December 10th, 2018
Marcel - Vancouver Degeneracy
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I'm from Vancouver, 21, and have been going out consistently for the past 2 months. Have known about game for the past year and a half but didn't do anything because I thought memorizing lines and routines was gay. Then I discovered RSD about 6 months ago. After going to the Seattle free tour I really wanted to amp my game up so I'm going to be going out like crazy.
Here's some FR's/journal entries to get started.

Thursday, June 7.
No approaches. Massive choding and extremely in my head. What i really noticed was my RAS giving me the most retarded reasons not to approach. Very weird how RAS does that.

Friday, June 8.
We get in caprice early and it's pretty empty. I see a 2 set, seated, korean girls. Bullshit with them for a bit; they are studying english here, the clubbing scene in korea is better than vancouver apparently.
The korean girls are boring so i eject and walk around a see another 2 set. I get ignored. These chicks are like 5s. I turn to their friend who I didn't notice before and ask whats wrong with her friends. The set is clearly going nowhere but I stay in to feel the social pressure. Eventually I start talking to some other dudes. They are from Switzerland. They are cool but are chodes obviously. I have a smoke with them and go back to my friends for a bit. Chode hard with my two friends.
I get approached by a girl who I vaguely recognize. She says something about her friend knowing me or something and says her friend was too scared to come up to me. I turn to the friend, HB7. Turns out I went to elementary school and a bit of highschool with this chick. She's immediately touching me and my arm's around her. She is kind of flakey and will turn her back to me from time to time, shutting me out. I remain present and pretend like I don't even notice. She's dances with me then grabs another guy and dances with him. She comes back to me and we makeout for about 2 seconds, then she is off again and I lose her. Didn't have the chance to grab the number because this chick was so flighty, but I will add her on facebook because I know her last name. My wing tells me that he was talking to HB7s friend and that the HB7 was DTF. FML.
I make eye contact with a chick dancing and I try the hand of god, completely out of state, she shakes her head.
We leave Caprice to go to some house party my wing knows, I run around trying to find HB7 to pull them to the party, but i can't find them. We go to the party. It's horrible. Some cuties, but its super empty and clearly we got there too was only like 1am at this point. We sit around the party and I talk to a few of the girls but they all seem burnt out and lots of them leave and a few of them are smoking weed upstairs so i didnt even get to see them. We bounce from the party, grab some 7-11 pizza and call it a night.
My tonality was definitely fucking off tonight, usually it's pretty good. That is what I will focus on the next time i go out. Tonality is big, I remember when i first changed my tonality and how much my game improved so i definitely need to internalize it. Also i didn't approach enough and get warmed up so there was no physical escalation in my sets (other than with the HB7). I think I'm going to have to use some leverage to get myself to do more approaches. There's no way i can get good at this game only doing 2 or 3 approaches when i go out. I also realized that getting physical really fast in my sets (especially my early sets) really pumps my state, even if its something as simply as putting my arm around a girl.

Saturday, June 9.
Drank at a friends house and fucked FB (HB7).

Sunday, June 10.
Mediated before going to a friends house and smoking weed. No approaches.

Monday, June 11.
Went to the gym, and meditated before bed.

Tuesday, June 12.
Went to school, and meditated before bed. Was supposed to go clubbing but rationalized that i have a final exam on thursday.

Wednesday, June 13.
Went to the gym, studied for my final exam, and meditated.

Thursday, June 14.
Seattle Free Tour.
After writing my final my friend picks me up and we drive down to Seattle. We get stopped by the border guard and are delayed by about half an hour. The tour started at 7 and we get there at around 7:45. Jeffy is speaking. He is talking about text game when we get there and then he talked a bit about threesomes. I hear some dude laughing REALLY fucking loud during Jeffy's talk. He's laughing louder than anybody. I think to myself “Who the fuck is laughing like such a douche”. I look over and see that it's Tyler hahahaha. Jeffy finishes up his talk and Tyler begins and talks about abundance. I don't remember much about the talk, everything seemed so fast. Tyler then talks about bootcamps and hot seat. I really want to take the hot seat with Tyler but we're not staying the weekend in Seattle. After the free tour we leave and drive back to Vancouver. Meditate when i get home even though im exhausted.

Friday, June 15.
Did mushrooms for the first time with two friends and we went on a 3 hour nature walk lol. After the shrooms wear off we chill for a bit and then go to a really shitty bar. Like everybody is 35+. Obviously no approaches, and i bounce home after an hour or so to meditate.

Saturday, June 16.
I haven't jerked off in like 4 days or something so I'm super horny. I want to go out, but I really want to get laid. So i chode out and opt to get laid....Meet up with FB and we fuck in a forest lol. She calls me a “horny animalistic weirdo” hahahaha. We hang out at my place and we fuck again and she sleeps over. I try to get her to fuck in the morning but she has to leave because it's Father's Day. No meditation :(

Sunday, June 17.
The Roxy.
Me and my wing head to the roxy. When we get there we break the fundamental rule: approach as soon as you enter the venue. We chill for about an hour waiting for our other chode friend to show up; he doesn't know about pickup. Later, I'm standing and and i see a walking 2-set, cute asians. I start yelling “yo! Yo! Hey! Hows it going!” etc. One of them ignores me, the other kind of smiles and says “good”, they keep walking and I keep yelling after them “Hold on, come here. Come here” I almost hooked the one that smiled but she was holding hands with her friend and was being pulled away. I chode out for another 15-20 mins or so. My friend who knows nothing about pickup leaves; he can't approach when he's sober. My wing does an approach but gets blown out. I approach a chick standing alone against a wall. I just say “hi, hows it going”. My tonality is pretty good. I realize im leaning in a bit so i lean back. She kinda mumbles and i figure the set isnt gonna hook. I say, “You don't look very well”. I turn away to try to find another approach and suddenly shes up really close to me talking in my ear, she says “Thats not a very good pickup line”. I say, somewhat sarcastically, “it wasn't a pickup line, i was genuinely concerned”. We chat a bit. I don't get physical, I don't really try to hold the interaction: there are moments of silence, but those don't bother me at all. She's with her friends from work. She shit tests me about my age, even though I'm only a year younger than her lol. She says, “your too young for me”. I laugh and say “I don't understand social conventions”. She says “im not trying because your so young”. I say, “im not trying because your so old”. We chat a bit more and she says she has to go to the bathroom. I chode around a bit more, then me and my wing bounce.
Kind of a shitty night. Thats what happens when you don't go out for more than a week. This is going to change though. Tonight I was in a pretty good mood most of the night, I just wasnt super motivated. That's one of the downsides of having fuck buddies. My eye contact wasn't solid with the second set, but my tonality was ok, could use a little work, more commanding tone.

