December 10th, 2018
Consistently meeting hot girls outside of clubs
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 It's been my goal over the past few years to meet hot girls *regularly* outside of clubs. For anyone who's interested in this approach, I thought I'd share my progress. 

First, why take the non-club approach? I'm not "good" at night clubs and I don't find them fun. I don't like yelling or loud music. If you do, that's totally cool... for me, I've always found it inconsistent with my self worth to force myself to do something I don't like just to meet girls. 

The first strategy I tried was hobbies. And man, have I picked up a lot of hobbies: partner dancing, ice skating, swimming, badminton, photography, guitar, languages, skiing, fashion, fitness, cooking. I probably forgot some.

The general strategy I used was: 
- pick hobbies I genuinely find interesting
- first priority is to master the skill itself
- take group lessons to meet people, and private lessons to refine my skills

The result? A mixed bag. I've learned tons of new skills and met tons of new people. I've dated a bunch of girls, most of them hot. My life is better off for it. Some of the things I'm good enough at now to teach other people. I also spent a ton of money on lessons, events, and sometimes traveling. 

But the amount of work invovled was absolutely staggering. To find one compatible hot girl using this approach took an astounding amount of effort. I was able to pull through it because it was fun learning new skills and meeting new people. But if success were measured in cost ($ and time) per hot girl met, it was a total failure. It's funny, I've had guys ask me how it is that I'm always dating some hot girl. They think I do it effortlessly. If only they knew.

I also never managed to get any true "stunners." The girls I dated were very attractive, but not quite in that top tier league that you see at nightclubs. That's my glass ceiling currently.

Part of the problem here is that I might meet a stunner like that maybe once a year, so I'd place way too much value on her and obviously never get her as a result. 

I'm now trying to plan the next step of this (probably life-long) experiment, and I'd love your ideas. My current thoughts:
1) Completely and utterly master a skill that I enjoy such that I get introductions and attraction on that basis alone. Think world-class fashion photographer, or something to that end. This will take years and years to pay off. It's definitely the long play.
2) Start a business that will consistently attract the hottest girls. A high-end retail store, marketing agency, fashion brand, or other comparable example. Probably take less time than achieving mastery of a skill, but riskier in the sense that I have a very good career presently that I'm quite happy with. 
3) Buy a bigger place and develop it into "party central", attracting bigger and bigger crowds. I already started doing this at my last location and I learned that I'm pretty good at hosting parties, but I quickly hit the size limit of my condo (around 15 people). If I had a bigger place, there's no limit to how far I could scale this approach. 

So at this time, I'm probably going to go with Option 3 as it looks like it's got the best risk/reward balance. But I'd love your thoughts and feedback before I commit, as all of these options require a huge investment of time and money on my part. 
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 So I just found out accidently clicking post comment, posts a comment full of nothing. Since I'm here my currently KJ ass agrees with Todd on day game locals and would pick option 3 with a side of photography. I had a friend that had one of those umbrella light things and a nice digital cam that setup more than a few photo shoots in the "studio" he had in  the barracks.

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