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I started to write field reports as I wanted to have a personal diary. I need to be analyzing my adventures looking for the things that are good and looking for the things that can be tweaked.
Even looking for the things that are fucked up and possible blindspots that may have been internalized.

I'm going out every weekend on a consistent basis since 08/2011. It has been one year now. And i've been reading up on RSD, watching video's and go practice it in field for maybe 10 months now.
I freerolled the first 2 months by just reading the book the game. Going all mystery shit and stuff haha good timez..

The first day I want out after reading anything pick-up related was probably the best ever considering kiss-close wise. Which was the point that I was focusing on back then.
I had 11-13 kiss-closes that night. Which for me was quite insane so I digged deeper and discovered RSD through a wingman.

These are my detailed field reports. Feel free to help me out on aspects that you think I need to watch out for or pay more attention to..

But most of all enjoy!
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Trip report 23/06/2012 [x] city (LONG)

[wing] and I arrive in [x] city (seaside), searching a long time for a parking spot. means it's probably packed in town.
I see a mixed set 4 guys 1 girl. I kinda get in the vibe behind them. And they berate us when we pass along.
Weird shit, at this point I knew that those chodes were already off guard by my vibe, it meant to me that I was going to kill it tonight.

I have good EC with a girl in a 2-set that we pass by. 20 m passed them I say fuck this, let's approach.
So I turn around walk straight to them and open really weak, get some convo going but nothing special.
Getting warm. Next we go to a bar that's usually known to have chill girls and a good atmosphere.
I kick it with a set on a chair, her mom thinks i'm hot, the daughter isn't bad, just she has 2 kids so nono.

I'm kinda chilling after and opening some of the bar girls. One is really hot, the vibe was on with her but unfortunately logistics weren't right to talk for 10-15 mins
it was busy as hell.

We start moving to another bar. The minute I come in I see a group of 8-9 all chicks around a table.
I open one of them to make the group curious, they are german, I spit my shit and it's on. Some of the girls join in on the conversation, all wanting a peace of it.
Convo is so good, and I was kickin it with her becz she was hotter.
I was drinking solely water at that point. So the chicks decide to leave and one decides to buy me a beer, LOLZ okay.
hug and spin the other girl that joined in and that was hotter. Could have probably K-closed or should have gone for more.
What have I got to lose. CHD

So gave the beer to [wing] and walked around the venue to see if there were more good sets. no no.
So we decide to leave to a disco more like club. Chatted up some GF at the table. good kino, good convo.
Initiating her friends (3) So basically talking to a 4-set again. Wing comes in and helps me out with those 2 other chicks
I keep in set with one girl and I kinda steer the convo to a more sexual tone, she was tired. I just went direct and told her I want her
come to my car that I would kidnap her in my trunk and that we would kick it all night. She digged it.
Solid eyecontact the entire time. Saw her looking at my lips and my eyes a few times. kiss much?
Didn't go for it though, cause the logistics were of and her girls were at the same table and didn't want to isolate because my attraction for her

We go to casino club and I am literally beast there. Everyone notices it too. Getting who's-that-beast-stares from a distance by several guys and chicks.
Went in for the group with the hottest girl in it. First opened the alpha girl of the group which it happened to be her birthday.
Got good convo and kino with her she was basically all over me. Other girls noticing this, giving me high value. i'm in the group, solid. Now off to opening the hottie
from the group, going for my goal. She's not digging me for a bit. I try keeping it in motion, no no.
Ok off to the other girl, random opener, spit my shit. Isolate her to the smoke room. We are all alone there. She mentions she has a boyfriend
I ignore, keep talking. God convo, but no fucking kino, extremely difficult when in such an isolated area with her smoking, didn't know where to put my hands.
She mentions she's going on a journey with boyfriend and I notice it's true and set doesn't go anywhere anymore.

I return after 15 minutes and go beast-mode again all to pump myself up. A lot of people greeting me and having fun with me.
They feel my vibe, awesome. I see a 2-set with one girl that I jellowed with like 2 years ago.
I open them and spit my shit on her friend. The initial girl calls me out and goes berzerk on me for hitting up her girl
while she has a boyfriend. She literally gives me the fingers. I take her finger put it in my mouth put it high in the air
and I say feel me care. all in a relaxed way. felt awesome. Hitting it with another hottie at this point
The one with the finger follow me when i go to the bar and starts appologizing and licking my ass.
I say it's fine and the hottie is still watching every move I do.

