January 18th, 2019
Adventure Times in the TO: Becoming Legendary
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Howdy Bitches

It's only fitting I start a new field report because i can no longer resonate with the old one. You can get it here: It encompasses the last four months of my journey into game. My only goal currently is deep identity level change. I'm done with mediocracy. The road has already been chosen all that left for me is to leave the footprints. 

The Journey to Become Legendary begins.

Sept 13, 2012

I wake up feeling refreshed, I head off to finish some work and go to class. I finish my class early and then linkup with some friends.

It's only fitting that my first approach of this FR with the first girl that I ever cold approached on campus, she was feeling me real bad last year but through me just being chodey I ruined it. She's a cute tamil girl.

I first noticed her awhile after I sat down and when I did I immediately got that anxiety feeling. I don't like this.

I left it on pretty uncomfortable terms last time. Too much pull not enough push. I basically needied my way out of it.

I chill with my friends and just joke around but in the back of my mind I feel this weird anxious feeling that telling me to not approach.

So as soon as linkup with Mars I approach.

It was a shit-show, nothing hit. We had a basic disconnect, I was in interview mode just boring her. I had to eject.

I'm proud for opening her regardless. My emotions are there to keep me in place.

I'm uncomfortable beasting on campus so I just relax most of the time on the side. I find myself alone so I head to the office and get lectured by our business manager about a mistake we made.

I then head out and run into some friends. I leave to go back and see this chick walking towards me and open her immediately:

Me: Excuse me
Her: Yes
Me: Hey, I'm Ash
Her: Hey
Me: I thought you were cute and I had to meet you
Her: Thanks

I could tell from tone and general body language she was uneasy so I told her to walk as we talk to get her to be more comfortable instead of just standing in one place.

She's slowly opening up but I don't feel it hooking at all. My abrupt direct opener might have scared her. We reach her destination and I go for the day2 but she's not 100% in and I can tell from her voice she was uneasy so I just let her go. I pat myself on the back, my first direct approach on campus.

I then meet up with Gravity, homie is awesome.

As we're walking I open this chick eating candy:

Me: Hey, can I have some candy
Her: I don't know
Me: Candy
Her: This hasn't happened to me before
Me: What a stranger asking you for candy
Her: Yea

I joke with her and she then offers me candy but I decline. I don't eat candy.

We continue and run into another person we know on campus gaming. My school is awesome.

As we're all talking Gravity veers off and opens this chick, I notice she looks familiar as she waves at me. She's the same girl from yesterday. My school is awesome.

I engage her and at first me and Gravity are fighting each other for her then we kinda settled in and started joking around with each other and the girl just joined the party. This is how winging is suppose to be done. Us having fun completely unrelated to the girl with her coming into our reality.

We talk about a lot of stuff from football, her fishing and newspaper. Eventually we mention whether she is reaching pub night, she says maybe, I tell her to take my number down:

Me: Text me if anything
Her: You still haven't texted me after you got my number yesterday
Me: I was busy

I got her number yesterday but I just didn't text her, it doesn't really matter all that to me. I was busy.

I then get her to take my number down cause I'm a asshole and don't want to text her and she does. She has to leave for class so she does.

I push a lot in this set and just relax as she qualifies herself, I can already tell she's hooked hard and is interested, no need to overgame her.

We decide to grab food and kick it for bit. We have a discussion about life and stuff.

As we're waiting for Mars, I make eye contact with this brown chick walking along side me. She holds it so I open:

Me: Hey, how's it going
Her: Good and yourself
Me: Can't complain

Just straight up normal conversation, nothing amazing or sparkely. I joke with her as I do push-pull. Yet again she wants to stand and chat but I tell her let's walk:

Her: I'm headed to class
Me: Ok where is your class
Her: I don't know where it is
Me: You're in third year and you don't know, you suck
Her: *Laugh*
Me: It's this way, let's go

She reaches her class and I naturally bring up grabbing drinks but before I finish she mentions she has a boyfriend. I stay calm and say:

Me: Ok, that's cool let me get your fb then
Her: Ok

I can tell if I pushed I could easily have gotten her number but I have no use for a number when I can make a friend. I'm going to meet a ton of chicks anyways what the point of pursuing just one. I might as well build a social circle.

We linkup with Mars and I'm tired at this point so we all just chill and fuck around in my office. I like these motherfuckers.

Eventually M-Star comes and we head to pub night. I can't lie it was poppin'. We got in early so we just chill and fuck around as it fills up.

M-Star instructs me to open a girl he opened so I do by patting her on the head, grabbing her hand and saying:

Me: Hey, I'm Ash
Her: Hey, I'm Rebecca
Me: Let's dance

I throw her hand around my neck and we're off. She kinda surprised me, shorty can dance. After sometime I mention:

Me: So are we going back to yours or mines
Her: What I'm not that type of girl
Me: So yours then
Her: *Backs off*
Me: *Grabs her and laughs*

I love game. I just self-amuse more and say really crazy shit to her:

Me: Does your mom know you dance like that
Her: *Laugh*
Me: I'm black
Her: I know
Me: What's your name again
Her: You're an asshole
Me: You love me
Her: You're sexy as fuck
Me: I'm black
Her: I know
Me: Stop turning me on its unfair
Her: *Grins*
Me: What's your name again
Her: *Leaves*
Me: Rebecca come here
Her: You're an asshole

I then get the thought in my head to go chill and continue opening and come back to this girl. So I tell her I'm going to go meet my friends as she grabs my dick in front of her friends twice. In hindsight I should of probably stayed and pulled her.
Me and Gravity go in on a two-set, I grab her hand, throw it around my neck and start dancing dirty. She knows how to dance as well. God loves me.

We dance as I say more crazy shit to her:

Me: I'm black
Her: I could tell
Me: My mom says I'm a good dancer
Her: *Laughs*
Me: Stop having more fun then me
Her: *Grinds harder*

We dance some more when she tells me she has to leave so I go for the number. As I take my phone out her friend comes and tries to prevent it:

Her: Hey, she's my girlfriend
Me: I'm black
Her: We're lovers
Me: I'm black
Her: She's mine
Me: I'm black
Her: Okay

I'm so awesome it hurts. I get her number and make fun of her shitty phone. I then get her last name too so I can add her on facebook. I bid her a goodbye.

I experience nothing but blowouts and funny rejections for the rest of the night.

I see a two-set that intimidates me and go in with M-Star, I introduce myself and ask to dance, she rejects. I laugh and go on.

I chode a bit but its expected.

As I'm standing just grounded in the middle of the dance floor some chick just rolls up and start dancing right on me. I just stay calm and don't really move. She then opens me:

Her: Something
Me: What
Her: Desi
Me: What
Her: Desi
Me: What

I then just pull her in and start dancing but she's a firecracker and is dancing really fast, too fast for me. She then ask me:

Her: Where is the bar
Me: That way
Her: Can you buy my friend drink
Me: I don't buy girls drinks
Her: *Laughs*

She then dances a bit and some dude comes and hugs her and I just leave.

I've opened every girl at this point and some girls even twice so I'm just chilling walking around the venue.

Eventually I leave to catch my bus and head home.

The mere fact that I opened that girl and the two girls that intimidated me made my night. I still don't quite understand why I felt that way towards her but I took action anyways.

I love what push-pull communicates. I love doing it when she's hooked and you just push her and watch her come back and start qualifying herself to you.

I'm going to have to find a medium between dancing and talking. I'm able to be really awesome when I'm dancing but I need to transition that into making out or talking for a bit.

Self-amusement is the greatest thing ever. There were moments where I did things just to see wtf would happen. Specifically when I was dancing, when she would get into it I would push her off me and start dancing like a jackass and she would laugh and join in. But when I wanted to grind more I would just grab her waist and pull her in. This shows I'm a fun guy, who is also dominant and knows how to lead.

I should have realized that the girl was down but I decided to beast instead of staying with her. Mars mentions later some other dude pulled her. I basically had her and let her slip. I should have attempted to pull her immediately or at least gotten a phone number if logistics weren't in place. Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.

My only regret of the night is not approaching these two chicks. I seen them at the beginning of the night but said I would later and just never got around to it. How not now becomes never.

