November 19th, 2018
I approach at the gym
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As I start this thread, there will be a collection of older shit that I wrote and unfortunately some may be lost on the Denver lair and I couldn't write about EVERY set I ran.

When I first started working out I only wanted to turn my overall health around.  From psychological, physical to financial as I wouldn't spend much money on booze.  I had NO idea what I was doing at first.  Couldn't say what each machine was called or what it was for.  I started doing these workouts from muscle and fitness which involved going to the gym six days a week and I must say I really enjoyed it!  It really helped me familiarize myself with everything in the gym and got some good results in the process.  But after going to the gym so much I realized something else... hot girls go there too!!!  I made it a personal goal to FUCK these girls.  I can approach girls on the street and at clubs, why not at the gym?  I wasn't very good at pulling cause I was a chode, but I'd go for it anyway.  Nevertheless most of my success has come from hitting up girls at the gym.  And yes I have a reputation for hitting up girls at the gym...
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Barely legal Gym beast

Lay report. Location my HOUSE.

There were two new people working out at the gym a guy and a girl. I made the usual approach. I started to talk to the guy first.

Me: “Hey how's it goin, man?”
Him: “I'm good how are you?”
Me: “Not too bad. I haven't seen you guys before, did you just start coming here?”
Him: “We used to come here a couple years ago, but we haven't been in a while.”
Me: I made a slight movement to face the girl.
Him: Looking at her, “That's my sister.”
He started making these signals, which inclined me to believe that he was trying to hook me up with her. Periodically looking over to her while talking to me etc.

At the gym she would tell me I'm sweet for showing a girl some workouts, ask me to show her some workouts. One time, I asked for her age.

Me: “So how old are you?”
Her: “17” Laughing “But I'm going to be 18 soon.” She even told me when her birthday was going to be.
My impression right then and there translated that answer to, “I'm going to be legal soon.”

Another time I asked for her phone number. She was working out but I had to do it.

Me: “Hey I have a question for you.”
Her: “OK let me just finish.”
Me: “Alright.” I sat there waiting until she finished then she walked up to me.
Me: “I know we don't know each other that well, but I think I'd like to call you. What is your number?”
She gave me her phone, I called my phone then saved my number into her phone.

We would talk on the phone. We played the first impression game. I asked if she was single etc. She told me she'd rather be single because guys drive to her house to see if she's home or they will get aggressive and grab her by the arm etc. I was completely indifferent to this answer.

I hadn't seen her for a while, but she would text me every once in a while. Asking how I've been etc. She was even super excited for my remembering her birthday. She would tell me I should show her my house and to let her know when I want to drink so we can drink together. Or ask if I can hang out. I had to decline a couple times because I would have rather gone out.

But eventually, she invited herself over. I had bought a bottle of vodka earlier that day. Sirkonstantine had filled my fridge with a 30 pack of PBR. And it was beginning to get more obvious that she just wanted to come over so we could fuck.
She gave me her address so I can go to her house. I drove down there to pick her up. Her brother was outside talking on the phone while she was inside watching me pull up through the window. She came out, looking nice, and gave me a hug. Her brother asked her how long she was going to be out. She looked at me, “I don't know. Late.” We drove back to my place. She sat down on the love seat as I put in Jackass 3.

I sat down next to her.
Me: “I feel like kissing you right now.”
Her: “I'm not gonna say anything.”
I knew exactly what she was thinking: If I wanted to do it, I should just do it. I continued watching the movie with her.
Her: “You can turn off the light.” She was moving too fast. I went ahead and did it, mainly because she was so sweet and insistent.
Periodically I would get up to get something to eat or drink. I offered her a shot of the Kettle One and she accepted.

Me: “you're so hot.”
Her: “I know. You don't need to tell me that.”

I held her hand and she liked it. I started playing with her hair and she liked it. Looking at me smiling. I sat up to get more comfortable and went for the kiss. The way she kissed was aggressive as fuck. Almost like she didn't know what she doing. Biting my lip and tongue. I had to stop. I still had an erection and started kissing her again later. She may have gotten the hint because she slowed down for me this next time, but only a little bit. I moved down and started biting and sucking on her neck. I was going into sex mode. I felt her up and she liked it. Her nipples were hard.

Me: “Hey. You wanna see my room?”
Her: “Let's go.”

