December 10th, 2018
Praxis: Second 30DC, The Quest for tits in my face!
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For my first 30dc go to post 15. That challenge was a success.

For chode oneitis diary, post 60 on pg 6 and all of page 7 for thrilling conclusion.

For my second 30dc, go to page 8.

The rules for 30 day challenge.:
Go out and make at least 3 cold approaches.
Day 2's count as 3 approaches.
The first time I bring a girl to my apt from cold approach, Kiss a girl who reciprocates, or get laid during this time grants me a skip day.

My goals:
Work on cockycomedy, Story telling and deep connection.
Attempt to close every set. Number, kiss, fuck.
Dance game!


Little about me:
I recently fell for a girl really hard. I hadn't really been with a girl previous to her for a few years, and the action i did get was a handful of sporadic one night bjs and lays. I really wanted this girl and she was showing signs of attraction. We began doing activities and actions that brought us in closer proximity to each other. However, despite her signals and my desire... I couldn't act; several weeks passed and I only approached her one time. Then, as suddenly as it began, circumstances severed all contact.

I was pitifully devastated, I couldn't stop thinking about her. How pathetic, i had barely talked to her and yet i cherished her. Oneites. As time went on, my longing to be around her changed into regret from inaction. This sorry state started my journey.

I am ready for change.

Since then, i have read and listened to several pick up audios and books, self improvement books, and attended an RSD hot seat. Obviously I cannot get any better by staying in my apartment reading books. I need to use what i have read and apply it. Praxis.

Here is brief recap of my progress so far:

June 9, 2012: First day of pure day game. Approached about 10 sets, got 2 numbers. One texted me that night but she really wasn't my type. The second never returned my messages. After this day, i started talking to women more that were around me.

June 15, 2012: Went to a local dance club for the first time. Got there a little early and decided i was just going to be an approaching machine. Walked in , first approach said she had a husband. Second was a set of two girls. One of the girls was a recent divorcee and I spent the night dancing with her. Quickly accelerated to making out on the floor. Got her phone number and Went outside. Really killed the vibe. Went inside and couldn't get things exciting again. I turn my back for a moment, lost her in the crowd, next thing i see she is making out with some scum bag. She dashed out shortly after. 1 1/2 hours of rapport down the drain. I had problems sleeping that night and felt terrible the next day. Tried to set up future dates, one night of text conversations and two of no reply. Some decent initial success followed by CHODE.

June 20-21, 2012: Went out for a few hours each night to local bars. Approached like crazy. Approached bachelor parties, groups of girls, pairs of girls, and a few groups with guys. Had mixed success, but generally was able to get in and start chatting. On Saturday I went to a place where THE Girl (from above) Happened to be. At first i left, but i said FUCK THAT and came back. Went to a part of a bar where she couldn't see me and opened a set that lead into another set near by. Got a phone number of some girl i met, wont call it. I then went over to THE girls friends and chated with them (she wasnt' there, no encounter between us the whole time). One of the dudes at the table was cool, the other tried to AMOG me the whole time. I played it cool and unaffected.

June 29, 2012: Friday I opened a few sets. Started with a warm up of three chics, some of whom way to old. Approached a batchlorete party. As I got closer i realized some of them were in their early 40s, late 30's. UGH!. Some were young, they kicked me out despite my persistance. Approached a bit more. Changed venues. Approached a group of girls. They hadn't seen each other in like a year. I still plow through. One girl asks me to help her get a pitcher and carry the glasses. I make no motion to pay, she takes it. I help her carry the crap, get a free glass out of it. On the way back she reminds me she is only around for a week, and that she wants to spend time with them. I come back, they make me seat and i flirt with all the girls. One of them goes to my grad program. Then the "pitcher" girl asks if i want a cig, I don't smoke but tell her i will go with her anyways. We chat for a while, then all her friends come up to leave. Very clever. I get her phone number and will call it later this week.

June 30, 2012:  Made a few approaches. Frequent blow outs. Tried to take control of some situations, but the girls weren't having it. Venue  change and plow through some shit tests. Ended up giving up. Still have some momentum though. I pass a good looking girl on the street, and i am like woah who are you? Strike up a conversation and get her number. One of my better conversations as we quickly started chatting about interesting things. Will def follow up. Talked to another girl on the street, tried to get her to stay. Didn't work.

