December 11th, 2018
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Going out harcore again,

Been out since 2011 when I first discovered free tour vids and started connecting to RSD way of thinking.,

Not drank since March and was using alcohol for the first 4 years of game,,, became a master of pulling 7's in a drunked haze... Then I threw away my crutch and started a new path to mastery. 
Just let go
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Officially broke up from my girlfriend, so now im out hard core again. 

A nice little relaxing tune. 


I been out alot anyways as I knew she was moving back to spain, this was very important so I stayed sharp and kept my habits high. I got to say, I really made progress as although she is a fucking cute intelligent spanish girl, im not actually that down and I will still be able to go out

I decide to go out around fulham tube during the day, sooo Many fine women strolling out of the station going home to their chelsea terrace. I feel a fear I have not felt for a long time, it is quite hardcore but I am proud to say I broke it down. Even at one point I went to buy a beer without approaching. 

INTERNAL DIALOGUE " you little joe, read and watch all that shit nd cant even say hi to one girl outside a tube station, fuck you. you might aswell accept it you cant do as well in the day time"

I rationalize this and simply approach one girl with headphones in, stood outside, polite conversation then leave. 

Its a big sticking point daytime for me. I am so habitualized to night game it unreal.

SOOOOOO anyways I meet up with a couple of mates, Andre who's post I recommend to check out in the start of my field reports. We meet in a bar called jewel bar, I notice Andres has changed in the 2 months I have not seen him, he seems even more chill. "Petrified wood" as Brad says.


First two girls im very relaxed, not many people around. Usual opener, Breaking rapport tonality, kinda mastered dat shit' EH, BIG PARTY TONIGHT. OCCCASION? 

Recommend them ELK BAR THURSAY NIGHT IN FULHAM. then get a number, leave. 

Get lots of hugging in ealry, quite solid.

Leave the bar and whilst stod outside macdonalds see cute blonde curly chick, instantly open. Have the pressure of all three wings watching. awkward hug, get her facebook name. she is going back to germany soon. nevermind. 

I slowed down massively with this girl. like landing the plane on the intial open, it was slightly rocky but I kept it together, I think I mean just didnt say any dumb shit' as tyler explains in his vid. I was just normal. 


I never go stright tothe bar, its so important for me to speak early to another group of people early, it sets a fun normal social vibe, I build on it from there. 

Two Lovely french girls... Sweet like candy they are very welcoming and giggly, I open loud and hard then back off. I say speak to you later. Eject.

I go up the stairs, cheers and clink glasses with group of girls, I am drinking tap water. Feeling pretty good by this point. Turn and open Hot Hot english girl, She says im coming on too strong. My brain begins its usual, "do weird shit and express yourself in order to impress her with you strong sense of reality routine"

I think that this has become like a gimmick for me now and it was purely for validation, I was doing really well and if I had just vibed and stayed patient it was all good. Lesson learnt. I could see her look at my eyes a lot then lips. it was on. Just slow down at that point. she wasnt investing at all at first but she probably views herself as a ver high status girl, in this bar. she was. 

I go too hard with her, she is kinda into me but saying why you acting slightly !% off, okay maybe 10% off but its all good. She tells me she has a boyfriend. I walk away.

Next group is the american group of girls. One is texting. I start reading out my number. This little line never gets old...."0751......." She just looks up and laughs. I get her locked in with very calm eye contact. she explains to me its an important text. I read this very well and say okay, I tell her im in love with her and I will come hit on her later.

Open here and there, nothing spesh. Then see my previous love who has finished her important text

It was very well socially calibrated to just leave her and actually let her finish where as before maybe a year a go i plowed through. I know she is not going anywhere so I left, She inialy doesnt remember me WTF.

like all sets, i ignore the first response  

i keep chatting, hi, amercian etc, BR tonality. eye contact is solid, she is purely reacting to me. every now and then go for make out. im not going to kiss you!! but stays and keeps gigling. tell her i love her, hate her, think she is soo hot, I balance it very well and stay in there. Even a friend of hers comes in, girls codes her. I call her out on it, she laughs and says no I signalled its all good, Pure calm self expression, with no emtotion or ego attachment, I simply state whats happening in front of me. almost vomitting it from my mouth. She gets a text to meet her friend outside and I let her go. Instead of meeting her friend I just let her go.

iNSTEAD OF GETTING LAID i was staying out to practice. Nevermind, no gf now so im sure that will change.