Monday, June 18
Day Game.
My first real day game session ever. (I have approached during the day, but that was a year and a half ago, after I read The Game, and I used a gay opinion opener, so it doesn't really count) Go up to SFU at around 2:30 and meet my wing, who has just gotten out of class. I do two approaches. The first I'm very direct and tell the girl I think she's cute. We chat for a few minutes but the conversation fizzles and she says she has to catch a bus or something (i couldn't understand exactly what she was saying because she has an asian accent). Second set, i see the girl HB6.5 standing and reading something on a poster board. I approach and just say hello. Shes reading a poster about some dude singing somewhere. I ask her if she's going to go see him sing. She says yes. We chat a bit. I tell her I'm waiting for my friend because we're going to get lunch. She says she will wait with me for my friend but she says she has to study. We chat some more and I tell her to go and study, I can wait alone. I grab the number and let her go. We end day game at this point. There weren't many chicks around so it was too hard to build momentum.
Hit up the gym; meet up with FB; smoke weed at friends house; then bring FB back home for a slumber party.

Tuesday, June 19.
FB leaves around 4:30pm. I text my wing to see if he wants to go to celebrities. He's finished his lab report so he's down. He says he can't drive though. Celebrities is quite far from my house. I don't want to take transit because it will take too long and the train stops running early. He tells me to drive. I whine about not wanting to drive. I tell myself to stop being a and just take action. So i drive and pick up my wing. Get to celebrities with my wing kind of late. Wait in line about twenty minutes. I do not want to be here. I am so out of state. Get in the club. Approach a seated 2 set. They are friendly, chat with them for a few minutes before ejecting.
Chode around with my wing for a bit. We decide to play the 30 second game where you count down from 30 and if your friend doesn't approach you slap him in the chest, or punch him in the arm. Wing approaches a chick sitting. I notice that there's two girls hovering around the chick sitting down, I figure they are her friends so i approach them and bullshit them for a bit. Eventually we eject. Then its my turn to approach while my wing counts. I chode hard and get punched a few times. Somehow I lose my wing in the club.
I'm choding by the wall when I see some dude talking to a chick but that chick's friend is just standing there awkwardly. I sack up and approach the chick's friend HB6.5. She's Korean and studying english here. Her english is pretty good. Hooks pretty easily and she's touching me on the arm and giving me IOIs like crazy. I isolate her and we chill and chat, hold hands. Bring her to the dance floor. Makeout. More physical escalation, grabbing her tits. Try to rub her through her pants, she lets me for a few seconds but grabs my hand and puts it near her tits. Dance some more, go for the rub again. Same thing. Tired. Pull her off the dance floor to an isolated area. Makeout, play with tits, grab ass. I start asking her some logistical questions. Turns out she lives a few blocks from the club, alone!!! DING DING DING we have a winner! I say lets go for a walk. She talks to her friend and we bounce. We walk down the road. She says shes worried about her friend and left her jacket in the club. We go back to the club. Friend is ok and still with the same dude. The dude nods his head at me. I nod back. Bro code. I extract my girl from the club and we go to a pizza joint down the road. After pizza we continue walking, holding hands. After a bit I ask her where she lives. Turns out we passed it a minute back. And I also find out she actually lives with a roommate. It's still early so I'm not too worried. We walk down to English Bay, a really nice beach area. It's not too cold. Cherish by the water. We start walking back. Ask her if I can use her bathroom. She says ok.
Then I find out she actually has two roommates. Then I find out she shares a room with one of her roommates. My awesome logistics have been obliterated. I figure I can just fuck her quietly on a couch or something. When I get to her place, her roommate is still awake and is in the shower. At 2:30am. So I can't use the bathroom. I probably should have asked for some water or something to find some other excuse to be let in. But I don't. We leave her house (she wants to go back to the club to find her friend to make sure she's ok). We get back to celebrities. Obviously we don't find her friend. We walk back up the street to my car. Makeout. Grab the number. My wing left earlier because he had a complete blowout night. I consider going back to celebrities to do more approaching. I chode out because I do not want to ruin the good emotions of the night. I bounce home. Write this report. Too tired to meditate, nearly 4am, should do it earlier.

Positives: lots of leading, and good physicality
Needs work: Hitting it up. Staying till the club closes.

Wednesday, June 20.
Day 2
Text the HB6.5 I met during daygame a few days ago. It's solid and we meet up at Metrotown. I immediately hug her to set the tone. We walk around the mall together chatting a bit. Not much happens. She randomly says “You're cooler than Ironman.” I agree with her. We go to starbucks and she buys me a caramel frappachino. Then we pass by a dollar store and she buys me candy. She says she will cook for me. Walk around some more. It's getting late at this point, I'm supposed to meet my friends at some bar. I tell her I won't meet up with my friends if she lets me come over and watch Harry Potter with her (I still haven't seen the last movie). She says maybe next time because of her landlord or something. We take the skytrain together. Kiss a bit before she gets off.
The Legion (random hipster karaoke bar the closes at 12...)
Get to the legion around 10. Jesus. So many hipsters. Nothing happens. Don't approach because I don't want to fuck up the good emotions from earlier. Too afraid to confront my reality. Exit bar at closing time.
Needs work: Hitting it up. Be willing to sacrifice good emotions. More physical escalation.