The hottie looks at me from a distance and call me baby is on.
I do some funny shit with gestures and stuff and start singin to the song, she digs it and follows my lead.
She starts shittesting me really hard, my wing said it was like level 9000. I think I passed them okay.
But the convo dies somewhat and the group is leaving, I say to myself fuck this, not happening and start to chase her, grab her arm and I say come on let's dance.
she's like no no. I persist and say cmon one dance. I go travolta mode and start dancing like I never danced before. It was actually quite sexual

She opened up like a beautiful flower. The alpha girl asked me to join their group to somewhere else.
Grabbed my jacket and went. Chill vibe in other club and start dancing & fucking around with hottie.
I try to isolate her by trying to get her outside, no go. I mean wtf this girl is really difficult. Giving me so many yes no yes no.
I persist, okay LETSKO she says! Grab her hand and she's pinching it real firm once in a while. (hmm?)
We are outside and I try to take her to the beach, no go. She said she was cold and wanted to go inside.

I'm like, no problem I will warm u up and start to hug her and rub her on the back, a little bit of ass too.
I pull away my head backwards while still holding her I see the beaming eyes. Make out.
We make out for like 10 mins and then go back inside. Getting so much high value with her.
She's now chasing me. And she's watching me closely while I talk to some buds of me.
She gestures me and I return to her once in a while. We go for a few more makeouts, but everytime
that I give in some of my value to her she backs off and then comes back. (back and forth the entire time)
I wanted to pull her home, cause the club was almost closing.

I say we can go to my place and chill some more and do something fun tomorrow. She said she didn't wanted blabla.
She slept at A-girl her place. "I'm like fuck what to do" in my head. While we sat outside I type in the first
numbers for her number. She gave it to me and asked me to call so she got mine.
At first in the other bar she didn't want to give me her number (forgot to mention)

So I say I also need a cab to go to my place. The friends go along and I try my last attempt.
I grab her and slam her with her back against a window. Start to heavily make out and HEAVY KINO.
TITS, ASS, biting, but no fingerpumping though. To chode to do that? didn't dare, thought it was inappropriate?
She was getting real horny. Then the A-girl grabs her away from me after some point.
I'm like fuck this you ain't getting my cab as a playful line. (Which was maybe needy IDK)

The group gets in 2 cabs. I'm like fuck trying to pull her arm and come with me in another cab. No go.
So I sit i the cab myself and the sis of A-girl tells me where I need to go (i'm like fuck A-girl is in other cab)

Notice this ain't going nowhere anymore, say my address and I drip of home.
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Saturday 23/06/2012

So I decided to go out with a Few no P-guys. Because my main wing has to work.
A lot of work to do since I got to do it alone most of the time.
So we sit at a terras because it is fairly early. The barwomen somewhat opens me playfully
because I was eating a burger. Had some playful convo with her, nothing much.

Got a lot of stares through the entire night, guess I have some sort of confidence aura
around myself and it blasts 10m around me.

We go to another club where it begins to fill up. A lot of people on the terrace because
it is still good weather. While I ask non-P friend what he wants for drinks I see a girl
watching intensely in my eye-corner. I order drinks, go back outside, I look in her direction
and she points at me and says 'You! Don't i know you from somewhere'

I'm like, most people know me. She starts mumbling and qualifying herself why she opened me
because of one guy she saw me shake hands with a few weeks/months ago.

I barely talk to the guy. So it just was a bunch of BS. Women's game is weak bro.
I talk a bit with the 3-set and then I part to a table behind me where there is a mixed set
with my non-P friend. I'm totally dominating the set, too bad there is only 1 girl and 4 guys.

The guys like me and the girl diggs it. We part after a while because I'm getting bored
from sitting on a chair at a table the entire time.

So we go to a good bar a lot of people still on terrace and I go to the back to get an overview
I'm getting opened by a girl who doesn't let me pass to the toilets.
Never seen her before. She said she wanted to dance with me, I say no dance now, later..
I also say that she's way to young for me, but as a matter of fact she was 19. she looked 16.
Big boobs, great body, cute face. I leave for the toilet, come back and her friends
initiate me in the convo, telling me it's one girls b-day party. She looked decent,
I said B-day present and K-closed her. The initial friend was like OH OH I'M gonna cry.
I said it's okay if she was naughty she could get one too.
So I part and chat to some other friends that entered the venue.