-Balance of game' push puil for reaction
-practice vs getting laid
-stay in there. Be the man in her life
-practice more daytime. baby steps in order to get over original bullshit dialogue.
-do not rely on momentum to open hot girls
Just let go
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Nice to see this up man - just don't slack off with it ;)

I didn't notice i've gotten more chill lol this is why it's good to go out with wings, then alternate by going solo for a bit, they'll see the difference in you that you otherwise couldn't notice.

You were so ON with that hot american chick; you could've done with leading her after a while though. One thing i took from one of Julien's most recent vids is the concept of constant leading, like don't get caught in the trap of standing still and basking in the sexy eye contact, but take little steps here and there, i.e. "move over here for a, lets see what's over there, come meet my friends, blah blah..." any excuse to lead just take it. I need to do this more myself haa!
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Yeah defo, I can sense the meditation vibe. Its like you are there but not there at the same time. Very tough to describe.

Yeah Bro, I agree.cheers dude. I keep thinking I can make her love me' just staring at her. Lead, lead and more leading. Its a real golden nugget, "Lets go over here.." Why?.. Because its more fun!"
Just let go
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 Sunday 22nd july 


Whats happening people of rsd..... 

Okay so sunday I work all day til 6pm. Lots of girls come to the pub wearing very little and it frustrates me. i have a few beers after I finish. I go meet teo other friends and we chill in a bar

I order a drink at the bar with my friend Jamie and there is a cute Kiwi girl stood next to me, brilliiant clevage and piercing eyes. open with 'OMG Who are you, buying all the drinks" Tell her I love her, we xhould get married so she can stay in England, then tell her Im going to divorce her. She loves this little roleplay. She is fairly drunk. Doesnt come back like she said she would. This is the first girl I have spoken to other than my friends. I know its going to be a crazy night. 

Me Bobby and jamie chill inside. Speak to various groups. nothing special. Jamie opens cute pair of french girls. One calls me weird, I agree. She smells of moisturizer. We leave and go to a really dead club called havana over the other side of the street, its empty part from one group. I lead her around, away from her group bout 2 meters. then some douche bag grabs the attention of the entire group and does some shit magic trick. I can hardly believe what happened. I go and grab her again. They all leave. I dont get her number. Nevermind

We all jump into bobbys van, I am drunk at this point. We then start doing shots of vodka.

We pull up outside another bar in the middle of chelsea. There are only women in there, taken over by a hen party. I go for the instant make out with some cute girl. Im all about big breasts atm I have only been having success with girls with tiny breast so now im all on that. She tells me her fiance's mum is stood next to her. We all dance around a bit then leave. 

It gets a bit blurry from here. We get to central london and most bars are closed. Bobby is talking to two dutch girls, me and jamie go in hard on them, I cant really piece it together and since apologised to bobby but me and jamie get take them to a taxi. Im not sure why Boby didnt come with us. We go all the way back to mine. Wake up my housemates. Jamie fucks one on my couch and I wake up naked to the taller brunette in my bed. 

i hear my housemate yelling at jamie as she is leaving for work, I go back to sleep and wake up in the late afternoon with a stinking hangover. Lots of texts from my housemates explaining how disrespectful I am. 

it was a good night. 
Just let go
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 Monday 23rd July 

Eventful two days, Im sooo hungover from the previous night. i get up about 2pm and smooth over the carnage from the last nights actions with a series of apolgetic texts to my house mates. Oh well. they seem cool after a while

I go into town and then get a bus to central, meet up with jamie and an old school mate called tom who has just moved to london. 