Centered in myself

Self-amusing too much
Wasn't really coming from man-women later on in the night
Going in hard
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September 14, 2012

I wake up and head off to work and to get an interview done.

On the bus ride to school I listen to Ozzie's Mastermind, I like Ozzie's stuff but this one pertains to "Character Building" which stuck a cord with me as I'm after deep identity level change and not just results.

I do the interview and chill with the big homie Mars as we just kick it in my office. Eventually I leave to go workout, I go ham and head back to work where I meet up with Mars we chill until we meet up with the TAP boys.

There's a bunch of parties going on today near my school so we all head to them.

We drive around and survey the area and pick out our destination to only discover they are over charging cover to get in.

We decide to dip and check out a few venues in the area. We make our way and realize that the venues are no good either we street-game as girls walk by.

I interaction with this brown girl and just suck her into my reality, I lift her up and position her facing away from her friends and say:

Me: What's your name
Her: Stefanie
Me: You said that seductively are you trying to seduce me
Her: Maybe
Me: Is it because I'm black
Her: I do like the fact that you're black

I hug her and pull her close and I see her pop but don't makeout. She's sucked into my reality as I get a boner. Her friend then grab her as they come into the venue. I would do her.

We go into a empty bar to just leave to which we see a three older females, I jump in on the older one so she doesn't cockblock and then hop on the other one so she doesn't either:

Me: Hi, I'm Ash
Her: Hey, I'm Mary

I don't say anything after that and just hold direct eye contact, she feels the tension and mentions:

Her: I have a husband
Me: Cool, I have a puppy
Her: *Laughs*
Me: It's a German Shepard
Her: OMG
Me: So we have things in common we can get rid of
Her: *Laughs*

I didn't really have to get physical but she knew what was up. I like sucking girls into my reality. Eventually she leaves with her friends.

We all then make the decision to go back to the parties happening around the school regardless and worst case head home if anything.

So we go around and yell crazy shit outside the windows. I'm feeling really baseline and comfortable at this point.

We open these four chicks as we walk towards the party.

It was a shit-show we all basically took turns on the girls. I interact with mines and its going really good. Like DTF good but the friend then comes in and cockblocks. I plow but to no avail they then sprint away. I then hop on the next one and its going good until she derps off. I laugh at this.

We then try to get into the party but they are charging twenty to get in so we say fuck that and walk back.

Millz opens this five-set coming out of the party and i wing. They were all kinda meh with the exception of Millz's girl. I cover the fat friend cause she's funny. I think I took it too far as I told her:

Me: You're fun I like you
Her: I like you too
Me: Let's go
Her: Okay
Me: Sure?
Her: But my place is far
Me: Let's go into an alley then
Her: I'm not that type of girl
Me: Don't worry only three pumps
Her: Okay
Me: What?

I generally was self-amusing but this chick hooked hard. To be honest she was a bit too pudgy for me so I try to arrange a threesome with her friend. She says no so I dart off and help Millz and Mars on this asian four-set. They seemed down but left for some reason.

So we all go back to the initial girls and they still love us. I don't get it but okay. We open this other sets of a bunch of girls and a dude and engage all of them.

We all get in a giant huddle and I jump in and start fucking around with the blonde one. I'm basically just kneeing the back of her legs so he feels like falling but I have her so she doesn't. I push-pull and she loves me.

Eventually everyone sorts off into different cliques, I'm with mines and everyone in the crew has a girl.

The only logistics figured out is my office but its not going to fit like twelve people when everyone is trying to close. So we basically mention afterparty and with the girls being dtf they arrange it for us and we follow.

As me and my chick are walking some dude yells her name, we stop and he mentions that her friends want to talk to her. I think fuck and immediately engage the two guys and try to take my girl so they can possibly pull her friends. But her friends come and I meet them two and we all reconnect with the group.

Imagine a group of twenty people just walking being stupid, that was us. I start making out with my chick, getting really physical and seeding the pull:

Me: Touch my boner
Her: No I'm not that kind of girl
Me: I'm black
Her: I know
Me: Touch it
Her: Okay

We all get to the first residence and realize we all can't get in so we start walking to the other one.

From prior experiences I know that the chances of us closing gets smaller the bigger the group is and I realize I have to isolate my chick if I plan on taking it further.

This is when my chick tells me nothing happening tonight because her best-friend is visiting her and is going to be sleeping in her room. I think quick and immediately say:

Me: Okay, let's go to my office
Her: Where is it
Me: Student centre
Her: Really?
Me: Trust me I'm black

She then calls her friend over who is with Millz and gives her the keys and tells her to keep the door open. We then leave the group.

It kinda bugged me out how normal and nonchalant she was, it was a everyday routine. I suppose this wasn't in my reality.

As we're walking I'm being normal and just chatting her up. We get into the elevator and she's being aggressive as fuck as she pushes me and start making out.

As soon as we get into the office mayhem begins. She initially tells me she's on birth control and motions not to use a condom I say fuck that and use it anyways. We fuck for like two hours all over my office. The memories.

She's aggressive as fuck as she starts biting me. I love aggressive chicks. At one point I go through like three different condoms because they kept breaking and somehow I went in raw-hero. It was amazing, dammit.

Eventually I finish but we keep fooling around. I'm tired and its late so I cut it off but she keeps trying to escalate calling me hot. I get her number immediately and say we'll meet up Sunday to finish what we started. She obliges and we get dressed and clean up the trail of condoms and clothes from the floor. The memories.

I walk her home and meet-up with the boys and call it a night.

I suppose this is the best way to start this thread. The game. The fucking game.

There goes that v-card.

Four months into the game and I get my first lay.

Man tonight wouldn't have been what it was if it wasn't for the boys. We're always just having fun, laughing and enjoying ourselves. Shout out to Younge, Dante, Millz and The Pickup's Game Beastmaster. I wove you guys.

I'm probably going to turn this girl into my fb on campus. This is going to be epic.

Raw-hero is not good. I should bring more condoms next time.

There were moments during the pull where I knew what to do because of hotseat and exactly why I should do them. Hotseat is amazing.

I'm tired and got errands to run in a few so goodnight.
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 Legendary performance last night homie. B.E.A.D.S. Gang up!
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September 15, 2012

Thuggish Ruggish Bone

Coming off of last night I'm feeling a little shaken up. I got some reference experiences that challenged my model of reality. I'm still apparently the same person just more indifferent.

I get woken up to by my mom and get scolded to do stuff. I wake up and run some errands and chill with my dukes.

I haven't been able to really spend time with my dukes in awhile due to my hectic schedule. We have similar personalities so it was fun spending time with her. She's the one person that knows how to push my buttons and then say something that will get me laughing. I don't know how she does it.

I take a nap, mediate, study for school and then head downtown.

Character building over results. My only criteria for tonight is pushing my limits and pushing past what I'm comfortable.

I meet up with Mars and we chill as we wait for Fader and Dante.

I make eye contact with a redhead walking by with her friends and immediately HOG her and then go into full embrace. She's giggling the entire time as I escalate and I break her outta her shell. Her friends are yelling at her to leave so I get her number and let her leave.

From prior experience I know once we get into the venue I have to start opening immediately. So I get in and open this chick. She's receptive but her friend is really drunk so she can't do anything. I leave.

The rest of the night was all blowouts. Tonight I noticed i take action for 50% of the time and chode the other 50%. This is better then I ever did as I managed to open more sets then ever. The fact that I notice this is proof of my growth. Going out more should fix this.

We eventually run streetgame and I hesitant on a few sets and then go in a stunner. Goes alright nothing amazing. I then hit more sets.

Mars tells me to open the girl behind me without thinking so I do. She's receptive but her sisters yells:

Her: Hey that's my sister
Me: Don't worry I'm safe
Her: I know but she's my sister
Me: I know that
Her: Okay
Me: By the way who are you

I just transition from her sister to her. I claw her as we chat and I can see she's getting into it. Eventually her sister calls her over and says something to her and I just open her friends. They yell sorry and leave. I just laugh.

More sets and blowouts.

Me and Fader go in on this two-set and my girl is receptive but mentions she has a boyfriend so I dart off open more sets and then come back and wing Dante so he can talk to the friend.

I just self-amuse at this point. I don't give a fuck, she's laughing and enjoying herself. I remember her name so I'm awesome. Eventually they reach there destination and we leave.

