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This is a diary of restarting socialization with women after a freezout period. I've done this a few times before in my life and I'm posting my diary here since I've noticed many find themselves in similar situations and might find my experiences helpful.


I've been out of the game doing some hardcore school for the past 8 months or so, going out maybe once in two months at best. I've immersed myself in logical activity as much as one possibly can, studying mostly pure math and sitting at home playing games like Civilization 4 with maybe an hour of social contact per week. Most of my days comprise of math, going to my mom's house for dinner and coming home to play computer/watch tv-series.

I'm done with school now, since it's summer, strangely a time of year when I've gotten least success in terms of women. In the 7 years of my game, I've gotten a new lay only once during summer. I plan to set a new record for myself this summer. :P


I've fought out a freezout period a few times before. It's like hitting the gym again after a long break. The first week is guaranteed to suck. Not only are you grappling with motivation, it feels heavier and your muscles will be sore as fuck. Second week feels like shit, but usually better, on the third week it becomes bareable and fourth week should be routine. Same with pickup, my first order of business is to get approaching trivialized. Right now I feel awkward and stifled when I think about approaching in clubs and the fear of not knowing what to say and the interaction becoming awkward paralyzes me with fear. Not good.

As before, the first night after a long break should focus purely on as many approaches as possible. Aiming at 20. No quality requirements in terms of girls or interactions.
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June 1st 2012 - The Treat

It’s my first official day of summer vacation and I’ve just finished my last exam. I don’t feel like doing pickup at all , but that’s what the RSDnation is for! I start going over the newsletters in my inbox from RSD until I just delete them all and log onto the website to read/watch the latest ones. I watch a lot Julien, Tyler and Alex + read their article for about an hour and a half. Then I stop as I feel logical enough and gotta get into party vibe. I watch some music videos of music they play in clubs and have three drinks then I head downtown.


I arrive at 23:45 to downtown and go in this relatively new club “The Treat” at around midnight. It’s supposedly a posh club for 24+ yo clientele. Two of my wings, Mike and Marty are there. These guys are usually well dressed, good looking and well groomed men with plenty of game. I’m wearing a blazer to a club first time in years and feeling very stylish. Yet all that “vibe” that I summoned at home with the power of drink, music and RSD articles is gone. I feel logical and stifled knowing that no way I’m approaching anyone in this state.

There are a decent amount of people around and some pretty girls as well, but me an my wings keep excusing. Marty spots an HB9 sitting on a couch and calls dibs on her, but doesn’t plan to approach her now, demands Mike promises he won’t approach her. Mike says agrees and I chime in that I won’t either. Marty smiles and nods, knowing full well there’s not even a remote danger of that in my current state. Smug bastard. These guys have been going out for months so their current skill level is leagues ahead of mine.

I finally push Mike into a set and it goes well, but isn’t very long. Marty comes over his AA and does some approaching too. I see a brunette HB8 going to the bar and open up to Mike about my AA. He starts pushing me to approach her HARD having none of my excuses. I feel frozen as fuck, but have no choice, but to move my legs towards her. It’s like their made of concrete. I shamble over to her with my heart racing. But my fear is not with what to open, but what to continue with.

“Hi, my name’s Arcade” I say and solemnly shake her hand.
“Oh, hi, I’m Mandy”

Just after I say my opener, my “co-pilot” holding the manual gives up and I’m surprised how quickly I’ve got my millon dollar mouthpiece back on. I immediately say how enthralled I was by her dominant stride to the bar and how I like confident woment. I tell her she looks like the old singer of this metal band and ask how many times she has heard people say that to her before. She laughs and says she gets that quite a lot.

Suddenly, out of nowhere her friend walks by, grabs her arm and tugs her away like she was some little kid without even looking at me. the friend ninjaed my girl so fast that I didn’t even know what happened. I wonder if I should have grabbed the other hand and not let her go so easily and especially so rudely.

I walk a few times past a blonde HB9 that looks like some hipster ice-queen. She looks really intimidating with a bit of this smug look on her face like Jennifer Lopez in Pitbull’s music videos. She’s hanging with a friend and is constantly surrounded by hipster guys on the balcony bar. I note to myself that I want to be able to approach that by the end of summer.

Mike goes to toilet and I wing Marty on the balcony. We see two HB7½s on a couch and Marty suddenly approaches and sits next one. I’m left standing there in front of them like some kind of dode like 2 meters away. No point in waiting strategic 30sec so I walk to the other one who is almost semi-expecting me to approach. Feeling amused by this seemingly half-forced approach I sit next to her and just say

"Hi, I'm here to hit on you"

She just laughs amused and replies "Nice, let's see what you got!"

I continue talking normal things until Marty ejects without warning. The friend gets restless really soon and I’m not feeling like juggling them both. In 2 min the friend starts dragging her friend away, but my girl says she really enjoyed the conversation and asks me to come find her later in the evening.

I meet up with Mike inside and the HB9 hipster ice happens to walk by. Mike reacts first. He leaps out to approach her, but gets promptly ignoire, she doesn’t even stop. By now I have to approach her after putting her on such pedestal in my mind so right after she has passed Mike and I go in HARD, block her way with “WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, what’s going on here! You can’t just walk here like that! Who are you? You have to introduce yourself” I state matter of factly.
She grins sheepishly and extends her hand nicely introducing herself and turns out she’s very nice and friendly. Mike suggests we all sit down to the nearby table on barstools and chat a bit. We sit down and she sits on the stool like 1,5 meters away, not a very comfy distance for talking. I grab her stool and move her up close to us “Don’t hide in there! You gotta take the center stage! We must have a proper interaction”

Turns out she’s not some club-queen of the hipsters, but just a tourist from some small rural town. So much for making snap judgements on appearances…

I mainly chat with her until she spots a friend and tells she needs to let her know she’s here. I let her go and amazingly she comes back! This is where I should have number closed her, but hey, my instincts are still thawing out. Eventually her friend whisks her away to dance, but not before I find that her logistics are that they’re going to spend the night at her friend’s friend’s house. Mike keeps trying to invite them to an afterparty, but nothing comes out of it.

