December 18th, 2018
How to BANG Mad Bitches On The First Date -- by Cat -- [LONG]
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I put in the time to deserve the learnings I've achieved and am explaining below. 

Feel free to ask questions, they are much appreciated.


Dear RSDNation Reader,

To achieve the following results, you must follow the outlined steps. This article is not written for someone who doesn’t meet women -- if your head is fucked up and for whatever reason you aren’t meeting girls, go work on that part. Otherwise please do enjoy this article, I hope perhaps you learn something from its conception.

On to this shit.

Getting Dates >>

Cold Approach

Cold approaching for dates vs cold approaching for pulling.

For dates: I find that “lower octane” sets stick on the day2 much better than flashy shit. Eye contact is my “flash” e.g. the shit that makes me stand out. Regardless of how hot that girl is, if I’m keeping my cool and being me, this low key style works wonders. Girls want to meet cool guys.

So, I go out and stop some girl, genuinely curious about her, find out she’s cool, let her know, express that I want to see her again, we swap contact information, each of us EXCITED about it, and just hang out together and get to know one another. Man, it looks boring. But it’s fun. It’s genuine. It’s cool. From the outside you look like flirty friends.

Versus: I go out, hit blowout hit blowout hit hook hit hook hit blowout hit hoooook, flowing, flowing, gold gold gold, makeout, move move move, makeout, pull. Very little finesse, a one-shot deal. That night. Generally more fun in the moment but I miss a lot more (but still love it). From the outside your friends will be like “what the fuck I pointed that girl out, he approached, and now they are making out five minutes later”. Who cares if you aren’t closing, honestly, so do what works for you based on what you want. If you prefer ONS game, which is cool, stop reading now.

Because of my lifestyle, I tend to run fewer sets, shorter interactions, and get more numbers. I tend to crash early during the week if I’m out (rarely am I out until past close). On the weekends I will push it to work that other skillset. I suggest both, each for their own way to learn, each for its own form of fun.

To get laid on dates you do not need to be pulling girls and getting one night stands. But damn, that shit helps. I do think you need to be going out and leading a very fucking social life with lots of cold approaching built in. Get that shit dialed, it’s rad.

Getting Dates >>


I have met a few girls online. Frankly I’ve had more random sex from the internet than long-lasting relationships -- something that’s fucking awesome and quite strange. Who knows.

My basic strategy: be funny, be real, get the number asap or fuck off. I don’t put a lot of time into online game because it doesn’t build my core competencies.

The reason that I am where I am at is NOT from doing game online. If you think you can “approach” (I’m scoffing at this idea while writing) online and get this kind of success, you are mistaken.


But once you have that momentum, grab the sweeties from the internets.

I spend ~1 hour, crawl through and find 10ish profiles, hit them up, get a few back, get a number or two, a date or two, and a fuck perhaps.

More often than not I get super random hookups off the internet. Read this FR and this FR for details (a 20 year old bootycalls me at 4am for our “first date” and fucks me twice -- -- and the second girl comes straight to my house, almost no words are spoken, I cum 3x --

Getting Dates >>

Running It Good Enough Mindset

I want to emphasize that dating is a very normal activity for SOCIALLY ACTIVE PEOPLE. When you go out you are meeting socially active people.

Again: DATING IS A NORMAL THING. You can be “relatively normal and confident” and GET IT DONE.

Rarely will a super low self-esteem, socially awkward girl come out. If you end up randomly meeting her, realize she’s the weird one, and next her. Find that cool ass, socially confident, clever, HOT girl who went out hoping that she’d actually meet a cool fucking guy. Be that guy.

Socially active people, like yourself, go out to meet one another. This is simply the truth of the matter. If you disagree, fuck yourself.

So realize that by being a guy who focuses on himself, his health, his self-esteem, his emotional maturity, his sense of identity, you are far above the average chode who drunkenly hits on some girl.

