November 12th, 2018
TropicalMan Journal of Pickup in Tropical&Non-Tropical Places
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Good luck with that SAT bro. I believe you can... ive seen your commitment in the field
This shit is key to success.
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1000 approaches in 2012? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

I counted all the approaches I've done so far (the ones in my field report). 

And the result is... (snare drums please)

199 approaches! (Including the ones I did today).

That is really cool! 

Pat on the back for me!

My goal is to make 1000 approaches this year 2012.

At first I thought it was a hard challenge, but then I realized that I've done nearly 200 in a month and a half. 

There is 4 months left in this year, which means I have approximately 120 days left. 

That means I should do 7 approaches every day until then so I meet my mark. However, I will do 4 approaches every day until October 6, which is the day of my SAT. After that, I WILL HIT IT UP, APPROACH MY BRAINS OUT, keeping consistency everyday until I reach my 1000 approaches mark. 

This will be a fun adventure!

August 21 - Organizing the execution of my approaches for the future

Today I felt like I wanted to rest, yet I still did make my approaches. Idk if I should see at as the gym (taking 1 slack day a week) or see as a daily habit like healthy eating. For some reason though, I feel "thankful" just for having the opportunity to do this and change my life. It is kind of an unknown feeling involving satisfaction, tiredness, and thankfulness.

So, I did 10 approaches today (same stuff of everyday). I think I am going to lower it down a bit. I will make 4 approaches every day from now on. Get back into the nice smooth slow consistency. 

I am doing this because when I counted my approaches, I identified that the days where I did the most approaches were followed by days were I decreased my amount of approaches until it got to a low valley. So, if I did a graph of it, it would be filled with high peaks and low valleys, which I dont really know it's effect on my game, but what I do know is that there is a concept called 20 mile marching, and I should get back on it.
It was really important, however, that I experimented with this type of approach in terms of pickup.  I will go with this consistency for a while, I'll see if it works or not. When I feel like it is time to raise the intensity, I'll do it, and I'll keep finding out what suits me best and gives me better results. 

The purpose of just making 4 approaches is to go the distance in all of my sets.

The last days I've reverted back to my old habit of leaving set too early or even not lasting enough. I feel like I don't have too much willpower and patience to take my time with the approach, which is why I've decided to make just 4 and save willpower to take all of my interactions further. 

Another thing: I am temporarily putting this pickup thing as a second priority, my first priority being studying for the SAT. To be honest, I feel a bit "sick" of pickup. This is natural. It's like eating too much cakes, you get sick of the sweet taste of cake. Nonetheless, bear in mind, I am NOT quitting pickup, nor will I ever quit. Fortunately, I can still feel the PASSION for pickup, which is paradoxical given that I just said that I am a bit sick of it. Well, it's burning passion combined with a bit of sickness from doing it a lot. 

That being said, my new plan:
1. 4 approaches every day.
2. No slack day. Approach 4 sets every fucking day.
3. STAY LONGER in the interaction. Push it until the bitter bitter end, into the unknown.
4. Break out of comfort zone in every interaction. (This alludes to the bodybuilding concept of doing low reps with heavy weights.)

Fuck results. I'll stay all my life in the plateau if necessary. i've noticed that this last week I unconsciously fell into some of the behaviors of the OBSESSIVE learner, the guy who wants results and learning spurts. I would say, though, that most of my behavior remains aligned with the mastery principles. I just need to fix some bad behaviors, which is why I developed that plan. I will need some discipline and some self-control on the days that I feel that I can push myself HARD. But no, consistency first. 

So, yes, I love pickup, great stuff. I'll keep it up. I'll focus more on the more important things of my life right now. Perfect score on the SAT, here I come!

199/1000 approaches.
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"In the cosmos of time, your greatest decision is no more than a fart in the wind"

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nice.. i like how we always learn things about ourselves. I usually dont like saying the word 'people'...but yea.. not understanding ourselves is the main problem of the PEOPLE.
Not accepting that there is something to change and that things are not going right is common... and i dont know if you have noticed.. but this habit of accepting things in ourselves
and moving on its starting to become something we do everyday.
If there is a reason why i think we are improving in everything in our lives.. i think this is close to be one of the most important things if not the most important things of all.
The ability to change the course of our lives whenever we feel like doing it.