I later re-open her and get a good claw, like 2cm from her. She wanted to get K-closed.
I could see it in her eyes, she was so needy, but i said wtf LETSKO!
So i did a tiny kiss. My original plan was to pull her to the beach. But my friends
wanted to go somewhere else and I said ok is good. Next time girl, next time.

Later in the night I see the first girl that opened me from the previous bar with the
mumble of the friend that i seem to know. I push her in a seat.
Grab her head and go for the K. NO GO. Too direct. Doesn't matter, pretentious *****

2 hours pass by with nothing much, not even worth mentioning.

2 hours before closing time of most bars I go to a housy club. MY style.
I open a 2-set near the post that is talking to each other. A guy joins, I dominate the set.
the other one in the set was his GF, so he came to check it out. I nodded to the guy.
It was like guy-code, he knew I wasn't going to make a move on her, so he parted, the set was for me.
I spit my game, the 2 girls dig it. I do some roleplay. The GF is encouraging her friend to
go inside with me and have fun for the rest of the night. I stay cool and say letsko.
I grab her say bye to the friend and now. 2 bouncers stopping me. FUCK.
---Bouncer game initiated--- Normally you have to get a stamp earlier in the night, because
you need to pay to get inside. We both had no stamp. I hold my frame and I say like we have
entered already. The bouncer scans me. Looks in my eyes and I just have a terminator look on my face.
He gets the other bouncer and says to him did they get inside already, like it's fucking retorical.
He says hmm doesn't matter for this guy. Bouncer parts the way and I lead my chick inside.
It's only r&b this night and i say fooook. Don't feel like dancing so i go to the bar.
Get us some drinks. And just have convo. I didn't want to dance. Wasn't in the mood.

Konvo for like 1 hour and I just stand there. Another girl comes up, probably twice my age
and starts grinding against my cock when i'm just leaning against the bar.
The girl is like WTF, what is this shit. it was insane. Later I let her go to her friends.
And i'm like wandering around the club, because my friends weren't there anymore.
I basically went Solo Dolo. No big deal I manage to do well. Lots of attraction.
Even from a HB9-10 again. 2 in the club they were begging to get opened.

Had amazing eye contact with a stunner HB9. It was like 10 seconds. I didn't go approach her
because I was fckin tired and was in my head with the other chick that I can pull in no-time.
The only thing that stopped me from pulling was that i don't have a place on my own
and that my mom is in the next room.

This is quite a sticking point for me. I could have pulled ateast +-5 more this year
just because of that. I just don't say the words to come to my place.
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Friday 29/06/2012

I meet wing in town, after finding a great parking spot. Wing is grabbing something to eat and we walk
to some location, but there aren't many people. They are all sitting on a terras again which sucked.
I see two girls walking by wasn't sure but grabbed the arm while she passed by. She first was like wtf
and then like oh hiiii. Started vibing with the 2 set, they were feeling me, just doing my shit.
The one girl starts qualifying her so hard after I gave her the question how old she is haha.
It was ridiculous to see, never saw so much qualification. I try to leave the 2-set as it's just a warm-up.
They ask were we are going. I briefly say 'back there'. They insist on knowing where, so I say to place X.
The girl decides that they want to join us. I decide to part those 2 because I see some lads in the club.
And I want to meet new people.

So I walk around the club, it's so warm in there, almost unbearable at first.
I open some here and there and it all goes quite well, but not superb. At one point I see a HB 9, maybe 9.5.
Cute brown girl, nice face, long hair, big tits (D/E), tight ass. you know how they look.
According to my wing it was a 10. Anywayz. I see her, stand in front of her and I just go extremely direct.
She feels me, it's on. I vibe for 10 mins with her. And then she takes me to her mom that was watching us the
entire time. They are drinknig champagne, the mom offers me a glass. Normally I wasn't drinking alcohol.
But hey I made an exception. So i'm still vibing with her. There were coaches there, so I slam her with her lower
back against the coach lean in and do some booby sniffing haha. They both liked it allthough she was a bit
shy. I go in for the kissclose on the coach, worked. Tried to pull her outside, but that didn't go
still need to work on this. Don't know how though. More connection? more firm leading?..
The rest of the night was all a downfall. Opened some more, the opens go quite well through the night.
But the rest then falls apart. Nothing goes well anymore and I really have to search for sets to open.
Wing already left so i'm practically going DOLO. Open a few more sets but they aren't feeling me anymore.
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Wednesday 01-08-2012 - BATHROOM PULL