Also realize that being normal and cool, enjoying yourself, and bringing the vibe up through your expression of positivity is GOOD ENOUGH.

I cannot emphasize this enough times. You do not need sparks flying out of your ass to get dates.

Focus on some very fundamental pick up skills and reap the rewards with a bunch of numbers.

Focus on:
→ Flirty eye contact [outer game]
→ Unapologetically loud voice [outer game]
→ Personal enjoyment / self amusement / having fun [inner game]
→ Confidence in asking for and getting what you want / intent [inner game]

This repertoire of skills and habits of mind will have your balls empty after some practice.

And also: meeting new people is fun, especially women. Dun be afraid. Go for it.

OKAY! So you got a fucking phone number. YES!!!! OMFUCKINGGOD now what?

Getting Dates >>

Following Up | Planning the Date | Meeting Up

I.) Call Dem Women

I call instead of texting. I do this because a phone call is REAL, a text message is this strange, manipulable way of communicating. I can get her on the phone and, based on how much she invests in the conversation, can quickly tell if it’s hot or cold. I also get to ENJOY HER and find out if she’s actually smart enough to enjoy on a date or if I was just too in the moment.

This is especially huge with meeting girls from the internet. I can tell QUICKLY if she is going to suck too much to see in person vs having good, flirty social skills. You also get to hear a sexy voice laugh. Rad.

I gauge where or not I need to call her a second time to solidify things or go for the meetup right there based on how playful and fun the conversation is. I know how to tell this from my experience of her when I first met her and from her laughter, playful vibe on the phone. More playful = better for you total noobs.

I haven’t not suggested plans with these girls in the last few months -- these days it’s just super natural. That confidence and “metric” will improve over time. Stick with it and pull the trigger more often, you’ll get more and more girls down to meetup.

II.) Suggesting Meeting Up & Logistics Until She Arrives

1) State that you want to hang out:

-- “Hey, so, we should get together sometime”
-- “Sarah you are kinda awesome, we should hang out”
-- “Hahah oh my god alright I want to hang out”

2) She will say “yeah”. I have never had her say yeah because I always time this right. (As per Todd, maybe I need to push this more -- I just think I am generally doing really well on the phone when I suggest the meetup).

3) You suggest something vague like “cool, yeah we should do something later this week, we’ll have fun. I’ll hit you up about it later” or “awesome, let’s meetup like Wednesday or Thursday”. Depending on how “on” it is, this will just simply become a strict plan OR it will be left on a high with vague plans and the responsibility on you to text and make plans.

4) End that call sorta abruptly with “oh hey Sarah, I gotta run, but I’ll text you, you’re awesome, have a great rest of your day”.

5) Text the next day to make plans:

-- “We should get a drink tonight.”
-- “What are you doing at Thursday at 8/9ish”
-- “Hey I’m stoked to see you tomorrow and lets be real imma try an kiss yo face :) hope you are having a legendary Tuesday Sarah”.

Be intentional when you know it’s on. And BECAUSE YOU ARE A BOSS, IT IS MORE ON, more often, therefore you think it’s on more often, therefore you are more readily expressing your intent and sexuality comfortably. This is why I’m texting this chick that I’m going to kiss her and she hits me back with “lets be honest I’m stoked as well :)”

6) They will hit you back with yes or a different day/time. Figure it out.

6b) Then say “cool let’s meetup at the corner of X and Y street” where X and Y are your cross streets.

6c) Then text “cool, have a good rest of your day :)” or “cool, talk to you then :)”

7) Text that day “hey, see you at 9 tonight, I will be clean” or “hey see you at 9, I may have a hobo beard” or “hey see you at 9, don’t look like a hipster” or “hey see you at 9, still be pretty”

8) 15 minutes before she arrives text her “hey call me when you are getting close”.

