January 20th, 2019
Sydney: Ascension
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Hey Martin,

This post and ilb’s recent one have been up on my work monitor for the last two days. They really struck a chord with me. I feel like there’s so much for me to do, but I’m floundering around. Spinning my wheels, but not really moving anywhere. I’m starting to realize that I haven’t figured out what my purpose, or drive, is. I’m crazy busy every day, but none of the actions relate or lead to a larger goal.

Lots of this going on.

Martin Crowe wrote:
 Wasting endless hours on facebook, tv, youtube, going out, lounging around etc became utterly cancerous in their desirability.

After reading your post, I realized that what I really want is similar to yours. Freedom. I don’t hate my current situation, but my days are 90% dictated by outside influences. How amazing would it be to live wherever and however you wanted? No longer tied to a certain place for extended periods because you HAVE to work there.

Your commitment is inspiring. Keep it up. I’ll probably come back and hit you up for some advice.

Now it’s time to start. Well after I finish work...
FR: Continuous Development
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Martin Crowe

Martin Crowe

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Glad that you got something out of this Fred. I also feel I should clarify that I don't 'hate' my current situation - by most peoples observations it is a good one, and by my own observations it was good for a time also.

What I hated was not taking the action to be my best self - and achieve my ultimate dreams. The ultimate nightmare? To look back on life (especially my 20's) with regret with what I could have done, but failed to do so as anaesthetising myself with modern day distratctions was easier. But now that the ball is rolling I have real clarity in what I want to achieve - and have figured out what to do every day to get there. The goals are no longer lofty - and the pieces are in place.

Your mention of business also makes me recall a line from Timothy Ferris in The 4 hour work week. Essentially, he makes the poignant observation that being busy alone does not equate to productivity. But if you combine the 2, get innovative, and get focussed, well... that could work nicely. 

Last week was killer with IM. I could not have imagined getting such significant profits 3 weeks deep - but then again - I cannot recall ever been so singularly focussed on anything. And the focus is just getting sharper....

I'm also back in the gym with weights, back-pain free for the first time in 3 FUCKING YEARS. Been dedicated to rehab, while doing gay stretches and exercise had me feeling like a for ages in this regard. I really can't explain how much this means to me. 

The old world ends in 2012...
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Martin Crowe

Martin Crowe

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2012 Review: Onwards to 2013 and other next level shit.

On the surface, 2012 was a year of remarkable stability.

For the first time in 5 years I didn't relocate from one city/country to another, I’ve now stayed with the same company for over 1.5 years and lived in the same apartment throughout the year. Those might seem like fairly normal things for a lot of people, but for me they felt significantly restrictive. This might be quite an epic post so the only way to really go about it to break things down into relative sections.

While I have mentioned earlier that writing ‘FR’s’ have become mostly banal (on account of exhausting virtually all permutations available in that area – seriously - unless I pull a 4some or something), I feel it’s relevant to continue reporting my progress, as RSD has been the critical catalyst for my self-improvement over the last few years.

Truth be told I actually find most of the community to be garish freak show that I now try and avoid - but it still doesn’t hide the fact that I’ve met some awesome people amongst all of that who’ve inspired me to step up in all areas of my life – as well as help me get there. A few have become some of my best friends. Diamonds in the rough you might say – but then you could say that about just about anything.

Business, income and financial freedom:

2012 Review

A source of massive frustration for me throughout 2012 was been entirely dependent on my day job. Especially as it’s become incredibly boring for me, and I essentially go into auto pilot mode every Monday to Friday from 9 to 5. But in completing 2 years (as of May 2013) in my current role will allow me to progress into a new role either internally or externally : that would be a game changer – massive salary boost and massive commission rate increase. There’s no doubt that my lifestyle would be greatly enhanced – at least as far as yuppie living and financial cushions go. But is that what really drives me? More money? Not entirely, not if it doesn’t afford me total freedom. I need the ability to travel where I want, when I want, comfortably. New places, new adventures, new variety, new food, new girls – for now - this is what life needs to afford me.

Enter my excruciatingly difficult journey to crack the passive income code via Internet Marketing – something I’d floundered/meddled with for over a year. Returning from a 5 week Euro-trip of extremely good times mid-year made me realize how much I NEEDED, not just wanted to make this work so that I could make this my default lifestyle.