I open more. Can't really remember specifics, it's all starting to be the same.

I go in on these two older women with a wing. I immediately HOG my chick and she's laughing, I then put my hands around her and say fucked up shit. She's laughing and enjoying herself.

I'm conscious and in my head a little but I notice exactly when she gets anime eyes and exactly when she loses them. The difference is incredible, I never noticed this before. This one realization made my night.

She initially was gonna take my number down but then said no, when I insisted on getting her number. There were a lot of subtle shit I didn't notice that I now realize were underneath the surface of the interaction. The subtle vibe of who was selecting, the sexual tension and man-women vs. friend to friend to name a few.

I ask her to speak her mind and tell me if she is feeling me or not and she says the honest truth so I bid her a goodbye and leave.

She's was kinda funny and sexy but if a girl is not into me then there's no point in investing my time into her. I'd rather use it elsewhere. They're are other girls out there so they're no point.

I continue on and receive blowouts or funny rejections.

After a bit of streetgaming I have this weird feeling and I discover I have a limiting belief that after 3am women are not down so I just expect bad responses from females, which is a crock of shit.

I push through this and continue opening.
At one point everyone was gone and I wanted to go home but I forced myself to stay regardless if I was going to open or not. Going home would have been easy but I not doing this to take the easy way out. So I stayed. The pain from not opening will become leverage.

Eventually I linkup with the boys and we do more laps on the street. Eventually me and Dante says we'll do two more sets then head home.

We see nothing on the street and then notice this legs sticking out of a stairwalk, they are wearing heels so we go in.

They love us and we chat, I immediately tell my girl to move over as I sit near them. Soon afterwards they say they want to get food and insist we come, so we agree. I never been pulled by a girl before.

We get to the food place and we just vibe and chill. I'm not super sexual and just be friendly and say fucked up shit. Eventually they get there food and leave.
I would fuck my girl but there is nothing that exceptionally stands out about her so when she wanted me to take her number I insisted she mines instead. If she's interested she will call if not there are other girls. She does and they leave.

Me and Dante grab food and hop on the bus. Some girls get on and I tell Dante we still have one more set to go before we're done. He mentions okay but he's going to open them when he's leaving so I have to deal with the mess. I say okay, what's the worst that can happen?

Dante: Hey my friend here was texting me throughout the ride saying how cute you were
Her: Okay
Me: Yup
Dante: Talk to him

He then leaves

Me: I feel like now I'm obligated to talk to you
Her: *Laughs*
Me: How was your night
Her: Good

Her friend then comes in

Friend: Hey that's my girlfriend
Me: Okay
Her: Come sit here
Friend: She's my girlfriend
Me: Then kiss her

The friend tries to go for the kiss but instead kisses her head. I laugh and start writing my field reports. Dante is an asshole and my hero.

I then head home.

I always feel really baseline and comfortable all the time. I wish I had some sort of emotional spike to help me but it's like I don't have any motivation to open or do anything. I'm just one emotion. My friends joke and call me a serial killer, I wonder why.

Tonight was a good learning experience for momentum. When I was in the venue I went on short burst of opening 4-5 sets then chilled and then did it again. This showed me the effect of continually hitting up sets as opposed to just chilling.

Watching the female get anime eyes and then lose them is amazing as it shows me exactly what to look for and expect. Usually I just feel it out but now I have direct experience.

Fader is my MOTHERFUCKING attorney.

The one point that I made tonight was to go until the bitter end. Coming off a lay last night might fuck up my motivation so I purposely forced myself to stay out when I wanted to leave. I don't plan on getting soft anytime soon.

My voice tonight was harsh and soft so I couldn't yell but I still managed to suck girls in my reality by just being congruent to it. I realize that I could use BR tonality but don't have to rely on it.

I'm slowly getting better at sucking girls into my reality. It's so trippy but so amazing when you do it.

The difference between leading and following was made evident by the girls who pulled us, they were leading and we were following. So when time came to go home they left while I was there to hold my cock in the cold. Lol the girl even reminded me to get her number.

I have noticed my verbals have dumbed down more, I pay more attention to the vibe behind the words as I generally don't give a fuck anymore and just say stuff.

My only regret of the night is not opening girls that I were attracted to. I suppose this will serve as leverage the next time I'm out. What's the worst that can happen?
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Notes on my Thoughts and Feelings

I'm leaving my heart and soul in these pages so I might as well be honest.

I've been feeling weird the last two days, just nervous, anxious and jumpy. Not at all my usual baseline self.

Today I realized the girl I closed on friday was just looking for a one night stand regardless of what she told me initially. It's kinda funny but I didn't care that much about her during or after but now I do.

I knew this deep down but I didn't want to believe it and I think this is why I've been feeling like this the past two days.

I understand they are all the same intrinsically and that I made a mental projection of this situation. But the simple fact that I invested effort and mental energy into it is absurd. Which left me feeling vulnerable when it didn't work out.

I now understand what being outcome dependent is, ain't that a bitch. As much as I joke about it this feeling is still there.

Community wisdom purposes I approach more girls to get over this and I instadated this one chick and am arranging to meet up with two different chicks but I feel the same.

I know this will eventually go away and is a part of my growth but it's funny what your mind can do to you. I even slipped into scarcity today. Me in scarcity wtf is this shit.

I figure once you open pandora's box there's no closing it. I decided to pry it open and play with my inner game so it stands as it should be. Either I become this or I don't, there is no other way.

Becoming Legendary isn't going to be easy.
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Member of the Pride

September 20, 2012

I'm feeling relatively better then before as wake up and head to work. I try to arrange day2's like a motherfucker and I need to arrange a face to face. My texting has improved and is as awesome as my verbals at this point. I don't even care much about sending chodey texts cause I am the best thing to happen to these girls.

I linkup with M-Star and Gravity and we just fuck around on campus.

I run into a girl I know and I engage her, I introduce her to the boys and they leave so I lead her to go sit down.

I was arranging to chill with her and she said she was going to hit me up but she was on her way leaving. I suppose I have to be dominant and assert and not be like "Oh text me when you're done". No harm done, I'm spectacular she loves me.

We chill and I'm just joke and tease her. I naturally do push-pull now. We talk about stuff. She eventually leaves to go drink with her guy friends.

The entire vibe is of me being a selector. When I started chasing is when I noticed I came off wrong. Chasing hasn't never really worked for me that much, I'm going to play around it.

This is the way shit goes, if I had better game plan I would have closed her but today's not the day. It's all good. That's the way of the world.

I bid her a goodbye and yell:

Me: Stay Black
Her: Okay I will, stay white
Me: Fuck that, being black is better
Her: OMG

Good times.

I linkup with the boys and we start opening girls walking by with:

Me: Hey my friend here likes you

This works everytime. I die laughing as we stand in one high area and just open girls as they walk by. I realize the girl will stop but you have to go in immediately or else she will leave. Just ridiculous.

Eventually I have to workout, so I dip to my office and see its full of pretty girls. This year is going to be fun. Social circle game baby. I introduce myself and leave.

As I'm making my way to the gym I see a girl that I keep bumping into and engage her and a dude. She wants this. She ask for my number and wants to chill sometime. I feel sorry for dude cause I know he wants some of that. I realize I'm now that asshole who steals girls from dudes that are friend-zoned. Full-circle. I give her a hug and bid her a goodbye.

I go workout and shit. Take that. I then head to my office, eat a bagel, drink some cold milk and chill with my co-works, I like these people. They are awesome. I hit up the Fader and head downtown.

I eat another bagel, drink some chocolate milk and link up with homie. Fader is my hero. Our usual spot is charging cover so we ditch and try a couple of other spots, no go. So we decide to hit up good ol' Maddy's.

We get off at the stop and it start raining like it monsoon season. Just pouring. We chill and laugh as people run into the station. At one point we switch sides to game as the girls are coming into the station. Idgaf.

It stops raining and we casually run into the venue. No line tonight, I'm awesome.

I haven't been here in a awhile so when we get in and it's a shit-show. But fuck it.

We "chill" a bit and open a two-set.

I don't even know what I said but I claw her and say really good stuff. They love it but have to use to the washroom and leave. It happens.

We then head upstairs as some asian chicks falls on her ass and gets back up like a champ. Thatta boy.

