shes not down but I check on my phone and prove im right. So she says she’ll buy me a beer, which I know costs $2:50, but im like yea cool. Go downstairs and get the beer. I try n kiss her she moves back and says “it's not supposed to be easy” "yes it is"
Wallslam. Mackout.

Her adventurous self emerges and she pulls me upstairs. I try to get her in the disgusting toilet but she really resists and suggest we go behind the closed bar. Im like cool. ( I had thought of this but figure the washroom would have been more private for sex cusit was partially visbile) makeout on the floor after some resistance and her constantly asking in ppl were there. Im not sure if I got a finger in. but eventually ppl come up and she wants go. “lets go find somewhere else” “….fine”

We go downstairs “I have to find my friends” im thinking shit I should have never agreed to leave our dirty hideaway.

So we find her girl friend who wanna go outside I go with them and we sit at a streetside bar I tell them im from north Melbourne and friend talk shit about aussis while I laugh. My girl knows Im canadian.

So I’m getting bored with them so I talk to some cute girls behind me and my girl n friend go into the club. Try for one of the girls but she is being lame. I go inside and see denmark dancing and grab her and pull her towards the door. She looks like she’s gonna bail so In a stroke of genious i say “I can’t stay in here… ex-girlfirend is in there!” she leaves with me.

I seed the pull mentioning my hotel ect. “so your ex girlfriend was watching us mackout?!” “ I donno, i didn’t know she was there, I thought she was at a different hostel…” so I trying to pull she ask if I have roommates, (I do, may parents but we have a big hotel suite with separate bedrooms)

I lie “naw do you” “yes,where is your hotel?” “it like just around the corner, but we can cab there, It costs like a dollar, I’ll evan pay for it” (hotel was like a 5min drive away). So she is acting unsure. Her firend is outside with some guy. She like "give me 2 minutes". She goes n talk to her friend and I chill back hoping for the best. She comes back and we walk around the corner.

We like halfway to the mainstreet to get a cab and she stops and says “I don’t think i can go with you, im gonna go back to my friend. im sorry” im kinda worried “..okay….” then pause and take her hand and just slowly keep walking lol and she comes with and we get into a cab.

I try to go to her place but she isn’t down so we drive to my hotel. She asks again if im staying with anyone “yea my uncle and aunt but they’re in different room” I figure it would sound better then saying my parents. So we go to hotel and go into my room. Before coming in im just like yea there asleep and different rooms, implying they were in a diff hotel room. Any way I offer her a beer she has like a sip, listen to music then we hook up in my bed. She had a really nice body and skin soooo smooth.
“im not sure if I wanna have sex”
“ok we don’t have to”
we bone twice

it iz what it iz

Note on vietnam: it is illegal for you to bring local women into you hotel room, making it extremly hard to pull vietnamese women
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Next night in Hanoi.

Get drunk and check out the orginal backpackers hostel but it not bumpin so after talking to a few girl and sad attempt at a washroom pull I hit up the new backpackers hostel I was at the night b4 on ma may st.

Get there talk to some aussi dude that seemed chill then go hang out with a group of new Zealand girls. Im talking to the hottest mostly and she seems keen but I felt like I missed a window of opportunity to get physical or kiss her.

Anyway around 11:30 the hostel bar lights come on and everyone goes to the next bar. Do my thing there hottie is being lame dancing on the stage platform I eventually go and dance with her and her friend at one point her friend grabs my dick but hottie keeps moving around to diff people so eventually I find some other girls or something. Eventually cops come and close out the bar and we all head to phuc tran aka light house bar (club) and there I hit up a bunch of girls.

Now I always wear this baseball hat and people always take it and put it on as an attention seeking cunty behaviour. Their prolly thinking “what's he gonna do if I take his hat hahaha”. So this night sooo many people do this like 3 times as much as normal it definitely gets annoying especially since a lot of grab my hat. Occusionally it becomes a good thing and the last person that does this is this sexy little finnish girl on the patio at phuc tran. I just dance with her and mackout then push her to the dfloor and out to the door. Walk her down the street and she is getting really feisty so I yell at her and call her an idiot.