they both leave after a couple of hours and I decide to stay out. meet up with cute italian chick from few weeks ago. she makes the journey in at about 11pm, I sit and chode around for a few hours. I find 10quid on the floor. i ALWAYS find money. iTS SCARY. i treat myself to a whole foods organic salad at the new wholefoods market. I see a lot of hot girls in central but dont approach.  I make rubbbish excuses that I need to address. Im too hungover and its cool just to chill for a while. I was feeling terrible. I get some free drinks vouchers from some promo girl and sit bymyself feeling guilty for the noise I made with my housemates. I reframe it to think they will have probably forgotten about it. i need some inspiration so I text Andre. Out by myself, any tips. He texts back, "go hard or go home"

Then it turns out he was out aswell. I chat to him and his friend outside the club and im feeling pretty good at this point.  they say they are going to mahiki, this is a sick ass club opposite the ritz hotel. I am jealous. 

meet cute italian chick, I am feeling rough and probably smell. I enjoy her feminine energy. She leaves. 

Start walking to go home, decide to go to bus stop and though fuck it, im sneaking into mahiki, I still have real blurry smoking section stamps from another club from last night on my hand from where I didnt shower. 

I chode around outside, tons of hot girls. Its an amazing club for a monday night. i chat to some fat rich looking bloke smoking a cigar outside, then just calmly walk in flashing my smudged stamp on my wrist. It was fucking smooth. I am in and I go looking for andre.

Hangover in full fucking swing at this point, I decide to push through that shit and keep going, nothing special happens, am just choding around, cheers here, high five there. The environment is fucking with me. 

I open to cute blondes. Its a bit frenetic and get her invested. I am rushing it a bit. this happens a lot over the next hour. SOOOO many hot girls I get caught up with choosing the right girl to speak to. 

I start to feel myself reverting back into don mode, I feel slightly more comfortable and stop the environment fucking with me as I hadnt been in a high end night club for a while. trust the process, I start making my openings more outrageous. one girl stops and says she does not appreciate being yelled at. i She is my perfect 10. I go hard on her she laughs and runs away. 

the last girl i approach hooks hard, she is going down the stairs as I was going up. I say lets go and point to the exit. I eject at this point. I kind of had enough. I was beaten. 

I guess it was a bad night for me but I was hanging out my arse, I couldnt speak at one point. i AM PROUD TO SAY I GOT IN THERE AND JUST KEPT GOING. NEXT TIME!!!!!!

-Trust the process, your shit trainers and sticking armpits stop bothering you if you build up enough momentum. 
- make the most of being out
-i am enough.
- If you find a girl attractive go tell her.. 
Just let go
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The look on my face when you found us in Mahiki must've been priceless!

Good on you for sticking out the whole night with us as well, the more you do it the more your balls become steel. I love that venue!
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 Sunday the 22nd

Best pick up ever. Once again, Your housemates must hate me.  We both did awesome that night bro. Many more nights like that ahead of us.
 Rejection makes perfection.
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he goes hard early and chode about a little. I start warming up and its pretty tough at first

I have an amazing interaction with a real cute canadian chick, move around a bit, she has to go back to canada the next day, sucks... she is sharp and has an amazing body. she is a 10 in her own way. training to be a surgeon.

I start to relax and then feel awesome.

i internalise a lot from just watching andre. see the olympic torch

MEET JAMIE AND HE IS ONE OF HIS EXCITABLE MOODS. ITS FUNNY/ ANNOYING. He has a pretty strong sense of reality and is very natural. 

We get to elk hit on some real hot lesbians...... Scream at some dude, thats my girlfriend. !! he gives up eventually.

I keep going even though bout 5 guys are trying to fuc with me. they all eventually shut down, I really dont give a shit at this point. 

Tube into central. I get jealous over some chick who I met this week and been texting a lot. I am fully friend zoned with her and I get soo frustrated as I can believe i made this mistake. she is sooo cute, lesson learnt

I text her something about her breaking my heart. its very lame. i GET MORE DRIUNK. FALL ASLEE;P ON THE BUS

this is a very sparse post as I am sooo hugover and my last one deleted!!! 

i can regonisie a lot of positives from the whole day, i apaart from the alcohol I really pushed myself and starting really "know where the edge is"

Nights out are becoming more and more outrageous

Peace x x x x x x

Just let go
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My next Focus

Next 30 days til holiday in italy where game gets put on hold for a whole week.

