January 16th, 2019
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Oh sorry. Did I say worst? What WAS I thinking. What I meant to say was best. They say that bad news sells better than good news so I had to put that title down cos people are more likely to read my post!

Great marketing, dont you think?

Tyler probably looked at the title page then spat his coffee all over his monitor! He was probably thinking 'Ozzie, AGAIN? This is like twice in one go! He best be putting that fear technology to good use 'cos hes gonna be scared of my ass when I get hold of him!' Hahahaha if I didn't like the bootcamp uncle Tyler, do I get a free Hot Seat place too?

Hahahaha only joking, Tyler, you know I've got nothin' but love for you! I loved the bootcamp! Ozzie was a fantastically genuine guy, really down to earth and fun to be around...until he gets in the club and then suddenly he changes into the Incredible Hulk! Refuse to do an approach I dare you, and his eyes go all green and he says 'Do the approach. You wont like me when I'm angry...CLOOOOOOOOSE!'

Well now you're all here, you may as well read on, you've got this far.

I didn't want to talk about how great the bootcamp was or how it changed my life because I felt this type of thing had been played to death, and what I found when reading Ozzies reviews (great as they were) was that I wasn't really learning anything new anymore.

So I really wanted to do something different, something that really gets to the heart of what Ozzies 'Fear Technology' is. Its more like a paper on Fear Technology than a review, and I've added it as a PDF File link at the bottom so everyone can download it and have a copy for themselves, should they need it.

So before you read it, I want to give a big shout out to Ozzie, the mans a genius with what he has created with fear tech and if hes not careful I may patent the technology! Thank you Ozzie, I love you, man.

Also Tyler, thank you for your videos, your posts, your DVDs and programmes, your work will go down in history as some of the greatest works on Self-Improvement ever. Thank you for changing my life.

Ok, award ceremony over, lets get on with the show!

Here it is guys, it took me two weeks to write.. but I wrote it mainly for myself, for reference. So sit back and welcome to my paper on 'Fear Technology!'

By the way, if you log in to your account, you can find a link to a PDF Version that you may want to download for your own records.

Looks like this is now the property of RSD! Hahahaha

Fear Technology

The problem with fear

So there I am. Stuck in the middle of a dance-floor with the music blaring at all angles. So loud that I can’t even hear myself speak. I look around, value scanning the dance-floor. I know I shouldn’t be doing this but at this moment I’m trying in vain to look for the hardest set of girls to approach. I just hope that I can quickly get it over and done with so that the fear is over. But it doesn’t seem to leave. In fact, it manifests itself during the first half of the night in waves and vibrations and my heart is beating like a drum. I see a set. It’s full of girls. If I approach, they are sure to hate me. Oh, oh. There I go labeling myself again. I don't even know what they will think of me but here I am still trying to predict the outcome anyway. I look next to them and I see a beefy looking guy with a hot girl. That’s probably going to be my next set, isn’t it. I know what I have to do; I’m going to have to split them up. Please god, no. That guy is sure to bash my head in. Wait. I’m fortune telling again, but my mind makes it so real. Are my thoughts true 100%? No, nothing is 100%, but I’m scared to death anyway. I hold my breath. I look to my left. The instructor is looking at me and yelling something about two minutes, but I can’t hear him properly. I’m going in anyway. Eyes level, Fingers crossed, deep breath, here I go..!

I survive my two minutes in both interactions. The girls end up being quite friendly but they can't hear a word I’m saying. One girls trying to cock block me, trying to get me to leave her friend alone. But I respond by smiling at her and giving her a hug. It’s not going 100% great but I’m just trying to last my two minutes. I finally do. I say goodbye and turn to the beefy looking guy. I acknowledge him, get between him and his girl and ignore the guy. I turn my back on him and start chatting to the girl. She is really in to me and the guy just stands there not knowing what to do. I Survive my two minutes, give her a hug, but it seems I’m too much of a to close yet. I leave. I walk back to my starting point and realize that the fear I had has subsided slightly, and I am proven wrong. The worst case scenario never manifested itself. So what was I worried about?

Fear has a nasty way of approaching us when we least expect it. When I’m about to take a new job interview, when my boss calls me in the office for 'a chat', when I’m next in line to do my presentation, when I’m all alone in my room, wondering If that’s how I’m going to spend the rest of my life...alone.