Thursday, June 21.
Mirage Nightclub
This place is located in Surrey. The motherfucking ghetto. Students get in for free tonight. Me, my wing, and two friends who are into game drive to Surrey. I've only ever been here once, like a year ago, so I have no idea where it is. We drive to the wrong place twice before finding it. I got picked up at around 8:45 and we don't get to the place till 10:30. We wait in line for half an hour only to have the bouncer tell us we're dressed too casual and need dress shoes or some bullshit. Fuck. We need to do some game. We decide to head downtown.
The Cellar
Arrive downtown around 11:45. The only place that looks good is the cellar. I've never been. We wait in line for about an hour. Get in. We chode around. Not following the rule of approach as soon as you enter the venue. Wing and me decide to hit the dancefloor. At the roxy, on sunday, we saw some guys do some retarded dance shit where they yell and point at girls. We do the same. Yell “yo! Yo! Yo!” over and over, louder and louder, and point at random girls and try to drag them in. Girls around us are laughing and a circle of awesomeness has formed. Loud and obnoxious. Short girl wearing hat. Yell “ellen page” over and over. Grab her and pick her up with my arms under her ass. Put her down, she laughs, punches me, and runs away, never to be seen again. States are being pumped. Random approaches. Decide to use the hurricane. Hooks a girl who's english is horrible. Eject. I think of The Trap. Deploy The Trap with wing. Stand and let girls walk in between us, then we both jump out at her and encircle her with our arms and yell “TRAP! Shes in the trap! You're trapped forever!” etc. Trap some HB7s and 7.5s. Nothing hooks, but the girls are laughing, and the people in the venue are laughing too. Do retarded dance moves. Cute shorty Brazilian HB6.5 walks by. I yell “You! You!” Immediately grab the hand, hug her. She's not really feeling it. Plow plow plow. Say something funny and she lights up. Laser eyes. Tell her that I'm cooler than Ironman. Not much physicality, I'm afraid to get blown out. Club closing soon. Tell her I would ask for her number if she wasn't leaving in two weeks. She says “Do you want my number?” I nod and hand her my phone.
Street Game
Club closes at 2. I tell my wing we need to do some street game. Walk down granville. Wing sees a 4 set, tells me to go in. I out because i dont want to fuck up my good emotions. He reminds me that there is 4 of us and 4 of them. The 4 set is talking to two chodes. I think up The March. We stand in a line with our arms around each other. I yell “right, left, right, left” and we march up to the 4 set with so much energy the two chodes are blown the fuck away. Immediately make eye contact with the closest chick HB5. Laser eyes. Bullshitting. They are Irish. Tell them that we were doing an Irish March for them. They love it. Bullshit more. They have to leave. I go for the number, but their phones are fucked up and they can't text, only call, and I don't have caller id, so I don't get it. I tell them to meet us at another club called Venue tomorrow. They say yes. Hug HB5, tell her I love her, then go for the kiss, get it. No makeout because the friends are trying to leave. They are laughing though. My friends want to bounce so we do.

Positives: stopped choding and ended up putting myself in a really good state. Was VERY self-amused. Did lots of approaches. Stayed till the venue closed. Did street game, which I had never done before. Even though we didn't get into the first club we persisted and took action and went to another one, even though it was really far away.

Needs work: Need to work on my physicality, wasn't physical with all my sets (I know this is important in high energy environments).

Friday, June 22
Blowout night. Get into Venue with my wing around midnight. Chode for a few minutes and finally start doing some approaches. Out of state hurricane the first 2 set, put my arms around them, hooks, but my chode friend who is with us tries to wing and fucks it up, the girls leave. My wing and I have been going out with this guy quite a bit for the last few weeks, we know him from highschool. I went to the free tour in Seattle with him. I'm not going to about him here, but basically he gets drunk, becomes super annoying, has a lot of negative energy, and doesn't even approach. But anyways I don't see him most of the night.
Hit up some more sets. I don't really remember most of them. But they all blew out for one reason or another. I think after have some pretty good success for the last few days I've become somewhat outcome dependent. My wing claws the girl from my first set and I jump in, quite physical, hugging her, arms around her, she seems into it at first. I almost think I could have done a quick makeout but I out and don't go for it. They blow out again. At 1:30am, after choding for like 15 minutes, my wing says we should go because nothing is going to happen. I tell him we should stay till Venue closes. I say “even if we only do one approach in the next hour and a half, it will be worth it.”
What seems to happen with my wing and me is we tend to get burnt out early and usually leave the venues we go to around 1 or 1:30 if we're having a blowout night. I told him we need to push through and start staying till the club closes.
We stay and do some more approaches. My wing is by the exit/entrance of the club and sees a two set leaving. They are already on the sidewalk and he starts yelling at them to stop. The set hooks. I go back in the club for a few minutes and then go out to wing him. He ends up making out and number closing one of the girls.
We go back in the club and I go up on the stage and open a tall blonde HB5.5. Pretty much in every set I open the girl is shorter than me, so I wanted to push my comfort zone a bit. It hooks ok and I dance a bit with her. One of her guy friends tries to blow me out by grabbing her hand, but i hold on and spin her away. She starts talking to some of her friends and I go and hit on her other friend, who is also taller than me, HB6.5. After a while the 6.5 leaves the stage I follow her saying “wait, wait, one second, one second” cause I'm trying to number close. She stops, kisses me on the cheek, and walks away.
At this point its about 2:30, I see the HB5.5 from earlier and go up and chat a bit with her. She was looking for her guy friend. I don't go for the number. I'm not particularly attracted to her. She bounces and me and my wing chode for the last half an hour until the club closes. Then bounce home.

Positives: Did lots of approaches. Stayed till the venue closed. Was physical with the majority of my sets.

Needs work: Wasn't in state at all the entire night, I need to learn how to pump my state more consistently. Need to approach more consistently and not stand around choding for long periods of time.

Question: Sometimes there are times when the dance floor is packed and almost no girls are just standing around. How do you approach dancefloor game? Just square up with the girl and start yelling at her and being physical?
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Saturday, June 23
Not much. My cousin was in for the weekend from California so I hung out with him in the evening (he's in his 30s and married with a kid) and he was too tired to go to a bar.

Sunday, June 24
Day 3
Was texting the girl from Day Game and immediately told her to invite me over. She says ok. Then she starts getting weird saying she has to tell me something. She won't tell me her address and tells me to meet her in a park by her house. We meet. She shit tests a little and says I can't come over. I just say “That's ok” and we end up heading to her house like 5 minutes later.

On the way she stops at a liquor store to get a beer. I don't want any (plus I'm driving). Then we go to her room, which she rents in a house. I lay down on her bed and she puts on a movie, but wont lay down next to me, and doesn't shut up for about an hour so I don't really watch the movie. She wants to go and get another beer at the liquor store and begs me to take her, for like an hour and it's really annoying. Eventually every time she talks I say “Shhhhh, come lie down” over and over, quieter and quieter, and she finally lies down next to me.

Then the usual makeout, escalation, etc. Every once in a while she keeps stopping and saying she has to tell me something. I'm not stupid. This girl is obviously trying to tell me she's a virgin. She tells me she is a virgin. I've never had sex with a virgin so I'm curious. I keep pushing the interaction and eventually we're both naked. I get one finger in her and it feels normal, but when I try to get the second one in it's REALLY tight, I'm pretty sure I can feel the hymen. She says it hurts a lot so I stop fingering her.

We makeout a bit more and I try to get a blowjob but no go. I'm tired at this point, after 3.5 hours of dealing with this girl, so I bounce out of there.
Not really sure if I want to even see this chick again. I probably could have pushed all the way till sex. I don't want to date her, and she's not particularly attractive, so it's probably not the best thing for her to lose her virginity to me. I think I'll text her about it and be straight up with her and say I don't want anything serious, and I'm not looking for a relationship. If she wants to still have sex then great, but if not that's understandable.

Monday, June 25
Hit up the gym and cherished with the FB since I was super horny.

Tuesday, June 26
Was planning to hit up Celebrities but FB stayed longer than planned and so ended up cherishing all day. Meditated, since I haven't done it in a few days.

