October 23rd, 2018
Sydney: Ascension
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Martin, there are some people whose posts I always read, and you're one of them.  Great work mate, thanks for the value.
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For your travel, are you primarily running "hostel" game or it is about solo nightclubbing etc and the hostel is plan B?  Curious.  

Actually very curious to hear your thoughts and experiences about "how to do hostel game" in general, how long to stay, how to switch girls, all that jazz
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Martin Crowe

Martin Crowe

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@Jascha: No probs dude, let me know if you're out in town here. And yeah - that shit was awkward as fuck. 
@Onedrop: Glad you enjoy man :) 
@Cat: Personally I'd rather be laying hot local chicks than stupid backpacker sluts from UK, USA, Australia etc - but the later can also be fun for a limited time :) Party Hostels are the easiest place in the world to get laid in because all the girls are (a) single (b) drunk (c) horny, and you're automatically social proofed by the fact that you're staying in the same high energy, party environment as them. All you need to be is soical, outgoing and run the regular attraction shit. Also, the girls are just as likely to want to be with a different guy every other night (sluts - as I mentioned) so I wouldn't worry about getting a clinger (though I did lol). While they're easy places to get up massive lay counts, I don't like staying in them for too long since most of the people there are fucking retards. As in aspiring too little more than spending every single night blind drunk, and every day hungover - with no desire to learn anything about the city they're in, locals (or local girls), language, culture etc. Personally I like to do all the later as well. 

Eurotrip review: Part 2 of 4: Kazantip, August 3rd - August 9th.

While in Kyiv in 2010, some local girls tipped me off about the existence of Kazantip - alledgedly one of the most insane music festival/parties of all time -  which takes place every year for a few weeks on the Crimean beach. A  2008 documentry from Vice Travel confirmed in my mind that this place was a must-see: Full of nymphomaniac slavic girls, drugs, sun and insane partying - perfect. But in 2012 the place was different. Kazantip now seems to be marketed in Russia and Ukraine as a place for young couples to celebrate their love (lots of people there get married at 18, 19 etc), so it would be fair to say that this is not the easiest place in the world to get laid, for as well as 90% of the girls there been there with boyfriends/husbands (who look like james bond movie villain henchman), almost none of them speak any english. While they're almost all hot, lots are also increadibly bitchy. We heard the word 'Nyet' more often than you'd hear 'allah' at an American Flag burning riot. Also challenging was the fact that I couldn't get my phone to work with a sim card there so I could follow up on nothing. 

So this is the scene that me, King Rat, Moran and Y descended upon for 6 days and nights. The average night looked roughly like this:

1. Start drinking at 10pm on super cheap booze
2. Go to the main Kazantip venue around midnight
3. All get seperated almost immediately and spend the night beasting solo for 5 - 7 hours 
4. Work through enormous numbers before finding a hot girl or two to hook up with, but endure antogonizing levels of LMR. 
5. Come home at 6 - 8am 
6. Sleep half the day (there is nothing else to do in the daytime other than hang on the beach)

That being said, we had some mad times there and saw some crazy shit. Here is a collection of such anecdotes:
- Seeing a German TV presenter guy get a blowjob in broad daylight by a pizza stand. When the girl was finished she came up and started making out with his friend who was standing right next too them.
- Observing King Rat go to sleep at any momment where we were not moving or drinking 
- Making out with girls of the highest quality imaginable. 9's & 10's +. Was fucking cool.
- Enduring over 9000 levels of LMR, I banged 0 girls while Moran and KR managed one each over the week. 
- Got a blowjob on the beach from an absolute stunner. She wouldn't fuck though because 'I have 2 boyfriends and I do not have sex with them or suck so you are lucky to get this' We also do a 69. She was sensationally good with her hands/mouth. A few people walk by but they showed as much interest as if we were shubbery. 
- Meeting up with good cunts from the Perth crew.
- Smashing vodka every night for $3 a bottle. 
- Enduring the shittiness of Popovka and our hotel (no air con, running water and power being easy come, easy go)
- Walking out onto our balcony at 7:30am to see Moran railing his kazantip gf over the balcony.
- Getting handjob from jet black haired Belorussian beauty by one of the main dance areas. She took dozens of pictures of me but got pissed when ever I tried to do the same. Nyet, nyet, nyet, nyet. She was real cutie though and although she could speak almost no English, loved listening to me talk at her. 
- Purposefully destroying each others sets. Just cos' LOL
- Meeting all sorts of crazy dudes: Neonazis, Putin looking cunts who told me I had to shave my pubes to get girls to like me, Polish drug dealer, Ukranian DJ and his gf who gave us cigars and terrible champaigne which made us sick. 
- Got one blatant invitation for sex. I was talking to two girls when one got up and said, You should come and join me in the water for a swim *winks, takes off over-sized t-shirt revealing nothing but dental floss style g-string, then walks towards water while beckoning seductively* Too bad she was a chubster. I pretended I'd just forgotten something important and run off. 
- Having a NOS promoter chick (thats right) follow me round giving me endless hits of Nitrous Oxide for free. She throught it was hilarious and loved practising her english on me. 
- Pulled another cutie to our hotel room who jacked me off, then said 'let's do it at my place' as she was paranoid about someone walking in... so we walked to hers - only for her to say 'wait here' at the locked gate outside while she went to check her room. She never came back... FML. 