Anyways.. Peace
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@dcampo3: hell yeah man. You are free to say the word PEOPLE whenever the FUCK you want. I do it all the time! Ranting about people is great. My ego loves it. hehe. That's some pretty great advice too man. Thanks for all the great advice you've been giving me the last couple days. It really helped me polish my ideas and the way I see my self-growth process.

August 22 - Going back to robotic consistency

Today I did 4 approaches. I dont know if consistency should be robotic. I think there a lot of ways to execute consistency, and I'll just have to try out robotic consistency for a while. Last time I did it, I improved FAST. Now, I dont know if it was actually because of the consistency. What I have noticed, though, is that while being inconsistent in my approaches this last week, my game has not really improved or anything. It probably is just a long plateau and maybe it does not matter whether I go with a consistent approach or not. Who cares? I'll find out what happens with this type of consistency. I'll do 4 approaches every day until September 9. After that, I'll reflect on it and see what I can do.

Sticking point: Having flat conversations, girls lose interest after a while.


I love how finding out what to do can be stressful and fun at the same time. Stressful because I don't know if I'll do the right thing

However, the solution just came to my mind as an "inspiration". As a matter of fact, 5 minutes ago I did not even know what I was doing wrong. Then, suddenly, I got the idea that it was flat conversations. How did that happen? Well, I think it relates back to Napoleon Hill's concept of how creative imagination fueled by a BURNING DESIRE. Cool stuff. 

The solution: NATURAL INSTINCTS METHOD! OMG! It was right in front of my face the whole time!

I'll give a quick summary of how the approaches went:

1st approach: I approached with my brother Chode Campos. We lacked coordination. We fucked it up. Girls lose interest.

2nd approach: very cute chick. I liked her vibe and looks. Just having an interaction with one of those sweet girls is very arousing for me. I say "Excuse me". Pause. "I though you were really cute". She then responds with the TYPICAL REACTION FUCK! which is walking away with a smile. I decide to man the fuck up, so I say "Hey no no, come here, I want to meet you". She keeps smiling but says she really has to go. Whatever. I'll try that same persistence thing for like 15 times until I see its flaws and strenghts and how I can perfect it or come up with something better. Funny how before I did this approach I sat down for like 7 minutes while repeating very focused the words "There is no reason why I am not enough". Alex, that works! It got me that last relaxation that suggests that I've approached before and it is not a big deal.

3rd approach: 2 girls. I say "Hi can I help you with something?" (First time I try this out, I am bored of doing the same line of "I think you were cute" so I am trying to experiment with other stuff"). The set went well. I did some cold reading (pretty accurate indeed). I could guess that they were in college and that they were studying Communications. How did I knew it? I've talked to other chicks that were studying the same, for some reason they share "something", like a pattern. Weird haha.

4th approach: Blowout. 3 girls. They look at me and ignore me. After watching Todd's mission impossible video of the physical moves, I now realize that this IS the WORST reaction. Even a "FUCK OFF PERVERT" is better. Well... I learned some shit!

Back to How can I improve:

Natural Instincts Method. I will try this out for a while. Actually, I'll put a definite date. I will try Natural Instincts Method until October 6. Cool. We'll see how that goes.

I will focus solely on each aspect of the Natural Instincts Method in 2 - 3 days periods. I'll add them up gradually and create a nice game! 

So this week I will focus on the following (btw you can find this in detailed explanation here incredibly amazing stuff):
1. Create Initiative (Talk a lot): I will focus on "Express a full range of emotions. You are arouse others by contrasting different emotions against each other." How will I do that? By "expressing a full range of emotions [...] use words like ‘hate’ and ‘love’." Just that. Love. Hate. And talking a lot. The same way I've been talking by making statements, questions, cold reading, and misinterpeting. This time I will add the words "hate" and "love".
2. It’s Not What You Do, It’s What You Deal With – That Creates Good Interactions (Endure Tests): I will focus on beating tests by saying "It's all good / It's fine". I will also follow this: "If you fail four tests in a row and you are still being told to go-away or fuck off, then it’s time to move on, but it’s within social norms to persist up to four times and it be ok."
3. It Doesn’t Matter Which Moves You Make, It Just Matters That You Are Making Moves. (Physically Escalate): Shoulder push.
4. Time is Your Ally: I will lead throughout the interaction and make it last as long as possible, suggesting insta-dates, etc. That way I can solidify the connection, D2, and then sex :)

Alright that's it. I gotta LOVE Alex's stuff.