Why do I feel this way, nearly all the time, and when I don’t want it? It seems like our fears are like a glass wall that’s standing between you and that hot girl over there. It’s also seems as if fear is stopping us from achieving our goals. I think to myself, 'but if I had no fear, I could do anything!' But it seems that fear has other ideas. Its own purpose. Looking deeper, I know it is simply a basic survival mechanism that alerts me to the possible threat of danger. It often plays the worst Case scenario so that if there is trauma experienced at a high level, your mind and body are more prepared for the outcome. Either that or it’s simply a way of telling you to run so you are not harmed in any way. Great news if I’m wrestling a bear or fighting a lion. Not great when I’m in a dance Club next to a girl.

But I’m not fighting a lion, I’m approaching girls!

Yes you are, but approaching girls can hold the same fears and anxieties. There are some schools of thought that say it all goes back to when we were cavemen and we used to travel around in tribes. Human beings are very social animals. If you happened to approach the tribal leaders’ girlfriend for example, this could result in you easily being killed or thrown out of the camp for good. And when you are thrown out, that is the END for you. That means the end of your genetic line. Dead.

There could be some truth in that. But that truth is also intertwined with our socially conditioned behaviors. For example, from a young age we are told to 'not to bother people' or 'not to approach strangers' and this kind of brainwashing usually means that groups in a bar for example, stay within their own group and don't generally venture out into unknown territory. And forget about approaching that girl we don’t know. Unless you have built up these reference points as a child, or you’re a very socially confident person, the likelihood of you approaching an unknown girl is pretty much zero.

So I suppose we are doomed forever, right? Or are we? Well not entirely. You see, people still find each other despite these fears being present and it seems that a large percentage of these appear through luck or fate. I mean, how many people do you know that have found their partners through their social circle? (A friend or a friend of a friend?) But by doing things this way unfortunately means that you could either be waiting a very long time to meet a girl, or you could end up with a girl you don’t really want, and so you end up not being happy with her. But are so reluctant let her go. Maybe you are not sure when the next girl will come along.

If the answer to getting the girl of your dreams means becoming good with women in general, then how can this be achieved? By watching loads of seminars on the subject? By reading more books than your mind can possibly store? By going out and approaching mindlessly night after night while at the same time slowly but surely honing your pick up skills?

Well maybe. But that would take a very long time now, wouldn't it. Until now, that is. It seems that there is a way. This is not some plan where you can manipulate girls to get what you want, only to find when that charade is dropped, she begins to see the real unconfident you. This is about coming from a place of authenticity and realizing that you as a person are enough. This is also about realizing that at heart we are all essentially pick up artists, as that is one of our prime directives on this earth, to replicate. So therefore you must already come with the tools built inside you, something that has been passed down from generation to generation since the beginning of time. It’s just that through your perceived limitations, you don’t give yourself permission to be that person. That sex worthy guy. Yes, it could be you. If you really want it. And the great thing about it is that it is so simple to implement. But it’s not easy. It will take time. But if you promise to continue to follow the instructions to the letter, and then take a bootcamp afterwards, then you will see MASSIVE gains in your game when picking up women.

So on with the show.


No loud applause or flashing lights here. So without further ado, what exactly is it..?

Fear Technology

Fear technology holds its origins as a form of behavioral therapy that was created in the 1960s by a psychologist named Thomas Stampf. Known as 'Exposure therapy' or 'Flooding' it was a method that was created to overcome certain fears or phobias in subjects. It was seen at the time as a faster (but possibly more traumatic) method of ridding a person of his or her fears quickly. Thomas Stampfl wanted to demonstrate the irrationality behind the imagined fears by putting people in situations where the fears are at their worst. The subject then replaces that fear with another emotion - excitement for example, and thus results in the subject being 'cured'.

Fear Technology is a branch of this method which is based around the theory that through the continued avoidance of approaching girls leads to a buildup of fear around that event. As a result your mind then begins to display negative thought patterns to stop you approaching and making a fool of yourself. But primarily it’s just there to keep you safe from attack or trauma and to conserve energy for future use. Like fighting that imaginary bear. Something that protects us from harm has to be good, right?

There is a problem with this however.

The avoidance of facing these fears around women does indeed give you that temporary relief from Pain and keeps you safe; but in the long term you end up with a continued buildup of fear. You are safe but unhappy. As a result, this will cause you NOT to try anything in the first place.

So what does a typical avoidance pattern look like?


As you can see, the fear itself leads to avoidance, which then in turn provides a short term relief of anxiety from that danger or threat. But in the long term, the fear is still very much alive and present. So as a result, when you try to approach a girl in the presence of fear, you will most likely bail out, and so your pick up performance goes DOWN.