Will probably recall more stuff later :) 
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Martin Crowe

Martin Crowe

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Eurotrip review: Part 3 of 4: Eesti/Suomi, August 10th - 19th.

This was my 3rd time in Estonia. I had such incredibly good times there the first and second times that realistically it was going to be very hard to top it – and I didn’t. For me it was more about relaxing after Kazantip and cathing up with friends there. As I was there Friday to Wednesday, the only real good nights were Friday and Saturday, as the only options Sunday – Tuesday in Tallinn are pretty dead.

Unfortunately I was totally buggered on Friday due to my flight from Simferpol(Kazantip) – Tallinn been at 3:40am in the morning (which meant no sleep for that whole night). Then I had to wait for my fucking hotel room to be ready (which wans’t until 3pm), and then, my Estonian Friends (who seem to represent the Elite ruling caste of the country) procured free tickets for Tinnie Tempah, who was doing a one off underground show in Tallinn that night. Obviously I had to attend that. And that started early. It was fucking awesome but I was barely awake by the time it was over. Though I did manage a make-out and date set up with one super-cutie before I left.

Saturday night was much better. I decided to crash pre-drinks at the best hostel in town (which was the one I’d been too my 1st and 2nd times there) and join their pub crawl. I had a pretty fun time. The hostel was 80% guys but that didn’t stop me with making out with the hottest chick there (Portuguese), though she was not willing to go any further than that. At the second to last place a rather average looking Estonian girl kept hanging around me like crazy and wouldn’t shake off – I could tell she was keen, but I was more or less waiting for a better deal. But at the next venue, her cuter sexier friend joined up with us and also started putting a few moves on me. Eventually we got too a place where I was holding both their hands, giving them little kisses, and building the tension. Things looked good Unfortunately – this night I was staying in a quiet hostel (all the good places had been booked out for the night including the place I was doing the crawl with). I pulled them both back to there and we were all making out together on bean bags in the small common room. I had to try and keep down the noise though as everyone else there was asleep – fucking annoying. If I’d had my own place (like I did every other night I had there - figures), I would have kicked open the door, busted out the Sareema Vodka and started playing Turn up the Radio by Autograph on the porta-speakers. But I couldn’t do this here.. After a while of half fooling around cautiously in the living room the girls decided to leave. It was a valiant effort though. And I learned a lot of stuff for the future..

Onwards to Finland. I was there 4 nights: one was a quiet night with a platonic friend, one was spent with a fling from Sydney, one awful night out (mass state crash), and one where I bettered my effort from Tallinn, pulled 2 Finnish girls from the club and fucked both at the same time :D This probably deserves a little write up:

TR (Threesome report)

Essentially this was a night fuelled by massive amounts of fury, momentum & the elixirs of champions: Yalo, Salmyaki & Sareema Vodka. Despite all the sexual favors from hotties (which were cool) I hadn’t fucked any girls in 2 weeks, and this was from going out almost every night. Tonight started off with me and my platonic Finnish girl friend (she was a friend of a girl I scored in Sydney ages ago) taking me out to a cool bar with all her female friends. I clicked with one immediately – she was hot, fun and sexy. The only problem was she was kind of seeing one of the bartenders there – a bulking ex-NRL player for the Illawara Dragons – who also revealed himself to be a venomous that took an immediate seething hatred to me. Whatevs. We bounced around a few places getting drinks and having a fun social time before heading to the club.