The rest of the night goes uneventfully. I noticed that my old skills came back quickly once I got over the initial AA, but lots of work is to be done. 3 sets is far from 20, but I blame my choice of venue and wings. These guys don’t want to approach anything less than a solid 8 (usually) and the venues are more laid back, although still count as clubs. If I want a crazy night running around talking to a ton of chicks then I need a different club and different wings, with the same objectives as me. Fortunately I know exactly who to call.
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Andy is a guy of the same race as Tyler. ie: a Cyborg hunter-fucker. Usually he does daygame 7 days a week 9 hours a day and he’s been doing this for the last 6 years with few breaks in between. Needless to say he gets laid a lot and consistently, but he plays by sheer numbers. He’s an inspiration to everyone around here yet not a role model because of his quirks and poor social calibration. Still, what he lacks in social skills he more than makes up with dedication.

A few weeks ago was some festival in the city and actually he number closed a chick for me on the street. I was drunk as fuck and came to wing him in a 2set. Soon he commanded the other girl to give her number to me saying something that I’ll take her out for coffee. She complied and I forgot about it until she texted me about a week ago.

“Hey Arcade! Going out tonight? And what was the thing at the festival? Or some other day smthng?”

The language was cryptic, but the message was not. Clearly she wanted to meet. I was a bit wary of this since I recalled she was a 7 at the very best, but since I hadn't got laid at all for like 6 months I thought I should check her out. We texted back and fourth a few times and made a date on this saturday, except we wouldn't go for coffee, but drinks. The way I figured it was that if she was below 7, at least I alcohol! :D Additionally I called Andy informing him about the date, but that I might not be interested in her. Andy, possessing no standards whatsoever and always ready to exploit any opportunities no matter how small, asked me to text him from the date if I wasn't interested so that he could swoop in and take a shot at her. I agreed since I wouldn't care in that case. I informed in I'd go to the Irish Pub where you can sit next to a girl if I was interested in her and a normal pub if not, so we'd sit in a booth, chode style.

During the week she texted how she's at her dad's summer house by a lake and how she likes skin dipping at night. Also wished to get some sauna-swimming-sleeping-company. It was on.

I met her downtown at 18:30 and instantly recognized a solid 6. :( The first thing that came in my mind was to text Andy "NORMAL pub" :D Still, I wasn't in a hurry, after all I came downtown so I might as well get a drink or two. I bought the first round, implying she'll pay for the second. Texted Andy he's welcome to join us in 2 hours.

We talked this and that, this was probably my first and only date with ZERO game. I was so loathe to game her at any level that eventually the conversation veered to such deadly subjects like weather, family and MATH! Eventually Andy arrived and I texted him to sit at her side of the table (we were in a booth). Andy pretended like he saw us from the street outside and rushed in to chat. After a minute of talking standing he declare "I wanna sit down" and motioned the girl to scoot over. After that he began methodically deploying his seduction material that consisted mainly of kinoescalation. I try to help him as much as I can by staying silent and giving him some alone time by going to toilet and the bar to buy a drink.

Still, it didn't look like it went really well. Eventually it culminated to what I call "creepy sequence of doom" which is hilarious to watch. Essentially it's either Mystery's 3 question game or some wierd "trust test" type of thing where the girl eventually has to close her eyes. Both methods end in the same way: Mouthrape for the girl, hard blowout for Andy. The beauty of this is that Andy chooses to run them at most inappropriate times when the girl is likely to be least receptive for a kiss.

I'm choking on my drink trying not laugh, Andy isn't helping at all, by glancing at me apprehensively after each step as if asking for confirmation. He knows I know what's coming. Unfortunately Andy never gets to the final step, the girl simply interrupts him and goes to toilet. Lol, so close. When the girl returns, Andy decides heroically burn it to the ground. He initiates heavy kino, but the girl resists and tells him to leave and so he does.

So much for Andy, I have a full drink so I stay and chat with the Festival girl some more. She might be a 6, but she's kinda cool. Maybe it's the alcohol talking, but I blurt out the question if she has any booze at her house. She says yes, but she isn't inviting me, "it's too messy" she says. I tell her she can swing by my place then, telling I want to get more drink, but it's getting expensive at the bar. We walk out and she walks with me to the bus. For a moment she wonders if she should go. At this point I honestly don't care either way. I'm as indifferent as I can get. I'm still not even sure if I wanna bang her. I tell her it's cool if she comes, I'm having good time with her, but that she needs to make her mind up quick, the bus leaves in 4 min. She thinks it over for 2min and then jumps in the bus with me.

At my place I break out the booze, drinking rum and coke heavily. After a long break my standards tend to go up to ridiculous levels where I decline perfectly good lays. I've noticed the more I get laid, the more "healthy" my sexual appetite becomes and so it is with many other good players I know. I'm telling myself to go for it and stop drinking before I get a "whisky dick".

Now by this point I haven't run ANY game on her on a counscious level and escalted zero, verbally or physically. She's sitting on my bed and I move next to her. I decide to just go for the make out and it goes ok. We chat a bit more and I go for the kiss close again, but she resist "No, don't". I do a freezeout and sit in the chair resuming my drinking. We watch MTV a bit until I tell her that it's late and I'm going to sleep. She says it's a good idea and starts laying on my 90cm wide bed. No way am I gonna spend an uncomfortable sexless night with a 6 so I tell her that I'm off to sleep and going to call her a cab. I just want her out since I was really on a fence about fucking her in the first place. She asks to stay and that she's tired. I tell her no and then go take a piss. When I return, she's under the cover in her panties and t shirt, apparently not wearing any bra underneath.

"Just come lay with me here for a while" she coos.

I know what's up and so I climb in. She starts telling me that I'm really hard to read and been behaving very wierd and that I have wierd friends. I tell her not to worry about it and that I think she's cool and slowly begin making out. My hands run over her body and I start rubbing her after which I take the panties down begin fingering her. Fade to black as Jeffy writes..