I see the prettiest little blonde girl I have ever seen at the door but she's with a huge jacked dude. I'm not even. Damn she was giving off this feminine energy. I just wanted to ravage her. Next time then.

We see these two girls standing while some dude engages them, they tell him they have boyfriends. I think okay that hasn't stopped me before and go in:

Me: Hey I'm Ash
Her: Hey
Sis: Hey

I don't really remember what I said, but I know it hits, Fader comes in and wings.

I noticed very early on these girls have anime eyes, it was weird. I hadn't said or done anything crazy but like a minute in their pupils were huge. It was freaky.

We joke and I say fucked up shit. All of it hits, I'm so spectacular it hurts.

We joke about a dead raccoon in front of her hotel. It was awesome.

This set kinda felt like we were trying to fuck the warmup as they would call it so after a point I tried to see how far I can escalate it.

After like twenty minutes they say they have to leave but I say:

Me: I like apples
Her: She doesn't
Her: Idk
Me: Now I feel like I have to convince you to like apples

And we continue talking for a bit until they say they have to leave again until I say

Me: I like oranges
Her: Me too
Me: I love you
Her: Ahhh
Me: *Come here*

I then hug her and tell her we're getting married as I turn to the sister and say I'm going to marry her first she says that's crazy they are family, I mentioned no worries I have a big penis. She OMG'S and tells the sister, she seems down. I laugh at this. They leave soon afterwards.

This set was funny, both girls liked us and seemed down. The only component that was missing was leading. Oh well. There eyes messed me up.

We hid back downstairs and Fader goes in on a two-set as I just chill and eat a lifesaver. I see a girl with short hair and just open:

Me: Your hair
Her: What
Me: It's short
Her: Thanks
Me: I'm Ash

I suck her into my reality immediately and just fuck with her, like legit. Extreme push-pull, she's chasing me hard, I show her my having sex face and pull on the back of her head to imitate what I would do during sex.

Her: You're cute
Me: Thanks, my mom the only person that tells me that
Her: I don't believe you
Me: Fuck you

I self-amuse to like the fifth degree but the vibe was emaculate. Just awesome. To attract the girls you want you have to be able to attract the girls you don't want.

She tells me I'm mean and rude, I say I have shoes on and she laughs. Making obvious statements are awesome.

I try to pull regardless and say let's go, she tells me she's not that type of girl, I blow it off and continue self-amusing like a prick. Security tells them to leave as I'm grabbing a water. I drink it hastily as I find ten dollars on the floor. Life is AWESOME. We head outside and I ditch them. Meh.

I head outside and see Fader, I pat the girl next to me on the head and open her. She's receptive and has anime eyes too but as I say fucked up shit her eyes go back to normal. It was fucked noticing it, I'm not even kidding. It was funny cause I was still escalating on her, grabbing her hands, hugging her and she was enjoying herself so I suppose it's all good. The underlying vibe might have been a bit off.

I suck her into my reality as I do all of this.

Eventually her friend motions that's the boyfriend is coming I ignore and he grabs her and kisses her. I stand back as this happens and pat her on the head and leave. Shit happens. I would have fucked her if he wasn't there.

Fader goes in on a two-set and I go in on the friend. I just do more self-amusement as I tell her I have a 8-month year old baby and show her pics of Millz. She lol but believes me. Wtf?

I eventually tell her:

Me: No I don't have a baby
Her: Oh thank go
Me: Wtf I'm way too young to have a baby

We joke more. I'm totally in interview mode and don't give a fuck. She was sexy but who cares. They are all the same. Eventually they hop on a bus to head home with Fader. I continue on and linkup with WR.

Two-set walking by, he and is wing open, I open the girl with a skirt:

Me: You have a red skirt, come here
Her: Okay
Me: Who are you
Her: Name
Me: Hug

Nothing makes sense anymore. They eventually leave.

I go in on fatties and just stand awkwardly as they ignore me, I introduce myself to one and she unreceptive. I laugh at this.

I see a three-set and open with a spin-back turn. Goes awesome as I tell a story of me eating olives as a kid to these people I just met on the street. I like people. I enjoy myself and eventually leave. I'm glorious.

I call it a night at this point. Fun times.

Leverage. That's all this shit is. How badly do you want it?

I've been experimenting with sucking girls into my reality and I'm getting real good. I'm just stay grounded and just make intense eye contact and just lead.

Eye contact is so detrimental, if a chick makes eye contact I know she is mines. She can just feel my energy and dominance through my eyes. I can't tell howimportant this is.

Abundance solves everything. I could care less about them and the girls felt this.

Some promises are not melt to be broken.

I'm coming out of that haze I've been experiencing. Slowly and surely I know if I keep pushing it ill keep going in the right direction.

Fader is my hero.

Girls are starting to notice my legendariness, I like it.

Most of my sets hooked hard and tonight I spent 20+ minutes in two-sets. My sets are getting longer and more fun, everything is just hooking. I love game.
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Legends aren't born they're made.

September 21, 2012

I wake up to find that I've received my copy of "Psycho-Cybernatics" in the mail, I read apart of it on the bus ride to work. It's an interesting read but I find its making me rise some doubts that I previously thought I dealt with. Don't really know what this is.

I head to work and kick it with work-mates. I head off to the gym to only discover its closed so I head back to work and just blackout on the couch for a couple of hours. I wake up and head out.

As I'm waiting outside my office a girl walks by and I make eye contact and she then stops and starts engaging me. I'm calm and just chat her up, I relate and make heavy eye contact. Eventually she leaves but motions she wants to meet me again, our offices are adjacent one another so I say she will before she leaves.

I then chat with a friend as I linkup with Mars and head downtown. I meetup with the crew and we head into the venue.

Me and Fader go in on this two-set on the stairs, she's receptive but I'm too gamey and when her friend leaves she also does. We end up seeing them later and we engage them but they motion that some dudes that they clearly just met are their boyfriends.

We plow through that shit and eventually reach a stand still. I realize that unless we engage them hard we better not chode because the guys will use the boyfriend frame to escalate on the girls and pump their own state which is something I don't want.

So we dip and bounce around. I don't really like this and would prefer to chill and casually hit up sets but I realize in a venue like that its not going to work.

I realize I self-amuse a little too much and need to caliberate. Self-amusement is good and all but I need to break it down and relate to them as a real person.

Towards the end of the night I chill, I don't really have an urgency or any inclination to open at all.

Fader points out a pair of tall thick black girls, I chode because they scare me. I think about it and after like 30 seconds think what's the worst that can happen so I chase them down and open. It's a baby blowout, she tells me her boyfriend is here.

I relax and we leave to do streetgame. It's pouring outside but that doesn't matter, we game.

We stop and engage a few sets but that effort and urgency isn't there.

At this point me and Mars make a pact that no matter what even in this rain we will immediately approach every hot girl we see.

Something clicks in me and I notice a hot little chick and just walk off mid-sentence to approach her. I do and she leaves. I approach the next girl I see and after a while she mentions what she can do for me I reply she can give me her number, she laughs and says no, I bid her a goodnight and leave.

I often wonder how could people rely on money or some made up perceived status and imagine they are better then other people. I laugh at that. All that does is make me respect people less.

This doesn't phase me as I just continue to open chick after chick after chick. It's pouring outside but it doesn't bother me. Legends aren't born they're made.

One particular set stood out in mind, a stunner with a scarf over her head. I seen her as I was chillin' with Fader under some shade. I doubt whether I should approach her or not, like that voice told me to not do it but I know better and go in. I scare her on the approach and it goes good, we vibe and she tells me she has a boyfriend so I bid her a goodbye.

I'm going to have to train myself to open on willpower now, I still haven't internalized this to the extent I previously thought.

This is character building at it best. Lions don't care about rain, we eat when we are hungry. Am I suppose to become a just because it's raining? Fuck that shit. A little drizzle isn't going to stop the pride.

I'm soaked as I continue to roam the streets.

The only thought going through my head at this point is: "Legends aren't born they're made."