How does a person with fear avoid approaching a woman?


In this typical avoidance episode, the fear in the individual is high. He avoids approaching in the field by doing something that diverts his mind away from that fear. So for example, the person may avoid the approach by going to the toilet or standing at the bar waiting for a drink, or maybe even talking to his mates, to delay the time it takes to approach. He wants to reduce that buildup of fear. This leads to his comfort levels subsiding temporarily. But, although the guy is now comfortable, when he tries or thinks about approaching again, his fear levels will rise up so his pick up performance continues to go down as a result. His fear of approaching may even rise to a higher level as he begins to go into his own head and starts micromanaging the situation. In the end, he bails out and fails to take action.

So, how can I 'conquer' fear?

You can’t 'conquer' fear, as it will always be a part of you. It job is as a survival mechanism that is built inside you to protect you. So, as the old saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them. In order to manage this fear we first need to understand that we have to work WITH fear, not against it. By using a process of self-awareness (or being mindful) we then need to feel that fear rising up inside us before we make that approach. It is the fear itself that will fuel your interactions with women. When you feel that fear rising inside you, you need be aware of how that fear is circulating around the body and how it is affecting you. Once you become aware of this fear, you will find it Immediately begins to lose its power. The fear is still there to an extent, but now you are aware of it, fear goes DOWN as a result. But isn’t fear supposed to be bad? Something that you need to suppress?

No. Neurologically When you experience fear, this alerts the Amygdala, which is situated deep in the limbic area of your brain. The Amygdala is a piece of hardware inside your brain that processes memory and emotion. So when you experience 'fear' for example, then the Amygdala sends a message to your nervous system and a chemical called Norephedrine is released into your body, which is a neurotransmitter that causes the 'fight or flight' response, lighting up the right side of the Amygdala, telling you something is up. Strangely, When we experience an emotion such as happiness, then the left side of our Amygdala lights up. Because of these extremes in emotion, it very well could be that through continued exposure to your fears, the Amygdala stops triggering the 'fear' part of the brain and instead triggers the 'reward' part of the brain, which may give the subject the impression that the 'fear' is being converted into another form of energy - excitement, prehaps. The Amygdala also plays a part in emotional learning. If I were to cut out the Amygdala from your brain for example, you would no longer experience fear of anything, but you would also not display any emotion of any kind. Because this part of the brain plays a part in emotional learning, when you experience fear, lets say for example approaching a girl, the Amygdala then sends a message to the brain to store that fearful memory for next time in case the brain will need to use this information for survival purposes. So when you are using fear technology, you will remember more information more often and with more clarity.

When the chemical Norephedrine is released via the Amygdala,  it also plays another useful role. Norephedrine also makes you more alert; it makes you more focused on the task at hand and also gives you extra energy in case you need to defend yourself from an attack. I once read about a woman’s baby who was trapped underneath a burning car. Because of the fear of losing her child, somehow, with all her strength and might she managed to lift the car up so a passer by Could grab the screaming child from underneath. Had she not had that fear to begin, there would be no way that the car could be lifted up with ease. An apparent superhuman feat. Now the task of lifting a car by anyone is by no means an easy job. But through her fear she lifted the car without a second thought. It powered her through. Another centres around the time when a ballet dancer I had read about was about to perform a dress rehearsal on her play. Before she went on stage during a live performance she always seemed quite anxious backstage. This anxiety or anticipatory fear, helped power her performance because she was running off the adrenaline, and as A result was more focused. On her dress rehearsal however, she appeared much more relaxed as the performance was not the real thing. As a result, she was not focused at all and ended up Committing so many mistakes, like falling off stage, forgetting her moves and mistiming them. Had she had that fear in her belly to begin with, she may have made minor mistakes but she would also have been more focused on the task at hand and as the fear converted to excitement, her performance would have gone up!

Once you begin to follow the process of fear technology, you begin to realize that through constant repetition, the fear itself gets converted into a new form of energy. As someone once said, fear and excitement is the same thing anyway, and I don’t mean excitement as in jumping up and down with glee, but a quiet confidence that radiates from within you. It’s something that you need to experience to fully grasp the concept behind it.