It's my first day of my vacation out of work so I decided to beast it with my good old wing twister.
It's a 20 minute drive and when we arrive my wing immediately opens a set at the bankcashier. I join have a quick talk and we bounce good first set as a warm-up. We then proceed to the plae where the people should be. There's only one club that has partypeople andit isn't that big. We enter and there's not many sets worth to open in there. I decide to blackop the place and look for possible sets,
hard to find though. I talk to some here and there but nothing is boner-worthy.

I go back outside and see my wing talking to a girl, I bought drinks so I give him his drink. The girl asks who I am and stuff. Instant trillion Ioi's. Everything you could think of saying she said it. I wasn't going to steal the set but she kinda lures me into her vibe. It's on without me gaming her. My wing is giving me the nod so i'm opening a bit up to her. Her brother comes and the guy is really chill. Is he going to give me trouble? I kiss-close her soon after.I want to close the deal real quick but don't want to waste my time to her alone the entire night. I leave her and open some more sets, she follow me around and pokes me while i'm in set. I can't stay in set like this so i'm giving her what she wants. Some heavy cock. I'm doing massive kino and put her hand on my semi-boner cock. After a while I pull her upstairs to the toilets, get a decent blowjob and fuck her brains out.
We exchange numbers and I leave with my wing back home because the sets weren't that decent anyway.

Glimpse of the body (left)
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Thursday 02/08/2012

Wing and I get in the car for a 15 minute ride to a good party location known for it's full house on fridays and saturdays. We had no idea if there were going to be a lot of people or not. I open a set at the door, there seems to be a problem with a woman's shoes, they are to open and for safety reasons they won't let her in. I'm telling her it's BS and stuff.
We get in there and it's empty as shit. FOOK... We literally see no sets. So mate is going for a smoke and we see 2 gals in the smoking room of which one is quite decent. I'm joining in after a while and get a quick convo where I put my intention through that I came here to fuck, she liked it.

We leave the smoking room and on my way out i see a 2-setter of which one is decent and the other one is well, let's just say Butt ugly. Convo go's okay. she's the shy type but i open her up and she's blooming. Not my type though so I move on after a while.

No more sets so we are actually just waiting for sets to join the club. I sant there for a while and a guy opens me by saying if it was me that was talking to those 2 girls back there. I say it was me and we chat for a bit, really chill guy. I chat some more with the boss of the club and with some barguys there about the people in the club and the amount of people.

There are some more people in the club now and some approachable sets. I re-approach the girl with the open shoes at the door. It is hooking so well. She's feeling me, throwing IOI's at an insane speed. I left her because I wanted to open more sets and our talk was getting to connective. I wasn't having the feeling of 'I want to close her right here and now' so I left.

Opened another set right after that: a girl was standing 1 metre from a table of 4 girls. I figured se was with them. Don't even remember what I said in the first 5 minutes. I think it was very casual, but I spit word after word.. Had a fucking long convo with her. She pulled me to the dancefloor, we danced a little. My dance game sucks btw, but who cares, we were in our own world. The girlfriends weren't giving me any trouble. Hence she told me that they thought I was hot. WIN WIN

Then I pulled her to the bottle service couches but ofcourse i didn't have a bottle HAH! Just wanted to go more into couch-kino. Her friends joined us. No big deal as they gave us the space. 3 guys come-up to her friends and they chodely ask if they want to dance. They don't want to. They wander of and I felt the need to take action haha. So I get up and yell to them, GUYS come back. Check this out. You don't ask them to dance. You take them to dance. I'm still yelling so everyone was actually watching. I take them by the hand all three or four of them and throw them into the chode group. The guys are so thankful and are praising me like a god.
Leading her girlfriends. WIN WIN higher value.. While they are on the floor I make my move and end up with heavy kissing/touching my girl. Such SOFT LIPS, WOW neer felt such soft lips before. HEAVEN

