October 23rd, 2018
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Nordic countries
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Professor Hughes~

Professor Hughes~

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It's hard to say without knowing more.

What type of girls do you like the most?  i.e. blondes/tall/short/Asian/Latina/etc....
Are you studying or working or neither?
Is this primarily a pickup related trip or do you have other goals?

You should check out and if you haven't already for travel advice.  People on the Roosh V forum in my opinion spend way too much time talking about the importance of looks/money/race and making broad generalizations about girls of different countries, but it's definitely an awesome resource in terms of nightlife and logistical details about different cities and countries.
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I lived in Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, Denmark and I originate from the Netherlands. It really depends on personal taste. I loved to live in Prague and girls are hot (I like Central/Eastern European girls). Denmark I study. It's okay, but not a country I would want to live for a year again. Russia was amazing, never seen night clubs like that ever before, but racism can be a problem. The Netherlands is ok, but hard to judge unbiasedly.

Venezuela I have heard GREAT stories about. They are among the best girls in the world my friends who lived/traveled there tell me. Let me know if you need more info.
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My shortlist:

France - Useful for the language, beautiful, good food.  I don't know much about the girls though.

Australia - Safe choice.  I've never been there, but I can't see it being bad.

Spain - Good weather.  I've heard amazing things about Barcelona.  You could probably pick up decent Spanish pretty quickly.

Sweden - Surplus of really hot blondes who speak really good English.  Similar weather to what you're used to.  Expensive though.

Russia - Really hot girls.  Poor English.  Relatively expensive.  Russian is a damn cool (albeit hard to learn) language.

Poland - Krakow and Wroclaw are really dope.  Girls are really hot and speak decent English. It's really cheap.

Thailand - Haven't been yet.  Cheap, Exotic, fun.

I've only been to France, Spain and Poland.

I would go with Poland for the combo of it being cheap and having easy access to the nearby countries.  Krakow or Wroclaw.
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Since 19 of the 30 cities that you are considering living in are in Europe, my recommendation is that you move to Europe and then buy a pass. You can pass about $600 and travel for 21 days to 21 countries and have awesome adventures. Everywhere in Europe is close enough; however, I'd choose a major metropolitan city with good English. If I had to choose a location from your list, my top 5 would be: (1) Germany, (2) Australia, (3) Denmark, (4) Netherlands, and (5) Spain. My choices though are different from yours because I choose locations based on where I can most likely succeed in business. My understanding of you is that you are looking for places based on lifestyle, nightlife, living expenses, safety, and women. I would remove Russia from your list because you don't speak Russia. I'd also remove Latin America from your list because you don't speak Spanish. For safety reasons, you should remove Venezuela. Thailand is good fun, but if you choose a city in Europe, you can do vacations and hostel hop or couch surf with people from RSD Nation, which is a common phenomenon.
biddu wrote:

I'm planning on going on exchange from May 2013-May 2014.
I know women react the same way everywhere, etc etc.
But you guys are all a well rounded bunch and I need some advice, where should I go for the best experience?
I'm considering lifestyle, living expenses, things to do, safety, language, nightlife, and of course women.

I'll be 20 years old
From Toronto
Speak english and French
Indian (i dont believe this matters, but ive heard some stuff about racism in certain countries)
I'm very confident and definitely willing to push my comfort zones and all that shit

here are my options:

Czech Republic
Netherlands (The)
Philippines (The)

just looking for some general ideas so i can begin to narrow it down
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 Thank you all very much.

I have some direction now. I'll probably knock off all spanish speaking countries, except Spain. There is something about that country that excites me, but at the same time i dont know shit about it.
I will definitely keep the eurorail pass in mind Papa,  that sounds like something I should really take advantage of.
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If you speak french you will pick up spanish quickly, so its no problem.

Exchange? As in Uni? In which case you will be perminantly based in one place for school, so if you want to travel you want to be in a city that has a busy airport, the busier the cheaper the tickets in and out will be.

Cities in different countries vary greatly, Berlin is great Munich not so much, Barca/Madrid are great Valencia not so much. Paris is great, lyon not so much.
So asking which country is best is naive.

So google "Ryan air" and "Easy jet" find out which cities have the most links.

If you are perminantly based in one place, don't go to Russia or Turkey, you might have visa issues as they arn't in the eu and they are so far away from the rest of europe.

If you are just traveling, and arn't permenantly in one place for school, then forget all my advice, and buy a train ticket like nick said.
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 I will be staying near the school i attend for the school year, that shit will be paid for. i am willing to travel for a few months tho, after the school year, christmas break, whenever I get a chance until i run out of funds. 

I'm going to probably start learning spanish regardless as well. thanks for the flight tickets info. 

Russia seems to be off the list now too, i will visit one day tho. 
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Hi! Im from Russia, Saint-Petersburg, sorry for my poor english. If ur going to stay in country for the school year, u right Russia its not a good choice, but for the holidays or vacation its really excellent variant, look for it, there are some many sweet girls, its true =) At the last weekeng I went to the night club and met there Italian students there stayed in Russia for a week for vacation. They told me that in all of the Europe are no such amount hot girls as in Russia, its was pleasant to hear it for me, after that we drunk a russian vodka and made crazy dance on the dancefloor =) What about english language in Spb if u compare it with Europe,  it is so poor and low, but if u compare nightlife, girls i think that Saint-Petersburg ahead of Europe, althought I want to travel to the Spain, Italia, Portugal i suppose that there are so many hot girls too. So if u dicide to arrive Saint-Petersburg on vacation i will glad to keep the company for u, I often go out to the nightclubs with my friends, and can show all the best places in our city, its so interesting for me to exchange game experience from another country
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