I walk pass this black girl in a white dress and take two steps and turn around open. She loves me as I just kick it and suck her into my reality. Her friend yells shit:

Friend: Help us get a taxi
Me: It's wet out there
Friend: Hey be a real man and get me a taxi
Me: Hey don't you see me hitting on your friend

I'm just a asshole as I ignore her friend and just chat my girl up, she's sexy. I play with her and she mentions I'm too young. Her friend tries to cockblock:

Friend: You're not a real man
Me: Apparently I'm not a real man
Friend: You're just a baby
Me: Hi I'm Ash
Friend: Hey
Me: Your friend doesn't like me much
Her: No she likes you
Friend: I had a cat named Ash, it died
Me: Okay, I'm still alive
Her: Lol you don't even say sorry, just that you're still alive

Apparently the friend must have been jealous I was hitting on her friend and not her and started cockblocking. Next time I should acknowledge the friend more instead of ignoring her.

Deep eye contact, slow rhythm with my voice, leading the conversation, not in a rush to fill the silences.

I play with her more as they leave, I grab her hand and say:

Me: Wait, I haven't gotten your number
Her: Sorry it's not going to workout b/w us I've dated younger men
Me: Why does that matter
Her: It does
Me: I don't

Then some girl buds in:

Girl: He's too young don't
Me: What
Girl: Don't do it
Me: In this part of the movie the stranger is suppose to help not cockblock
Girl: I'm sorry, you're young

My girl leaves and I just laugh. I then think fuck it and start engaging the girl that cockblocked, I noticed previously she has an ass so I'm all good.

She was initially just a throwing shit-tests at me about my age:

Her: You're a baby
Me: I have a big penis
Her: It's cause you're black
Me: Okay
Her: I've dated someone who was 23 and it was horrible
Me: Okay, I don't see your point

I just ignore and stay icy. Everything flips as I say:

Me: Look me in the eyes when I'm talking to you

We make eye contact and i just hold it. I'm present and I know she can feel my energy and I can feel hers. I start to get aroused and I know she is too as I notice all the subtle facial expressions she is making.

She continues to shit-test me but it doesn't phase me at all. She slowly starts opening up and asking me questions about myself:

Her: What are you studying
Me: ......Sociology
Her: You don't live by yourself
Me: Nope
Her: I've been living by myself for 7 years wait 8, I'm not good with math
Me: Okay

We go through moments where we just stay silent and hold eye contact. I start pinning my boner on her and pushing her against the wall with my hip. My hands are in my pocket because they're cold and soaking wet.

Her: I should stop making eye contact with you
Me: Why
Her: Because my eyes always get me in trouble
Me: The eyes are the windows to your soul
Her: I know that's why we should stop
Me: What do you see in my eyes
Her: Why are you so confident you're so young
Me: Why not
Her: I've dated younger guys and it hasn't worked out
Me: Who said I was interested in dating you

The vibe and sexual tension was off the charts. I was looking at her as a sexual plaything and she felt it. If we were to be transported to a bedroom we'd be having wild animal sex.

Her: You're bad
Me: Stop looking at me like that
Her: I have four years of life experience over you
Me: Okay
Her: Why are you so confident
Me: You don't really meet that many confident guys do you
Her: I do but not everyone can hold eye contact with me
Me: Eye contacts signals attention
Her: I know

She continues to play tough but I already knew I had her. She is mines.

This interaction wasn't even a frame battle because I was just being me and expressing what I am and what I want.

Some girl comes in and ask if we want to split a cab because guys are douchbags and all hit on her. My girl says okay she'll be able to drop her home when her friend arrives. She stands and I tell her to get in the shade as I talk more with my girl.

I then engage her again. She's been calling this dude the entire time trying to arranging a ride home so when he comes she saunters off and I just laugh and enjoy the sight of her thick ass walking away. I have never gain so much gratification from watching a girl leave as I did at that point.

I have never felt more like a man in my life than just completely turning this girl turn from a complete to a submissive little rabbit. I felt so indifferent to actually escalate because I knew I had this girl, like not a simple thought but intrinsically knew she was mines.

I'm was on but it was like me just being me. It's hard to explain but it was like I was a lion and she was my prey. This is my best man-women communication I have ever had and it was all body language and eye contact. She knew immediately that I was a sexual threat. Every conversation with a women should be like this.

I'm soaking wet so I call it a day at this point and head home.

I still can't stress this enough eye contact is the best tool you can possible use for pu.

Leverage. How bad do you want is?

"Legends aren't born they're made."

Am I going to let a little rain stop me, fuck that. Lions don't fear anything.

Work That.

We are out here until the bitter end. No going home early crap. That's the TGSMC motto.

Social circle game is awesome.

I'm tired and sleepy at this point. Goodnight.
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There are too many guys in this world.

September 22, 2012

I wake up feeling amazing. I head off to school pick up some books and spend the rest of the day studying and taking naps. This is how my typical saturday is going to look from now on. Student life. This is going to be fun.

Last night was really fun regardless of the rain, I don't even remember the rain just the awesome times I had. Selective memory bitches.

I hit up the Fader and head downtown to game. I linkup with homie and we run into M-STAR on the way. I love homie, he's cool. Supposedly we're all headed to the same venue, good shit.

We linkup with a friend and head down to the venue. We get to the venue and its a shit-show. I haven't seen this venue as packed as this before. We get in and its madness. This is going to be fun.

I start hitting and then take a break. I spent approximately half of my time approaching while the half chilling. I don't beat myself up and just enjoy it.

The biggest lesson I took from this night is that the time in between sets is as important as the time in sets. So I joke, dance and fuck around most of the time.

Me and Fader go in on this two-set. This girl was fucking sexy as fuck. I don't really like to value judge girls but she was a smokeshow. I just open:

Me: I'm Ash
Her: ASS
Her: ASS
Her: My ass
Me: No, my ass is better
Her: No mines is
Me: Let's me get a look *Turns her around*
Her: *Laughs*
Me: What's you name
Her: Taye
Me: Where are you from
Her: Brazil
Me: You're adorable let's dance

She thought I was saying "Ass" when I was introducing myself, oh well. It hooked anyways. We start dancing, she's so cute and sexy. I'd marry her.

After some time these three dudes step up and she backs off and I motion wtf, she then say:

Her: What's up

I think one of the dude is her boyfriend and she disengaged me to save face so when this occurs I just dip. I realize later this was a miscommunication.

I continue to open, and wing a bunch of times. Nothing hits but it was fun regardless.

I start fucking with M-Star and the brazilian chick comes up and claws me and says:

Her: What's up

She then starts dancing awkwardly and does my legendary fist pump dance. This dance is puts me in state. I then say:

Me: Wtf is that
Her: It's dancing
Me: Come here

We start dancing as she looks at Fader on her friend:

Me: He's fucking amazing
Her: My friend is awesome
Me: Well then it's a good match

I then grab her, pick her up and turn her away from her friend:

Her: I like that
Me: The aggression
Her: Yea
Me: It's cause I'm Black
Her: Okay
Me: I also have a big penis
Her: I like that, not a lot of guys here have big penises

I love her. We continue talking when some asian dude that I seen engaging them earlier walks up.

She motions something and I take it as he's trying to go in himself as she was on me and against homie. I say:

Me: Yo she's with me

She then mentions:

Her: He's my friend
Me: Okay, I'm Ash

The friend just stands there and grills me. The girls then says:

Her: Hey be nice, we're friends

I then hug homie and rub he's back patronizingly, idgaf. Don't bring girls to a club if you don't want them to get hit on. I really don't remember what happened after that but I stayed a bit and left. I never seen her for the rest of the night, I should have escalated a bit more or got the number. She was sexy. My god.

I probably shouldn't be so aggressive and just be friendly with other dudes instead of being YO SHE'S WITH ME, which only set the friend to be immediately resistant because he is actually with them. Fun times. You live and you learn.

I open a bunch of times, mostly get boyfriend blowouts to which I plow but doesn't go anywhere.

I start just clawing girls and they are receptive. The claw is awesome. I'm going to use this more often.

I open a stunner just to open her because she intimidates me. I ask her to dance and she mentions:

Her: I'm waiting for somebody

I never went in strong and set the proper frame because I was intimidated coming in this set so when she tells me this I think fuck it, I'm going to have some fun with her:

Me: I'm waiting for somebody too
Her: Who might that be
Me: The lady of my life
Her: Okay
Me: The fortune teller said she would be tall and have brown hair
Her: *Looks at her hair and realizes its brunette*
Me: The lady of my life
Her: *Gives me a funny look*
Me: I'm serious, the fortune teller said so

Lol I'm spectacular. I eventually bid her a goodbye and leave.