We got up and went upstairs to my room. I turned on the light and led her to the bed and sat down. She looked at me and was about to sit next to me, but I pulled her in front of me to make out with her some more. I told her to lay down on the bed real quick so I can move it to the corner. I then got next to her and started making out with her some more. I reached my hand down her pants and started fingering her then put her hand on my crotch so she can feel it. I felt it was time to take her pants off and apparently she did too.

I started eating her out, fingering her, playing with her clit etc. I got up to turn the lights off, got back to the bed and started fucking her in the missionary position.

Her: “You're so good.”
Me: “I know.”

There was a lot of air inside her. I got off of her, laid down next to her and for a brief moment she might have thought I was done. I told her to get on top of me. I kept slipping out of her and her made a loud fart sound. I laughed about it, but she kept going like it was no big deal. As we were fucking, we would hug up on each other and I would finger her asshole.

Me: “Do you like it when I finger your asshole while I fuck you?”
Her: “Yea.”

I got up to turn on the light then walked back over to her naked with my dick pointed toward the ceiling. It was pretty wet. I laid down and told her to get on top so we could 69. She got on top of me and positioned herself and started sucking my dick. She was noticeably much better at sucking dick than she was at kissing. I made sounds of ecstasy to show how much I was enjoying myself stroking her back.

Her: “You like that?”
Me: “Fuck yea!”

I started fingering her ass.

Me: “Do you like it when I finger your ass while I eat you out, babe?”
Her: “Yea!”

She later got off of me and asked what time it was. I pointed at the clock and she was surprised by the time. She said she had to go and was very insistent. I didn't want to get upset or try and hold her hostage or anything so I started getting dressed so we could go. As we were driving I put on Stitches by orgy. We didn't talk much because I was trying to make a few phone calls. When I pulled up to her house, she took her time getting out. As she was getting out she said she'll see me whenever. I smiled and told her OK.

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There was a cute girl girl walking in the opposite direction. She may or may not have seen me. I walked passed her feeling indifferent and went on about my workout. After that part of my workout, I was contemplating whether or not I should do some cardio as I walked up to the water fountain to fill up my water bottle noticing her working out doing leg extensions. There is a mirror behind the water fountain that allowed me to get a better view of her. I noticed her looking over at me a few times. When I finished filling up my bottle, I turned around and walked toward the cardio equipment. She was on the way and was kneeling down stretching. Without thinking, I walked up to her.

Me: Smiling, “Hey what's up?”
Her: Smiling, “Hey.”
Me: Still smiling, “I'm Amazing.”
Her: “I'm HBLima” (As in Lima, Peru.)
Me: “I don't think I've seen you around very much did you just start coming here?”
Her: “Yea I just started coming here about two weeks ago.”
She got out of the seat and I decided to take up space and sit in the chair and turn toward her whilst looking in her eyes thinking to myself, “You're hot as fuck,” while we were talking.
Me: “Oh that's cool.”
There was a few moments of silence.
Her: “What about you, when did you start working out, or I mean coming here.”
Me: “I started coming here in January.”

Somewhere in here that was a brief conversation about if she has a personal trainer, she said no, but she had one before.

Her: “So you've been working out for eight months?”
Me: “Yea! Well actually,” Counting the months on my fingers, “So about seven months!”

Somewhere in here there was a conversation about what she was, she didn't know what I meant at first. I looked at her smiling which made her laugh. “Yes! I made her laugh,” I thought. She mentioned her family is from Lima, Peru. She had a bit of an accent and I could tell.