I actually enjoyed banging her, after such a long break it felt great. In the morning she wanted more and I fucked her again. I guess it's true what they say, it's not the face you fuck, but the fuck you face and this fuck was ok :D During the next days she added me to facebook and we messaged a few times back and forth, but I haven't come around setting up another date so far.
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It was sunday and tonight my objective was to have as many approaches as possible in order to lower aproach anxiety and get the approaching trivialized.
I was still feeling way too much AA. I called Andy and Mike and went to a club that is very popular on sundays. On sundays there's not cover fee so we went in around 23:20. By then, the place was packed with people, mostly 18s, but a lot of good looking ones.

At first we just walked around since both of my wings felt pretty tired for lack of sleep for some reason. Half an hour later I just did the usual exercise that I always do after a long break and had Andy just order me to approach some sets. I call it "acting as his icebreaker". It's really fun since he has no standards so you end up approaching a lot of people, really fast without the possibility to excuse that "oh they're not hot enough" that seems to plague me a lot at the moment.

This got the ball rolling for me even though I was a little slow to get unstifled at first. Didn't get unstifled from the first approach, but then again the targets weren't very intersting at all (UG 6s). After a few more approaches we ended up standing in a busy area, but not in the middle of the corridor. Andy and Mike tried to stop girls, but with poor results. I told them that we needed to "project our voice" to the degree that girls will stop by our voice alone. I demonstrated this by bellowing very loudly "EY!" at a passing 2 set. The girls froze like deer in the headlights! This took us all so by surprise that we didn't know what to say lol. I was just messing around, who knew Tyler's stuff actually works?! :P

So I continued to do "voice projection" approaches and we ended up stopping a pair of brunettes both 7s. Chatted with them for a while, but didn't want to talk to them for too long, Told them "nice to meet you" and they walked off with a shocked scowl on their face. lol.

We went near the dance floor and I opened a 2set with Andy. My girl was a tallish brunette (HB 7½-8-) which opened really well. Should have kinoed more there, but after initial momentum, the vibe cooled down. It also didn't help her friend ejected from Andy, but she didn't go far like 2m away to stand broodindly. Brunette looked concerned and ejected to find out what was going on. I talked with Andy in the meanwhile, but I should have reopened her or not even let her go, since her friend was right there. I need more kino in the beginning too, man to woman interaction!

We ran into a few more players. Denny, Eli and Ronny. I hung out with them as Mike and Andy decided to bail, both claiming to be too tired. I began stopping girls in a corridor telling that they couldn't pass unless they paid a tax which was a kiss to one of the guys, usually pawned off Eli. Didn't work at all if you tried to collect the tax yourself, but surprisingly easy if you peddle the kiss to your wing. Did this for about 15min, it was good fun.

Went downstairs where we had a little amog play with Denny. Opened a 2set near the dancefloor, an UG 6 and HB7-8-. All went really well, but suddenly the UG lost all humor when Denny groped my belly and I redirected his hand towards the UG's breasts. Man she got mad even though the hand never touched them. Such insolence had to be punished by an extreme hissy fit apparently. This blew my target out of state. Lesson of the story: don't joke at the UG unless you know she's cool. They have a really low self esteem so don't fuck around with them.

Opened a 4 set with a stunning long blonde HB9+, but they were going for a smoke. Didn't want to follow them and they seemed to sit there a lot for
the rest of the night. Later I saw some dudes in their set, prolly a cold approach, but she was a turbo. I wish I had reopened her, but excused by not wanting to go inhale all the smoke on the balcony.

Finally we did go to a more open place on the balcony where there was an 8set of girls. Unfortunately none were above 7. I talked with them some bs, but for some reason got very passive support from my 3 other wings. Denny said he hadn't been in a club for 2 years and said that he forgot what you need to do in a club. Said it was coming back to him quick and get himself in shape for next time. I felt dubious about it, I'm struggling to get my shit together myself.

I ended up leaving along with Denny already at 01:45 since no-one seemed to have any drive or energy. Ronny and Eli stayed and Ronny ended up pulling the angry UG who didn't get her tits felt lol. Small world.

Notes on the evening

Overall, the night was a success. I managed to do at least 12 approaches during the night after which I stopped counting and winged in at least half as many. At the end of the night I was pretty unstifled and opening was trivialized, but my intent was lacking. I could open anyone at a moment's notice, but  my interactions had little purpose to them.

Overall a decent night even though a bit short, low alcohol consumption was good (only 5 drinks). My opens were easy and in many the opening the drive was strong, but then there is no intent, man to woman interaction conveyed. Possible ideas:

*If its beginning of the night and you're doing warm-up, you can just havemake out as your target. You don't have to take sex for objective. It's a lot lower bar for make out than sex so do that first. Who knows, maybe you'll warm up to her, but at least you convey intent.

*Open sets with sex in mind. There must be no doubt in their minds about your intentions. Cross the friend line as soon as possible. Intent is sexy and kino generates attraction.

So in all cases, regardless of the set, I can always convey intent in some way. Next time ejection means a loss, but getting blown out because of kino is win. Need to remember, to play to win, not to avoid losing.
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Fri 8th June  2012 - The Cougar Town

Pre night

As usual I prepared for the night by loading up on RSD articles after which I just chilled out, had a few drinks (4) and listened to some tunes to get me in a party mood. Theme of the night was going to be Brad's jack-off theory. I was concerned that I'd make a few furious approaches and then rest on my non-existant laurels.

Mike told me to come to this Live-nightclub where he said many finance companies were going to have their summer party. (Just like company xmas party, but in the summer time). This sounded good. Even though I had decided to boycott that particular nightclub after it turned into cougar town, the thought of hot young banker chicks that rarely get a night off was appealing since they usually had to make their club outings to count, ie: they were there on a mission.. :D


Arrived 00:30 with Mike's brother Adam and our friend Peter, both "non-civilians" as well. The club wasn't very full, it seems the company crew were going to enjoy their free liquor down to the last moment.
Walked around for a while until I saw a woman in a hot schoolgirl like dress on the stairs as I was coming down.

