November 15th, 2018
Significance, purpose, meaning, etc
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[Moderator: Hope this is an appropriate forum, it's self-actualization but hope it's not irrelevant]

Hey guys, anyone in a situation in which they're searching for meaning and to contribute and add value? This is NOT a I'm depressed post.  Actually, I'm grateful for what I have, and I often take time to mentally acknowledge that I'm better off than many.   I still sometimes feel an underlying aimlessness, well not aimlessness per se, but I'll wonder whether the world will be better off because of me. Or whether I'm adding value "out there". 

I've thought of volunteering, going to serve food at a kitchen or something, but that seems so formulaic. Perhaps my problem is I'm thinking too grand scale, on saving hunger, or making an invention type of contribution? 

Intellectually I'm in Grad School, but I also work full-time 40hrs, so Grad school wont' be finished until 2014.  The job is an office job yes, but I get A LOT of time off, so that's not the issue.  However, it's a very junior (but stress-free) position--I'm probably stuck there until I get the Graduate degree done. I do the primal diet, and workout and feel good physically, so that's not the issue.  I meditate and/or go outdoors and "reflect" intermittently, but this seems to turn my focus inward rather than outward. 

Anyway, curious as to what you guys do to "improve the world".  How do you derive purpose or significance? What little things can one do to contribute to the improvement of everyone's reality?
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