Wednesday, June 27
Hit up the gym and meditated. Texted the chick from Celebrities and the chick from The Cellar (I think I'm going to start naming these chicks). Got responses from both. Tried to set up Day 2s but neither have responded yet.

SFU Highlander Pub
Not much. Was planning on going to The Legion but one of my friends told me to go to the highlander. It was a chill atmosphere and some cute girls, but it wasn't very busy. No approaches.

Positives: Went out.

Needs work: I need to go out more consistently. I don't like taking more than a day or two off because it just fucks up my momentum.
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Thursday, June 28
Talked to the chick from Caprice on facebook, tried to set up a Day 2 for tomorrow. She said she's going to figure out what she's doing tomorrow and let me know.

Wing texts me and tells me we can get in Caprice for free on Canada Day (this Sunday) because he knows some chick who has tickets.

Everybody bailed on going out and my wing was busy studying for an exam. I was thinking about going out solo but I pussied out. It's easy to rationalize not going out solo because I live so far away from the clubs and it's a fucking hassle getting to them. Ended up hanging out with a couple chode friends and watching a movie. No meditation.

Friday, June 29
Gym and meditation. No chicks have gotten back to me about the Day 2s. Was going to go out to The Roxy but my wing didn't want to or something and I didn't end up going. Texted my FB. She comes and picks me up after some harassment. We go to a park (its like almost 11pm so its dark and nobody's there) and chill on a playground. We fuck a little bit on the playground but some people walk by so we don't finish.

I get a call from a girl who I was texting a bit earlier. I went to highschool with her and there is a little bit of history (I didn't fuck her in my extreme chode days). She recently broke up with her bf. She's outside The Roxy and tells me to come out. I lie and say I've already gone home.

My FB looks kind of sad, so I kiss her and hold her a bit and ask her what's wrong. I ask if it's because that girl called me. She says no. I keep prodding her, trying to find out what's wrong. I've seen this look on her face before just after sex. I want to know what the fuck is up. She says “I'm starting to like you and I don't want to get my heart broken.” I don't say anything and we start to walk back to her car silently, not holding hands or anything.

On the way to the car she asks me how many girls I've slept with. I tell her that I'm not going to answer that question. She asks if I'm sleeping with anyone else right now. I say no, which is true. I'm curious to see how far I can push this. I say “I was sleeping with someone just before I met you but she went on vacation. She's coming back in a few weeks, and I'm probably going to sleep with her.” I should point out that when I started seeing this FB I made it explicitly clear that it was JUST sex, and nothing else.

She starts talking about how she doesn't think she can do this because she's starting to get feelings for me and that she would not be cool with me sleeping with other girls. She says she knows that this isn't fair to me because of what we agreed this relationship would be.

We get to the car and she drive me home. I invite her in to talk (this is true, I didn't invite her in because I thought I was going to have sex with her again). We sit on the couch separately and we talk. She tells me shit about her past relationship and she tells me that other than her ex-bf, I'm the only guy she's slept with. She starts asking me some questions and I open up a bit and start telling her some stuff about myself. I lie about a few things because I don't want her to know about my chode past.

She starts telling me about all the guys that have asked her out since she broke up with her bf. She says “I'm so stupid. I should have picked a guy who actually likes me.” I say “I do like you.” We talk some more.

I'm still curious about how far I can push this so I say “I probably shouldn't be with you anyways.”

She says “Why?”

I say “I don't know. You should be with a guy that 'actually likes you'.” And I look away and feel the negative emotions inside me. I actually feel kind of shitty for a moment and question myself. I think to myself “This is a really great, good looking girl. Am I going to give this up for some stupid Game? I may never meet another girl like this.” But I recognize these thoughts as coming from scarcity and I regain my composure.

She moves close to me and she makes out with me. We don't talk much. Just sit near each other, foreheads touching, eyes closed. After a while she tries to make out with me again but I stop her and say “Maybe we shouldn't.” She says quietly “I should go.” She gets her stuff and I open the door for her and she leaves, neither of us says anything.

I was quite calm and composed during this entire time. It's definitely not over with my FB. I'm just curious to see if she will come around and accept me sleeping with other girls. If not, I can always get her back by saying I won't fuck other girls, that I like her, etc, etc. Maybe this sounds asshole-ish or something. I want to be in this game for the long run, girls come and go, and my other FB will be back in a few weeks anyway.

Saturday, June 30
Get to Venue a bit late and wait about half an hour in the line. We get in. I don't really want to be here so we hit the dance floor and I try to pump my state a little bit. Get tired of dancing after about half an hour and we stand around by the bar. I say to my wing “we can't just leave without doing one set. We need to push through this and do a set. One set, then we can leave. I'm setting the bar low tonight.” I turn to a random girl next to me and open directly by saying she's cute. Some dude comes and starts dancing behind her. I say “is this your boyfriend” loudly so the guy can hear, and she's like “no, he's just a friend” and the dude blows out, haha. I grab her hand and tell her that since it's not her boyfriend she can come dance with me. She just laughs and says no and I eject. My wing is still choding and I have to push him to do a his set. He does, and we bounce out of there by around 12:30 or 1.

Positives: Went out. There was a part of me that didn't want to go out because of all the drama that happened last night with my FB; but there was another part of me that wanted to go out because I haven't approached in a week and because I was feeling like I was sinking into scarcity. Did an approach and was a bit physical. Physicality was a bit of a sticking point for me before but I'm much more comfortable escalating now. I'm actually quite proud of myself for approaching even though i wasn't feeling it at all. It's an improvement from the night I was at Aubar a few weeks ago and didn't do any approaches. In fact, after that one approach I started feeling better, but my wing wanted to leave so I left. I think I could have done more approaches.

Needs work: even on an off night I need to push through the shitty negative emotions I'm feeling and just hit it up. I can't be so reliant on momentum and state. I need to work on my WILLPOWER. Should have stayed at the venue longer.

I already game sober (because (1) I can't go out many nights in a row if I'm drinking and (2) I'm a broke student and can't afford it). And (after reading this I think this week I really want to push my comfort zone and go out solo, perhaps Monday night (or whatever night my wing isn't free). I want to go solo because I find that I use my friends and my wing as an excuse not to approach sometimes, like after I eject from a set or get blown out I'll think “oh I'll just chill here with my friend for a bit before I do my next approach” rather than just hitting it up.