Her: “That's cool so what are you trying to do? Lose weight or gain weight?”
Me: Deciding to go on a tirade about working out, “Well our weight is made up of either fat or muscle. I'd like to lose fat, but gain muscle.” Smiling, “So yea. What about you?”
Her: “I'm trying to gain weight.”
Me: “Oh really?!” Flexing my bicep for her smiling, “You mean muscle mass?”
Her: “Yea.”
Me: “So who do you come here with?”
Her: “I come by myself”
Me: “You come by yourself?!” I noticed I was getting a little to excited so I tried to tone it down a bit.
Her: “Yea well, I've been wanting my friend to come because it gets boring.”
Me: “Oh yea? Does she have a membership here?”
Her: “Yea, but she lives in New York.”
Me: “You mean New York City?”
Her: “Yea”
Me: “Well that's kinda far.”
Her: “Yea well I'm gonna go there soon.” She seemed to be giving me a look like she was trying to DHV me. I stared at her blankly.
Me: “Oh ok.”
Her: “But just to visit.”
Me: “So when you workout, do you workout different body parts each day? Or do you just workout everything?”
Her: “I just workout everything.”
Me: “That's cool. So how often do you come here?”
Her: “I come maybe three to four times a week.”
Me: “Yea I used to come in six days a week for three months straight, it was good, but it was really too much. Now I only come in two to three times a day. So do you normally come in around this time?”
Her: “Yea.”
Me: “I usually come in earlier around 4, but I've been working a lot so that's why I came in late today. You know it's getting late, I should go.”
Her: Not saying anything getting ready to use another machine, but looking over at me with some sort of interest. “I wonder how you use this?”
Me: “Do you want to work your calves or your legs?”
Her: “I want to work my calves.”
Me: “OK” I sat in the chair showing her how to position herself, explaining to adjust the seat so the weights don't touch when you go all the way down. “Keep your legs straight with your toes on the edge and just go up and down like this.”
Her: Smiling, “OK” getting in the chair to try it, “Like this?”
Me: “Yea just keep your legs straight.” I incidentally touched her leg while I put my foot up to show her again. “Well hey I have to go it's getting late. I might not be able to see you very much so can I call you?”
Her: “OK I don't see why not.”
Me: “Do you have your phone on you?”
Her: “It's in my car.”
Me: “Mine is my locker I'll be right back.” Smiling. I walked back to my locker, grabbed my shit and walked right up to her. Her back was turned because she wanted to use another machine. I caught up to her with my hand in my pocket where my phone was.
Her: Pointing at the machine, “How do you raise this?”
Me: “I don't think you can, you can only move this part.”
Her: “I'm going upstairs.”
Me: “Well you can try that one, but you can't adjust it at all.”
Her: “Oh OK”
Me: “Well hey here's my phone.” I had it set to the easy to use touchscreen keypad.
Her: “Go ahead and put it in.”
Me: “No, here you can do it.” giving her the phone.
Her: I could tell that perhaps she was nervous while trying to enter it in. She made a mistake and was spazzing out about how to go back. I touched the wrong button myself, but incidentally touched her hand as I cleared the last two digits.
Me: Smiling, as I was walking away “Alright cool I'll call you later.”
Her: “OK later.”

As I was walking out, I dialed the number because I didn't want to lose it and because it was quicker than saving it. I then sent her a text right away letting her know it was me.
She sent me a text soon after I got home.

Her: “Hey”
Me: “It was great meeting you i'd like to see you again sometime”
Her: “Yea sure we can train together”
Her: “So do you live in Aurora??”
Me: “Sounds good i'll have to see when I'm available. I'll text you later ok
Me: “No I live in green valley :)”
Her: “ok cya”


What I learned was is that there's no real reason to be afraid to talk to a girl. She more than likely wants an attractive guy to come up and talk to her as she is likely single. Also, I'd have a better chance of getting laid for talking to her than being a and not talking to her. I am also sure that this sort of conversation would have gotten me blown out pretty much instantly.

This is the married chick I ended up fucking.  And I remembered the date we met.  Isn't that romantic?  lol
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I finally went to the gym after two months since I didn't have a car. I did 15 minutes of cardio. I got too tired so I started walking around. I smiled and said, "hey how's it goin?" to a cute girl sitting down stretching. She smiles and says, "good how bout yourself?" I smile and say, "muy bien."

So I sat down and started talking to her. She just started going to the gym and hired a personal trainer. And she plays world of warcraft. I talk about how I've only been going to the gym for a year and everything I know is self taught. After some conversation I find out that she lives in a house with roomates. No kids. No bf. I didn't directly ask, but I could tell. She has to go, but doesn't seem to be in much of a hurry. I tell her to give me her number so we can hang out again after she gives me resistance saying she'll be at the gym tomorrow. I say, "yea we'll hook up."

As she leave I offer to walk her to the locker romm since I need more water. She goes in. We exchange, "nice meeting you" and I leave.