- Sober

I think the last few nights I have been mixing it up with alcohol and being completey sober but the pure adrenaline from being out all day yesterday is enough.
i WANT TO TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL. its too difficult when you are drunk. you miss oppurtunity everywhere and I did last night. Not to say it was not an awesome night

- Calm and cool on the 10's 

I been going hard and hitting up girls with venom, i think i been fucking up as my brain says " she is a 9/ 10... do something or say something outrageous so she knows your outcome free. i am going to simply slow down, slow role plays' but not overdoing it. My natural aura is enough. I am enough and whenever I have pulled stunners it been becuse of No attachment to a result in the interaction, no attachment to any any syle, no attachment to expressing myself. if i feel like it, i will.

- Mixed groups

i been rationalizing this a lot recently and putting off the mixed groups.

-stay in there

Stay in there

- Daytime next week go out atleast twice. 

I have to start building the habit of getting up early and going out atleast a couple of hours. there are plenty of hot women in putney i CAN APPROACH ASWEL. ITS ALL THE FUCKING SAME AND IF THEY COME TO MY PUT. BOOO HOOOO. I AM SURE i WONT DIE i am scared to approach on my doorstep. I going to change this as it can be awesome. 

I cant really think of anything else and I feel like I am on some weird platueau, like I am one step away from it all just falling into place and results start flowing even more so. I have been getting some very solid numbers, few more lay reports wil be nice but I have to carve out the time. take number and get them to putney is easiet or daytime bounce backs??? hmmmmm... Daytime f closes. watch this space
Just let go
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 Saturday 28th

"Yo, step to my groove, move like this
When we shoot the gift, of course it's ruthless
Grab the mic with no excuses...
In a sec, grab the techs and loot this
Executin, shakin all sets, and I'm breakin all hecks
I'm takin all bets, move all best, who want the dram' next..."


Another episode in this chapter.... I work an epic shift. My buddy Andre comes to help out and is in the real deep end having not worked in a bar before. Its harcore, but plenty of women. i finishg at 6 and im soo tired I can barely walk home. The bar was soooo busy due to the olympic clylcing. I get home and shower, before I know it Im on my way to Nightstbridge to meet my buddy sean who im taking out for the night to help him start tearing shit up aswell. 

if you are ever in london, go to Nightsbridge. you will be see some of the hottest women in the world. Most of them either shop or work in Harrods. 

We go to a bar, grab a water each. I start approaching straight away. Im tired as fuck. 

My brain tells me in a little boy voice "oh poooooorr joe!!!, got it soooo hard.... cant go to the club and speak to beautiful women, it must be so hard for you. isnt life just sooooo tough... "

I cut the excuses and start hitting it up.

It interesting as I can see lots of different oppurtunities in this bar, I think I am using the 'i dont have enough momentum"  excuse. I see some guy all over two very hot girls, going full on caveman. It puts me in my head. 

Very calmy approach group of girls after sean has been speaking to them. i DONT try AT ALL WITH ONE GIRL. SHE INVESTS EVERYTHING. even asks for my number within 2 mins of talking to her. she tells me how chilled i am. I quite chatty but im feeling pretty awesome, in the zone I guess, even though I am exhausted. I tell her I need to go meet some friends in the next room. Its a great venue to start. Jewel bar in piccadilly, always a couple of real hotties. barmaids are super attractive. 

Seated set. Latvian girl. 9..... Good eye contact. sean leans in, chodes it up. I shake their hands. its very calm. I can see attraction. Its still very friendly and smooth and I start building up to be a bit more cocky, cheeky. They wont meet anyone else like me this night. I poke the hot one. Its very subtle push pull. I tell them we need to leave. we walk away.. I am soley focusing on momentum at this point but strangley, its really irrelevant as I feel like I can kinda do whatever I want. However I know if im just patient with this chick It can be solid for a future meet up. i GO HARD ON HER. GO FOR THE NUMBER. ITS ULTIMATE EXPRESSION. SHE WONT GIVE IT TO ME BUT SHE IS PROPER INTO ME. if was slightly more patient then, moved her around a little. would of been solid. another set, another lesson. 