- Once i get started, I have very little inhibition to approach. Anytime i feel the tinge of anxiety, i use that to tell me i need to approach.
- Can usually carry a conversation past the 10-20 min mark.
- Not afraid to try new things or "techniques" .
- A little kino when it feels correct.
- Decent body language, good eye contact

What i need to work on:
- GETTING OUT OF INTERVIEW FRAME! Most conversations are me just asking lots of random questions, i hate it but don't know yet how to fill this void.
- Getting replys from the phone numbers i get
- GOING OUT MORE , right now i only go out on the weekends. Need to push it into the week for Macro momentum.
- Building more attraction through banter and rapport.

If you guys know of any materials to move past an "interview" type interaction, please let me know.
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To get out of interview mode, talk about yourself, what you did that day/week, talk about your passions. Ozzie's Physical Game book has some good advice about this. Defnitely a sticking point for me as well. Also, you can make assumptions about her rather than ask questions. For example, "You look like a school-teacher" instead of "What do you do?". Doesn't matter much if your assumptions are wrong. The girl will simply correct you and you can use her response to drill deeper, like, "Oh, you're a bartender. But I got this school-teacher vibe from you. You must like working with people." etc.
Birds of a feather fuck together.
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I asked a girl I go to school with, we have hung out a few times before, to lunch on Sunday. She said no, but we agreed to go to a grocery store together later that day. We went, i flirted, bantered and a little kino. We went back to her building and she was going to go upstairs to get me some postage stamps. She told me to stay downstairs because she didn't clean her apartment. I tried to push the issue a little, but didn't work. I ended up saying "yeah ill wait down here like a dog." She got me the stamps and dryer sheets and said "thanks for going grocery shopping with me". I felt like a complete chode.

The next day in class, she sits right next to me, she wore a very short blue dress. she let it ride up pretty high. No idea what to do.

Today I texted two girls from Friday night to have drinks. The girl i bumped into on the street, ironically the hottest girl i chattted with that night, texted back about 7 hours later. she said "Thanks, so did you (seem like fun). Im working tonight so i can't, raincheck?" No idea what to do next.

If anyone reads this, please provide advice.
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Went out last night and went to three close bars, didn't approach anyone. Came up with too many excuses and didn't see any sets i wanted to open. I just wasn't feeling it. I can't let this happen again. Next time i leave the house I have to approach someone.
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Went out tonight for three approaches. It was a little difficult getting out, but i managed to go. The area was pretty bare for a thursday, I think its cuz of 4th of july.

One set opened well enough and i chatted for about 10 min. They were a little boring and the girls weren't cute. A decent interaction with a little banter on my end. I am starting to just do things to enjoy myself.

Second set didn't really count, I just had a short conversation with a bartender who wasn't serving anyone.

Third set was two girls and a dude. I went in pretty charming and made the cute girl laugh. I jetted before bust.

Last set was at a different bar, two girls. They said one of them just broke up with her BF but then fairly clearly busted the set for me.

An okay night, at least i got out and openned. There were a few occasions where I rationalized why i shouldn't approach, when I really should have. I think i need to figure out a different opener. Right now i just walk up, make eye contact and be like, "hey, my names X" With my hand out, and immediately follow it up with "who are you?"

I feel like i am getting better at being playful and banter.

Need to work on:
No more rationalization! JUST DO IT!
figure out a way to come in more exciting.
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Started the night in a high state after drinking a couple and socializing with some friend of a friends. Went out solo and sober though.

The first set I openned went very well. One of the girls was super cute and the other was fairly cute. I really rocked it, made jokes and everyone was laughing. They said they were going to go next door to dance. I may have been able to go with them, but instead of left them behind to do more approaches. They both said they had boyfriends throughout the conversation. Still, she was the one of the hotter girls i have spoken to at length.

After they left, i opened two girls who said they were reserving the area for a party. The first girl i opened rolled her eyes, i commented on it and then talked to her friend who wasn't very attractive. I was pretty relaxed and fairly playful. The group showed up and I left for another venue.

I then walked around for a bit. Tried to get to the dance floor next door but didn't want to pay a cover.

Found another set in a different venue. She was cute and we vibed well. Then i said "thats the kind of guy I am, i just see fear and do it anyway" After i told her i sky dived. The moment i accidently qualified myself she lost interest like a switch. It even felt weird doing it, I should have known.

Did a few "who are you" approaches that didn't end in much.

Went to another local bar, total blow out with a group of girls. I went in to rough with the "who are you". Lame, should have opened more casually. They totally were confused and laughed after i left. Lame.

Went next door and opened a girl. She wasn't hot but she was alone. Then her "Friend" came up and clearly looked dike. Totally lost interest.