Some white wwwhhhite night comes along and says “don’t call her that!!” to me then “don’t go with him, don’t touch him, he’s a bad guy” or something. Im like “ yea don’t touch me, im bad news”. She comes with me and he fucks off into his rat hole and we walk down a really sketchy alley to the main street and get a cab.

She is pretty drunk but can still speak veitnamese well enough to get us to her place. She is studying Vietnamese here and shares a pretty cool townhouse. She is so fucking cute in her mannerisms and shit. She shows me her little herb garden. She keeps saying I look like some finnish dude she knows.

We go up to her room and fuck. no lmr and then she shows me the pic of the finnish guy, who is some ski champion, who I kinda look like. I asked her and she said she fucked him. After we are cherishing and she says “ I think I have to puke” then im like “well go to the washroom” she does and I hear her puke then she comes back and I tell her im going. She denies she puked and wants me to stay and was being soo cute trying to get me to stay but im tried and a little grossed out although I did wanna fuck her again. She puts on this song and I leave.

Looking back I should have got her number to meet up the next day.

It iz what it iz

The next night I hit up downtown backpackers and then go to bar with all the ppl. Hit up top balcony and talk to cute dutch girl and do a hard wallslam mackout after like 1 min. she was really dtk (down to kiss) the whole night but had a little attitude. When the police come to close down the bar she says she is going home, I told her I was staying at the same hostel and went back with her madeout out a lot but she wouldn’t let me in her doorm room when we went to sleep. “there like 8 other ppl in the room…” I think maybe we kissed to much and there wasnt any tension left. I prolly should have not lie about her hostel in this situation and brought her back to my baller hotel once I got her I nthe taxi. Anyway I, like “fuck it phuc tram time”. Cab to the club, makeout with a couple girls, almost get into a fight with two lame dudes when I joking in french to some girl and call her a “cuuunt”. Girl don’t seem to like it when u call them that but don’t mind “whuuure”

Anyway I end up seeing the girl from the first lr in Hanoi. She was cold at first and called me out on forgetting her name but after a bit I brought her back to my hotel for a couple of penis-vaginal insertions.

Note on Hanoi, Vietnam: not especially a party city but I had a blast going to downtown backpackwers on ma may st around 10, bouncing to another bar with everyone around 11 and then to the late club around 12:30. If you do this you will likely have a good time.
Also taxis are really cheap if they don’t rip you off. Always use one of the big companies amd make them use the meter and never the random companies cus they often try and rip you off with faster meters or claiming the price is 350,000 instead of 35,000.
Also ppl drive fucking crazy there, like unbeleivebly sketchily with no regard for any traffic laws
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Hoi an Vietnam

Get in town and don’t go out the first night but I do grab some food with my dad at this pub like spot that is looking very decent and make a note to come back. I have my own hotel room.

So the next night I drink and head out to the bar and open the first girl a cute german girl. She is testing me but eventually when her friend leaves I grab her hard and mackout.

So after a couple more I pull her to the exit saying I want to show her something but outside she says she can’t go without her friend who appears and pulls her to the back of the bar. After that I just “write her off” and hit up another girl who is Danish or something and prolly like 30. Her friend is talking to some guy so after I while we leave I forget if she said she had to leave or if I suggested we leave. We walk towards her hotel and I say I need to come in to use the washroom. I hadn’t kissed her yet, I prolly tired to, but on the walk I mackout with her. Once there she makes me use the lobby bathroom and wont let me in her room.

She came outside with me and think I tried to wallslam her or tried to pull her to my hotel and she mentions be “uncomfortable”. I’m like “What?! What are you trying to say?!” acting all angry and insulted when in reality it’s a legit comment. She got all apologetic/defensive and was like “noooo……” (drama :P) and then I walk away but I should have tried to pull her after that I guess I thought I might be able to get her the next day but this was dumb.