And the first part of the date is helping her park :)


IF she doesn’t pick up I leave a voicemail. My voicemails probably suck ass, they are all long, I mumble the whole time, and I giggle a lot. You can ask my friends. But they are good enough I guess :) mostly I think they show that I’m genuinely chilled out about calling. I get the “cute voicemail” text often enough to mention it. (Sidenote: banged girl this month where I said we should meetup on Tuesday in the vmail and she didnt pick up but texted back saying “Hey! I got your voicemail but didn’t pick up. Tuesday sounds good”)

IF she won’t call back or pick up but will text you, accept it for what it is, move to planning to meetup quickly. “Hey are you free Thursday 8/9ish”. Girls 20-23 are like this more often, ime.

IF she tests you on the “meetup at corner of X and Y streets” (6b) tell her “its cool there are a few bars in walking distance that I can pick based on what you wear”. This is true (for me) so it works.  
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The Date


// I Am Enough Mindset

I feel entitled to be taking women out because I’m a fucking boss. I’m not just writing that or just saying that. I firmly believe this to be true. This FACT took time to EARN. But now I BELIEVE that I am enough. Or, at least, I believe it so much more strongly, so much more often.

I think this is the biggest sticking point that ANYONE WHO IS STRUGGLING WITH DATES can have. Period. They do not believe they are fucking amazing.

My complete self-love translates to...

// The Having a Good Time Mindset

The most important mindset for dating (specifically) is that you and you alone are going to have a good time. That means you accept that the date could GO HORRIBLY and you will literally laugh at it. This mindset creates a “no-pressure” tone and BECAUSE YOU ARE LEADING, you feel no pressure, nor does she.

This is also totally true of nighttime and daytime pickup, wtf am I saying.

// The Genuine Interest Mindset

This is HUGE for qualifying a girl and making her feel good. You HAVE TO BE genuinely interested in her for some specific reasons. It’s your job, as a good date, to find that shit out. So BE CURIOUS and REWARD HER when she talks about COOL SHIT.

// The ABE Mindset (Always Be Escalating)

Always ‘lean on’ how you can escalate the interaction with her verbally, physically, and logistically. What I mean by lean on is to be hitting at it in your awareness but not really “mentally thinking about it”.

BE AWARE OF where things are (calibration) and BE AWARE OF where you can move them forwards (escalation).

Also be aware of calibrating to DE-escalate at the right time.

Most importantly: KEEP THIS RHYTHM IN MIND.

Date Logistics

This is what a usual date looks like for me.

1) Your meetup text (from the follow up section) tells her to meet you at the corner of the cross streets that you live on at a certain time. This is great. She should call you when she’s on the corner or when she’s looking for parking.

2) Walk out and greet her wearing a thin tshirt. Leave the front-door open if you can. Give her a big hug “hey :)”.

3) Short chit chat like “hi how are you” “how have you been” “you look great, how was your day” while you turn around and walk back into the house (the front door is open). I say “I gotta grab a sweatshirt/jacket/shirt real quick”. She will follow you in. If she is uncomfortable.. eventually she will still follow you in.

This works especially well because I can leave the front door of my house open which makes it feel less ‘enclosed’ so to speak.

4) Grab a shirt, show her the place for literally one minute, then leave.

She might just sit down right there and you can sit down with her and talk for a while and then go which is awesome, she is super comfortable in your house. Usually, though, I just rush out of there.

5) Walk to the bar you live close to.

If you don’t live close to a bar, move. It’s sooo nice this way, trust me :)

6) Have some drinks. Get to know one another and enjoy yourself. Verbally escalate, physically escalate, and logistically escalate (sections detailed ahead).

7) [Only if necessary] Move to the next bar and repeat step 6 or move to step 8.

Calibrate this based on how she is responding to you. Or just have blind faith in your skills and move to step 8 IF she is unresponsive.

8) Walk back to your house.

Kiss her here if you haven’t yet.

9) Do whatever your pull excuse was and sexually escalate or just sexually escalate (now I just do the latter).

10) Bang

11) Spend time talking in bed together.

12) Kiss her when she leaves and tell her you are going to see her soon.