It's funny. Pretty much all the numbers I had last week and the girls I talked to last week have all basically flaked out. Earlier today I was feeling kind of shitty about it. I didn't have the validation of girls texting me. But now I'm kind of grateful to be back at square one. I realize I'm actually developing a love for the game itself. It's really being hit home that it's the PROCESS that I need to be enjoying, not the results. Just being able to go out, joke around, listen to loud music, bullshit with people; it's a privilege, as Tyler says.
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Sunday, July 1
Canada Day Lay Report: The Worst Sex Ever
AztecDragon PMs me on the forums and wants to meet up at Caprice. I'm down. Me and my wing and my other friend meet up and predrink a 2-6 of Bacardi. Normally I game sober and I haven't been drunk in probably a month and I haven't drunk gamed in like 2 months, but it's Canada Day so fuck it. We meet up with another friend of ours and she hooks us up with tickets for free cover. And a fuck load of other free cover tickets! Looks like no more paying cover on fridays and saturdays for the rest of the summer. Awesome.

We head downtown and get in Caprice. I meet Azzy, he's a chill dude and I wing him a bit throughout the night. I also meet murfster, and wing him a bit too (he hits up like the hottest chicks in the club, it's insane). I'm yelling at chicks and clawing them in. I talk to a lesbian who I initially mistake for a guy. I tell her she has the face of a guy but the body of a girl. She says thanks. No idea how many sets I did. I grab a cute brown chick and start bullshitting her. I go for the makeout right away. No go, she has a boyfriend apparently, and she keeps saying she has to find her friends. I push/pull her a bit, and she says “Will you let me go so I can find my friends?” Keep in mind this chick could easily just tell me to fuck off, but instead is asking my permission if she can go haha. I'm like “I'll let you go if you kiss me.” She kisses me on the cheek. I'm like “No, kiss me on the lips.” No go. I push once more, pull her back in and I go for the makeout, she turns her head and I turn my head so I finally get an awkward kiss on the lips hahahaha. I let her go after that.

I'm texting the chick who called me when I was with my FB a few days ago. She is DTF. Tell Az I'm peacing it, and my wing and I roll out. (Sorry I didn't catch you before I left, Murf.) Grab the last train and meet this chick. Walk with her to my house. F-close. She was so bad in bed. No moaning. Kind of loose. Too wet. Made me wear a condom... She can't cum during sex... Also I had a little bit of whiskey dick, so I didn't even cum. Worst sex I've ever had. Why is it the night I decide to drink I get laid. Sex is better sober. She left around 5am. Hopefully I never see her again.
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cool man. it was great to meet you. dude. hook up free cover if you can man......hahahaha
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Monday, July 2
Meditated and hit the gym. Texted FB. She came over, we watched a movie, and had a slumber party. She didn't mention the little spat we had a few days ago. All seems well.

Tuesday, July 3
Meditated. Wing was too busy writing a report so didn't go to Celebrities. I was waiting for my wing till the last minute and he said he couldn't go, by that time it was too late, or else I would have gone solo. Ended up hanging out with a few friends and shooting the shit.

Wednesday, July 4
Meditated and hit the gym.
The Legion
Went to The Legion with a friend. Was planning to hit it up and approach lots of sets but when we got there we ran into some chicks we knew from 6 of them. So ended up sitting with them for a while. This place sucks, I think I need to find a different Wednesday spot.

Thursday, July 5
Super chode night. We get to Mirage at like 10:15 and it's kind of dead outside. For some reason it was pretty dead the entire night. When we went a few weeks ago it was packed to the gills.

Haven't done any approaches since Sunday. Basically was stuck in my head for the first two hours. After my wing and my buddy finally did an approach I did one. A walking two set, I yell “Yo, YO!!” The cute blonde I was yelling at is like star-struck and smiling and has anime eyes for like 2 seconds before her cockblock friend pulls her away. I run after them saying “Wait! One second, one second!” Then the clockblock turns around and yells right in my face “FUCK OFF!” I'm kind of stunned because I've NEVER been blown out like this before. I find it extremely hilarious and I get a crazy emotional high after. The club is not that busy, a few super hot girls though. My entitlement is clearly fucked so I don't approach them. No more approaches the rest of the night. I see the cockblock again later and I yell “FUCK YOUUUU” and give her the finger with a big smile on my face hahaha.

Positives: Pushed through the choding and did an approach. My tonality is the fucking bomb, I'm loud as fuck. The blowout didn't affect me negatively AT ALL, in fact I felt like a fucking boss after. It pumped by state like crazy.

Needs work: Need to learn to hit it up even when I'm totally in my head. I need to GET THE FIRST APPROACH OF THE NIGHT OUT OF THE WAY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Just say, “Hey, how's your night going?” This is so key and for some reason I don't do it all the time and it usually fucks my night up. Entitlement.

Friday, July 6
Roll downtown with a friend around 10. Walk along Granville (the street with all the clubs). There are no lineups outside any of the clubs. It's dead. We have free passes to Caprice and Venue. We end up going to Caprice because it looks less dead than Venue. Get into Caprice. It's dead, there's literally two 2 sets and like 20 guys. We go into one of the 2 sets. A couple of asian girls. Shoot the shit with them. They look kind of old and their english isn't great so we eject.

We leave Caprice and walk around Granville a bit more to see if it's gotten any busier. Nope. We figure everyone must be at the Avicii concert. Go back into Caprice. End up seeing my cousin's-best friend's-boyfriend haha. He used to be a promoter for Caprice and he knows a lot of bouncers and stuff. He's wasted. He wants to buy me and my friend drinks but we roll sober. I end up getting his number and he tells me to give him a text whenever I go out and he might be able to get me in for free and skip the line.

I run into Murf. We shoot the shit and I do a few more sets. I see this one girl trying to pull her friend away from some random dude. As she's walking away with the girl's hand I run up and start talking. The friend goes back to the guy and she blows me out and goes back to get the friend again. I go back in again and say “HEY! Don't be a fucking cockblock!” she's yells “FUCK OFF!” lmao! Second “fuck off” in two days.

I tell Murf we're going to bounce to the Avicii concert and grab girls leaving the concert. He's down to come with us. I drive us to where the concert is but when we get there it's DEAD. Like literally nobody is around. LOL. It must have let out early or something.

We go back to Caprice. It's like 2am. I basically chode around for an hour until closing.

Positives: I got the first approach out of the way early. Stayed till the venue closed. Did a little networking and I could possibly get into more clubs for free now.

Needs work: Need to hit up WAY more sets. I couldn't get any momentum off the first approach because it was too dead in the club. Need to approach even in less packed venues.

Saturday, July 7
The Blarney Stone
Roll up to the Blarney with a couple wings and get in around 10. Get stamped and left because we had to go check out a friend's birthday at some random lounge. We get back to the Blarney at 10:45ish. I approach a 2 set of asian chicks right off the bat. Just chit-chat a bit and let them go.