Me: I LOVE your dress
HBDress: Thanks! I noticed guys like it.
Me: Yeah, you look like rural schoolgirl.
HBDress: Haha really?
Me: Yeah, you're like this good girl on the outside, but a bad girl on the inside the kind who likes to do dirty stuff in a hay barn. I like that.
HBDress: LOL yes exactly, that's me!

By now we had reached the end of the stairs and I could face her squarely, but to my disappointment noticed that she looked like 40+. To make matters worse, she veered the conversation towards her grown up kids, a topic that really, really turns me off. All this while she stood really close and had strong EC. She didn't look bad for her age, but I came for those hot 20+ yo banker chicks tonight so I chatted for a while and then told I needed to get back to my friends. Now in retrospect, I wonder if I should have at least tried to made out?

An hour after we came in at 01:30 company people stated to arrive, Mike included who was wasted out of his mind. He preferred to hang with his collegues as he was after some chick from his office.
But banker chicks turned out not to be these hot 6ft models, but short, nerdy, chubby girls wearing tent-like dresses to conceal all their fat. If you have to work 80+ hours a week I guess there's not much time for gym or homecooked healthy meals huh?

Then I began hanging out with Adam who was totally frozen, a big mistake. His negativity and passiveness spread to me and my good relaxed feeling dissipated. I was also caught up in some pointless conversations with Mike's co-workers which I should have cut short or not initiated at all! Avoid random chodes next time.

Peter got eventually pissed at Adam's constant negativite comments so no help boosting state from wings tonight. So I ditched Adam and went looking for targets with Pete. Noticed a two set of 7s on a couch that were dressed really fancy. Pete told me that they looked really bitchy and said it was waste of time to approach them. I told him we had nothing to lose and that I could go first. Sure enough, I came in, sat on the cough next one and blurted something like "Hi, you looked intersting so I came to talk to you". Reaction: total ignoire. Pete sat on a stool near the couch and watched the interaction with amusement or lack of thereof.

The girls had an annoyed look on their face and the one closest to me said "look, we're trying to have a conversation here, go away, not interested!" Ok, the blowout amused me and after a bit of more ignoiring I stood up and loudly, like making a scene shouted "THAT'S IT! YOU FUCKED UP AND NOW YOU'VE LOST US!" To my surpise this got their attention and full focus lol. I could even see a spark of interest and in that moment I realised you just gotta blast through that shield with enough force and once you've penetrated it you can have a normal conversation. Still I had already stood up and continued my ejection.

Approached a brunette HB8 near the dancefloor with a friend, saying she looked like an artist girl. It was one of those Alex's "that went well" approaches where it was amicable the whole time. An amog showed up, obviously intersted in her, but doubt he was her boyfriend and they all went to the dance floor. Still it was a relaxed, very friendly approach, but utterly uneventful. True, I was alone without a wing, approached a girl that was a pretty good looking, probably the best looking the entire night  that I approached and I felt good when I opened her. Still, the problem was there was no intent from the start. It was like, lets get a good reaction, objective as usual. the problem with this is that its hard to link it up with intent.

Saw some short slim blondie HB7 several times alone and approached her at dancefloor bar. Told her she looked sad. I underestimated her thinking she was looking for a lay since she was walking around alone all the time, but turned out to be a heavy shit tester. It also didn't help that I got heavily disappointed on the first second (She looked 30+) and it took me a few moments to recover. Thinking I had more rapport with her the interaction died down with a few awkward pauses and she ended up leading and doing all kinds of shit like talking with her male co-workers, telling where to go.

I finally said lets go dance wanting to get her away from her co-workers to which she agreed, but down at the dance floor she didn't want to dance and just started to go away as soon as we got there. I didn't want to follow her having had enough of her shit. Very wierd ending, but she was full of attitude to which I wasn't ready to put work in since she was a 7 at best. Then again it was 03:20 so I had little to lose and should have practiced. Burn every set to the ground! The shit tests got me into my head and I felt stifled at times. But again, they took me partially by surprise. The last 10min hung out with Mike and his co-workers, but the only 2 decent chicks in their grp had boyfriends, so much for that.

When I walked to the nightbus I thought that I needed some serious changes in my club game. My current nights are a distant echo of the lording I've done before. I promised my next night would see drastic changes no matter what.

Notes on the evening

All in all not a very cool evening and made a mistake of going to shitty place (again..), when will I learn?? Also need to find wings with motivation to improve fast and willing to take massive action.

*For the next time, I need to have intent from the start and choose targets that I could at least make out with. Objective of every approach should be a make out at least and right from the start, let her know this during the first 30 seconds.

*Intensive connection. The connection must be tight and intensive. Less questions unless they're fun, funny or provocative. Make more statements and tell things. Comment stuff. Position yourself right accross her, not to the side and you can use Jeffy's "battle stance".

*I need to get this intent more routinized so it is automatically in my approach. Avoid negative wings. Its better to be alone than with a negative wing who is useless! Go take a position, doesn't even have to be at a heavilty trafficked place, just one with a good view to spot targets and act on them.

*For next time, also I want to approach EVERY hot girl I see so I can be proud of my self actualization. You cannot imporve on approaches you don't take so I don't care how they end, just that action was taken upon interest. That is the main objective and as a bonus, intent from the start.
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6th June 2012  - Getting Real

I was feeling I needed some serious change with my outing habits and I started reading Jeffy's Get Laid or Die Trying again to get some inspiration. In the book Jeffy writes how he too had a bad night out with civilians and needed to go out with COMPETENT and like minded wings. Also I needed to address the issue of choosing the proper venue. (Btw, if you haven't already read it the book AWESOME and dirt cheap. I warmly recommend)

Pre Night

I called Denny if he wanted to go to some real meatmarket type of place, the Amnesia. Also, Denny lives right next to the bars so logistics are as good as they can get. He also has a spare room of sorts that I can use. As usual, I had 2-3 drinks at home and watched some RSD vids for inspiration as well as reading some more GLODT. I met at Denny's place with him and Adam and we went to Amnesia. I haven't been there for quite some time and I was amazed how many good looing young chicks there were unlike in Live or the Treat. This time I went in without thinking about state, I decided that I would not be state dependent thinking that initial stifledness is unavoidable so why stress about it? However this caused me to be extra frozen in the beginning almost even more so than at the Treat a week ago.