IF you don’t get laid on the first date then simply repeat these steps and replace the bar with a new location / event. Pick an event that lets you both talk, stand up and sit down, move between buildings, and ideally drink a drink or two.

Verbal Escalation

What I Talk About

I like talking about myself. I like learning about other people. I like looking at a beautiful girl in the eyes long enough that she smiles when she wasn’t.

I love people.

So what I end up talking about is what people are doing in their lives, what I’m doing in my life, and often the cool intersections between all of those things.

Without disclosing too much about myself, I love playing music, the nba, mobile technology, plants, TED talks, philosophers, expressionist art, surrealist art, weird movies, not liking scary movies, and on and on and on and on.

I am enough. I think that I’m fucking cool. My MISSION on every date is to enjoy myself. So talking about these things that interest me and seeing what she has to say is fascinating.

I am super attracted to women that have a lot going on and have a lot of strong, thoughtful opinions. That is super hot to me because I love love love smart beautiful women.

Be that smart handsome guy and have a lot of shit going on in your life. This is going to improve your ability to talk about yourself (because of social interaction) and your trust in the fact that you are doing awesome shit in your life, and you are fucking enough.

I’m seriously the man.

So, with that being said, I think there are 4 things you can focus on to improve your dates via the shit you say. They are FRAMING, SEEDING, VERBAL (SEXUAL) ESCALATION, QUALIFICATION.


Framing is the judgements you make about a topic.

You can talk about being a single man in many ways. You can say “I am dating multiple women” “I’m not really interested in a monogamous relationship” or “I’m meeting people who are open to new possibilities”.

The WAY you talk about what you talk about IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF TALKING.

One more time:

The WAY you talk about what you talk about IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF TALKING.

This means that you are infusing your stories and ideas with flirtation or empathy or disgust or praise.

You want to PRAISE the content that will help you get laid:
-- Spontaneity / Going With The Flow
-- Independence
-- Sexuality
-- Non-neediness
-- Intelligence

You want to FROWN UPON:
-- Rules
-- Boredom
-- Simplicity
-- Ignorance
-- Socially Conditioned Ideas

When you speak to a woman who you want to have a romantic relationship with, you have to frame your relationship in the right way. So make sure you KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO PRAISE internally. The aforementioned suggestions (I think) help me on dates that end up in sex. Depending on what you want, praise different things.

MOST OF THE TIME ON A DATE I am not “heavily judging” the content. But sometimes I will weigh in and frame something a certain way.

Example: she mentions something about her ex-boyfriend being a player. You say “yeah I really dislike when people aren’t genuine and authentic about what they want, it ends up fucking up relationships”. This creates a frame that “being open and honest is good”.

Example: you tell a story about traveling in Vietnam and going to this small unheard of restaurant and wandering for an hour to randomly pick this one place and how wonderful it was and how “being spontaneous and going with the flow is important for peak life experiences”.

Framing is an easy way to express positive and negative emotions, your worldview, and who you are as a man.


Seeding is suggesting a future event together.

“I’ll have to show you the photos sometime”
“The poster of Twighlight in my room is my signature move, you aren’t allowed to see it, or else you too shall perish”
“Your house sounds scary but I have that flashlight app on my iphone so I think it’ll be cool”
“I’ll show you the video on youtube when we go back to your house” -girl
“I mean of course I’m going to see your house eventually” -girl
“We should have a glass of wine at my place after we walk around”
“Do you like hookah, we should go smoke in a bit”
“I have to go wash my dog in like 40 minutes, you are going to come help me”

Seeding is simply suggesting that you two do something, somewhere together in the future.

Seeding creates an excuse to be at that place in the future as well.

So when you invite her back to your house or just start walking there, if anything does come up, you can explain yourselves.

And if you fucking like each other, then yeah, it makes sense for you, as a man, to lead the situation forward so that you guys get to keep hanging out and enjoying each other.