How fear technology works:

Fear technology works by helping us face our fears and eventually realizing that there was really nothing to be worried about. You will find that a lot of the fear you face is largely constructed by your own mind. We therefore use fear technology to challenge the way that our minds are interpreting these events, and by challenging ourselves over and over, this then allows the unconscious mind to build reference points, and to then become conditioned to the fear if you will. This is a bit like meeting someone who is afraid of dogs, but after they expose themselves to that fear, then over a gradual period that fear begins to lose its power. So by going out into the field, and using this same principle, then that fear we once had about approaching girls also begins to lose power. By exposing ourselves over and over repeatedly, you will get to a point where fear is at an All time low and therefore no longer poses a threat to you. After this, you should find that you have no fear of approaching women again. It does seem however, as a flip side to that coin, you will soon find out you would have to actually GENERATE this fear yourself in the future to perform better in the field! When we have no fear at all we will have no need to execute things to a high standard (meaning that when youare in a relaxed state, the mind will find no need to push itself to the limit and so will often not make an attempt to approach and will then begin to start taking short cuts towards the desired result, again, trying to conserve energy and reducing fear).

Warming up: Getting ready to use fear

Have you ever been to a gym? No, this isn’t me about to chastise you about keeping fit! If you have ever had the pleasure of going to a gym, the first thing you need to do know is to warm up. Stretch those muscles, you are told, or you may do yourself an injury, and you'll end up missing the next Few days while you recover. It is possible to go straight into training and not bother warming up and you may or may not even cause an injury. But you would want to take that chance? Of course not.

So we use same principle with tackling fear technology. It is possible to head straight to the club and begin to start using fear technology right off the bat, and who knows? Over a few hours you could probably pull it off. However, wouldn’t you do an even better job if you were warmed up first?

So let’s tackle this issue by doing pre-set warm ups. This means exposing yourself to your fears beforehand and get yourself used to rejection. Used to rejection? I hear you say. But surely you are here to pick up girls not to be rejected, right? Wrong. You will find even the best pick up artist has been rejected thousands of times. You may see videos on the internet of a pick-up gurus best efforts at getting women and you'll see he wins every time. You may watch a movie at the cinema or on DVD and see a flawless performance from the actor. I once watched Michael Jacksons Smooth Criminal video and saw him dance perfectly. But What Michael or anybody else won’t tell you though, were all the times they slipped or fell, forgot their lines or in the pickup gurus case, messed up with women and got blown out umpteen times. There was also a rumor circulating that Michael Jackson had made his dancers perfect the Smooth Criminal moves to perfection hundreds of times. So much so that it almost got to the point where the backup dancers were beginning to get annoyed with him. But in the end, what you find is a flawless performance that is captured in time forever.

So in pick up, only by repeated rejections from woman will you then have the moves memorized in your head and be able to deal with the emotions that arise from rejection and facing your fears. But this is no music video. I’m not asking you to be Michael Jackson. This isn’t about aiming for perfection right now. As you will find, pick up is a messy game to play, and so perfect practice makes perfect sense.

Social Pressure Drills

Think of a story you're really embarrassed of. Got it? OK, now think harder. When you finally have it, go walk into the middle of a busy shopping Centre on your own and shout out your embarrassed story in front of everyone for two minutes. In fact, why not stand in a star shape with your legs far apart and arms out and shouting your embarrassing story for two minutes? No way? Can’t do it? Too scared? Too embarrassed?

OK, I'll make things a little easier for you, go and stand in the middle of a shopping square outside of the building, and bring a friend along. Let your friend stand about 10 meters away and then shout your story at him for two minutes. Even if people are looking at you, they will most probably think that you’re a bit crazy or just having fun with your friend. Whatever the label or fortune telling trick you are playing on yourself, do it anyway. Continue doing this for 45 minutes to an hour. If you’re pressed for time then at least try to aim for 20 to 30 minutes with no gaps in between. After a while, you will see that something magical begins to happen...NOTHING! That’s right, 99% of the time nothing happens! People stand around looking at you for a second, then walk on. Or simply ignore you. Nobody cares. Remember when you were walking through your own town or city one time and there were these bunch of kids yelling at the top of their voices about some nonsense or another? What did you do? You most probably turned to see what the commotion was about, turned back, Then continued on your way. You forgot all about them within 30 seconds. You see? You didn’t care then, and nobody will care now.

Next, start from one end of the shopping mall and walk to the other end. Turn around so your back is faced towards the people. Now start walking. That’s right, start walking backwards. If you bump into people along the way, you are not allowed to say 'sorry' or 'excuse me' just keep smiling and continue on your journey. What happens this time? Nothing again! Yes, you may get a look of disapproval, yes; you may even get a puzzled expression on people’s faces or maybe even laughter. Ignore them and continue walking backwards until you reach your destination. Do this a few times. People may frown, but as you haven’t gone up to them with an AK-47 and starting firing at their children, they will live to fight another day, and so will you.