Fucking cute brunette sitting on a stool alone texting on her phone. Sit on the adjacent stool and talk a bit with her. She's from Victoria. She has nice tits and a nice ass, fuck yeah! Talk to her for about 10 minutes. She has to go meet her friend, I go for the number but she says she's getting a new number tomorrow (because her current number is a Victoria number, rather than a Vancouver number). She's really apologetic. I let her go. In hindsight I should have at least given her my number, but I didn't think of that in the moment.

Chilled a bit then went on the dance floor and did a couple of approaches. The girls were friendly but nothing stuck. Chilled out near the stairs and I see a cute blonde walk past and up the stairs, I hesitate for a moment and then charge after her up the stairs. Open her, say she's cute. She's into it but she says she has a boyfriend. I give her a hug and let her leave.

I see a girl who I fingered about a month ago but has since blown me off. I'm not sure if she sees me or not but I ignore her anyway.

Chill a bit more then I see another cute girl. Hesitate a bit but I go in and chat with her for a bit. She looks way older and a lot less hot closer up lol. Her friend is there (where the fuck are my wings? I might as well be gaming solo) and eventually they go to get a drink and I eject.

She this cute half-white-half-asian (at least, she looks like she is) chick walk by. I call dibs and run after her up some stairs. But I hear my wings calling something like “waitress, waitress!” and I'm like “oh, wtf, she's a waitress?” so I don't approach and go back down the stairs. My wings are like “wtf? Why didn't you approach?” I'm like “you said she was a waitress.” My wing is like “no, we were yelling 'rapist!'”.....scumbag wings. I see her again a few times.

Finally I'm at the upstairs bar and she's there alone. My wings like “dude its fate, go in” LOL. So I go in. Talk to her a bit and say she's cute. She has a boyfriend though. But she introduces me to her less-hot friend, who's birthday it is. So I stay and talk to the birthday girl a bit. Friends of the birthday girl keep coming up and she keeps introducing them to me. I'm chilled out and shooting the shit with the group.

Somehow the group disbands and there is one girl left. She's initially facing away so my wings think the interaction is over (seriously, why didn't they come in when I was with the group? wings.) and come and start talking to me. The girl turns around HB7, nice tits. My one wing starts shooting the shit with her and picks her up. I'm thinking to myself “fuck off she's mine you fuckers!” LOL. So I grab her hand and bring her to the dance floor.

She won't grind with me. She's got this weird look on her face. I'm like “what's wrong?” She says some shit about her ex being on the dancefloor or some shit. I pull her off the dance floor, but she's being so negative that I don't even want to really be around her. I grab the number and eject.

I find my wings, who are outside. They're being pussies. “It's to hot in there. I don't want to go back in.” blah blah blah. Fine. We bounce at like 12:30. I was having a solid night too. Almost hit state.

Positives: Approached basically as soon as I hit the venue. Did quite a few approaches (around 7 or 8), and could have done more; clearly the momentum from the last few nights is building. Number closed! It's been a while since I number closed, have been having a bit of a downward cycle in my game lately. Almost hit state, if my wings didn't want to go I probably would have.

Needs work: I wasn't super physical. This place isn't a hardcore nightclub it's a bar so I think I was a bit put off about rapid physical escalation. I'm not sure if being very physical is necessary in this environment, I think holding hands and hugging is enough, but maybe I'm wrong. I NEED TO STAY TILL THE VENUE CLOSES! I would have, but I had actually already told my FB that I would meet up with her after we left the Blarney, and also my wings were having an off night or something and wanted to leave.
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Don't you want something more in life other than a bunch of randoms?
Sounds like Vancouver has a lot of asian girls.
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SocialDynamic wrote:
Don't you want something more in life other than a bunch of randoms?
Sounds like Vancouver has a lot of asian girls.
What do you mean by "a bunch of randoms"? And yes, Vancouver has a shit ton of asian girls.
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Sunday, July 8
Was going to go to The Roxy but I literally had no money available lol. Just chilled with a friend. Haven't meditated in a few days because I've been doing some reading on it, I want to try and improve my technique. I kind of just started doing it without really knowing exactly wtf to do.

Monday, July 9.
Hit up the gym. Went to a bar called Lola's. It's supposed to be student night on Mondays but it was closed when we got there. I guess it's not open late on Monday during the summer, or something. Went downtown to see if any of the clubs were busy but they all looked dead. I guess Monday shall be reserved for Day2s and servicing the FBs.

Tuesday, July 10
Rolled up to Celebs around 10 with a wing and a buddy. Got there kind of late because I was messing around with the FB during the day and didn't get home till a bit later than expected. Oddly, this hasn't affected my motivation about going out. I have no excuses because I'm on summer vacation and I'm not even working lol.

Anyway, we get into Celebs. My wing and I know that we need to do an approach ASAP. We chode for like 10 minutes then do one. We hit it pretty hard tonight actually. Probably did about 20 sets. A few of them were memorable.

Probably my fourth set or so I roll up on a kind chubby blonde. She's wasted and it hooks ok. We dance a bit (not even on the dance floor, just near the entrance lol). I go for the makeout after maybe 3 minutes. No go. Then I lose her in a crowd of people. I see her a few times throughout the night but don't bother to reapproach.

I see some asian girl texting on her phone alone. I roll up. She tries to start talking about how there's duct tape on her phone or some shit. It's lame so I change the subject. She's from Winnipeg. I pull her onto the dance floor but she won't grind with me. Then she walks away and I don't follow.

Another set I did way later was a hot blonde, a solid 8 or 8.5. I run up like “Yo, YO! Ey! You're cute.” She kind of ignores me and starts to walk away but I'm like “One second, one second.” She doesn't even say anything just puts her hand up and shows me a ring. I'm like wtf this chick is married?? I've never been blown out like this before so I'm literally at a loss for words. She starts to walk away again and I'm like “That's bullshit! I don't believe you!” but I lose her lol.

At some point after maybe 10 or 15 sets I'm running out of energy and choding a bit. My wing is like “blonde and asian coming down the stairs, you go for the blonde.” This is the hottest chick I approached all night, probably between an 8.5 and 9. I go in. Say she's cute, blah blah. The asian chick is hooking pretty hard to my wing but the blonde looks kind of bored and starts pulling the asian away. No recovery.

We were going to stay till the club closed at 3 but we were pretty tired by 2 and had basically stopped approaching at 1. So we had a solid 2 hours of game and did 20 sets.

Also, to clarify: I have 2 FBs. One I've been seeing since mid-February and the other since mid-May. The one from February has been on vacation the last 6 weeks and just got back today and she texted me while I was in the club. Seeing her on Thursday so probably won't be going out that night.