The Club

I was prepared to coach Denny since he too was pretty hopeless last time, but it turned out the other way around lol. Denny was fully in the zone like a Greek god of pick up and was bursting with positive mentality and correct thinking like opening anyone to overcome approach anxiety and stifledness.
"We talk to everyone now, doesn't matter who, time to get social" Denny lectured and hit up everyone left and right. I was blown out by the dramatic change in the guy since last time.
"Talk to EVEROYNE, behind you go!"
I whirl around and see dude "But it's a guy!" I cry exasperated both at the idea of talking to dudes as well as my own excuses.
"Irrelevant, just socialize" Denny replies and opens a girl to his left.
I think "fuck it" and just let it go, time to unfilter all the way "Uh, hey dude, how's it going?" I open.
The guy is in a good party vibe and I have a good chat with him as I wait for my drink. The guy was social and had a good vibe which ended up pumping my state. I make a mental note that you can warm up on anyone, doesn't just have to be chicks you wanna have sex with.

After overcoming the initial "quality control" to filter the stuff I say and overriding logical thinking opening was easy. Absence of logic is almost necessary or otherwise one will be caught up inside one's head. 

We stood near the entrance at the bar and just opened almost every passing set. At first I felt a bit uncomfortable at just standing in such a central place and asked if we should go walk around the club to which Denny replied "Why? This is the most trafficked area. All the girls come to us here". After a few opens it felt quite natural to stand there.

My mission for this night was to talk to every hot girl in the club and this was accomplished even though I didn't do it immediately, but "positioned" myself a little ie: didn't talk to them the moment I saw them, but waited for a bit "suitable" moment to approach. The secondary objective of more kino was unsuccessful as I couldn't overcome that barrier just yet. More work needs to be done there, perhaps lower objectives even further than a kiss-close.

I opened at some point a two set "rocker girls". Both hot, opened well, but I had no intent. Conversation went a bit platonic in my opinion Should have exchanged phone numbers with them at least and perhaps more kino! For some reason, I was just surprised they were so chill with us. I thought they were some snobby and angry hipster girls tired of everone hitting on them, but turned out to be quite nice. wtf is this mentality?? I clearly suck at mind reading OR predicting the future.

After that we see a hot blonde HB9 running around, "prime dime of the club" with her chubby, but big boobed friend. Denny tells me not to even open them saying they're gonna be "bitchy as fuck". But I'm determined to weed out this mind reading out of my game and open them for no other reason that it's my mission of the night to talk to EVERY 8,9 & 10 in the club.  They're sitting in the stairwell and I sit next to the fatty since the blonde is on the phone.
"Hey guys, you're like the queens of the club, everone's so scared of you"
"What?!" The fatty asks incredulously.
"Yeah, this one guy said you're like ice queens and I shouldn't talk with you"
"Omg lol! Was it this big guy with tattoos, no hair?"
I've seen the guy. Big, gang banger looking guy with big muscles.
"No, definitely NOT him, it's this really short guy, hoodie, long hair" I go thinking better I piss off some scrawny guy if she accuses later someone for my bs lol.
The blonde gets off the phone and conversation goes well, but I'm a bit in a beta frame.  Icy and intensive must be the attitude when approaching those girls. And more dominance. Still, it was more to prove to both me and Denny that we can rarely if ever predict a girls reaction based on her looks.

The statue called Adam that Denny dragged with us just stood there in his hipster striped shirt which we promptly used as our opener. At one point a girl wearing a similar shirt walked by and stopped her with "OMG you have the same shirt as my friend, you gotta come compare!" and dragged her and her friend to us. She was quite friendly and the conversation went well. Denny had them take his number for an afterparty. She was giving me the anime eyes and I felt like I should escalate somehow which I didn't do. Then some favorite song of theirs came on and they rushed to the danceflooring squeeling with joy. Adam gets bored soon after from not approaching and goes home, good riddance.

Didn't see the previous set much after, but apparently the girl called Denny later which he didn't hear. Fortunately we met them just as we were going out and pulled the other girl HB Stripes with us, the one who took the number. Her friend found a guy at the bar which was too bad cause she was ok looking too. HB Stripes was told us we should have come found them during the night so that her friend could have come with us. I could only agree.


We took the girl back to Denny's place and Denny said we could both fuck her. I wanted to see how this went down since that is Denny's and his brother's specialty: sharing girls. HB Stripes was attracted to both of us during the short walk back to Denny's place. Once we were in the appartement I let Denny run the show, trusting him to be the pro here. Denny said it was important not to try fuck her at the same time as that had backfired too many times in the past.
We went in and Denny showed me to his roommates room who wasn't in town. Told me the sooner I leave him alone with Stripes, the faster we get this show on the road. I did as I was told and wondered what should I do?

I took off my jeans and socks and went under the blanket deciding to get some rest as I was feeling a bit nervous, both at whether this would work and how it would go down. In like 5min I could hear sounds of fucking down the hall, seems like at least Denny is getting laid.

30min what seemed like an eternity the door to my room slammed open and HB Stripes bursts in, in her long striped shirt and panties and starts jumping on my bed. Denny slowly walks in after her and sits on a stool corking a bottle of sparking rose wine handing it to us like a celebratory drink.