As a note: on my dates I now rarely seed anything. I usually just bluntly escalate the situation by telling her to finish her drink and leaving together back to my house. Normally nothing is said, we are just back at my place still hanging out.

I have a lot of shit I can just say as an excuse too: “I want to show you that project I was working on” “I want a glass of red wine” “I want to keep hanging out” “come onnnnn haha, dont be lame, this will be fun”.

Verbal Escalation

Verbal escalation is when you intensify the emotional rhythm of your dynamic in a certain way.

Example: “You are beautiful and I want to kiss your face” “Not in the bar!” → escalates her sexual mind

Example: “I’m normally a pretty open guy with people, I like being authentic and being around authentic people” → escalates your connection together

Example: “I’m normally not attracted to blondes but you are really clever, it’s cool” → escalates your intentions

Example: “I don’t want you to think I’m slutty but I really want to kiss your pussy” → escalates your CatRewardPoints.

Excellent ways to verbally escalate are having a genuine conversation about sex, joking about having kids in the future, expressing genuine interest for a lasting relationship, or anything else that “turns up” one of the dimensions of your emotional rhythms.

Think of your own ways to joke around, express your intent, and turn yourself and her on through what you say. Shit is fun.

Sidenote: unconsciously I think I learned from Tyler on bootcamp to sexually escalate more because I’ve been doing this since and have had the wettest ever and more of it on the first date. Just a suggestion that I’ve learned.

Verbal Qualification

Qualification is expressing interest in her for a characteristic that she has.

The best way to do this is expressing something about her that isn’t about her looks.

Have criteria of things that you really like in a girl. Make a list.

Mine are:
-- Sweet heart
-- Intelligent
-- Creative
-- Low Key / Not Needy
-- Physical / Cuddly

When a girl hits in any of these characteristics I let her know because I genuinely like that about her. When she fits all of them.. I am soooo happy.

She is happy too because I am literally telling her that the characteristics that she has are exactly what I like. That’s flattering.

Make sure to qualify her for things that she is passionate about as well. These can be things that you have no interest in, yet her passion for that thing itself is fucking awesome and you let her know.


“It’s fucking awesome that you are into restoring old furniture, I really like creative people”.
She makes a clever joke, “hahah ahhh okay so you’re smart, that’s cool”.
She tells you bluntly that she likes TED talks. “I fucking love TED talks”.
You tell a story about traveling and she tells one and you tell her it’s cool that she’s independent and spontaneous (not needy).


This section is simply this important realization I’ve had:

Becoming comfortable as a sexual guy has made it very comfortable to talk about sex.

Talking about sex turns women on.

So you can purposefully not touch or kiss her physically (but using these ideas) you can escalate verbally “I bet you aren’t very good at kissing” and logistically (as you are walking back to your house) and totally turn her on. Like, soaking wet.

On dates, as much as I like to be physical, I find that having sex and sexuality come up reeeally creates that physical arousal (wetness) for women. It’s super hot for them and super hot for you.

All of this guide, hopefully, comes off as win-win.

Physical Escalation

Eye Contact

Eye contact is huge.

If you don’t consider eye contact as a physical form of communicating, I don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. You bullshitter.

Eye contact is physical because it is ONLY ABOUT HER PHYSICAL FORM and LIKEWISE ONLY ABOUT YOURS.

Eye contact loosely also means how you are looking at her. How you are willing to NOT TALK AT ALL and JUST FUCKING LOOK AT HOW HOT THIS FUCKING WOMAN IS.

AHHHhh alright focus. But damn I love that shit.

They love that too.

The best way to do eye contact is to just look at her with relaxed eyes AS IF SHE WERE TALKING and you were listening, and smile slightly :)

This expresses that you are into her physically, that you are comfortable with sexual tension, and that you are having a fucking good time. Hahah


Get into it.