I probably needed to get to this point right now where I can completely resonate with his stuff and see it as a great way to improve my game.

Idk if focusing on each of the aspects is good, but I'll find that out by taking action. Maybe it's better to just grasp the general concept and GO TAKE ACTION WITH THAT. Maybe. Who knows? I will find that out too. 

Also, for all of the NEWBIES or guys starting this (like me actually), there is a song that I think you can relate to while smiling saying "Hey that song is talking about me!". Enjoy.

Last thing (almost forgot), 1000 approaches challenge update: 203 / 1000

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"In the cosmos of time, your greatest decision is no more than a fart in the wind"

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 August 24 - Pain on the plateau

Remember that time when I said "fuck the results, I love the plateau, hell yeah, I am the man"? 

WELL FUCK THAT SHIT. I am in pain right now. No fucking results for two weeks is starting to fuck up with my head and motivation. But I KNOW that I just have to KEEP PUSHING WITH THAT LITTLE BIT OF WILLPOWER THAT I HAVE.

And it's hard. It hurts. But I either acknowledge that and work my way up, or I DIE. 

There IS no way back. If I stay here complaining I am FUCKED, DONE FOREVER, AND MY NAME WILL BE A DISGRACE FOR THE HUMAN RACE.

Little unnecessary (or who knows maybe necessary) rant up there. Today was the first time in a long time that I am no longer satisfied with my taking action. Idk why. I am disqualifying the positve. Just realized that.

So, what I think this is mainly about it's that I've been working my ass off in the willpower area these last weeks. Like literally, studying all day, sleeping on average 6 hours, doing a high intensity workout, diet, and having approaching sessions that last about 4 houts. The only "rest" I have is meditation and reading self help books. So I definitely think that a rest day would come really a nice now. A HARD EARNED REST like I've never had before because I had never pushed myself so hard in my entire life. 

And, don't get me wrong, I LOVE THIS. I really want to keep it up with this type of life, partly because I am preparing myself for a much bigger task (part of my outer purpose). This right here is like training for what's to come later in my life.

So yeah, I had to vent all of this uncomfortableness that I've been accumulating in my body for the last weeks. Now I feel much better. 



1st approach: I dont remember. FUCK.

2nd approach: 2 cute girls. One is dressing really sexy. I like her looks. Hot. I go talk to them. I make them laugh a lot. I accomplished my mission of expressing a wide range of emotions by using words like "hate" and "love. Looks like it kept the interaction going as well as the girls' interest. I also said things like going to the sexy girl's house at night, grabbing a knive, and cleaning it. I used some deliberate illogicality. Looking back at the approach, it was really good. Idk why I treat myself so badly sometimes. I have to practice that self-love more. The reason why I disqualified the positive was basically because I did not ask for the number and I felt like a afterwards. But I actually did other stuff in such a great way, that it is pretty worthless to beat myself up for not doing it. I just have to set the goal that I will go for it next time, and thats it. Damn. How could I be so mean towards myself? More love, people, love.

3rd approach: I dont really remember. Weird. I am pretty sure it was the same as always. Actually, I have a vague memory of a blowout.

4th approach: 3 walking set. Cute girls. I stopped them for a while. They said they had to leave.

I was too perfectionist today. It's like I wanted to have sex right there on the floor of the mall, and if I did not get close to that I would beat myself up. Beating myself up. What a stupid thing. More self-love people. Hopefully the pain I felt today will push me towards going for the number next time so I avoid that pain. 

Developed today:
Wide range of emotions. :)
Deliberate illogicality.
(To some extent) Having fun and going for risky things to say in set.

For next time:
More wide range of emotions. Keep using words like "hate" and "love" to express my emotions. 
Shoulder push. 
Number Close.
Passing shit tests by saying "It's fine", "It's all good".

Now I can see everything more clearly, and I'm actually happy that I took action today. I forgot that this is not about the destination but the journey. The challenging, worthwhile journey.

Wanna hear something hypocritical?