Anyway I go back to the bar and see german girl at the bar with some dode. So I go up and talk to her but I keep saying more shit to keep her attention which was needy and I was pretty drunk at that point and eventually she turned back to the dude giving me the cold shoulder. After a bit I go to the back and see a group of like 4 girls on this raised platform to sit on. I sit next to a very cute girl who is defiantly hotter than either of the girls from the night. She is from Austria but I keep forgetting and callin her german or Danish lol. She’s leaving the next morning. I Say hi quickly to her firends. So im talking to her and she is not acting interested at all and the convo is getting more boring. I believe I tried to kiss her once but she wasn’t down in front of her friends.

So after a while im getting bored so I change it up saying “listen do you like me? If you don’t I wont stay. Do you want me to leave?” she’s like “..noo..” In a quite little voice. So I take her iphone and check out her music. After commenting on some of her stuff I super passively suggest we go to my place to listen to music. Instantly she gets up and says some shit to her friends in german and then comes back and snuggles up with me. Im thinking “dooooope” then we listen to music for like a minute b4 I pull her out. Outside she is like “I don’t think I can leave my friends” “it’s ok my place is just around the corner” (it was like a 15 minute walk) we walk down the street “I left my bike there” “it’s ok I’ll walk you back after to get it” obviously I keep saying how close we are until we get to my place.

So get to my place and she chills on my bed. I offered her a beer and gave her the full gentleman experience: unlimited bottled water, a sex soundtrack of hits, three latex protected penetration sessions and delivered on my promise to walk her back in the rain.

She gave cutest little resistance stopping me once from fingering her then I just madeout with her a little more and slowly just took off her panties.

So after I took some umbrellas and walked back to the bar which had closed only to find that her bike was gone. Apparently she locked up her rental bike but didn’t lock to anything. So she freaked out a little and then we parted ways.

It iz what it iz
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thanx mr oasis. dont think i didn't put my hand on the screen, cus i did!

The next night in hoi na I get equally or more drunk and hit up the same bar I pulled from the night prior.

I realize It’s Halloween as soon I get to the bar cus some ppl are in costumes, im not. So I sit down at a table of girls, the one I opened won’t tell me what country they are from and eventually I figure out they are from denmark.

Anyway she keeps acting all “hard to get” even tho she is only kinda cute, albeit fuckable.

Anyway I go to the washroom and its like a semi-shared washroom, u have to go into the girls sink area to get to mens room so on the way back I see a tall blonde and talk to her then try to grab her but she tell me no. but she asks if I willing to meet her friend im like yeaa.

So she brings me to her two friends but doesn’t tell me which one so I get up in both their faces and one of them, a Swedish slampiece, gets all up on me and is down. I grab her , arms around her back and move her around saying shit doing fake mackouts then wallslam her and kiss her while the painting behind falls on the floor loudly.

I point to her jokingly and continue while the staff takes the painting, which now had a broken frame, away. I play foozball, try n pull her but she says she wants to stay with her friends, then I notice she starts acting less down.

Kinda relates to a todd video where he talk about social currency and if you make a move which she denies you currency is lowered.

We share a bike ride to the late bar and when we get there she is acting lame and I eventually give up on her. Later I see this mediocre girl that is a bit chunk but dece face, therefore almost a warpig so I will call her a wargoat.

Anyway I pull war goat outside after we talk for 30 seconds. And down the street to my hotel, she doesn’t act down but I plow saying I need to grab liquor there. We get there I sit her on the bed and talk a bit. Im not even sure if I wanan fuck her but I figure I do it for fuck of it.

I make out with her but she stops me saying she has a boyfriend and do It again after after a bit she does the same thing so we leave.

Outside she says “which way to the bar, I will get lost if I go the wrong way” I point her to the opposite direction.

It was defiantly an asshole move but I didn’t want her back at the bar. So I go the other way to the bar which right around the corner. I go back to the bar and chill with the Danish girls that have since moved there. Later I see wargoat and she is looking pissed, I say “nice shoes” as I had said this earlier. Her male friends give me the finger or something.

Later the bar is clearing out, Danish girls have left, so I open some girl wearing a shit load of zombie makeup. She is thin but I cant actually tell if she is cute or not. I still try n kiss her at once point.

