December 13th, 2018
HUGE sticking point, why mistakes are awesome for your game
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Yoo fellas,

I had a sick night last night. $1 beer at this place on Wednesdays, can never go wrong with that.

I was in pretty good state last night despite a bad day. A buddy of mine who had been gone for a month for ranger training came back and we had to revitalize his state. So we cruise out with my buds and see a LOT of pretty girls at this place. We start doing our thing and approach many cute ass sets doing funny as dares such as daring my buddy to go up to a straight 9 1/2 that's 5'9 at least with huge heels and telling her she's the most beautiful girl he's seen and that he wants her. Good shit to bump up state. But to the story.

So a chick who I always dug back in hs with huge tits comes in. Back in hs we were in different social cirlces and my school was very clicky (it's funny how much social groups change your value in hs isn't it?) I approach her hard pointing at her and acting like we were long lost lovers. I fuck with her for a little while while she's in front of her dime friends and saw the position of me and her as neutral. Whatever, ADVENTURE! I push harder and she out of no where hugs me when I'm passing by and tells the guys she's with that we dated in middle school. I'm like booya, hook set. So she hugs me a couple of times as I pass by and I never really got a good convo with her going as I was talking to fucking MANY chicks. my ex who i've been fucking (as well as other chicks of course) comes in and approaches me infront of her getting pissed. Made me look like a fucking pimp. 

Anyways, my bud and I were talking by the bar and she's there with her friends non stop looking at me. my buddies like shoot now as she's by herself straight eyeing me down. I said no dude let's smoke this stoge being a straight as this does happen from time to time. I'm still relatively a noobie and just thought I'd have another chance. Nope, they cruise out about 5 min later and I'm like fuck. So opportunity lost...

Bullshit like this happens at every stage of the game I've found. ANd it's those that LEARN from their MISTAKES that get better and better. Like the first time I hooked a nine I ran off 10 min later even when we were talking about how the last dude she got with dick size was tiny. I was so stoked I hooked a nine I walked off and was even stoked. The next time I hooked a nine I beat myself up about this so bad that I made sure 100% i made out with her.

I will neverlet this happen again. EVER EVER EVER. And you will all encounter circumstances like this in your pursuit of chicas. It's those that learn hard from their mistakes that get the frito lay. Mistakes make you far better than success I believe because nonstop success will make you content where as slip ups don't. Hopefully you can all learn from my mistakes. RSD nation is a unit where we all help each other grow and learn from each others mistakes as well.

Just some ideas.
Sarge hard fellas.
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Bad Boyfriend

Bad Boyfriend

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Actually feelin you on this. I fuck up about 50% of the time but that is what gives me massive optimism because when I can cut that shit down to 25% my dick will be wet with hot full time ;)

Keep rollin real

Step up/set hook/lean back/lead to sex

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