Suddenly an unnerving realization hits me. For the first time I feel I have no material to go on. I've read a TON of stuff, but I don't know how to proceed here.
There's awkwardness in the air and I employ a creepy hand of doom on her legs as she jumps.This triggers the girl's LMR and she indignantly screams "What the fuck?! You expect me to fuck him too?!" Looking at Denny. Denny is not shocked one bit and just tells her how hot she is and that its only natural that everybody would want her. Then he just keeps on extolling how good her ass, pussy, breasts and lips are.

The girls is still freaking out however and the more wound up she gets, it seems to calm me down and get me back to my senses. I've been in the game for years, seen a ton of DVDs and an alumni of Jeffy's hotseat. I have a half naked woman in my bed and I don't know what to do?? Suddenly all the core principles come flooding back in my mind.

"Relax" I command her with strength back in my voice "We're definitely not having sex tonight" I lay back to the wall, forget all kinoing and just completely relax pushing sex off my mind.
"You're just saying that, I don't believe you" HB stripes replies.
"Why would I want to have sex with someone who doesn't enjoy it with me? To me the idea of fucking someone who's not 100% in it is a major turn off, wouldn't it be for you?"
"Yea, I guess. You know what, we should just talk"
"Umm...right, about what" Denny quips in, getting quickly bored by descalating situation.
"I don't know, whatever, european credit ciris?" Stripes says, clearly trying to veer the conversation as non-sexual as possible.

Now to me personally these were magic words. As I study financial economics I can talk about this topic for hours lol! So I heartily engage in that beginning to tell my view on the matter. Denny quickly leaves to buy cigarettes leaving me and her alone. I notice that after all this, the girl is still sitting on my bed and doesn't go out with Denny even though she's the one who requested the smokes.

"Time is you ally" -Alex, "Talk about whaterver you feel passionate about" -Tyler. Thoughts swim in my head. I begin talking just like we were in a bar or day2. She tells me the formation of currency exchange rates has always perplexed her and I fully launch into explanation about central bank interest rates, money printing, floating and fixed exchange systems while looking at her  nipples that seem to be hardening under her shirt as I explain. She's not wearing any bra.

"Nowdays most western currencies are floated which means exchange rates are determined mainly by supply and demand, how much people at any given time are willing to pay for them" I go as I reach and massage her nipples that are now almost penetrating her shirt. "Wow, I love you nipples, they get any more hard and your shirt's gonna have a hole. But anyways a fixed system is where the central bank just fixes the exchange rate..." I start massaging her thighs and slowly reach up and start rubbing her while massaging her breasts with my other hand.

I start stimulating her clit from there while nibbling on her earlobe and kissing her neck. She gets really aroused and grabs my hard cock that is poking her through my boxers. I slip my hand under her panties and she's really wet there. Suddenly she sits up and  quickly takes off her striped shirt and I suck at her nipples. Then she takes off my shirt and her panties right after and I throw on a rubber and deploy dong. We have a nice hot fuck and after we're done I go take a shower. Denny is sitting in the living room calmly playing online poker with the pack of cigarettes sitting on the table, unopened.

After I take a shower I head for my morning bus home while Denny climbs in the bed with Stripes for a second round.


*This night was good in a way that I opened a lot again and important thing is to use logical openers. Go with some silliness. Try to give out your number just in case, and even take theirs if possible. Especially if you have a good rapport, you never know if they might call you at the end of the night.

*I had poor intent when talking to good looking women. I need to be more intensive when talking to them. Like taking them into my reality like Tyler does. Play to win! Too much approval seeking here right now. That is not going to help me.

"Afterparty next door?" is a good question to throw out at the end of the night. Making out is not necessary in the club either, like Alexander says, maybe I shouldn't focus on it so much. Just like before, try open a lot of sets in the beginning and let them go. Then re-open them at the end of the night and see who's ready to come to after party.
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Dammit, this was my 4th diary attempt I've "committed" to and it seems I didn't finish it. :/ It was an interesting read for myself though and I have some notes left on my computer so I'll write them out properly here or else I won't do it at all :S
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15th June 2012 - Amnesia revisited

I meet with Denny and we go to Amnesia again. Adam didn't come this time. Denny was less pumped this night, so I opened most of the sets. Mostly stood in front of the first bar, a good place to open since girls are queing for drinks. Had to drink 1 cider and a rum&coke to get social since I felt a little frozen in the beginning.

Notable sets:
* Met a really hot cutie in a 3 set, noticed that attraction really went up with kino so this was a good reminder of that. Just do the kino stack, don't skip steps and just take it slow, but progress with it. Her friend started to pull her away so I number closed her. Texted her the next day.
* Met a girl from last week, a 7- at best, but fun. However, turned out she had a boyfriend which sucked. Her friend was Denny's old lay which we ended up taking back. This girl was really freaky and even Denny was barely willing to fuck her. Sharing didn't work, but I don't think Denny even really tried, said she was crying and freaking out half the time which made it difficult.
* A shortie 2 set part of a larger group. Was really good vibe and kino and I number closed mine, but she said she had a bf. Kino went really well though so I don't know how real that bf was. Later in the night texted and called them about after party. Replied to texts, didnt pick up calls. Didn't come though.

High fived a fatty set from last week and opened a couple of other sets, but with less results. Once more, need more intent and kino. Good thing was that I number closed this time. Number closing is great in young clubs or any clubs since you might not see the good set for the rest of the night. However, I want to try more kino and make outs especially as the night goes on. Need more connections before closing time.
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16th June 2012 - More fun at Amnesia

During the day I decided to text the hot cutie from last night instead of calling her like I usually do.

ME: Hey Alice, the architect in a flower dress. :) You alive after last night?