I owned the fucking venue like I’m not sure I’ve owned one before. All the girls in the group loved me and gave me mad social props. One of the female staff there was another friend of a friend and got us free shots. I started taking pictures with my DSLR (though my camera ran out fast) and had everyone reacting to me. I made out with the NRL fags GF pretty quickly (though couldn’t esculate beyond this), and also hooked up with an Estonian and a girl from Kazakstan. I was bouncing from group to group like it was a breeze and everyone was my friend – and they reacted as such. On one two set I did a quick lip kiss to both the girls. It was these girls (blonde & brunette) who re-approached me about half an hour later and said ‘we want to buy you shots’  And it all started from there. All 3 of us got wasted together while I joked around and touched both of them alot. Then I just pulled with ‘after party at my hotel - there's a chandalier.’ The girls had gotten there on bikes so they walked them back to mine – which was 5 minutes away. Once inside, we drank more vodka and danced on the bed. Then the girls took turns in the bathroom while I made out with the other. I AM FUCKING SMASHED. Then we all made out together while hands went down south. Pull clothes off and the blonde basically just jumps on top and slides on – while her friend takes the rest of her stuff off and they giggle together in Finnish. I make her come (I think) then her friend jumps on while her mate just lies next to me, kissing me intensely. After I come, they get their stuff back on, say they have work in the morning and leave while still giggling.

You’d think that would be it for the night, but not quite haha. I pass out in surreal inebriation/exhilaration for about 20 minutes then decide to give the other girl I liked initially a call since her apartment is close by. She says to come over. So I get my shit on and staged over, only to find her apartment is full of people still drinking while she’s taking an angry call from psycho NRL guy. Lots of drama going on now. CBF, and I’m hungry now. Rock out to Hesburger down the street, get food, chill with some death metal dudes who turn out to be really friendly for a bit, then go home and pass out for good.

Epic night was epic.

Also, I heard this song everywhere and eventually learnt the chorus lol. I thought it summed up the night:

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Fucken epic trip...too bad you couldnt come with us :/

Hahaha Moran, love this Borat talking cunt.
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Martin Crowe

Martin Crowe

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Yeah wish I was in Finland right now. I've just been feeling competely flat and scrambled since I got back to Sydney. Feel like a serious life assesment is in order (had an inkling I'd be like this once I got back.) Went out last night and even though the crowd was shit, I also felt like my game was teflon (nothing sticking). 

I lost 3/4 of my casual girls while I was gone (no contact with them for 5 weeks) though the one who's left is awesome all round quality. Tempting to settle while I try and figure out what I really want out of summer this year. 

As for 4th part of this trip:

Eurotrip review: Part 3 of 4: Georgia (the country), August 21st - 28th.

Georgia was my wildcard on this trip. And it lived up to it's billing. This is truly an amazing country with breathtaking scenery, amazing cuisine, friendly people, and undiscovered natural wonders (Got so many great stories for my normal travel blog coming up). It was an amzing cultural experience, though girlswise it's very challenging. The Caususes were the first Christian nations on eath and people here are immensely religious. There are beautiful girls (and I hooked up with some really hot girls here), but bedding them is a massive challenge. I think it would have been quite doable if I had more time in any one place to see a girl 2 or more times but I never got this opportunity. This seuxal pioty really got illuminated when I was at the best beach club in Batumi, and I suddenly realised that over whole night I'd seen zero making out, holding hands, obvious flirting etc from ANYONE there. I did hook up with a cutie there (after much much time, and also got a finger in), and it was practically a scandal with people pointing, murmuring etc about it around us. Was surreal. Thank god for Russian sluts though, I met one during the day and we ended up having sex the next day in this place (Uplistsikhe) when we realised we were the only people there. So yeah that's another one ticked off: Sex in 3600 year old UNESCO world heritage site that looks like bedrock from Flintstones :) 

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this is dope! very inspirational stuff
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 Very cool.  I've been really curious about Georgia, looking forward to reading more about it on your blog.
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Martin Crowe wrote:
 So yeah that's another one ticked off: Sex in 3600 year old UNESCO world heritage site that looks like bedrock from Flintstones :)
Haha, Awesome! Love your stories (and the pictures - saw a few on fb). 

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Heritage close.
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