When I sit down at a bar with a girl I’m on a date with I always sit next her. Always. I just insist -- I do it everytime, dude, I just fucking insist. None of this “but..” “well what if..” shut the fuck up and just insist dude, be a fucking man, that’s what this shit is about.. I will make it awkward if she is resistant by sitting across from her and making her realize that it’s better to sit next to one another. It’s more comfortable and more intimate. Awww

I tend not to touch her upper body that much when we are in the bar. Our legs might be touching or if we’re on bar stools, intertwined. They might be up against one another. I might grab her thigh after she makes fun of me :)

But in general I just use eye contact when I’m sitting there talking to her on the first date.

I will tell her that I want to kiss her. If she says anything positive I will kiss her in the bar. If she hesitates I will say “haha just kidding, and by kidding I mean not kidding” and try again or kiss her later.

Often times I’ll just lean in and kiss her.

It feels good. You should try it.

When we’re walking back to my house I will stop her and tell her “we are going to kiss now” and go for it or just kiss her and hug her and have my arm around her a bit and keep walking.

Maybe we will hold hands for a bit and then stop.

I’ll wander off. Last night I saw an apple tree and decided to jump and get one. It was almost ripe enough. Then I threw it at her and chased her down and made out with her. Like kids playing.

When we get back to my house is when I try to physically seduce her. So I’ll leave that for later.

Eye contact is what amps up the verbal communication. Touching lightly is about being comfortable together. Sexual touching is about fucking, so only do that where you are going to fuck (when it comes to dates).


Logistical Escalation

The most important thing to keep in mind about logistical escalation is the emotional rhythms of her level of comfort and relaxation with you.

On a date you are both a lot more low key. I only do dates Sunday - Thursday at small bars to ensure they are low key.

This lets you both talk, flirt, kiss, and learn about one another. Throughout you want her to be comfortable first then turned on or connected or whatever emotions you want second.

If she is relaxed she will be comfortable with going back to yours. Make sure that you actually are the kind of guy who is going to respect her and let her leave at any time and not push her in a weird way. You’re super focused on baby steps etc.

So when all is going well it makes sense to keep hanging out and go back to your house.

From a macro perspective, here it is:
-- She comes over to your area
-- She sees your house very quickly
-- You have a great time together talking and flirting
-- -- -- You guys go to a cool bar and maybe a second bar
-- -- -- You walk back to your house as a part of that whole continuum of emotions
-- -- -- (Sex, if it were to happen, would happen here)
-- She leaves whenever she wants to go

Make the whole process comfortable. She will be happy to keep hanging out with you that way and you can move around together as a part of a whole night together.

End Game

Okay so this is going to get raunchy lol. Fuck it, I’m here to offer my learnings.

Physical End Game

This is a general guide to how I escalate to sex physically. Feel free to steal my moves and think of a small furry animal in the room while you fuck your next girl using these ideas.

Please PM me and let me know.

Fucking a girl in 25 moves or less (Tm Cat Elite 3000 Method).

Make out on couch
Stand her up
Push her against a wall and kiss her neck
Rub your fingers her inner thighs and over her while you push her up against the wall (you can feel the heat from her to get a judgment about how wet she is, and she might also be wet through her fucking jeans, which is so fucking hot, holy fuck)
Take your shirt off
Take her shirt off
Undo her buttons (if she has them)
Finger her through her panties
Move them aside, finger her wet little pussy
Move her around your house while you finger her, make out against various objects, be a fucking animal, I’m a fucking animal
Pun fucking intended
Take your dick out while you finger her
Take her hand and put it on your dick
(Optional) Put your dick close to her mouth and/or tell her to put it in her mouth
(Optional) Try to lick her clit then take off her pants and lick it through her panties
(Optional) Put them aside and lick it
Stand her up, take her hand
Walk her into the bedroom, push her on the bed
Take off her pants / lift up her skirt
Take off your pants
Take off her panties
Take of your boxers
Put it in her mouth while you finger her
Lick her happy button like a thirsty woodsman
Put on a condom
Enjoy each other deeply

In terms of putting this together, generally we will be sitting on my couch talking for 10-30 minutes before we start making out.