I pull her outside but as I’m leading her my hotel the german man-boy friends of wargoat try n cock-block me saying all these things about me and how I was mean to her friend and tried to fuck her ect. They not very good at cock blocking and zombie girl was french so noone spoke English well ‘cept me.

Anyway the problem was im kinda reactive but tell zombie girl I tried to fuck their firend but she had a bf, end of story. Anyway she doesn’t seem to like man-boys but says she cant come home with me. We go inside.

Anyway I barely care about pulling this questionable girl and she is giving me all sorts of shit tests. Im sitting with her just seeing what will happen and enjoying the drama that im creating for wargoats friend who are super cunty. Anyway they come back over and try cock blocking in this really gay way, like they seemed homosexual but evil like some kinda of closet gay villan, maybe be they were. Hugging her awkwardly while saying cockblocky things before leaving.

I just filmed them on my camera and saying “que-ce que I’ll va dit” which means “what will he say” in French cus zombie girl was French.

Anyway they leave she gives me a beer and zombie girl starts shit testing me about being player and ask me if I;ve been in love b4. I say “I don’t think so” she start talking down to me like I’m immature for never being in love. Girls often do this it’s lame.

She says that “love is like when a person is everything to you and you would just give it all up to live with them in a cabin in the middle of nowhere” then im “AND THEN WHAT HAPPENS?!” she starts crying! Looking back it was pretty funny but I didn’t think so at the time. She says she’ll be back and run to the washroom in tears. It’s like 4am and ive had enough fun for one night so I leave.

Outside german man-boys greet meet cuntingly from the bar across the street. I go to fuck with them and they say “awww, you couldn’t get the girl…” I respond with nonsense. Then say “have a good night” and tap the rim of their beer bottle with the bottom of mine spraying foam all over him.

It iz what it iz
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Hue, Vietnam

I go out. Check out the local hostel, hue backpackers, and it’s empty. I check out the bar they were supposed to have gone to which is also not great. I go back to the corner where I saw a decent bar. See two girls one is hot one not. Sit down and chat with them casually. They are going to a diff club and I go with them. Grab a drink then bounce around, meet some friend girls, chat n tell them how I hate paris and about my trip then we go dance but the one I wanted was being dfloor prude.

Later I see the two girls from before with their friend and we dance in a circle. I just love friendly circle club dancing, not. Anyway one of the girl in the circle is pretty sexy and I assumed she was one their friends. As im dancing she asks me if I wanna get a drink. I pull out my little bottle of vodka, which ive saved from Poland a have used as a flask when I go out, and we share some of it.

She’s points to the bottle and im like “It’s from Poland” 30 seconds later she is like “you know where they play drum and base around here?” im like “yea” thinking youtube in my hotel rooms seems to have drum and base. So we go outside and I ask her if she is staying at the hostel she says yes. Turns out she is polish which is why she noticed the vodka but lives at Ukraine border and sounds more Russian, polish girls I’ve met travelling generally want my cock. Maybe they smell their neighbors on my pole.

I lead her down the street and she seems cool with my vague explanation of where we are going. She wants to buy some water I tell her I have water at my hotel and we get into a cab. Drum and base was never mentioned. In the cab I remember I haven’t kissed and don’t bring home girls who I haven’t at least tried to kiss. Mackout.

We go to my 5* hotel room and chill listening to music drinking water and she starts shit testing saying we can’t have sex. Im much less outcome dependant than normal and pull back hard. She acts super dominant and resists when I try to go aggressive.

She also seemed a little crazy. Any way we kiss more and I eventually discuss having sex with her while causually saying we don’t have to if you don’t want. She asks me how long/ many times I can go for ect. I tell her it depends but longer the 2nd time. She asks me how many girls I’ve had sex with. This is a trick question so I tell her I wont tell. “more then 50?“it doesn’t matter” I say in this romantic tone. They she says we should do it. Im like ok. Pull back a bit then order her to take off her bra. She says she doesn’t like being ordered or something. Later I saw “Can u take of your bra it would be nice to feel your tits on my chest” she’s like that’s better. Takes if off and we get naked but wont suck my dick. Says she only does it to ppl she is in love with.