Most people would say that getting good at pick up is pretty hard – but in my opinion (and the opinions of many) it doesn’t hold a candle to the IM world. Some roughly pulled stats:

90% of the people who attempt IM will never make a single dollar
99.9% of people who attempt IM will not make over $1000.

Wildly inspirational stuff… especially since I considered myself a hopeless case at this. But as Doc Brown said, ‘If you put your mind to something, you can achieve anything.’ And I can be an awfully creative, devious bastard when I need to be.
With significant dedication, I mastered the understanding of one form of affiliate marketing and quickly devised my own – slightly crooked - method to rake it in 1000’s of dollars within a couple of months. I couldn’t believe it: waking up to +$250 passive income days.

Unfortunately, what I was doing might be classified within the grey to blackhat arena – and not sustainable. While I was able to keep the money I’d earned I was made to cut out what I was doing and play it super clean. Like sober game. In the day. At church. Fuck…

Fortunately my drive hadn’t waned. I spent another 6 weeks mucking around until I finally got some campaigns together that would ensure steady, consistent profits on a sustainably long term basis. Fully Whitehat. Though the profits are still less, it feels like an even greater win as the only way from here is up. It’s a great way to be heading into 2013. Fully passive $100 days are pretty close by now. 

The other thing I managed to kick off the ground in late 2012 was my own side enterprise for we design and web advertising services. I’m not a Tim member either in case you’re wondering. As my current job is already Sales based, I took a lot what I’d learned from there, got a sexy sales girl to work on commission, and along with a few other tricks I devised - got this running live in late November. With 2 clients on board so far (and I’m charging premium prices), it’s another creation I’m proud to be bringing into the new year.

And finally – proper tracking of my money. The whole of 2012 I have been guilty of needlessly frittering away income without even realizing it. A single day could be $2 here, $4.50 here, $5.00 here, $3.20 here, 3x $6.00 here, ALL on a bunch of shit I don’t even need or really care about. But rather just do out of mild convenience at the time. It adds up massively quite quickly. In November this realization hit me like a ton of bricks and I immediately began rectifying it. The challenge will be to keep it up.

And so…

2013 goals:

 - Sales Job: Hold position till May/June 2013 and do job to best of my ability. Give myself backup option of a much better corporate job if absolutely nothing else works out. But the idea is to end things on a positive within my current industry. No harm in not burning the bridges.
- IM: Continue to land and expand within the realm of the transparent, sustainable and Profitable. Incrementally build profit by $500 every month. Key in this is networking and building good relationships with others in the IM world. Knowledge is power is money.
- Side Business: Get my sales girls confidence up and aquire more business. Goal of getting 2 new clients in January and 3 to 4 in February. Each client acquired will provide an upfront income boost as well as an ongoing residual, passive stream.
Saving: Dedicated diligence in saving income and keeping track of all my incoming and outgoing spend.
All leading towards…. Same level income as current day job by mid-2013, passively.

Health, physique and well being:

2012 Review:

This year did not start well. In my desire to get fit again following a back injury in a skiing accident, I exacerbated the injury and could barely to anything due to severe sciatic pain. Some mornings in January/February it took me 10 minutes to get out of bed in the morning since I was in so much pain. To the 19 year old girls I was banging at the time – it seemed as though I were lampooning the age difference (I’m 26).

While my physique was normal, the inability to improve it due to injury was horribly frustrating. I had to bite the bullet and spend most of 2012 putting blind faith in a dismally mundane recovery program of eating well, swimming (swimming bores me) and stretching/rehab. Sometime around late October the payoff was obvious. The sciatica had been gone for months and was staying away.

This was seriously exciting stuff. Sciatica + the back injury combined had plagued me for over 4 years. Now it’s all gone. I was quietly ecstatic but knew I had to take things carefully. I joined a good gym and got a personal trainer to ensure all my technique was spot on and avoiding doing any further damage. Now my strength is back, I’m not the weakest looking dude in the gym, and I’m slowly starting to build muscle again. Got a good routine gym, diet and supplement wise together now. Pretty happy with where this is going.

The only other breakthrough for myself healthwise this year was finally getting a conclusive diagnosis on a condition that’s plagued me since I was 17 or so. Namely: A deviated Septum. Essentially it’s a warped nasal passage way that means I’m always congested and always have a stuffed nose or ear and am badly susceptible to coughs, colds etc. Turns out a minor operation that can fix this without altering my nose shape (I like my nose).

