December 10th, 2018
For pickup lifestyle, what is a better martial art to learn?
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well Im mostly intrested in self defense but like i said i can be a confrontational person, it keeps me present and in the moment.  i dont mind smackinn a dummy across the face or pushin them away from my sets if someone "peeves" me I wanna be able to have control where i dont have to be too aggressive but very assertive with a push or something, im sure if Im a highly trained in krav maga and push a chode out of my set and they wont come back for more. Really im laid back but bein confrontational in the start of a convo i noticed is good for me to get in the moment, cuz after the confrontation is done with everyone is happy and ready to party and have sex and do fun stuff.
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That is something I would like to know me too. Somehow I always end in a fight almost every week. I just do not agree people trying passing me over.

I do not like this because I'm starting to have problems with the law. I wish I could just duck down, but I can't.
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