I freeze her out and say if she doesn’t trust me enough she should leave. after bit of talking she goes down on me then we fuck. after we chill and talk I have mentioned she couldn’t sleep here but when I mention it again she ask why and if she can stay on the floor since I don’t like to sleep with ppl. I say no. shortly after she acts pissed and leaves in a huff. Shame as I wanted to fuck her again.

It iz what it iz.
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Kuala lumpur (KL) malaysia.
Arrive at reggae mansion hostel which turned out the to be the best hostel I’ve stayed at. There’s a few reggae mansion hostels in kl but this is the one with the rooftop bar right near masjid jamek LRT line. This hostel is great because #1 equal ratio of girls to guys, #2 80% of the girls were fuckable , #3 a lot of the people staying at the hostel were traveling alone and everyone was really friendly. #4 the beds are little pods with 3 walls and a curtain at your feet, stacked 2 high so it’s like your own room within the room for a lot of added privacy. i had a room with only 4 pods.

It’s also super clean and seems to be the only place in the city where a lot western people chill, evan ppl from other hostels come to jam. Sick rooftop bar with a dope view that everyone one hangs out at night. Dudes were cool but most had no game at all. An example: I saw two of them talking to two girls for like 2 hours, girls seemed dtf but they made no move to isolate or anything and eventually the girls just left together and the dods didn’t follow. Also if you're in kl, a dope spot to bring a girl for a romantic evening drink is the skybar in the traders hotel, it is a bar/lounge next to the pool on the top floor that overlooks the petronas towers, unbelievable view.

Anyway the first few days I drank a lot and missed a few opportunities. I also realized I wasn’t showing true intent with a lot of the girls and also being too polite. What I mean by the latter is that I would be talking to people and then see a chair open up next to a cute girl and I would finish the convo first instead of just getting up and talking the chair and hitting up the hottie. you gotta be quick since dude will move to occupy the seat.

Also the heavy drinking didn’t help. So I after 2 days I decided to stop being the nice guy at the hostle and start following my dick.

So the 3rd day I come downtstairs and see a cute girl at the computers. She is a slampiece with a fantastic ass and short shorts. I say hi to her and ask if she like my ring which is really the top of my water bottle. We flirt a bit and I joke about marrying her with it and then I "take it back" because she is leaving that night and blah blah.

The key thing is I opened her hard showing intent. It was more man to woman than the friend to friend interactions I had with others girl which were hard to escalate from. Anyway I tell her im going to eat at a good spot nearby and she is down but then some guy ( the dude) comes along. Who she knows. Apparently they had been hanging out last night and are meeting up in the same place the next day. So im not sure if they are hooking up or what cus they seemed pretty friendly but I realized it would be best to assume they were not.

At one point she is leaning over looking the computer and she mentions that she should prolly stand up cus dudes in the other room are prolly checking out her ass.
“I don’t mind” I say. The dude laughs akwardly.

We go out to the place I suggested and eat. At one point she mentions she gets free drinks from guys at clubs.
slut” I say and continue talking casually. The dude looks a bit shocked like thinking “can he say that”. Since I opened slam piece (who is Australian) with intent, she knew I was cool and the vibe was right for me to say whatever.

So we go shopping at the market and when dude wonders off I grab her in front of a mirror and bit her neck. She is like “noo I’m all sweaty..” but doesn’t seem turned off. Later she gives me little iois.

At one point were in mcdonalds and try to mackout and she almost does but then turns away but is laughing “not in mcdonalds” then dude sees me grabbing her so I tell him I was protecting her from some non-existantt crazy lady. I wanted to take all the responsibility. So we hang out all day and eventually go back to the hostel and had to leave.

Along the way she mentions she wants to go swimming and I say how I always sneak into a hotel pool and we should go. She says she is down but I dont think she will actually do it. We go to the hostel and I try to pull her to my room but dude comes along, I ask him if his is coming with (a mistake) but he says no. I tell her to get her bathing suit then come to my room to help me find. She had already checked out from hostel so she was storing her stuff in dudes room just down the hall.