My wing got a lot of blowouts and came back once in a while to see how I was doing. He texted me that he wanted to go soon as he felt
like shit. I grab my girl, tell her to stand up. Lift her in the air throw her on the seat and heavily make-out with her again.
I grab her number and say that I will text her for a meet-up. She's down. I'm going to meet up with her pretty soon for the fuvk of her

-Taking action and making the best out of the sets that are present
-Long convo's for building connection.
-Overcome my dance anxiety by just going on an empty dancefloor and dance with my girl

-Take more numbers of good sets/convo's and don't just leave when they like you like mad. I'm wasting potential fucks like this
-Ramp up the kino a little bit faster and go out for the make-out a little bit faster.
(I'm sometimes fucking myself in the ass because I wait too long and therefore the attraction dwindles)

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Sunday 5 August

Private party of a friend of mine. Not many people, just a famous tapdance crew and a few friends and girlfriends of his group. I also know a lot of people frm the group. I just had fun with the guys. Opened some sets that I hadn't seen before and that were new to me. What was really annoying was that some girl that I briefly had spoken to (actually a HB 10) warned them about me that I was dangerous and a charmer and blablabla. Every set I opened that I didn't know before she would tell them that. I thought by myself, what the fuck is this, this is bad for me. At first I was reactive against it the first time she said it, but then I was like who the fuck cares in my head. I think they felt it that I didn't care.

But actually I started doubting if this wasn't giving me higher value in some way.

So this now is some payback for the HB 10 in some way. The HB 10 has her best girlfriend with her. It didn't last long until the HB10 warned her girl about me. I didn't knew her so I was having some fun with her. Playful drinking out each others glass, teasing etc and a lot of eye gazing with no more words to be said. Then suddenly she decides to kiss-close me. And i'm like yeah, good stuff.

Nothing more happened, but I think it was the best I could do. Maybe after closing the HB10.
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Wednesday 08-08-2012

Went to a club 15 min drive.. Went alone..
I arrived.. club was almost empty. Guess i'm early or maybe its just wednesday.

I saw 2 guys at the table service sippin on their drinks, they were waving at me so i said hi and had a chat. I saw a group in front of us (5) They looked in their late 20's. Just starting at them, they stare back, some EC. Nothing more. Fuck should have approached damn it. My mind was thinking it go approach go approach. But I was affraid of what the 2 other guys would think of me and possibly also affraid of a rejection in front of them..

So I go to the toilet and on my way I see a cute tiny girl with nice 0-0 (boobs). She's with an ugly friend, disgusting.. I talk to them for a while and then I start to ignore the UG. She's fine with it. The vibe is on, she says she just broke up with her BF she can't talk long, so I decide to get the digits. Actually she gets mine. And a few hours later I get a text that it's her..


I open a cute dutch girl. But apparently she insta says she has a BF, but he's in holland lalala. I plow through by being playful, being more physical. She wasn't letting me at first. Her group is also watching from a distance. At one time I thought she was hooked because her state was turning around. I saw an opportunity to kiss her but I didn't take it because it wasn't going to lead anywhere.
She was with her group and she wasn't going to leave it. Conversation dies and she just goes back to her group.


Next set.. Probably the hottest girl in the club. She's in a group of 3. I pass by her & I point to her & come here motion. I say something stupid. Get some convo going. She's not getting hooked. Allthough i'm being physical. She lets me know that she doesn't like to be touched. Fuck me I can't help it, blame my mother SLUTTA.. Her GF's are just watching me and kinda mocking me by laughing soft and giving me the looks of why are u bothering.  I try again to reinitiate but she runs away to one guy that comes out of the smoking area back to their table. I try again by opening her wit hthe guy but no reaction anymore, no words. So i'm gone..

Next I go & chat again with friends that are still in the same place as in the beginning of the night.. 5 MINS LATER I decide to buy a drink because the 9 was at the bar again. I re-approach and she's more relaxed now. She said she doesn't like to be touched. I'm telling her it's fine (guess I should live with it, no KINO???? WTF???? feels so chode to me..).
Don't have anymore things to say so i'm leaving again. FUCK ME..