If I was able to fuck with her in the beginning instead of being a chump this would have gone differently. The only difference between when I opened her to when I started self-amusing is my indifference threshold. I initially was scared which is fine but afterwards I knew it wasn't going anywhere so I said fuck it and self amused. An interesting thing to notice.

Towards the last fifteen I go crazy and open a bunch of shit. Only mishap I remember was getting blownout because I picked a girl up. I suppose not every girl likes getting picked up literally.

I have this self-limiting belief that I couldn't just caveman chicks and had to open with words. Which is a crock of shit because I am Mr. Fuckin' FLASHGAME, that's all my shit was for like the first two months, I've done it before and it has worked so why so do I doubt it. I don't know but there's only one way to get over it.

We eventually leave, I opened most of the girls I hesitated on during the night so I'm good. Any action is good action. Streetgame is my beard and butter so I think I'll have to make up for what I missed in the venue. I get out and go crazy.

One of the things that has made progress so fast in the beginning was my deterination to push my comfort zone and when I stopped doing this is when I stopped growing. So one of my main goals is basically push myself when I get that feeling and take action anyways.

I see these two tall stunners smoking outside and I immediately get that feeling. I almost walk away and then turn and immediately step to them:

Me: Hey I'm Ash
Her: Hey.....

She gave me a weird look and I just reciperated with a weird look as well. I chat a bit but can't lie she intimidated the fuck outta me so I told her and acknowledge it. She eventually leaves. I feel good knowing that I took action.

This continue on, it's not raining so I feel awesome. I stop girls and say ridiculous stuff to them. It's cold so they immediately jump in the taxi so it's a hurdle to get to them before that. There's also police and firefighter everywhere because there was some kind of fight and someone got hurt. They blockade the road.

I see two girls and take this as an oppuntunity to be awesome:

Me: Excuse me
Her: Yea
Me: I'm Ash
Her: Hey
Me: Why are you walking away
Her: I'm starving
Me: Real quick, don't worry I'm a firefighter
Friend: Nope

I die laughing. That's my new line. YO GURL IM A FIREFIGHTER. Fun times.

We roam the streets like wolves. I find this feeling comforting. I don't even care anymore. I'm just a member of the pride.

At one point the streets are just full of dudes and homie mentions:

Homie: There are too many guys in this world.

I die laughing at this and think YUP that's going to be the title of my FR tonight.

Me and Fader go in on this two-set. My girl initially is taken a back by I make heavy eye contact and just be NORMAL and it hooks. She mentions:

Her: Yea I'm just coming from work, I'm a bartender
Me: Cool, where
Me: That's awesome, I'm dead sober
Her: Really?
Me: Yea I'm the worst kind of customer, I just order water
Her: *Laughs*

She eventually mentions that she's going over to her boyfriends, I plow and say:

Her: I'm going over to my boyfriend right now
Me: I have a puppy
Her: *Laughs*

I say something else but I realize she's being nice and I'm being normal so there's no need to BRING OUT ALL THE TRICKS FROM THE BAG so I bid her a goodbye and give her a hug. I hug chicks with boyfriend's as a goodbye and they usually rub my back which is awesome. Only my mom rubs my back.

We continue to roam the streets, I open this sexy thick girl to only get the boyfriend objection and realize that her boyfriend is in a giant huddle behind her with a bunch of black guys. I bid her a goodbye and leave.

We continue on and come up a heaven sent two-set. At this point its 3:30am so this is just amazing. These girls were marvelous.

We open and do it half-assed. They just walk away. I yell shit as they do:


I knew for a fact that if I went in harder it would have ended differently. You live and you learn.

Fader mentions that these girls are going to be the hottest girls we are going to see for the rest of the night as its 3:30am and the streets are bare.

We do one last lap and run into a wing. He opens a two-set but doesn't do it properly to which I do my if you're going to go in do it properly face and go in.

She's a bit resistant but I plow and she opens up, I just joke and hit on her the entire time. The friend is laughing as I'm verbally escalating:

Me: Where are you guys headed right now
Her: We're going to her boyfriend's house
Me: I like how you never mentioned your boyfriends house so I suppose you don't have one
Her: *Looks at friend laughing*
Me: You're friend is enjoying herself

I play around some more and eventually let her leave. She's being nice so there's no need to ransack her with gamey bs.

It's like close to 4am and the streets are dead so we call a night.

I still have some limiting beliefs that hold me back and this is evident whenever I don't approach a particular girl, choose not to say some shit and just general other bullshit. I'm slowly challenging these beliefs, I just have to keep pushing myself. No one is going to.

I have to be more friendly sometimes. Aggression barely works and leaves people resistant while being friendly makes them look like a douchbag if they're are resistant.

Once I get my outer/inner game dialed in I don't see myself going to same venues I'm currently going to. These venues are good but don't have the caliber of women I want. I know most of the crew feel the same way. Big boys are suppose to play in the big leagues not the minors.

I looked up at the sky as I was walking home and realize how beautiful the stars are. It's really humbling.

I'm having a hard time finding slots to set up day2's because I'm either at school, working, at the gym or gaming. I have numbers going cold on me because of this. When I was a chode I couldn't get a day2 now I have no time for them, life is awesome. I setup a few for this weekend so hopefully it works out, If not ill just beast it's all the same to me.

I'm tired and kinda cold. Goodnight.
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Something have been on my mind lately and I wanted to jot them down so I can reflect on them later.

I noticed that my self-talk is negative in nature. Most of the time when im with friends or social with people I'm upbeat and cheerful but when i'm by myself or get in my head i become depressed and doubtful because i get into a negative thought loop. This shift always occurs and I really dont understand why. Lately ive been able to overcome this with mediation and as I was telling Fader earlier that whenever I have doubts or am uncertain I just repeat a affirmation and do whatever I am uncertain about it. I'm going to have reprogram my self-talk to help me rather then sabotage me.

I've come to the realization that in my interactions any inclination of chasing results in me losing the girl. Like every fucking girl. Most of my successes have come from just being indifferent and self-amusing. The one thing i took from hotseat was push-pull which only solidified my game. But even this is sometimes too extreme. I truly believe indifference is the key and theres only one way to get that and thats by attaining abundance in girls and good emotions. My personality and way of being is one that attracts girls naturally so i dont have no problem getting girls attracted if shes around me, the problem comes when i start chasing because i dont know how to actively pursue without messing it up. This is something im going to have to play around with and figure out.

I realized that most of my problems with chicks is basically some level of miscommunication and has nothing to do with me. I have chicks who are invested and really like me but something will go wrong and ill think to myself wtf did i do wrong when i was just chill and regular. It hit me that i didnt do anything wrong and that me and the chick were just on different wavelengths and had a miscommunication. This shift has helped me greatly in texting and showed me that i have to learn to express myself better.  

I've realize that im not really emotional expressive. I realized this last wednesday when i was kicking it with Gravity and we were discussing life. It never really hit me but i cant really express my emotions effectively, i just dont know how to. For a long time i've just suppressed my emotions and  just never dealt with them. Which has lead me to be unable to emotional relate to people in the past. I've since then learned how to but not on a deep lever. Im going to have to overcome this if i plan on being able to offer girls a wide range of emotions and not just one or two because i cant express mines properly. This is also valulable when im emotional connect with people.

As far as ive come i noticed that i seem to validated by certain girls responses and this dictates when i feel good and not. It's weird, i know they are all the same but i still mind-warp myself into mentally and emotionally investing in a girl which only makes me care and thus chase her. Which results in me losing her becasue i become needy and start seeking a specific outcome. This happens over and over again. I would learn from it but i dont and just repeat the process. If im going to get over this i truly have to stop caring and treat every girl like they are the same regardless. Ive also started noticing when i slip into this weird mindstate and im will avoid contacting witrh girls when im like this. 

I really dont understand what state is because besides the times im depressed or shitty i generally feel good and cheerful. Like the world is my playground. The only thing is i want to feel like this all the time. I usually feel like this when ive done something i want or am just having fun with friends being social but i dont want these to be crutches. I want to feel good all the fucking time. I know diet is a big one and is an issue for me being i have a very possesive one track mind and when theres junk around me i just eat it regardless. Im going to have to watch what i eat carefully. As well as stress.