Between all these moves I am calibrating based on how receptive she is. She might be mouthraping you or straddling you. These “moves” are for any girl who would not lead the physical escalation. She might get uncomfortable. Focus on changing that back to being comfortable, take a step or two back and keep going.

Learn these moves by doing them.

If you are a total noob, contrary to a bunch of popular advice, I would suggest that you claim a girlfriend to practice this shit on. Go for it for two or three months and learn how to mac, grab a woman, and learn how to mac physically. Don’t be in a monogamous relationship, just learn how to fuck her properly.

Verbal End Game

Over the last two or three months I’ve realized how important verbal sexual escalation can be for women.

Getting her thinking about sex is amazing. She will be wet for you and all the aforementioned moves will happen seamlessly because she is soooo aroused and turned on.

Getting a girl to think about fucking you works.

Hell yeah. Because talking about sex is hot. (Both meanings are true)

Telling her she seems conservative but she also might have this crazy streak in her, alluding to sexuality. Talking about social sexual repression and sexual openness. Talking about your future children and how magnificent they will be because we had sex so young.

Looking her dead in the eyes. Waiting until right before she is going to look away. Then saying “you are so fucking beautiful”. BOOM.

Turn her on verbally.

And, like I said earlier, this is a total win-win. These girls love going on a date like this. It DOES NOT FEEL STRUCTURED because IT IS NOT A MECHANICAL PROCESS. It is an emotional process. It changes based on the emotional pulse and the social rhythms at play.

So a lot of these steps can be skipped. Some might need to be added for a specific girl. BUT, in general, DAMN, damn damn damn, does this shit work for me.

And I hope it works well for you!

Let me know about your questions, clarifications, and criticisms.

I wrote this guide fairly quickly but I like it. I hope you do too. Thanks for reading this far.


And one last thing!

I wrote an article on RSDNation for my 1000th post. It was about achieving abundance with women from where I was at, then.

Check it here:

That was January 24th. Now late August, seven months later, I come back to very similar findings. These are almost the exact same articles :) -- but fuck it was an awesome reminder to write the process out again.

The biggest two changes though?

Firstly, arousing women mentally. For whatever reason this spice, when administered correctly, makes shit hot when you pull.

Secondly, I don’t need any fucking excuses. It’s where I am internally now that’s making a difference.

It’s expressed through my not needing the “pull excuse” crutch anymore. Through looking her square in the eye and talking with her about her sexuality. And from just not giving a fuck as much I guess.

So let me leave you with this.

Learning this game is about doing it THROUGH TIME.

And if I can actually “call” one concept, I’ll name that one as a huge cornerstone of my success: being fucking okay with putting in the time.

Seven months progress, few things changed, but even better results.

Can you get excited for where you’ll be in seven months?

You fucking should. And get started now.

Much love,
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Awesome going to go through this properly when i have a chance.
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Lots of value in here.  Thanks man.
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This is HAWT
90 Days Challenge (Currently in the Final Third): "It's Just Something You Have To Do If You Want To Be Great"  The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars A man may fall down many times, but he won't be a f ailure until he says someone pushed him" Buddha
My review of training with
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 Awesome post mate, this is exactally what i needed right now. 

Nothing but praise. love it!
There is no reason why I am not enough
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 thumbs upthumbs upthumbs up
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 Umm so I just had a D2 with some chica I met a couple weeks ago....and just finished having sex with her. Pretty cool chick, this is my first lay off cold approach. THIS STUFF IS SO FUN. I think of how cool it is to literally meet a random stranger to having a blast together and being together - I love having experiences and interactions with interesting girls who share in my adventures.

The biggest part I pulled from the article and used tonight was rewarding her for being awesome/having characteristics I liked. She for example is quite adventurous and a free spirit, I really dig that, so I told her so. I also seeded the values I really enjoy in my life in my own stories.

Thanks dude.
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thanks cat!
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