Eventually I go get her and throw her on the my bed and mackout but she kinda freaks out and says “im too sweaty, your so horny….” And runs off.

She had said she needed to shower earlier. So we both shower and then see her and we head off to the pool at the melia hotel. She was supposed to go to skybar with dude and her other friend in just over an hour. She says she has to back by then, im not sure were gonna make it in time but it was possible (not that I cared).

So we take the metro rail system LRT but get lost but eventually arrive near the hotel. It’s raining and we run their in the rain, cross the street and wallslam mackout on the other side. Get to the hotel and walk right to the pool. We get into swim suits and security tells me I can’t swim In the rain. Im like “cmon man just for a bit” he kinda shrugs and lets us but after we swim romanticly in pool for like 3 minutes he says we have to get out. I tell her to go to the handicap washroom to change and I’ll meet her there.

She tries to get in but it’s locked so we each go in our separate change rooms. So we taxi home and cherish n kiss in the taxi, put her hand on my boner. We get back 30 mins late and dude friend is waiting for her. She talk to them and then I say “let’s go upstairs and change”. We go upstairs and she comes into my room n bed and we hook up.

She says it a bad time of the month and can’t fuck. im like whatever. Start to rub her pussy, try n take the tampon out but she didn’t want to yet. She keeps saying “I can’t” then I grab her physically and slam her against the wall or something and then whip out my cock for a bj and then she grabs me hard and throws me on my back and gets on top. Then I flip her around on her back and she asks if "do u have a condom" “yes(i always do) “do you have cleanex, oh I do” takes out tampon, we fuck. barely any blood cus it was her first day.

As we fuck I hear the hostel staff trying to get in the room, I had locked the door. She hides under the covers but when they can’t get in we fuck more and I finish just b4 they come in. they say since she checkout she cant be in any of the rooms.

They leave, She starts freaking out “what am I doing, omg”. We move her stuff downstairs and head out with dude to the bar. One the way she is acting a bit cold but starts to get more and more like before and eventually we kiss more and she is being more chill. We get lost and end up going back to hostel, dude goes shopping and we go to mcdonalds and she is all down and mentions we have time to fuck but wasn’t down to fuck in a washroom. It’s werid cus she has like two sides of her, one is a good girl she wont say the word “fuck” and the other is a bad girl was saying how horny she is when I talk about choke fucking girls. She leaves for the bus station and I nap.

It iz what it iz
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This song is my current anthem:

The next night I enter the hostel through the restaurant and see a cute girl at the table. Im thinking of going to sit with her but thought she was with a dude for some reason, then I look at the table and realize she is alone. I’m about to go over when I see she is paying for her meal so I go into the common room and wait for her to come in. she does and I ask her what she ate, intent in my eyes when I look at her. She is from South America (SA) with tight body and huge perky tits.

Introduce myself and twirl her “I twirl women, I shake hands with men” so she is traveling alone and just arrived.

She says she is going to sleep but push and I bring her up to rooftop bar so she can get her free welcome drink. We sit on couch and chat a bit but she doesn’t get the drink. She asks me what im doing tomarrow. I tell her im doing nothing. She is doing this 7 wonder of KL tour which starts early and I def did not wanna do it.

I tell we should hang out tomorrow night, my last night, and ask her what her room is. She tells me to give her my number or something I tell her to add me on facebook. She does on her phone (free wifi in entire hostel :) and goes to sleep. The next day I can’t wait to meet up with her and checked out her pics on facebook. Some were sexy as fuck, I actually started jerking to one of her in a partial thong, but stopped cus Im trying (and failing) no fap. I keep thinking about fucking her, it’s bad. I message her asking if she is back from the tour.

Anyway I go out and do some shopping and check out skybar to take some pics and thought about bouncing her there. I was talking to many local girls on the LRT and open one while walking to a stop, I see a cute little chick. I say hi to her she ignores me but must have known I was talking to her, I say hi again and she takes out her earbuds. I ask her what she is listening to, she says sum 41 who are canadian. Im like “awesome, im canadian, ive seen them 3 times” so she is down and I go the stop with her and grab her and makeout.