Positives: Approached early. Did a lot of sets. Was physical with almost every set (usually holding hands or getting a hug or putting my arms around the girl's waist). Went for the makeout on one set.

Needs work: I noticed that I basically say the same shit over and over in set. It's boring and I need to be more creative. JACKOFF THEORY. I NEED to reduce the time between approaches. I was usually taking like 1-5 minutes inbetween sets, just standing around. It's important to hit up a lot of sets but it's equally important to not let more than say 30 seconds pass inbetween sets, or else you'll never hit state. I was pretty close a couple of times. Also should have stayed till the venue closed and kept approaching even when I didn't feel like it.

Wednesday, July 11
Went to the gym. Actually just stayed home today, didn't even go out to hang with friends. Haven't been alone at night in a LONG time lol.

Thursday, July 12
Hung out with FB#1 who I haven't seen in like 6 weeks because she was doing some work-study shit abroad. Didn't go out, had a slumber party.

Friday, July 13
Banged FB#1. Then FB#2 texts me saying she's horny. I tell FB#1 that I have to go to the gym and meet my friend so she bounces to go hang out with one of her friends. I go to FB#2's house (she greets me at the door in a school girl's uniform) and fuck her. Two girls in one day is tiring; I've never done it before. After chilling with FB#2 for a bit I bounce out (she's not happy about this) to go clubbing.

Roll up to Venue with some wings around 10:30 and get stamped. Then walk around Granville waiting for the club to fill up a bit more. Trunkz gives me a call and I meet up with him outside Venue and I chill in line with him and shoot the shit.

Get in the club and almost immediately start approaching. Not much to cover. Did about 6 or 7 sets in the hour or so that I was there. By around 1:30 I'm choding out a bit and the club is thinning out and Trunkz has already pulled (fucking beast bro!).

We have a bunch of free cover tickets for some other clubs so we bounce around a bit but the other clubs are dead.

One of my wings does a street set, an asian chick. I'm pretty far away and I see some other chick fucking up his set so I run in and grab her. Arm around her. She is so goddamn ugly, and has a space inbetween her front teeth, but I hold the frame. She asks me if I want to fight her. I tell her I'm a lover not a fighter. Obviously I go for the makeout. But no go, and the set blows out hahahaha.

We basically bounce home at this point.

Positives: Approached as soon as I got into the venue. I'm so glad that I'm building the willpower to do this because it means that my nights are guaranteed to not be total shit (i.e. no approaches or one approach). Was physical with every set. Mostly just holding hands, shaking hands, arm around waist or shoulder sometimes.

Needs work: In the big picture I should be hitting up more sets and reducing time between sets. But on the smaller level I'm not sure. My sets themselves seem very bland for the most part. Same sort of stuff. I open directly “hey, I thought you were cute and had to talk to you.” Then I usually go for the name. Then it's kind of lame bullshit from there on. I can grab the girls attention, no problem. But I can't really hold it. Nothing has been hooking solidly for me very consistently. I want consistency.

Saturday, July 14
The Blarney Stone
Get to the Blarney stupidly early and still miss the free cover. End up walking around downtown a bit and go back to Blarney around 10:30. I meet another dude from RSD, but I didn't get his user name. I do an approach but get blown out; then Trunkz arrives and I go shoot the shit with him in the line for a bit.

He gets in and we do some sets on the dance floor but nothing is really sticking. Then they start playing some good music and I see Trunkz putting his arm around me and some dude and we start jumping around yelling like retards. A circle of awesomeness forms and chicks are all around us and the dance floor is going nuts jumping with us.

End up dancing with a hot black chick who grinds SO fucking good. I literally don't say a word to her and she eventually leaves lol.

Go outside to get some air. Go back in and hit up some chick at the bar. She's a bit older, like 30ish. She's like “do I know you?” I'm like “no.” And she's like “Oh. It's just the way you approached me, it was like you knew me.” I don't really push the set and lose interest.

We chode out a bit and leave Blarney to go to some other bar and we get lost and when we get to the bar we chode out and leave and go back to the Blarney again.

I see some girl standing alone texting by the bar and I roll up super chill “Hey.” This was the only solid interaction I had tonight basically. She's from Ireland and I'm like “What the fuck you came all the way from Ireland to come to an Irish bar?” I'm pretty chill, just cracking jokes and making fun of her. Her friend comes in and says they are lesbians or something. I'm calling them liars and try to get them to makeout. They won't do it but I harass them about it and eventually get them to kiss.

Trunkz comes in to occupy the friend. I explain to my girl that my hair is awesome and her's is average. She's like “No, my hair is better than yours, I'm a red head.” I'm like “Gingers have no souls.”

They go on the dance floor and Trunkz and I chill back for a few minutes before joining them. Somehow Trunkz gets blown out with his girl. Then my girl goes to the bar and I'm left with the other girl. This girl is hotter than the ginger. I try to talk with her a bit but I can't understand/hear her. Then she leaves the dance floor to get her friend.

I go to the bar and get a water and the Irish girls are at the bar also. Ginger wants me to get them drinks. I tell her to buy me a drink. I'm just chilling with Trunkz and the girls leave and go upstairs or something. I don't bother to pursue them. It's like 2:15 at this point and we're all exhausted so we bounce.

Positives: Pumped state like crazy on the dance floor. Got a pretty solid set going. In this set I was super chilled back. Normally I'm always up in the girls face and escalating pretty hard. I think the reason I started going in hard like that was because I had a hard time getting the girls attention. I'm pretty good at this now: I can be loud and physical if I want to. I think I'm going to try and chill out a bit more with my sets. I find that I can easily get the girls attention, but I lose the set after a minute or two. It just fizzles out. Also, with this Irish set I was quite self-amusing and cracking jokes and making fun of the girls and stuff. No interview-style questions.

Needs work: Should have pushed it harder with the Irish chicks. Should have grabbed the number at least. Need to hit it up and build momentum better.

I have this picture in my mind of what hitting it up looks like: Running around the club/bar, being loud and yelling at girls and being super physical. I think this is an incorrect picture though. I think hitting it up just means reducing the time in between interactions. You can go in set super chill yet still be hitting it up.

Thinking back to my successes, they all basically came from approaches where I was pretty chilled out, laid back, and not outcome dependent. So I think the next time I go out I'm going to try a more chilled out style of game.
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Sunday, July 15
Stayed home and watched Dexter lol.

Monday, July 16
Hit up the gym and had a slumber party with FB#2.

Tuesday, July 17
Not much to speak of here. Blowout night.

Positives: Went out and did probably close to ten approaches. Nothing was really hooking. I've begun rewatching Foundations. Clearly if I'm not hooking any sets I must be fucking up one of the fundamentals. I feel like my eye contact hasn't been solid, I guess we'll see.