What went well:
Went into some sets where I wasn't sure if i wanted to
Tried to establish strong eye contact as i approach, before i say anything.
I enjoy "who are you" but sometimes it comes out a little blunt.
Definitely getting better at being playful, I am just saying anything thats on my mind so its a little cut and dry.

Need to work on:
Knowing smoother openers
Remembering names
Knowing when to hold em and knowing when to fold em.
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Didn't start the night as quite as a high state as last night. Although felt less nervous heading out this time.
First approach was two girls, one of them very good looking. While i was there another dude also sat with us. A little unusual. Some decent banter and vibing. She asked me to buy her 10 shots. This was the first clue that things weren't as they seemed. I then bought a shot for her and myself. This is the first time i have bought a girl a drink while out. Things fizzled out and they bounced. At one point the girl said i asked alot of questions. fuuuuuck. I did number close, but so unlikely it will amount to anything.

I then approached three girls from a batchlorette party. Talked for a bit, did something stupid off a list, and then talked a bit more with one of the girls. Then they bounced.

Approached another batchlorette party, decent opener but it was all about the batchlorette going nuts and her bridesmaids watching.

Switched venues approached two girls. They were kinda boring and no where to sit, so i had to talk down to them. Chatted for a bit, then broke the set myself as I wasn't really interested in either.

Final set was two girls. Decent opener as one was trying to light a match and i said , let me try. She got all pissy so i made a game out of it, where we each had 20 secs to try and light it. or buy the other a beer. Set lasted a while and i got one of them to laugh quite a bit. We also shared the same profession.

High points:
Opened and talked to a decent girl
Less nervous opening groups

Need to work on:
Less fizzling out!
Less chasing and more value oriented interactions
Failing less blunt shit tests
Keeping momentum later into the night.
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Went on my first d2 (from cold approach) that I got from a girl I met on the street. It was like a 3 minute connection and number close. I was trying to get her to get a drink, but instead we walked around a downtown-like district. Real cutie.

Special thanks to Morpheo for giving me quick step by step guidelines.

The good:

We met up.
I hugged her when we met, and grabbed her hand and lead her around. After a while she would just follow whereever i was going. Some basic kino.
Conversation happened, built rapport.
Got a good night kiss.
Really cute face.

The bad:

About half way through the date I went in for a kiss and got a head turn and "no". Decent recovery just went on talking.
She is actually 20, so there goes half the date ideas. She doesn't have a car either. No fucking clue where to take her for d3 as a result.
Alot of interview like questions. I had a few stories. At least i was leading the conversation.
I have this huge zit on my face that has been building for the last 3 days. I rarely get zits on my face, like once every three years.

The chode:

Right (like seconds) before midway kiss i said i needed to buy floss (next location). So super lame. Who would anyone want to kiss someone that just ran out of floss. sooo fucking lame.
The good night kiss was after prompt, we hugged and she was looking into my eyes and i said "do i get a kiss on the cheek?" So lame I should have turned my head at the last moment or just went for the real kiss. Only thing worse than this would have been to do nothing.

What i learned:
PLEASE GOD LET ME ADVANCE PAST INTERVIEW. I am getting better, but i ask so many fooking questions.
Be more direct with the physical contact after basic touching.
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Went out and did quite a few sets. Did some self affirmations while at the gym to pump myself up.  Did something different with my hair. Its weird, when I get home after a long day i feel like the way i look does not match my attitude.

First set was two girls. It def was a warm up but it worked well. They were in a booth and we just chatted it up, i could tell one of them wasn't into it. Just chatted them up and then more of their friends came and i excused myself.

Second set was a girl dancing by herself. She was a little older, and she introduced me to her friend. Who was already talking with a dude, and sitting at the bar while i was standing behind. We grew up in the same place but the logistics were shitty with her back to me, so i just left.

Then i switched venues and ran probably my best set of the night. She was way hot.  The girl was in the mood to flirt and so was her friend, i got them laughing and pointing and having fun. I got her up and we danced and i said we had our own little party. She was hot, we danced a little with her friend. Then they said they had to go to the bathroom.

Instead of waiting for them I just changed sets and started flirting up another pair of girls. The energy was strong and tons of jokes, qualifiers

Then openned a cute little girl, she wasn't all that into it.

I ended up bumping into the hot girl again, and she said " we were looking for you". But they weren't showing much interest and then they went up stairs. I grabbed them and told them to stay, but didn't work and they left.