I dont really express my personality 100% and this has caused me to shelter and hide who i really am for fear of coming on too strong. I just realized this stems from a scarity mindset and form past experiences of me coming on too strong and just destroying everything in my path. Parts of my personality have slowly come out through my game and have molded some of my techniques and lines. But if i am going to make the deep identity level change im going to have to be able to express it 100% and not hide who i am. Im pretty ridiculous as it is now i really dont know what to expect if i was to remove the filters. I suppose theres only one way to know. 

Through mediating and progessive desentiation ive been able to stay grounded in my own presence for longer and more effective periods of time. This is killer when im  sucking a girl into my reality, dealing with shit-tests and amogs. Like im so grounded nothing really effects me. But i realized i still am controlled to a certain extent by the environment. I love dancing but sometimes i just lose myself to it and use it when im feeling shitty to pump my state which shoots me in the foot because i then look like the dude in the club that's dancing while valuing scanning. Which is a no-no. In this situation the proper course of action is to enjoy music but when i feel shitty to start building momentum and hitting up sets instead of trying to pump up my state through music as its a fools errand.

Ive been listening to alot of Alex's NIM audios recently and i find it has alot of similarities with my natural disposition. Im very calm and relaxed in nature and have a self-amusing and fun vibe. I do tear shit up but i lean more towards just being chill and having fun. Im only starting to realize what exactly NIM in essence is. From my experience it's really potent. I'm going to have to experiment some more with this.

Getting leverage in this shit is massive. Going through the hassle of dealing with all this shit i often forget why i do this. There is no going back at this point, I either get this down or i die. When i was talking to Fader and Mars it hit im putting my time, money and energy in this shit so we might as well take it seriously. No half-assing shit for me. I made a promise to myself that i will go out at least minimum 3 times a week and i will sticks to this regardless of what happens. Im going to do a 30 days challenge as of October to cement some beliefs and work out some kinks in my game. There is no going back now. Legends aint born they're made.  

Yesterday's epiphanies are today's gimmicks. I have to stay away from canned matieral that i made up and rely on in certain situations as it will hinder me from growing and getting new experiences. I self-amuse alot which gives me a wide range of things to say and do but i hang on to the ones that get positive reponses and they kinda become gimmicky after awhile because i now expect a specific response from them. I can think of a few right off of the bat. I suppose im going to have to let go of them and continue experimenting and just trust that ill say and do whatever is right in the moment. 

These are some thought that have been floating around in my head lately. I feel good right now like i just jerked off and ate some junk food, oh wait i just did. Dammit. Oh well, todays a cheat day then. Tomorrows it begins. 
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September 28, 2012

I spent the last couple of days just living life, going to school, work, gym and having fun. I don't game cold approach as much per say but I do hit up social circle and the birdies I do have on the line.

I was discussing this with Mars before but when I'm just socializing in general like at school or work I barely don't any intent and just am social and friendly and this gets causes attraction. This realization kinda makes me question exactly what is game? 

Over the last couple of days i came to the conclusion that my way of being naturally attracts female, I have countless examples of females falling for the kid because of me just being me.

My expression of who I am at the core is the essence of what creates attraction. I don't need game per say but all I need to do is to express myself and let the chips fall where it may. This is why I kill in social circle and a testament that any girl that is around me long enough is going to catch feelings.

On some level I knew this but I never trusted myself and thought I needed to do x, y and z to get a girl attracted. When in fact I just needed to strip away all that excess bullshit. I need to stop hiding my being and just express who the fuck i am.

I didn't really notice this before but I have a really chill vibe. I've been told this countless times but I'm able to make people feel comfortable and just relax in my presence.

A girl I recently got back in contact with that I used to use to have a crush on in high-school but never took action because I was a chode described me as:

You seem so care free .. You have no worry in the world .. You just go with the flow ... never stress .. You're funny .. You don't know how to talk to people who might be vulnerable .. You don't understand those things ...your like a no strings attached type of guy.

I suppose I was a loser in high-school like I imagined. This is one of the things that has hit me over the last couple of days as I never really paid attention to it before. Looking back on recent experiences I realize I don't judge anyone directly and just have fun with anyone I'm around. I have this im going to have fun either you can enjoy it or dont i dont care. 

I feel like my model of reality is slowly shifting and adjusting to who im becoming. 

These are some of the things floating around the last couple of days. I can't lie I've been feeling really good lately, like good. Life is getting interesting.

I wake up today early and head off to do the work thing, then head off to class and then head out to cover a discussion as an assignment. Once I'm done I head back to the office and linkup with Pickup's Game BEASTMASTER. We chill until I go to get food. On our way back we see a giant lineup for pub night. Mars then yells:


And two girls follows. I'm thinking WTF and go with it. Initially I'm thinking these girls just wanna get fucked, then I realized these girls actually think we're having an after party. So we drag them to my office and they still think we are throwing an after party.

At this point a few red flags go off in my head. Dragging some girls into a dark, locked office while saying we're throwing an after party without alcohol is kinda sketchy. The way York is moving with all the recent sexual assaults I'm not even down to play when there's a shady of a doubt, so I cock block and the girls leave. This is a move but I don't give a fuck, I can't lose this job.

Mars pokes fun at me and I laugh. Good times. Not getting charged with sexual assault is fun. We then decide to head out.

As we're walking we start singing "Dont Stop Believing" at the top of our lungs. We're awesome.

How to get into State 101.

My only goal for tonight is to have fun and push myself.

Recently I've been feeling excited before I hit the venue. When I feel like this I it in field. So coming in I'm relaxed and know this night is going to be fun.

On the way to the venue Mars approaches some chick he tells me to approach but my reaction time is screwed, so I just head to the venue.

I get in and see the crew and just start opening. Everything hooks tonight. I was just being cool and friendly as the kids say it. I have a naturally chill vibe so I use it to my advantage and just chill and amp the sexual tension.

I hit up a three-set with M-Star. My girl loves me, I disregard her to say what up to FADER and then go back and she still loves me. I self-amuse and say some dishonest shit and she questions me. I hail up a homie and disregard her again. She's a bit put off and I just stop engaging her. She leaves afterwards.

I hit shit up with a wing and we have fun. I feel like the first part of my night I was still warming up per say so most girls hook but eventually leave.

We eventually head upstairs and hit up a seated two-set. My girl loves me but her friend is giving my wing shit for apparently interrupting their conversation, so I introduce myself to her and she settles down. All chicks want is attention.

My wing gives off this nice guy vibe but in set he's super aggressive. So he self-amuses and pisses he's girl off so she mentions she wants to switch, I think fuck it and do it. I then say some fucked up shit and she wants to switch again so we do. I then just be normal and vibe with my chick. My wing says more fucked up shit and she wants to switch but I shut that down.

We then for the rest of the set just fuck with these girls like heavy, just for self-amusement. The spicy one leaves leaving me, my wing and my girl together. We mess with her more.

Him: Tell me about your likes and or hobbies

The way he says this is funny as shit, I die at this and then I repeat to her. Fun times. At one time M-Star comes upstairs and we all hug the spicy one. Eventually they leave.

At this point I'm on and just continue opening chicks.

As I'm walking by I notice Mars holding arms with a chick and that she's holding on to a friend. I make eye contact and she holds it I immediately open her.

As the night progresses my reaction time was amazing.

She introduces herself and squeezes my hand and tells me to follow. As we're walking I isolate my chick and go into full embrace and say:

Me: Tell me about yourself

At this point I knew she was mines, everything just clicked.

Her friend then comes and grabs her and we all head to the dance floor.

I don't know whether this chick was drunk, on drugs or something but she was dancing funny. I couldn't really do my thing or escalate. It was weird.

She wasn't giving me any good or bad indicators. I'm trying to move her around as i go for the makeout, bite her neck or rubbing her but nothing hits. All she wants to do is grind. But I feel like she's dtf.

At one point she grabs my hands and puts it on her boobs and I'm like WTF but eventually I recede it because I never felt congruent to it. 

Her pushing the escalation was a bit of a shock and threw me off. I tried to continue to escalate but it just left me feeling robotic, which is not my style.