FIRST day game makeout! (I think?)

anyway I suggest we go to my hotel she considers it but says she cant cus she is meeting her mother and is already late. Says her family would kill her if they saw her. We realize im on the wrong side of the track, her train arrives so I give her my facebook.

I go back to the hostel and find a message from SA saying she is out eating. I chill out with some hostel ppl anticipating her arrival. She comes into the hall with some guy, I wave and she comes in says hi. Apparently she met the dude on the tour and they went shopping after and have been walking for 13 hours. Dod also speaks Spanish and im thinking “fuck hes got 13 hours on me and speaks Spanish”. limiting beliefs emerge.

They go off to shower, separately I’m hoping, and I say I’ll see her later. I tell a hostel buddy “ fuck man I want that girl, but now she’s with that guy” “i don’t think they were together” he says. So she comes down by her self and I immediately get up from the hostel group and say hi to her and bring her to a bench in the other room.

We talk about travel, we both travel a lot, and she says she is waiting for the dod because she needs to use his phone for email cus her is fucked up. Im like "you can use my laptop" and we grab mine and she check her email and chat more. I say we should go up to the rooftop but she says she told dude she would meet him there.

So eventually he doesn’t show, well actually he did walk by when she wasn’t looking but he didn’t stop so I thought it was a different but similar looking guy. we end up going upstairs to the rooftop bar but run into the guy on the way, she says some shit to him in Spanish.

We go up grab a drink and sit talking at a table, at one point it gets a little akward “come with me” “why?” I go to the other side of the bar cus I wanna kiss her while checking out the view. She doesn’t follow and Spanish dude emerges and they chat at the bar, I stand awkwardly for a bit before saying something to get in the convo.

We go sit down and I grab a spot next to her boxing out the dude. He sit on the other side of the table. For the next two hours more ppl come up and there’s like 5 guys at the table (although there were many cute girls at other tables) and we are all talking, drinking and smoking hookah. im telling everyone about my traveling adventures. SA talks to dude in spanish and im always paying attention to see if she is giving him any big IOIs but don’t see anything overtly obvious although they seem firendly. I don’t get drunk and only drink 100ml of vodka over the night. Allthough SA does give me some of her beer.

So Ive touched her a bit but not much so at one point put my arm around and say “I need a hostel girlfriend every night so you will be mine tonight but tomarrow we break up” she laughs and seems receptive. Later I put my arm around her and pull her in to kiss her, she laughs “I don’t wanna kiss yet she says.

I’ve seeded the pull to my room constantly mentioning pictures and songs I need to show her such as a song she thought was incorrectly a different band.
Later I try to kiss her while saying “im not gonna kiss you” again she doesn’t want. “I understand, are you afraid of making people jelous?” she says she doesn’t want to in public. I explain that many asian cultures are like that. So dod has seen all of this and must have realized it was game over for him tonight. So he says he is going to sleep and im thinking “YEESSSS”.

More people start to leave.

5 minutes later I bring her over to check the view and she follows me eagerly so 2 minutes later up and I tell “let’s go”Where?” “my room I need to show you that song” then I shake the remaining dudes hands and go to door expecting her to follow. She says bye to them and comes with me, we go into my room and get in my pod bed.

We kiss a bit then listen to music chillin and talking a bit. The other guy in my room ask us to be quiet.

“I think I should go to bed I don’t want to upset your roommate." Im like “it’s ok let’s just chill" and we stop listening to music and just cuddle and kiss.

After a bit Im hard and have already taken off my shorts. i pulled up her skirt and Im rubbing my cock against her ass then take off my underwear and rub it against her sweet spot. She moves over and takes off her thong and we fuck and I cum very quickly.

Earlier she had mentioned being fat however her body was perfect, amazing tits, flat tummy and delicious ass. We kiss and chill more b4 she sucks my cock and I fuck her a 2nd time, this time much longer. It was hot. After she says “I think your roommate hates you” we chill for a bit I ask her if her tits are fake, she says they were. My first fake tits! Yay

It iz what it iz
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