HER: Mm yeah I am :D are you ok yourself... a guy called Arcade that I know nothing of except a name :o

ME: Yeah, feeling great when I've slept the whole day :P And I'm a scorpion, we're supposed to be mysterious ;) I don't know much about you either besides that you look like a good girl version of angelina jolie :D

HER: Yeaa I bet you're gonaa parteh tonight again ;D ?! Hahah why aren't you mysterious :p mm im not really sure about that jolie, im not a very good girl :D:DD


By now it's already evening and I get ready to hit the club again. We decide to go to Amnesia again, second night in a row since friday was a little quiet. I met with Adam, Denny and his brother Wesley outside and we go in. I had the usual three drinks before and 100g flask of rum in my jeans pocket. Soon we were joined by Pete and even Marty, who disappeared in under an hour, probably went to the nearby posh club The Treat.

Approach anxiety plagued me again, but Denny and Wes are good sport when trying to unstifle themselves so after a couple of not even so awkward approaches I got the filter out and were pulling girls to our cirlce. It was awesome! We pulled even a fatty with big tits to our group and I almost motorboated her, stopped at the last second, but she would have been cool with being motorboated. She was showing her tits to us and even groped Adam's dick. We had such a good vibe going that girls were even approaching us on their own. One stunner girl who danced like a pro stripper gave us all lapdances which freaked eveyone out and we were all too pussies to do something about it, even me. That was lame, but educational experience. After that we pulled more girls in our circle and all opened well, everyone had a blast.

During the night I tested and learned Tyler's Hand of God technique which worked amazingly well! Just hold the hand long enough and the girls cant resist taking it, then just pull them in. Awesome when you're standing anywhere else than the girl's path, you don't even have to move!
Tried to use more fingerlocking on girls which I did. Girls didn't really press back, but it worked out quite naturally for me. Unfortunately I backed down on every single set from make out even though there were many good ones. Main excuses were "Not so public in front of the guys and her friends" and that I was playing not to lose instead of winning. However I felt that the makeout could have been achieved very easily, I just need a little more congruence.

This night I did more kino as well, even did some hugging and close dancing which felt a bit odd before. Babysteps, but in the right direction and quite consistent. I just need more intent and burn the sets down. Gotta play to win instead of just hitting some checkpoints. Two main objectives for next time is more numbers and make outs. Really burn the sets down and be THAT guy. This time we ended up losing all good sets in the end as some disappeared and some found other guys and some just didn't come. The night ended with some after hours street game with Wes and Denny. We all made a few approaches, but nothing hooked even close.

Overall: Hand of god is awesome, kino is progressing, but need even more intent. Good thing also was that I approached all the hot girls I saw and didn't "save" them until I was "in the zone".  Next time I need to feel some limits, go for heavy intent and makeouts.
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Dating Alice

On sunday late afternoon I write back Alice:

ME: You're a good bettor.:P we should play lottery together next week :) btw are you good at games with a club?

HER: Yeah I guess we should, I've never won anything :D haha well im alright in badminton and baseball, how about you:)?

ME: It just mean you have a lot of luck saved up :P We'll win the lottery and then go to Vegas :) I'm decent in badminton, but I'd like to try golf. Hey, lets go play minigolf tomorrow (mon) to the park.

(My friend just took a date minigolfing last week and that sounded like a fun novel idea to me so I decided to try it)

HER: Wou that is so true :d yeaa we'll definitely go to vegas if we make enough money!! Heh yeah sure lets go minigolfing :) any time after 4 is good for me.

I set the logistics and we meet downtown the next day at six o'clock. My plan is to play minigolf after which we'll go have a drink at a bar where I usually take my dates.

Day 2

I get to the meeting place 10min in advance and decide to walk around the block once since movement allows me to expend nervous energy. Unlike last time, this girl is seriously hot so I don't feel as indifferent. I start running in my mind what I'm going to say, but realize that it's not a good idea since I won't remember it anyway if I'm this nervous. I come to the meeting place at the designated time and she's already there in another pretty flower dress. I do the Tyler icebreaker that involves you running to your date with open arms and picking her up in a hug and whirling around. Unfortunately I came from around a corner so she's like 7-8 feet away and there's no way make the run so I just hug and spin with her. It feels a bit weird and she seems nervous as well. I tell myself to relax and remember Jeffy's 20min date tip that is to ignoire the first 20min of any date. First 20 minutes don't count.

So we start walking towards the park and I just focus on my own stories and talk about what intrests me. She doesn't say much, but that's alright. I'm much better at talking than listening so it's not so bad. By the time we arrive to the minigolf playground she seems to be getting warmed up and becomes more talkative. It's right about 20min time mark... I say we need a bet and that the loser will buy a round to the winner. She takes the bet. I pay for the entrance since it's my invite and we get to play. During the game we get competitive and it's quite fun actually, but there are way too many holes and a chill breeze is blowing from the sea. Overall, not so great a date idea, but the chill gives a good reason to kino ;)

After the game we go to the bad downtown and I make sure I sit her at one of the couches lining the wall. The reason I like this bar is that there are virtually no tables where you can sit face to face so it's easy to get seated side by side which make kinoing and making out easy. We have some drinks and she pays me a round after losing the match. I remember my friend Edge's advice on kiss close. If theres a 2-3 second long eye contact from close range she's ready to make out with you. This time I follow the advice and it worked perfectly. We made out for some time and had another drink after which we headed to train station and went home.

Day 3

I call her the next day and we chat for a while. I tell her that she needs to see the movie "21" about card counting if we're to go to vegas and invite her to my place to watch it since I have the movie on my computer. She's game and we set the date for the next day.
Next day she texts me asking if she could come 2 hours in advance. I tell her I can make it only one hour earlier and we agree I come pick her up on my car midway since it's hard to find my house. I do just that at around 4:15pm and she's punctual again, I like that.
I give her a kiss in the car and we drive to my place.

So I get her in my room and put some music on my computer. We talk a little, I make her a drink, but then she says she doesn't have that much time left as she's meeting her friends at around 19:30 so she can't be here too late. I realize then and there that the stupid movie
is almost 2 hours so there won't be left time for much else as it's now quarter to five. And watching a movie is the worst thing you can do on a date anyways! Watching a movie is a solo-activity, opposite of social and I remember how I already wasted one date a few years ago
by watching a movie with a girl at my place after which she ran out of time and had to leave... I was damned if I let this happen again.