What is the purpose of all this? Why am I making a fool of myself in front of people? Because You’ll soon come to realize the ultimate truth; that nobody cares. And when you realize that nobody cares, you will also soon realize that when you next approach a woman in a club and you get no response, or get told to crawl under a rock and die, you will see that these are just words and that you can walk away at any time with your limbs still intact. Wow. What a revelation. You will just NOT CARE. No reaction or approval seeking from you. So, Go! Cross the threshold of indifference. Walk and move on to the next girl, I dare you; you may even get a nicer response this time. Even if you don’t, you won’t care. You'll get to a point where a girl will see the fact that you don’t care, and that you are displaying a lack of neediness and have a willingness to walk away. She will see that through your sub-communication, and as a result she will become MORE attracted to you. Hmm. Funny how that works.


Don’t run to the club quite yet, as there are still more social pressure drills to do. No short cuts in this game, and they don’t get any easier.

Pre Club Approaching:

OK, now for my next trick, you need to start from the end of a busy street. Any street will do. Have a cutoff point where your interaction will end. Let’s say the cutoff point is at the next mail box you see at the other end of the street. Now start approaching sets that are moving. Walk slightly ahead of them and ask a mundane opener. The opener has to be the most boring opener you can think of. How about, 'Is this the best street in (your city)?' Open with that then change the subject. Try to survive for two minutes the best you can. Have a gap in between talking if you can’t think of anything to say at that time, and let her fill in the blanks. Just make sure you get your two minutes. By the way, you may want to set some kind of alarm to go off on your phone at the two minute mark. Keep approaching like this for, say, 45 minutes. If you find you are pressed for time, then try to do it for 20 minutes, repeatedly.

What’s the purpose of this, then? Well, after a while you will soon realize that you can open with anything without having a 'pre-arranged' opener to begin with. Yes. Something as mundane as 'Is This the best street in (your city)' will even get a response. These are normal people we are talking to here. Not an audience you are trying to win over. Not a circus where you are trying to perform Magic tricks. These are normal people and normal people require normal questions. Express, not impress. They will pick up on it and be more receptive. Now, even though you just opened with such a question, don’t just continue the conversation with further questions. This is not a job Interview. Instead, try to make statements. 'I like this street because its busy' or 'these clothes shops are the ones I like to shop at'. Anything or everything to get to your two minutes. Remember you are NOT trying to pick these girls up. This is a warm up, remember. The end result should be: 1) you Get you into the mood of talking with girls obviously, but more importantly, 2) it will show you that the fears you may have had about approaching these girls never materialize. Did they swear at you? Did they tell you to go away? Did they say we in a hurry so can you leave? Wow, what a shock to your system. You won’t even leave the house after this. They told you they were busy. Boo hoo. But you survived. Maybe you had one interaction where they were nice to you and asked you what
your name was. Aww. That's nice. Also, did you see that tribal leader from the Amazon get on the first plane over to you to bash your head in with a large rock? You didn't? He was here a minute ago asking for you. It’s not likely to happen. You survived even if you did get a bad response. But you Are still here, Alive and well.

As a final warm up, you may follow the same process as the walking set drills, but let’s make it a little more intense. This time go inside the shopping mall. Find the highest escalator you can, get to The top and jump off. No, I’m kidding. Go right to the bottom of the escalator and find a girl, get in front of her and survive your two minutes all the way up to the top. Remember, ask a mundane question. 'Is this the best mall in the country?' Or is this square a real square?' Wait for the response, and then change the subject. No questions, remember, just statements. Survive your two minutes. All will be revealed soon.

Just as a side note, if you are a little more advanced, you may want to try and introduce some kind of Kino alongside the interactions. By Kino I mean trying to make physical contact with the girl. Try for a handshake or a high five. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, try for a hug. Wash, rinse, repeat.