Going to the dancefloor and try to open one of the girls in the big group (mid 20-30). No connection-blow out, not talking to me - telling me they want to have fun.

Time passes by and i'm choding...

Re-approach 9 on the dancefloor and telling her she's on my territory now, she schmurks and gives me the back.
Try to turn her around, to dance, no go.




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FRIDAY 10-08-2012 - Home party at a friends house

know a lot of people there. Most of them are guys and girls that are with them. Talk to some girls that I don't know. One is 16, way too young for me but she is a potential hottie though.
Anywayz make some fun withthe guys, a girl is joining our table. Immediately I get in the convo with her. Telling her i'm celibate and that sex is dirty and stuff.. She's cracking up. I'm telling her to make me a cocktail
It tastes like shit and she knows it. Fuck you.. she's a fucking 6 though but I was just practicing my skills.. After a while I pull her outside. She wants to see my car HAHAA. Interesting lets see how this plays out..

My car is a 10 min walk. So on the way I see a van i say there is no alarm there so I slam her against it and make out. I take her by the arm again and say my car is way too far. I pull her in a dark spot of a home and lay her on the ground. Make out, some touching and then she wants to go back. She says she's 18 and blablabla. I SAY OKAY LET's GO BACK.
Wasn't going to fuck with her anyway, was just going to check how far she wanted to go and where her mouth was.. :p

A little later I open another set, it goes extremely well. Shit, ultimate attraction.. she says she has a boyfriend and that he is dj booting this party haha.. I don't slow down but after 5 mins the guy comes up and asks some random stupid question to her. She bluntly reacts to it and we talk further.. She was in my world YEAAAAH.. Was checking how far I could go. Just playful shit then I quit and opened another set because I don't want to shit where I eat and in this case it was drink..

I see a chick near the bottle bar (we can just make our own drink because everyone brought bottles)..  I say to her we will make some cocktails.. I decide to make her own and she diggs it.. We talk some further and meanwihle our drinks are empty, she's sober as FUCK! I'm a bit typsy but that's okay. I tell her we need some ICE for our drinks. the icebox was empty MUHAHA..
SO we go to the kitchen, no one was there. So I slam her against the fridge and make-out.. We talk some more and make-out more. No ICE was touched. EXCEPT ME, I'M THE ICEY MOTHERFUCKER!

Talk to her some more, drag her to dancefloor and dance some more..

I leave her for a while to go talk to my mates..

After a while I re-approach because she's talking to some chode and I wanted to talk again. CHODE BE GONE! I tell her i'm leaving soon and that she should take my number. Also i'm giving her the offer that if she wants she can leave with us and grab a bite in the meantime.
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Friday 24 August 2012

Nothing much happened i'm kinda on a plateau. Sometimes I'm sick of nightclubs and just want to hit it in the daytime..
Allthough I still find it weird to approach girls in the daytime and talk to them out of nothing. It was ok when I did it back in the day as a propper but now
it just feels plain weird. So as that ramble is settled I wasn't really in the mood. And I didn't really take initiative. It had fun but it wasn't such a good night.
Had good interactions and kino but didn't escalate to the kiss close because I simply wasn't feeling it. Sometimes you just have one of those days.
I met up with a fellow guy that was also into pickup but he's kinda new to it. I pushed him into a set he liked.
And literally forced him to do the K-close by giving him tips and stuff. Plow through, escalate...
I would be a great coach... If only I did it for myself that night.

There is always another day so..

Saturday 25 August 2012

Wanted to go out in my home town and later maybe to a place nearby because it was a closing party back their. I expect a lot of people there.
First some drinks at my lcoal town, i'm on my own. See a guy I know and have a few drinks with him cause it is empty and i'm just chilling.
Later more guys join us that I know. Having some fun with them. And well well what do I see a group of 3 girls where I k-closed 2 of them and f-closed 1.
I go say hi and talk a bit with them and let them know that i'm probably going to that closing party. It's on.. But I don't want to pull the trigger with that one
since she has a boyfriend now and he knows about me and I don't want to get in a fight because of a chick that I had already. It's simply not worth it..
Allthough she's a fuckin 10 haaaaaah.