There were times during the conversation when I wanted to tell her how hot she was. Perhaps I should have.
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I saw a cute girl using an elyptical so I walked up and started working out next to her.

Me: smiling, "I jist want to come talk to you cause I think you're cute."
her: looking down laugh. We make small talkabout work and working out.
I asked if she had a bf. She said yes.
Me: fuck your bf, I'm hotter than your bf.
Her: laughing and looking down, " you're very confident."
Me: really? I just do what I want like it's no big deal.
Me: do you have a picture?
Her: yea hold on. She gets the pic and shows only his face with sunglasses.
Me: that's just the face!
Me: yea! My face AND my body give meaning to YOUR life!
Her: looking down and laughing.

We make idle chit chit for a while.

Me: smiling let's hook up some time. Gimmie your number. I gave her my phone and she puts it in as well as her name.
her: save it.
I saved the number and we both got done with the workout. We agreed to see her later.

I didn't get to kino. Should have gone for it.
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I opened two girls and got one number.

The first girl was doing leg extensions. I had to come from behind. I was doing squats.

Me: smiling, touching her shoulder, "hey I just wanted to come talk to you cause I think you're cute."
Her: neutral body language
Me: "¿me comprondes?"
Her: "yes" she was probably lying.
Me: "ok so who are you here with?"
Her: "with my sister, she is doing zumba"
(interview mode)
I got a boner just looking at her tits. I tried to kino a lot, touching her shoulder and tapping my knee to her thigh and smiling. She was being nice, but seemed very neutral as far as sexual receptiveness.
Me: "¿Cuantos años tienes?"
Her: Early twenties, I can't remember.
Me: I stand there paused.
She finally asks me my age and I tell her.
Me: "so what is your sister's name?"
Her: Mariela.
Me: Mariela? Ok I have to go.

I had gotten a girl's number named Mariela earlier that week. Lol

I went back to my workout., but I got bored and reengaged.

Me: estoy borrido.
Her: ?
Me: "I am bored so I came back to talk to you."
Her: ok
Me: ¿tienes esposo?"
Her: "yes"
Me: ok


Second set.

She was doin lat pulldowns on one of the machines. Cute face, big tits, brown eyes.

Me: smiling, "oh there you are I've been lookin all over for ya!"
Her: takin out an earphone, "what?"
Me: "Dude, I've been lookin all over for ya, where've you been?!"
Her: "idk here?"
Me: "I'm just fuckin with ya, I'm Vince."
*shake hands*
Her: "I'm Victoria"

Now I SWEAR I had met this girl and continually asked where we met before. Yoga at the gym etc. She swore up and down that we had never met. She was distracted by me from her workout. Engaged in our conversation.

Me: "I have a confession. I just wanted to come meet you cause I think you're cute."
Her: "ok"
Me: "Hey we should totally hang out sometime."
Her: "yea I'll be around."
She says she came with a friend who came to watch her workout. She doesn't have a memnersnip because she spent a lot of money on dancing studio near vinyl.
The friend came over and I immediately introduced myself. They start talking to eachother in fragments. I ignored the conversation.

I told my target I'd probably be back. I walked into the big group class where the girl were talking after doing zumba. They were getting ready to do more zumba. I high five my former fuck buddy and the lady she was talking to. And introduce myself. They ask me if I'm doing zumba and I say no because I have to go do something.
I walk back to the two girls con mi swagger de beast mode. She sees me, but acts surprised when I got close.
Me: "Hey I seriously gotta run. You should give me your number before I go."
Her: "ok"
I hand her my phone so she can put her number in. I take the phone back and save it in front of her. I feel a weird vibe which causes me to shake my hands noticably. I think, "why the fuck am I nervous like this?"
i ask the friend about if she has a membership. She says no because of the dance thing. They talk about cluns.
Me: "I like raves better."
The friend asks if I'm goin to the rave tomorrow, ignition, but she does not not know where it will ne or how much the cover will be until the day of. I ask buying questions as I like raves.
I later get bored and legitmately decide to leave.
Later. I see another dude trying to be like me and talking to her. I've seen him do this before: open the same girl after I did.
I do not respond or react to this. So I leave.

Text game. I later text her saying, "Victoria, it's Vince. I just wanted text you to. Let you know I'm awesome."
SEVERAL hours later,
Her: lol is that so?
Me: duh. Dude I sent you that text like this morning.
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This guy wanted to fight!  Just like my instinct to hit on girls at the gym.

