November 18th, 2018
Lay Report - Trust the process
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Since being back in the game for 4 months i've had shit loads of K-Closes and number closes, i'm generating loads of attraction, but the problem is leading, so i have started to address this.

This was my first night out in Burnley for ages. I went into town, solo, with the intention of making friends, and shooting the shit with both girls and guys. The night in general was not the best, bit on the quiet side. Chatting to girls in the bars seemed quite difficult (an area i need to work on), so basically most of my interactions were in smoking areas. I had some really nice interactions, at the beginning of the night I made it a point to try to talk to everything that moved! I was getting into state pretty quickly.

I went to Lava ignite nightclub. Did a bit of dance floor game, which consists of looking as if i'm having a great time, and girls will just come and dance with you, because you're not acting like a desperate chode. I made a good impression there and I saw HBbrunette and fat friend on the dance floor giving me the eye. I'd already grinded with a few girls by then, but though nothing of it and went to the smoking area.

In the smoking area opened this mixed 4 set (i'm getting loads better at opening sets with guys now!) Chatted to the guys about tattoos etc, then I spoke to HBblonde. Asked her, "are you heavy?", then said "can I pick you up?" So I got her by the legs then we did a lap of the smoking area. I'd just gained shit loads of social proof, this girl must have been a good 8 or 9. She then went in with friends, and i went to get another beer. I should have stayed in set there, (found more creative ways to stay in)

Then went in to get another beer, went back out and chatted to this really drunk guy who said he loved me and kept saying am I gay (on hindsight I think he fancied me) As I was getting love from this guy, I notice HB brunette looking and me, with fat friend there. I say goodbye to drunk friend and sit next to HBbrunette and fat friend (this smoking area was amazing!). I said hi then just starting shooting shit with fat friend. So I was engaging fat friend, almost exclusively while kinoing HBbrunette (what a genius ) We had a nice chat, I only said a few sentences to HBBrunette, then, I kissed HB Brunette. Fat friend loved me so there was no issue. The makeout was for a good 10 sec. One good think I remember from the interaction with HBbrunette (hb8) was that I was always leading her, pushing her around, while I was being friendly chilled guy at the same time, and using my cool conversation skills almost exclusively on fat friend. Then I said to HB brunette "lets go to your place" she said "parents though", I said, don't worry we'll just hang out (thanks to jeffy show 2). So we walk out of the club to the taxi place. We put cash towards fat friends taxi home. Then fat friend said "you better not hurt her!"I hugged fat friend and said "its all cool" Then she said, you better not go round her house, her dad will kill you!. Now I live with my mum at the moment, and I have a tiny room. I thought people have had sex in worse place. So I said "lets go to mine". She obliged, then glory times. I had the worse headache in the morning!

Moral is being cool friendly guy, with kino and leading, will lead to sex. I will keep practicing this. Hopefully more to come. This is where I've got a lot of my techniques from the last few months:

Word of warning. I nearly got carried away bareback, don't be tempted, no glove, no love!
sibi ipsi fidelis
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Haha nice dude... like the report... and good technique... talked to the grenade mostly while sitting next to and kinoing the target :)
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