January 20th, 2019
Is it a cool idea to take a girl's toothbrush and massage your balls with it?
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jenlawillgetyou wrote:
This is funny as shit.

Jeffy posts troll, all rsdnation dudes come and hate. What a bunch.

Yes, there are a lot of sheep out there. I notice this too.

Bewise-or has been my boy since he posted that first ever SMOKE SHOW thread.

Jlaix: You are rather cheeky I admit but the self amusing authentic avi makes it impossible to hate!
Tyler:This is ultimately one of the keys to the game -- viewing EVERYTHING AS A JOKE. It's ALL funny.
Tim:`How can I make this fun?
brad:This thread got Ambiguity banned, you can thank me later. Zack G: Ambiguity is becoming the Howard Roark of RSD!
Alex: "The famous ambiguity!" + "This is what happens when your naturally attractive;
Ambiguity: I don't chase, I replace. #CheekyInnit!
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Did it last night, bitches.

On a serious note OP: I think it depends on what frame you were coming from.
If it was coming from a negative/hostile frame then that's pretty fucked up. Go fix yourself.
But if it was coming from a "self-amusement" frame then it's kinda okay. I mean she's not going to find out anyway.

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