Life is good, can't complain ;)

(I am not updating the 1000 approaches count every day from now on, I dont feel like it's healthy. I'll do it once every two weeks or something).
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"In the cosmos of time, your greatest decision is no more than a fart in the wind"

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 August 25 - Things go well after a while / Entering the Realm of Emotions

The Rainbow After The Rain (yes I know it sounds gay, sorry)

So yesterday I had a good day after a while. 

I can sense the beginning of a learning spurt. Yesterday, I got to the same level I had two weeks ago, when I was at the peak of my learning spurt. 

I am really glad that after two weeks of working REALLY HARD, I finally had some reward. 

I was starting to get hopeless. And this actually teaches me that it's important to KEEP FAITH at all times. It's probably at the time when you feel like giving up that you just need to PUSH a little bit harder to discover another area in the path. It is a shame that I complained a lot in my last report. But I am glad I barfed it all out, that way, in the future, I can see each stage of the journey with its respective attitude.

I hope that as I keep doing meditationg daily, I can enjoy more the process and care less about results. Because it's hard. Two days ago I was in pain. Very painful. 

A book that helped me a lot in that low valley was "Gifts of Imperfection". I loved it. It fosters my emotional and spiritual areas. When I read the book, I could see that I was doing some things in a self-destructive way, striving for perfection. 

Yesterday I went for the imperfection. Reading Brene Brown showed me the true importance of being imperfect. Amazing book. And I think it definitely improved my game in many ways, allowing myself to connect more easily with other people because of the self-love I've been practicing these last couple of days.

Today I took a nice hard earned break. I really needed it. It's awesome. Tomorrow I'll continue doing my approaches :)

Approaches Daygame:

1st: 2 cute girls. I went direct. They are nice. I make them laugh. I focus on the emotional spikes. It yields good results in the interaction. I could finally hold the girl's interest for longer. I used words like "I love/hate". I also asked to a girl whether "she had dumped her boyfriend or her boyfriend had dumped her". The question came to mind because they said my name was the same as one the girl's ex-boyfriend. So, I remembered Tim's segment about emotional spikes in Transformations! 

2nd: Very cute girl. Messy approach. Very messy. I had to handle some shit, or more especifically, her emotions lol. She was filled with emotions. I think it is one of the first times that I interact with a girl so consumed by emotions. It's good to know that it was me who caused those emotions. I went direct. Once again, I used "I love/hate". She told me her name. Some minutes later, I called her name, she was scared because she did not remember having told me her name. Great! More emotions. I went for the facebook close. She gave me her email. She had a boyfriend too. I passed the test. I said "It's all good". Then I joked a bit about it. I think the only bad part was showing her my cellphone, which is a piece of shit. You should see that crap. But yeah, still, I managed to get her email. I feel like it is flakey. I will add her tonight. I will talk to her on Wednesday, set up some D2 for the weekend. I hope I get it. 

3rd: I go to two women, ask them what move they will watch (they are outside the cinema). That's it.

4th: I go to two girls, one is cute. I tell them they are cute. They keep walking and say thanks with a smile.


I went with my brother to some club area here in Peru. Crappy place. 
We met with one of my brother's female workmate and her two girl friends. One of them was freakishly boring. I dont know, maybe something bad happened to her. Who knows? Who cares?
We were at some hipster bar, full of hipsters.
When they go to pay for their drinks, I go outside. I have a lot of approach anxiety. I take a while to man up and approach. But I do it.
Two hipster chicks. One of them is really cute. She has some authentic hipster glasses.
When I was walking towards them, before I opened them, the cute girl smiles at me. Friendly smile. It was like behind her hipster persona and mannerisms, there was a tender heart haha.

So I go direct, I will do a outline of the conversation for (probably) the first time ever in my field reports:

Me: Hey, I thought you guys were very interesting and I had to meet you. You look like hipsters actually.
Cute girl: What? (giggles). Hipsters? Yeah they tell me that often.
Me: That's pretty cool actually, I like that.
Cute girl: Where are you from?

Then we talk about which clubs/bars to go here in Lima. Turns out my brother and I went to the worst place haha.

So yes, chick was pretty cool, I should've number closed her or something. Next time.

Things are going well. 