Needs work: The usual.

Wednesday, July 18
Hit up the gym.

Thursday, July 19
Hit up the gym. Meditated for the first time in quite a while. Haven't finished my reading on meditation but I might as well keep doing it. I didn't really want to go out tonight. After having shitty results for the last month or so clubbing has started to feel like a chore. But fuck it, I have nothing better to do.

Solid night. We decide to hit up Mirage. It's me, three buddies (all into game) and Trunkz. Tonight I've decided that I'm really going to focus on my eye contact and tonality. I had been focusing on being physical for a while because it had been a sticking point, but I'm pretty comfortable with escalating, even if its not always the most calibrated.

Anyways, we roll in the club (no cover for students, fuck yeah). I chode a bit for the first 10 minutes or so, but then hit the dance floor and do my first approach. It's some brown chick HB5. I open really strong and loud and make awesome eye contact. I'm physical immediately and she's initially into it, but her friend is there and I guess she didn't want to seem like a so she starts saying she has a boyfriend. I persist and plow and get her to dance with me for a few minutes.

Then she's like “I have a boyfriend but my friends are single.”
So I'm like “Introduce me.”

As she's walking me to her friends sitting at a table I see one of them and she is a total grenade. But as I get closer one of her friends is actually pretty cute HB6.5 (call her HBCute). So I sit down at the table and open HBCute. I don't really say much, and I start drinking their alcohol lol. I'm making solid eye contact though and I can tell the chick is attracted. She starts initiating conversation and I'm just fucking around playing a little hard to get. I'm ordering them to drink faster so we can go dance. One of my wings comes in to occupy the grenade.

Then one of their other friends comes in, an asian chick HB4.5 (let's call her HBAsian). HBCute and her grenade friend finish their drinks so I pull HBCute and HBAsian onto the dance floor. My wing comes on the dance floor too. HBAsian is closer to me than HBCute. The dance floor is crowded as fuck and I'm thinking to myself: Should I move and dance with HBCute? But I was like: No, fuck it, I'll just dance with HBAsian for now and go after HBCute later.

HBAsian is a horrible dancer. She swings around dancing like a complete retard. Ironically, later on she's like “Wow nobody here knows how to dance.” Eventually HBCute and my wing leave the dance floor, I guess she was butt-hurt that I didn't dance with her. Anyway I pull HBAsian off the dance floor back to the table and we're alone.

We're just chilling and I see this fucking hot ass blonde HB9 roll by and I make eye contact and she smiles at me. I'm seriously considering ditching HBAsian and going for the HB9 but I out and stick with HBAsian.

One of HBAsian's friends is puking outside so her other friends go. So I pull HBAsian around the club. I get her into a little dark area and I go for the makeout. No go. She's starting to annoy me now, she keeps saying shit like “You can go. There's hotter girls in the club for you.”

Soon she's texting her friends and one of her friends comes and starts pulling her towards the door, so I try to go for the number but no go.

I go back to chilling around a bit with my friends. I'm talking to my one friend and I see the HB9 from earlier and without thought I just walk up and open her hard. Laser eyes and physical. She's against some railing thing and we're grinding hard and she puts one of her legs around me. In my head I'm thinking “Holy fuck, holy fuck, don't screw this up!” LOL.

I pull the HB9 to the dance floor and we go on a platform. She grinds her ass into my dick and I feel like the biggest pimp in the club. I grab her by the shoulders and turn her around. I'm looking for an opening to makeout but she has her head lowered. She turns back around again. I lean my head over her shoulder and she turns her head and I finally get a kiss. Then I turn her to face me and grab the back of her head, pull her in, and get the makeout. Fuck yeah! It's only a few seconds, but it's the hottest chick I've ever made out with.

Without saying anything, she just leaves and starts talking to some other dude. It's a shit test obviously. I'm not sure how to deal with it, so I just chill back. She starts dancing with him. I'm still on the platform and some other girls come up. I open them but no go. I leave the dance floor. I know the HB9 is going to ditch this dude at some point so I just chill back. He looks like a pretty alpha dude.

I see her pulling him by the hand from the dance floor and I go in super hard. Grab her and spin her away and push her up against the back of a couch. The dude is TAPPING me on the shoulder LOL but I just ignore him. He says into my ear “I'm a nice guy dude I'm not here to pick up chicks. Just get her some water.”

I turn my head to say something to the guy and the fucking HB9 somehow gets out of my grasp and just disappears.

I go back to my friends and chill a bit. I see a pretty hot blonde HB8 at the bar and I approach her solidly with laser eyes. I tell her to buy me a drink lol. She laughs and says “You're supposed to buy me a drink.” And I'm like “No, because of feminism everybody is equal, girls have to buy guys drinks.” She gets her drink and let's me have a sip of it and says she has to find her friends. I try to persist but she walks off and I don't pursue.

Chill with the friends a bit. One of my wings sees the HB9 sitting at a table and he's like “Go get her number.” So I'm like “fuck it” and I go in. I go in solidly and I order her to move over so I can sit down. She complies.

I go for the number and she's like “I'll give you the number if you buy me some vodka.” I'm like “No.” and I pull out my phone and hand it to her and command “Number first, then vodka!” But she keeps whining about vodka. I take my phone back and just get up and walk away.

That basically concluded the night. Trunkz pulled like a beast and fucked a girl in my buddy's car LOL! On the ride back he was like “I felt like fucking Jesus!”

Positives: Went back and focused on the fundamentals and had a pretty solid night. Approached one of the hottest girls I've ever approached. Ended up making out with her a bit. Definitely the hottest (or at least very close to the hottest) girl I've ever made out with. I did some other approaches during the night as well that didn't stick (including a hot HB8 half-asian half-white girl) but I didn't include them in the FR because it was getting kind of long. My entitlement was fucking sick tonight. This was a bit of a breakthrough night for me. After having basically a month of shitty nights I finally pulled through and got a little action.

Needs work: Should have kept gaming until the venue closed. We left around 1:45 and the place closed at 3. Should have stuck the with HBCute instead of HBAsian. That was a big screw-up that probably cost me a number/makeout. Need to COMPLETELY focus on the girl and not get sidetracked by random bullshit like some dude talking to me. Wasn't sure how to proceed with the HB9. I guess this shit is just all in my head and I should treat her like any other girl. She was very flighty though and I could tell that it would be difficult to keep her attention unless I was full on physical and commanding and dominant. I'm not really used to doing that so I need to work on it.
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 Chea.... good shit bro. I just started my FR/LR thread... just copying/pasting some old ones; im still behind I have to write a bunch more lol
 Anyone in the Vancouver area? Feel free to PM me

Check out my FIELD REPORTS!!!:
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