So a little later they tell me they will also go back there and I get in their car and get a free ride. A few guys that I know would be there
I get in the club and I receive a text that they won't go because one wears shorts and he can't enter that way.
I can feel the emptyness take control of my body. I go search for some guys/girls that I know but I see nobody hah.
Long time that happened. It's crazy I forgot how it felt to be alone. There are also less people than I expected.
I have the feeling that the amount of people in my home town > closing party.

I approached some mixed groups on the dancefloor but my opening was weak most of the time
I was choding out and not used to being there with no one and having fun on my own, completely alone. I just couldn't make fun..
My sets were all weak, weak openings like just saying hi, interviewing questions. They just weren't feeling me.
I already decided in my head that I wanted to go back to my home town. I see one last set at the bar. I opened her group already. Like 4 guys 1 girl.
I thought she kinda digged me. So I tried my best to dig deep and still hit that set.
We had a quick talk and I was kinda direct. She was with a giant dude at the bar though. I thought it wasn't her BF but maybe a good friend aka FB.
He stood there and watched us closely. Made sure she had her back turned to him. The convo went like this:

ME: Hi, (pull her in) Haven't really had the chance to talk to you. But according to me you are the hottest girl in the club by far.
HER: laughing and kinoing me as a sign of thank you?
ME: I think we would be a great match since i'm obviously the sexiest guy in the club.. Give me your number so we can meet up sometime.. 04...
HER: I'll enter my facebook.

Most of the time I say I don't use a lot of Facebook a number is better and then usually they enter there number. But once I text they seem distant so I thought it
was better to just accept the FB. Big hug and we part and I go back to my hometown with a cab. Costed me 20+ Euro's.

I get there see some guys that I know and immediately open a big titted curly hair chick. I talk to her and a guy that I know says that she is his girl.
But according to me he didn't do shit yet with her so yeah i'm kind of an asshole and just wanted to jizz on her godlike tits.
He says let's bet on this. First one to seduce her. I gladly accept the challenge since he doesn't know i'm into pick-up.
My wingman was also there and he told him about the challenge.. He said to my wing it would be too easy. Wingman laughed..
She's getting a lot of attention from different guys, but to me they are all chodes with no action and just fooling around. It was on between us two.
I pulled her into my reality and while the guy was talking to my wing I pulled her to the seats in the back corner. Instant compliance.
Heavy escalation, titty feel, Kiss-close.. Thank you wing!
The guy joins us in the seats and I kiss-close again before his nose haha.. He leaves and I get her back with me to the dancefloor.
I go away and let the chodes have some fun with her.

Toilet/Bathroom pull #3

After a while I try to venue switch her, one guy has keys from her I tell her to get her keys
and leave with me. Compliance! We get there and the place is not so crowded. She has to go to the toilet, I say me too. While we get there I follow her
and push her in the ladies room in a toilet. She's surprised and a little bit shocked. I start kissing and heavy escalating
She has no bra on and her titties are so big but so fuckin firm. I thought I locked the door but suddenly the door goes open some chick says 'oh sorry'
I close the door and lock it again. Fuck i'm expecting LMR now and ofcourse she starts bitching that she wants to go upstairs again.
I tell her later, first some more fun.

I pull that shirt off of her and start kissing/biting her nipples and tits.
Whip my dick out and tell her to kneel. She kneels and I slap my hard cock on her tits. She digs it and she starts sucking it. After a while I get her up and say
to pull her pants off. OH what do we have here, a little resistance again, I plow through and then fuck the shit out of her and came on her tits.
I hold my promises (2-0 for me motherfucker). Come at me again bro!

I go back upstairs and instantly open a chick again that is a good GF of a girl I pulled and some girls I k-closed. The girl I pulled is also there.
She already said she wanted to do me but she's with a friend again and sleeps there. Logistics are okay cause friend(tall girl) does not live far from me.
eventually we end up in one of my friends car who also kiss-closed that tall girl. He could have that tall girl and I would go for the friend but he wasn't
getting the point. So I still end up going home alone.

Today she messaged me on FB telling me that she's sorry she played me yesterday. WTF does that mean? I hope that doesn't mean that she isn't DTF anymore.

- Got the punani
- Got the titzz
- Got the ballz and took action

- Open more sets
- Open harder

- Don't do interview mode
- Do more challenges cause it helps me step up my game
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