Today I finished a high intensity two month workout. I feel very good to finish something. So, today, I ate a lot of fats, sugars, etc. Tomorrow I'll go back to my diet and keep working out. 

Life is good. Can't complain. I wish I could say that even when I am feeling like shit, which I actually did last time, but I had to rant and complain before doing so.

Developed yesterday:
Emotions, creating initiative. I used words like "I love/hate". I will keep doing this.
Fb close. 
Passing tests. I actually said "Relax" to pass some tests.

For next time:
More creating initiative, talking a lot, keep using "I love/hate".
Keep enduring tests by saying "It's all good / It's fine", "Relax".
More shoulder pushing (I actually did this once in the second approach).
Remember that  TIME IS MY ALLY.


Let's keep taking action. FAITH IN THE PROCESS.
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"In the cosmos of time, your greatest decision is no more than a fart in the wind"

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That was an awesome report brooski dooski.
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@Street fighter: Thanks man! I appreciate it. When it comes to consistency, I think the best I could do is to mimic my brother. Inconsistency two weeks ago led to a huge contraction the last days. I am okay now :)
@dcampo3: Thanks buddy! Always appreciating your support.

August 27 - It's all cool 

Woke up today. Ate my breakfast.

Today I felt like this:

In regards to pickup, I did my 4 daily approaches. It was a bit hard. For some reason, I was angry, mad, filled of negative energy and emotions. I still approached, without asking for permission. I could say it is one of the first times that I am actually going with no permission boy bullshit. At least with less. I am strapping on the big boy pants. 

I realize that I have a lot to improve in my game. For some reason, I am also going through some pain and inner-resistance. Hopefully, meditation solves this problem. Otherwise, I am fucked hehe.

1st approach: Girl. I tell her she is pretty. She says thanks. Same stuff of everyday.
2nd approach: Sadly, I dont remember. Too bad. But I am pretty sure it was the same interaction of always.
3rd approach: Two girls. I say "Excuse me". They pretend not to hear me. I yell at them "Hello". They stop, one of them smiles at me, the other seems a bit scared/bored/stupid lol. I run the USUAL interaction (I think it is time to change a bit things to make them more unusual, fresh, new).
4th approach: Two girls. I go with "Hello. My name is TropicalMan, what are your names?". I now realize that I was so bored of the usual crap that I went for something new, trying to self-amuse. Well, IT DID NOT WORK. BUT WHO CARES. I HAD FUN. (Actually a part of me cares, a little bastard that wants to get money, bitches, fame and is an asshole all the time).

haha so yeah that was IT.

There were no girls at the mall today. It took some time to find them. If there is something I don't like about my approaching sessions, it is WALKING, and especially walking to a girl that is far away and approach her. I sometimes just want to sit somewhere and have all the girls come to me. At the parties, the bathroom was a good place for that. Maybe, I can do that at the bathroom. Actually, the reason why I do most of my approaches outside the cinema is because it is near one entrance of the mall where a lot people walk by, so it is relatively easy to find girls (but today it wasnt).

The game is hard guys. This shit is really challenging for me. It is tough, but I know I can do this. I dont even know if I should picture myself fucking HB10s in the future, i just dont know. Faith in the process? Well yeah, I guess, what's left? I CAN'T TURN MY BACK ON PICKUP NOW, IT IS TOO FUCKING LATE. TOO FUCKING LATE. I burned the boats (FUCK!!) a long time ago,  there is no going back. I actually laughed out loud while realizing that lol, it kind of makes me feel better.

Developed today:
Approaching. :)
Some self-amusement.
Being congruent with what I feel.
Strapping on the big boy pants (I have to keep doing this as a general rule for all my interactions).

For next time:
Keep approaching.
EMOTIONS FUCK FUCK FUCK. This time I will say "I hate you / I love you". Oh yes.

BREAK OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE!! BREAK IT IN TWO! It is time to give it all again, like I did 2 weeks ago. IT IS TIME TO GO HARD AGAIN. 

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"In the cosmos of time, your greatest decision is no more than a fart in the wind"

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 August 29 - Protective compliant boyfriend, White Knights, Contractions, PLUS MUCH MORE ONLY ON THIS EDITION OF TROPICALMAN FIELD REPORTS

So I've been going through some wild crazy expansions and contractions lately. And it's all cool you know.