I had already grabbed her in my lap (since there's only one computer stool in my room) and so I just made out with her. She was down with that and we continued to make out for a few minues. I turned around in the chair and threw her on my bed and continued to make out more there.
She didn't resist at any point and her pants came off easily. Her breasts were perfectly round Cs, like they were designed by a graphic artist and her was even better, smooth clear slit. Pure perfection and tasted as such. Sexual times ensued, twice. After we were done the time was almost up and she had to go meet her friends. So much for the movie... :P

I texted her later and we made plans to meet next week as this weekend was midsummer and everyone was going out of town including me. I had tickets booked to a Midsummer Festival. She said she was going with her classmates to a friend's cottage by some lake.
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22-24th June 2012 Fri-Sun - The Midsummer Festival This friday we went to the midsummer festival that was a few hundred miles from my city. I expected more guys to come with us, but only me, Mike, Hank and Jarvis finally go. Pete also came, but he stayed with his buddies from work. The festival was located at an outdoors sports complex and was divided into two main areas. The camping grounds where most visitors would put up their tents and the actual festival grounds that held two stages and a club. When we arrived there it was wild! There were thousands of people mostly young, 18-23 yo. A lot of hot girls running around skimpily clad. We put up our four tents up at the camp grounds and broke out the booze. The last time I was at a festival was 2005 and it sucked. I was sober and ran some mystery method bs game. I did not have fun at that festival while Pete got laid 3 times within one day. Everybody said you got to be drunk as fuck at a festival and I was going to take up that advice this time. I wanted to set an objective, a sticking point in my game I've had to focus on for this weekend. Clearly I wanted to improve on my kino, kiss closing to be exact. Somehow I thought about it way too long before I went in and by that time it was usually too late or awkward. So this weekend's mission is to get the kiss close TRIVIALIZED! After having a couple of drinks we started looking around and decided that it was time to make some new aquintances. We approached some girls near our tents and 7 and an 8 (maybe). They seemed chill and were actually more mature like 25/26 yo. Eventually they left for the fetsival grounds. I wanted younger, hotter and more women since 2 woman and 4 guys wasn't right. Almost immediately 6 young chicks 7-9s walked by and one of us approached. Turns out they were camped not far from our tents so we joined in. This time I liked the numbers and everybody had somebody to chat with. However, the chat was just that, a chat. There was no erotic tension, no intent. We snapped some pictures, talked some more, had a few drinks, but none of us seemed to have intent. Eventually these girls too left for the festival grounds. Some of the guys said that maybe we should go too to the festival grounds, but from my point of view the camp grounds were optimal for this time of day. There was a ton of people on the camp grounds and they were near your tent while the festival grounds were like a half a mile away. Logistics were perfect here so why complicate it? Still, Mike and Jarvis left to chode the festival grounds while I stayed with Hank at the camp grounds. We decided to start just walking around from tent to tent, getting drunk and seeing what the festival had to offer. Now after two sets we were more warmed up so I felt I was ready to project more intent. The day went in a drunken haze, we approached maybe 15-20 sets, made out with some and number closed a dozen girls each. The numbers were mostly just practice since no-one was going to remember you anyway. I sure didn't know who the numbers belonged to the next day... Later in the evening we entered the festival grounds where the better artists of the weekend were playing. I paired up with Mike and remembered my mission. In drunken ingenuity I remembered Jeffy's kiss technique with a 100% success rate when executed with 100% belief. After walking for half an hour without making a single approached I got fed up and decided it was time to shake ourselves up. "Lets do something stupid!" Mike barked punching me in the shoulder. So I offered a bet for a drink that we'd have to successfully kiss close a girl in 5 minutes. 5 minutes is actually very small amount of time for this when you think about it. Most of the time goes in finding a suitable target or the excuse goes.. The 5 minutes went really fast and we both didn't do anything. Next we made it into 1 minute. I stopped a cutie with something like "Hi, who are you?" and asked her 3-4 questions, then grabbed her by the head with both arms and kissed her. It was easy. She was like 'what's going on?' and I called it was just "Festival love". That seemed to be an okay reason. Next we went on a mouthrape extravaganza upping the bet from 1 to 3 girls in under 2 minutes. Eventually I just walked up to girls like "hi" and when they said hy back I went in for a make out. We even had 30 sec challenge where Mike took the only 2 girls nearby and kissed both of them, then stayed to chat with them. Since there were no suitable girls around I joined mike's set, said hi and kissed mike's target AND her friend one after another. We did many such groups where we'd approach a group of girls and mouthrape all of them, one after another, like it was a substitute for shaking hands. :D Some of the girls got mad initially or seemed like they were about to. I just yelled "It's okay, it's okay! This is a festival! Yeah!"  That's when I came up with my technique "Rationalization without logic". Essentially you throw an illogical rationalization for anything which short circuits the logical brain into an endless loop. This can be used with pretty much anything. In any case, it disarmed every girl that seemed to get indignant from our antics. They'd first go blank for a second and then fully accept the rationalization and take my high five. :D We did the same thing the next night as well and ended up kissing around 30-40 girls in two days. I definitely got my sticking point handled this weekend...! The late nights were spent in the club. We made some approaches there, number closed some hotties, but only Mike pulled a DTF girl from the dancefloor. It was funny, we both saw her at the same time, but Mike was closer so got in there first. Lucky bastard! Overall I'm happy to have got my sticking point handled through a sheer amount of exercise, but I was too focused on having fun with friends and liquor to think logistics. Both nights I sort of expected things to happend on it own, which isn't necessarily bad, but only when you got certain stuff down so it works on autopilot. I clearly didn't have my calibration regarding logistics down here even though the logistics were optimal. I know that many successful guys instinctively know when to pull or in fact all the time veer the interaction towards the final location. It's called playing to win, while I wasn't playing not to lose I certainly wasn't playing to win, but playing for the sake of playing. This needs to improve.
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