I saw a cute hot hispanic chick walking toward the locker room.  She looked young so I asked how old she was.  She smiles and says she's twenty.

Me: Really?
Her: Yea
Me: Cool.  Well you're really hot.  Will you be my girlfriend?
Her: Laughing, "I have a boyfriend. He's over there."
Me: Smiling, "OK so you want me to kill him or..."  Where is he?! "  With a huge smile.
Her: She laughs and continues walking into the locker room.

I continue doing my thing and as I walk by, her boyfriend is staring at me.  Out of habit, I maintain eye contact till he breaks away.  He blinks and asks if I have a problem.

Me: "What?"
Him: "You're all staring at me I'm asking if you have a problem."
Me: "No I was just looking over here cause you were staring at me!"  I thought it was funny so I'm smiling during this time.

He says something to the affect of wanting to punch me and keeps working out.  I thought he was a huge faggot.  Staff learned the about the story from both sides.  Dude tried to say I wouldn't take no for an answer. (When a girl says she has a bf, that does not mean no) I later walked up to him and apologized.  I still think he's a though.

I later kept talkin to other people especially girls.  Girls I've met before and some new ones.  I have guys friends there too and just shot the shit with them.  I'd get backed up in a fight.

The new girl I talked to was playing too hard to get.  She may have been interested, but her friend was cockblocking.  I kept plowing whilst some dude was working out next to us just laughing at our conversation.  I keep making jokes with the girl telling her to stop playing hard to get and give me her number, trying to smile as much as possible.  She wasn't budging, but I still allowed this interaction to distract me from my workout just for the hell of it.  I asked the dude what he thought was so funny.  He says I just seem like I'm trying to hard.  He may have been right, but meh.  It was just one set.

I later start talking to other girls I know. Either just chatting with them while they're working out or doing cardio with them.  Not in a sexual way.  Just being friendly and social.
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So I've noticed something recently.  At first I probably creep the girls out/came accross too strong, but then after chatting them up a bit more friendly, they see that I am actually a cool guy. Then they'll start responding more positively.  The last girl I fucked even said that I scared her at first, but then when we got to know each other and shit, she saw who I really was and eventually we hooked up.

Another example is when I hit on two hot hispanic girls simultaneously.  They were both equally hot and didn't want to pick one off so I just gamed them at the same time.  They turned out to be sisters.  I asked for their phone numbers and they said no.  Saying that they lost it or it was broke.  I was completely cool with this this.  So when I see them at the gym again, I'm just all chill and talk to them like friends and they seem to now enjoy my presence.

I'll walk up to them and say, "Oye, com estai?" and high five her.  Her: "Bien, Y tu?"  Me: "Muy Bien."  going to the sister, "Hey, que pasa?" giving her a high five as well. Her: "Good, how are you?" Me: "good.  I just saw you guys and thought I'd say, 'Hey what's up' real quick."  Then say I have to go or w/e and leave.  So know I've ended being their cool, hot guy friend that they've met at the gym. 
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cool. you're gym must be bigger than a football field

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Cool man, i'm going to try this out. Having problem in the daygame to do this and hook up convo's. If there was a fitness as in nightgame i'd rock the place.
Isn't it hard to talk to them because most of the times girls go in pairs. How long do the convo's usually take. And if i work out i'm most of the time sweaty.

Also would it be weird to go up to them say high and just instantly hug them and say something like, clearly you aren't training hard enough. otherwise I wouldn't hug you if u were all sweaty.
Are you working out alone? she says something.
And then go like: You need some more motivation, cause clearly i'm disturbing you from your work-out and you need more persistence. I'm accepting offers as me being your personal trainer so I can get you sweatin, what about you give me your number so we can hook up some time. 

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dude.. this is freaking awesome.. i usually take the gym as an off season time.. but there are always some girls which sometimes i feel like approaching.
I think im about to break that reality soon and start approaching girls at the gym... just to learn gym game.
Keep it up bro.
Brune: Dude.. cocky and funny works.. but friendly and cool thats where the thing is at. Ask questions and make fun of their answers.. as if you were interviewing somebody.. and dont forget to kino.
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