For example, this is what I wrote two hours ago, I had to take it off my chest: 

"For some reason, I’ve been going through some pain the last days. I can literally FEEL the pain. This is making me fall into bad habits, such as not working out every day, study, or unhealthy eating.

The worst part is that I can’t find any willpower left in me to break out of this situation. Occasionally during the day, I find myself in a numb state, stuck in my head, and again numbing myself to the pain.

Even when I try not to, even when I try to lean towards the pain, it is there, and it sucks. Maybe you will think that I am exaggerating or just being a little pussy. Well, all I know is that this must be some weird unpleasant stage of the journey. Will this even pass? I mean, I don’t even know now, I just hope it passes. And thinking about it, hell yeah it will pass, like all other things in my life that passed.

I need to get my life back in order, again. But to only think of all the effort I need to put into this, it causes me to psyche myself out. I have a TON of limiting beliefs. Like literally, some days ago I was all energetic saying I would get a perfect score on my SAT; now I just don’t know, and I find it really frightening to commit to action.

Well, with that last sentence, I just found out what’s going on. I am afraid of failure.

I FAILED on my six-pack abs goal. FAILED. I NEVER QUITTED. But I failed. It was probably an unrealistic goal, but I completely believed I could do it and worked my ass off to do it. Probably what bothers me most is the fact that I dropped hope the last two days, which caused me to drop the diet. So looking at it, I did quit. Damn. FUCK. Quitting at the last mile of the race. Regardless of how unrealistic the goal was, failing it has decreased my self-confidence.

I need to get into the habit of accomplishing things again. I need to start by small things.

I will follow the next plan starting tomorrow. TIME TO GET THINGS IN ORDER.
Wake up at 7:00 every day.
Do my success ritual.
At 10 am I should be studying for the SAT.
The goal is to study 3-4 hours every day. Next week I’ll add more hours to that.
My only breaks will be eating lunch, meditation, and approaching. Hell yes.

So I am not feeling that pain anymore. But its weird how many times a day I do feel a soul-breaking pain inside of me. Damn. That sucks. But I guess it could signify growth (I really dont know what to make of it). But well, going to the next topic... (Oh and I am actually starting that plan on Thursday, it's too late for me to wake up tomorrow at 7, definitely thursday).

1st approach: I dont remember! Woops! I think I might start to write it down immediately or something. But I know it was the same style of approach of always, that's why I forget.
2nd approach: Cute girl. I stop her. Tell her she is cute. She walks away smiling. I stop her again. I tell her that I want to meet her. I ask her about herself, she works as a waitress. She really has to go work (the restaurant is right next to us). I ask for her name. She tells me her name, starts walking away. It was a good interaction. I pushed myself a bit.
3rd approach: Two cute girls. They are nice, at first, they smile. Then I look away and grimace at some silly shit that's going on in the background. When I focus my attention back to the girl, she turns into a bitch, and starts yelling "GO AWAY!". I am like "WTF girl chill out". She persists. She says she will call her boyfriend that's behind me. I turn around. I see no boyfriend, and I am like "yeah right call your boyfriend". And I walk away. Then I go report back to my brother, and a guy appears, he looks a bit mad. It is the boyfriend! Sweet baby geezus! So we start like some kind of childish verbal fight there that goes like "HEY WTF DUDE WHATS YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM?" and shit like that. What a waste of my time... 
4th approach: Cute girl sitting alone. I go direct. Interaction last like 1 and a half minutes. I notice how I have some permission boy behaviors sucks. Well... at least I could enjoy strapping on the big boy pants in my 2nd approach as well as yesterday. I guess I'll just have to strap on the big boy pants again. 

So yep. That's its. Also, props to my brother for completing his 30 day challenge. Congrats to me too!! We did it. Amazing. I learned a lot of stuff. Do I recommend a 30 day challenge? Hell yes! Would I do it again? Fuck yeah homie, in fact, I am starting tomorrow.

Oh yeaaaah bitches.

Developed today:
Approaching hell yeah. 
Big boy pantssss.

For next time:
Moar Big boy pantsssss.
Physicality: shoulder push, jewelry inspection.
That's it. I'll pospone the emotions for another session.

Peace out.
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"In the cosmos of time, your greatest decision is no more than a fart in the wind"

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