Switched backed to the original bar and opened a set I had been making eye contact with before. The first thing out of her mouth was "are you catholic? " I said "only on Sundays". It fizzled out quickly.

I then openned a three set in the back. Lots of jokes and fun. Tried to number close with her friends right there, didn't work out. Went back to the other venue. (its nice living in an area with tons of bars closely situated)

Back at the second bar i bumped into an RSD forumer that I met at a Hotseat. I had spoted him earlier, although i knew we hadn't met at the hot seat. I opened a set, said i would be right back, then pretty much brought him right in after that. It ended up fizzling out cuz they had boyfriends.

Then did a few quick approaches that fizzled out.

Went to a new bar, but the place was totally packed and I decided to call it. It sucks getting up so early, get tired easily.

Some sets I can achieve high energy
Getting better with the jokes, and mild negs to show that i am higher value.
Less interview questions

Rough spots:
It sure would be good to issolate some of these girls. Every set i open there is more than one girl, more often they are sitting. So rough.
Still need to work on the interview questions with the longer sets. Sitting with three girls at a table though, it makes it rough.
Need more phone numbers!
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I was feeling pretty low energy on Saturday night but i pushed through it and went out anyway. Hit up my usual local venues. My goal this time around was to try some routines I had read. I pulled them off with limited success.

The first group I opened was the only set at the bar only composed of women. There were three, and I came in pretty low energy. I opened, talked a little, than tried a "female opinion" type opener. The moment i got the line out one of the girls says " Is that your line?!". I just smiled and said yea, i guess. Then their shots arrived and the routine stalled. Then they asked about it again. Then the same girl was like " why are you making us think about our exes?" I Stayed in set for a bit longer, but they frequently would redirect the conversation. I bailed.

I went next door and saw a bachelorette party behind a "reserved for private party". One of the girls waved at me so I took that as an invitation to enter. She was the bachelorette. We chatted for like 2 min with some funny banter. She was fat though, and her friend was a butch. I bounced. I am starting to hate bachelorette parties.

Pumped into some girls hanging out on the street and said "is this where the party is?" one girl responded playfully, the other just glared. I talked with them for a bit and tried to get them to come with me to my next venue with no success.

At the next venue, a decent set is hard to find. I open a set with a cutie and a not so cutie. The not so cutie seems to want me to leave, she says something and i whisper with a smile to the cutie "is that my cue to leave?". She smiles back and asks a question. I managed to use a different routine this time. It really didn't hook the cutie like I was hoping. We chat for a bit longer but the not so cutie is a total drag. Anytime she says something its super quiet and I can't hear a single thing she is saying. So getting her involved in the conversation is impossible. I do use it a few times to flirt with the cutie to translate. I am not really sure what to do besides just stand there and chat so i bounce.

The good:
I am getting better and remembering names.
I went out despite low energy
Trying new things

The sticking points:
Routines I tried came out contrived
Isolation seems all but impossible right now
Struggling figuring out what to do next in my sets to accelerate the interaction and my growth
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I have recently been spending some time in the common social area in the main building for my graduate program while studying for a final. My interactions with fellow students have certainly improved since a few months ago and I find myself being more engaging and initiating conversations with girls. I also find that talking with people I already know is more fluid and I feel more relaxed. I am not afraid to open girls with a hug. Women I wish to flirt with are getting light banter and a little story telling as appropriate. Definitely feel way more relaxed.

That being said, I got on this adventure because of a SERIOUS, yet horrendously flawed, case of oneitous. This girl is roaming around like a SHARK trying to play with my attention. At this point I do everything in my power to ignore her. She has not earned my attention. Instead, I amp up the attention with anyone around me who is worthy.

I opened two sets yesterday at my school and on my way home.

One girl was looking over a left over pizza and sweet treats and she asked if she could have one (they weren’t mind nor were they at my table). I responded that I would have to charge her 5 dollars. The moment I initiated a conversation her friend just walked away (not hot) and left her there. She said she didn’t want one because there was too much sugar on them, so I responded okay fine 2 dollars. We then had a brief conversation. It was nice not being afraid that I would run out of things to say as at this point I can keep most sets moving with interview-like questions. She asked me a few questions and when I stopped talking took action to fill the silence. She eventually walked away, but I will be seeing her again.

Another girl I met in the elevator up to my apartment. She lives on the floor below me. She is in my program, a year earlier. She is hot as hell, and she knows it, you can tell by the way she dresses. She is Blond with summer dress, heels, and a confident attitude. She even had a classic stripper name. I struck up a brief conversation with light banter.
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