Next bar, dirty gem bar, very trashy. some hotties. shot girls, that kinda thang!! hit on bar girl, dance around with some cute girls down stairs. place is full of massive fucking dudes, bulgarian/romanian looking. My legs are acheing at this point. i KEEP GOING!! chat to girl with massive tits. goes well. Friendly cool, I push a bit to hard. she runs away. 

sean is approaching like a mofo now. We blow this place out. "i cant dance with you my boyf is watching" I dont care/ have little patience or energy to even look. I dont know it just seemed like she was being very honest and these were messy fuckers, girls were not hot enough for the risk of glass to the cranium. move out to go to the next venue. 

next I cuddle girl on the street get shouted at by the brother, introduce myself, hit on other girl, brother says that my girlfriend. I could continue, we move on.

Open set, two unresponsive girls, during set hand of god this hooooot norweigan girl walking past. awesome eye contact. holding her close. its very calm/ smooth, she backs away as her friends are going into the club. I think bout this girl for the last couple of days. I move around a ltittle, but could of offered her back to her friends, empathy of her situation, another emotion. could of pushed to keep her there for longer but she ejected. all in all it was good shit... Sean was super impressed. I am feeling amazing at this point. 

Go to next bar. AQUA. full of 9's..... sean hits it up without any prompting at this point. I am impressed. early on in the night he was very stifled but now is going hard. tall blonde absolute stunner... 

I turn my RAS.. to see something shiny on the floor next to three guys. Pick up the 50 pound note and walk away..... I find money all the time and its getting fucking weird. I am in shock at this point.. unbelievable... I want to preserve this feeling. its stops me from approaching a little. 

This bar I have seen lots of celebs etc. I hitt up hot girl with fringe. I am on the verge now I can feel it. but  I know my adrenaline crash is in the post..... 

We go to movida, meet up with Andre. its bout 1230. we dont que or pay. Its a very fussy venue where the door girl always comments on how scruffy I am. she loves andre.i JUST SMILE AND SAY IM POOR. PURELY IN THE ZONE. WALK STRAIGHT IN. i have seen some 9's get turned away from this place. little ol me just strolls in with my chode broken trainers and my un ironed stinkin shirt. 
Issues I will address later on in this post. 


Andre is on it straight away and gets my state up with his singing and dancing. the place is full of 9's... I am feeling amazing and I am  pointing grabbing girls here and there. Get girls number intantly, cute blonde. 

The environment gets to me in this club although i am feeling awesome, there are soooo many hot girls I start calculating 'how' best shall I go about this. I speeds up my thinking. Instead of the relaxing process my state fluxuates between high energy feeling good and shit. 

Andre climbs into VIP. the kid is a hero. The first time i went to this place was about 4 years ago. It was no where near as full but was extrememely intimadating. Andre really demontrates how desensitized he is to the 
environment, even stating my pub earlier had more hot girls. My perception of reality is flawed.. Although now thinking about it there were only a couple of girls that intimadated me.

I crash. I cant move and im sooo tired that I know its soo important to do just a few more sets. Tall girl, grab in early. really aggresive looking but super hot... 


The next time im out with out my try hard chode stinking shirt that im constantly being nagged by. 
I miss my legenday white tshirt.
I need a little rest and am looking forward to going out without being tired hungover.
results focused. 
Less time in between each set. 
Less questioning, am feeling okay to do this? relying on momentum. 
Expression is awesome. 
Trust your ability. 
Natural push pull as I do ths so much I can really rely on doing very little. "be the man in her life"
Stay in set.
ABC go for the number!
Patience vs hitting it up. 
Finding that balance is not the aim. simple expression is. 

Just let go
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