2013 Goals:

- Stay dedicated with gym, quality diet and supplements to bulk up. Another 5 kgs of muscle added to my frame would be a noticeable and tangible improvement.
- Nasal Operation in first half of this year. Learn what it’s like to breath and smell normally again for the first time in, like ever. Avoid illness x5.

Self-development, travel, and other cultural pursuits.

2012 Review:

A bit of a clustered title. You could also say worthwhile pursuits/quality hobbies as youtube/tv series, aimless surfing, facebook, etc constitute nothing more than time wasting.

I’m not much of an esoteric person. Doing is the only action that counts. I thought The Power Of Now was a tremendous waste of time that did not resonate with me one bit. However, I’m slowly understanding the benefits of meditation – something which I like to piss take on wherever possible. I think of may have cracked the code on it for myself after trying it while deeply malaise and restless – and feeling energized, calm and mentally alert. That was about 3 months ago and I’ve only done it 2 times since. The hardest part was simply forcing myself to do it. I should do it more often.

Travel – the lifeblood of my soul. My ability to do this more indefinitely than not is tethered entirely to points 2,3 and 4 of my Financial goals. I had an ok run at it this year given my corporate job. It included 2 new countries: Hungary & Georgia, as well as new places and adventures within ones I’d already determined as favorites. I’ve mentioned this a lot before so there’s little need to dwell on it here, other than to emphasize that it probably means more to me right now than anything else – and is certainly the only thing that I truly enjoy spending money on.

As part of travel comes my acquired interest of foreign languages. I’m fortunate to have become conversational in Italian due to my 2 years living there – though I would absolutely love to do the same thing with Russian. I’ve talked about this before but without a proper structure I’ve never really gotten the ball rolling with it too any level that anyone would consider good. This simply isn’t good enough now that I’ve found quality, structured resources on this.

Reading. I should read more. More in other areas that is. It is unlikely that you’ll find anyone with a more comprehensive and interlinking knowledge of history than me (and I say that boldly and confidently), but there’s more to literature than just this. Something to work on.

Finally, one last side musing has been the possibility of going off to teach English overseas. I have excellent contacts in this area and it would afford me a fun and engaging job with living expenses paid, a base salary and lots of free time to work on my side businesses – as well as introducing me to a brand new culture. All in all, a great package for me. Something I’d love to hear feedback on from people who’ve done it.

2013 Goals:

- Move from Sydney – get new home city.
- 30 minutes Russian every day.
- Get used to meditation
- Read for at least 30 minutes every day
- Wrote for at least 30 minutes every day
- Spend AT LEAST 10 weeks travelling

Girls, Relationships, Miscellaneous Social etc

2012 Review

This was the year that I stopped caring about ‘the notch number’. Completely. This was the year where I stopped caring about getting better at picking up. It’s taken care of. Now it’s just a fun thing to do. That’s not to say that I’m ceasing to do it or that I couldn’t get much better. I could – if I wanted to go out 5+ nights a week - that’s all it takes to get psycho good. It’s just that in the scheme of things, everything I mentioned prior – health, travels, making bank etc – is more important, and what gives me my zest. I still lovvvve girls though, and met at least 2 this year that I would have loved to be dating seriously if we were not separated on a continental level. And as for all the other random sluts? They’re just fun times and that’s all. Pickup highlight of the year? Hard to go by threesome in Turku, Finland with two lovely local ladies...

So where to next with this? Less dependency on alcohol (and occasionally drugs) – even though they make it soooo much fun! It’s not going to helped me get ripped though, or healthier. My social times need to be sustainable.
Socially speaking I made a couple of awesome new best friends this year, and found my way into several new social circles – ensuring more cool people to have good times with, as well as to network with.

2013 goals:

- Balance substance with sobriety
- Continue to build networks
- 4some?


I’m going to borrow Ilb’s excel progress tracker idea. As of January 2nd. Tonight and tomorrow will be a horrific write off heheh.
Will start with 7 habits in January and ensure that their consistency is significant enough to expand up to 14 in February.

Will update this again in a few months  :) 

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Checked out your old FR thread. Didnt have time to read threw everything.(Will probably do so incrementally) but thats some killer inspirational shit man.

Keep posting! I enjoy your FRs along with your other insights on business IM etc.
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