Eventually after more weird dancing the friend says they are going to get water and disappear. She had to be on something.

I open more and just have fun. I see the same russian chick from last week and engage her. I'm just having fun and amping up the sexual tension through verbal and physical escalation.

Me: Stop playing with my heart
Her: Don't say that
Me: Stop playing with my heart
Her: You're just repeating yourself
Me: What! No I'm not
Her: I hate you
Me: What, I'm leaving
Her: Nooooo *grabs me*
Me: You said you hate me
Her: You're confusing me
Me: Why
Her: Just cause
Me: You're crazy
Her: Don't believe anything I say
Me: Okay
Her: You get a lot of girls
Me: No, I'm shy
Her: Noooo
Me: I told you last time I live in my moms basement
Her: That's why

As you can see I'm just fucking around and poking fun. I claw her and pull her in. I'm seeding the pull as well as well as seeding her making me food after sex. I'm awesome.

After interacting with her for a bit I realize she squints her eyes and I start doing it to her when we have silences and when she says something I don't like. She gets all bubbly and says I'm a bad man, I reply back that I'm black. I love game.

She seems down but the friend is going to be a problem because I could see she wants to get fucked too. I don't really know how to deal with it. I going to have to pull to her place and they live together so I push for the pull. The friend mentions she's sick. I say okay. The bar closes and we head outside. The friend says something to my girl and I see her expression change. I think okay why waste my time on this when I could beast more I already got her number so I tell her to take care of her friend and leave to BEAST.

I game in front of the venue. Open two chicks, nothing hits. Open more but nothing.

I see this chick with some dude on her earlier saying shit into her ear, that's probably the boyfriend.  Then I see someone else go in on her and we make eye contact as he does and I could see she was getting sucked into the fury so I turned away quick.

To be honest If a wing i know is on a girl I leave the chick alone and try not to steal them intentionally or unintentionally. I only do it with Mars cause he's my hero and a douchbag.

I turn away and then see her by herself alone so I go in. I introduce myself, extend my arm and she shakes it. She then walks right up to me and I just hug her. Shes looking around and not making eye contact so i say:

Me: Look me in the eyes when I talk to you
Her: Gosh
Me: Good

I then squints my eyes and we start making out. She stops then says:

Her: You're a good kisser
Me: Thanks
Her: But I have to leave to find my friends

We then continue making out, she starts getting into it and I feel good. She then disengages and I plow and try to pull for the bushes but she leaves. I should have plowed harder or pulled her sooner. I even went for the number and she said:

Her: Ill see you around

Chicks. They're funny. 

I then linkup with the crew and we streetbeast. At one point we all take turns on two girls repeatedly, it was ridiculous and made my night. It was pua roulette. YO JUMP ON THE FAT FRIEND.

We roam the streets some more and call it a night.

Another good night with the crew.

Squinting with my eyes is amazing. It's like push-pull with my eyes. Lately I've been a lot more expressive with my face. It's so money. Best thing i leaned tonight. 

Reading Mars latest FR with the facebook chat shows a perfect example of a buyer-selection/man-women dynamics. It's kinda funny but I was telling him that I'm in the stage of acknowledging I'm higher value and implementing high value behaviors and that I'm having a hard time implement them because I don't know how to do it properly which causes it to come of incongruent. As I align myself and hold myself to my values these behaviors will become natural and implement themselves.

I trust my gut instinct in situations so when I cockblock on the two-set I didn't feel anything because that's what I believe in and did it. NO RAPEY.

I'm slowly starting to see how I can operate in this new model I'm working on. I realize I have to lead and not chase. There's a huge difference between the two. Chasing kills my game completely. Whereas leading will set up situations that will lead to the close. This is getting interesting.

I think its safe to say that im clearly out of the plateau ive been in for the last month or so and am progressing. My only goal/achievement is pushing myself, having fun and holding myself to my values. I'm in this for the long haul. Results are good but progression is more important.
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September 28, 2012

I'm falling asleep on the bus as I'm writing this. Fun times.

I don't feel like socializing at all during the day and just casually head to work and then go to the gym and then downtown to meet the boys.

I hop on a girl to wing Millz. This girl is more calm then me and drags my frame to be calmer. It was weird I'm usually the one setting the tempo and rythum but in this instance it was the opposite.

I'm used to be chill so I just vibe and have fun. She's slowly opening up. We eventually get to the venue and I ditch them.

Our original plan didn't work through so we were left standing without a discernible motive for the night. I need to have a backup plan or venue to go to just in case.

We street game a bit then decide to head to the Madison.

We get there and start opening girls. There's no a lot it being friday and so-fourth but we make due.

Younge opens a three-sets and I wing, and somehow we end up switching girls. I just vibe and escalate physically.

I often use getting physical as a tool for rapport. It's just another way to have fun, vibe and communicate I'm a comfortable in my skin. So I'm feeling her legs, hugging her and giving her high-fives.

Towards the end we're really bonding and her friends are leaving and we have this tug of war, it was funny.

I notice some things in set:

There was a prominent theme of who exactly is the buyer and selector.

I do push-pull naturally.

Shit-test don't even phase me anymore, I just nod or say cool in a condescended way.

I did a take-away, which is awesome.

I'm getting real good at sucking girls into my reality when I make direct eye contact.

We continue on and open everything. It was fun. YO BRO LEAD. Eventually we decide to hit up the proper stomping grounds for street game and head back to the clubbing district immediately. The annex is fun but it doesn't compare to KSW.

We get there as I'm coming off of the streetcar I walk in a glass window while I'm looking down playing on my phone. This can't be life.

As soon as we cross the street a fight breaks out between two giant asian parties. It was stupid and absurd. They started hitting each other with belts. I felt disgusted and bewilder at how people can act like this. What's the point of it all. I wait until it's done and get to gaming.

I opened a bunch of times, nothing really hooked but it was fun as shit.

Later on in the night as I'm walking I see this sexy ass chick walking besides me, reaction time between seeing her and opening is a second:

Me: Hey
Her: Hi
Me: My name is Ash
Her: Hey
Me: How's your night going
Her: I'm a lesbian
Me: I don't like dudes either
Her: *Laughs*
Me: So how was your night going
Her: What do you hope to gain from this
Me: Maybe a phone number, a nude picture or you or your naked body on my bed
Her: I'm a lesbian
Me: Okay, I'm black
Her: This is why I hate guys
Me: I don't understand

Lol this was funny, she was sexy. Really sexy. Somewhere in-between all this back and fourth Mars comes in out of nowhere and uses the boyfriend objection and steals her away only to start gaming her himself and he gets the same I'm a lesbian response. I laugh hard at this.

I linkup with FADER and a friend at this point. We chill and then head off to open stuff.

To be honest it's all a blur and I don't really remember anything so yea. Good times.

Last set was this two set I went in on with a wing. I just walked up and said:

Me: Bonjour
Her: *Something in spanish*
Me: Je'm appelle Ash
Her: *Spanish*
Me: El poya loco

And I just repeat this every time she says something in spanish. Crazy motherfucking chicken. I accuse her of flirting with me in spanish. She eventually cracks once she realizes I'm awesome and we have an normal conversation. She was lively and animated and we were flirting back and fourth until her boyfriend comes and she just completely shuts down. He grabs her and I bid her a farewell.

I remember listening to a Ryan's Mastermind where he mentions lead first. If you want a specific action or outcome you have to do it first. Such as telling the girl you like her if you want her to be comfortable enough to say it to you. In this interaction I went in all super duper gamey and she mirrored it with the same shit and we had this battle until she cracked and I was able to get in and have a normal conversation with her. If I just went in normal I probably would have gotten a different result.

We roam the streets a little more and call it a night. I'm freezing and blackout on the bus. Good times.

I know exactly what my ideal archetype is but I can't seem to get them on a regular basis. Either they're too old, have boyfriends or not interested. I find this funny but its part of the journey, I'm slowly getting there and with due time they will be mines. P.S. Hipster chicks are awesome.

If I'm going to build a model from the ground up I should be critical of my old and any new beliefs I use. I realized this as I was waiting for the bus is that I'm going to have to challenge and use direct experiences to formulate new beliefs. I'm beginning to understand on how to do this effectively without throwing a wrench into my inner game. This is the only way to do it.
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