The club

The Winner, the Loser and the Normal Guy

This is where things start to gets fun. Before you enter the club and start approaching, you first need to aware of your thought patterns. What do I mean? Well go to a club and see for yourself. Walk around the club for five minutes feeling like a total loser. By this I mean walk around with slumped body language, not making eye-contact, looking sad and depressed, and shuffling along like you don’t have a friend in the world. OK. Now feel like you are a loser. Don’t just execute the moves of a loser, think back to a time when you felt like a nobody and try to bring those feelings up. How do you feel? Well if you've done it correctly, you should feel as if you don’t belong in the club. You should feel as if every other person in the club is having a good time except you. You should feel like an outcast and separate from everybody else and society. Good. That’s what we want. Now Walk around the club in a hyperbolic manner. That means act as if you are all pumped up, overconfident, give everybody stern eye contact and walk like you own the place. Feel it. Bounce around the place not caring about anyone or anything. If you've done this correctly, you should feel like a person who’s clearly gone over-the-top. Someone who seems as if he’s trying too hard to impress people. We call these guys a try-hard. You should feel like a fake, someone who has a highly abnormal energy than everyone else in the city. You should still feel out of synch with the rest of the club. Finally walk around with neutral body language with a neutral walk, and slightly relaxed but not too relaxed. How do you feel? Now watch. Something magical begins to happen. You should feel as if everybody is your equal. You should feel as if you have a right to be in the club, you should feel comfortable in your own environment. You may also find your fear levels are on an even keel. You belong here. This is your home. If you feel safe then the rest of the world will feel that vibe coming from you. The key in all this is to spot the negative thoughts that arise from such extreme behaviors, then spot them and classify them. As you begin to bring these thoughts into your awareness, you should then, over time, begin to naturally convey the correct body Language and act natural in your environment as your mind automatically adjusts itself. Feel it. Get used to it. You'll be doing this many times over the next few months. Now Stretch. It’s party time.

The Core of Fear Technology

So at the very heart of fear technology we have what’s known as the zigzag theory. The zigzag theory states that when we start approaching in the field, we first need to expose ourselves to the HARDEST sets followed by easy ones. Why? As I mentioned earlier, some of the reasons we don’t seem to approach in the field is because of the misconceptions we have about the worst case scenarios manifesting themselves in reality. So, if we approach a couple making out and we split them up for example, then the expected outcome is that the guy will attack us for trying to hit on his girl. Another example is if we approach a set of 10 girls, then maybe the girls will laugh at our attempts of trying to pick them up or that they may think you are weird because you are standing there silent not knowing what to say next. But as mentioned before, our minds play the worse case Scenario to protect us from attack and to conserve energy, so in order to see if these outcomes are 100% true, we need to test these ideas out in the field, this is in order to gain reference points, so that our unconscious mind then realizes that these thoughts we are having are not as true as we think. Remember, the unconscious mind can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not, so the ideas you may have about what will happen when you approach, may appear in your mind to be REAL, when in fact these negative thoughts are proved to be false in reality when they are challenged.

So let’s go and test it in the field. Do guys really bash your head in or do they just stand there in shock not knowing what to do while the girl they are with is looking at you adoringly with those huge amine eyes? Does approaching a 10 set of girls really result in ridicule or does it actually get you respect for doing what 99.9% of guys would never do? Does the girl you've just approached really think you are weird when you approach? Or does she just not say anything and shrug her shoulders and walk off?

Once you begin to realize that most of these threats never materialize, then your mind begins to gain reference points and then that fear you once had about that thought begins to lose its power, because it has no basis in reality. After approaching the hardest sets and having your reality shattered, you will find that when you begin to start approaching the easy sets, then they will seem like nothing in comparison. So if you are attacking your highest fears, by the time you reach the easy sets you will find you are 1) In state and 2) fearless. To illustrate my point further, have a look at the following diagram;


So according to the zigzag theory, we should alternate between the hardest sets and then the easy ones. Why? Well if we stayed in the easy sets too long, then our minds will no longer see the pick-up process as a challenge and so adapts to the environment and stops growing. In this relaxed state, we grow too comfortable just the way we are.

The Two Minute Mark

We spoke about this earlier but it’s necessary to speak about it again in a little more depth. This is so important. As stated before, while executing the two different styles of approach, it is important that each interaction lasts two minutes minimum regardless of whether the conversation is going well or not. The two minute mark theory states that when an approach is made, your fears are at their highest peak because of the mind games you are playing with yourself. As the conversation continues into the first minute, you will see that as a result, the fear begins to naturally subside, as your unconscious mind begins to realize that the perceived threats are unlikely to materialize. Even though the fear is still present but in a lower form. As we begin to approach the two minute mark, you will find that these fears naturally subside completely and your mind begins to build small reference points that nothing major will happen for next time. At this point, you will soon find that you will naturally fall into the comfort zone, and as a result your pick up performance goes up. This also means that as a result the real'authentic' you begins to break through and starts to resonate From within you While Mr. Entertainer finds himself out of a job.

N.B – If you leave the set prematurely, for example at the one minute mark, then you will find that the fear has not completely subsided. By bailing out of that set you will indeed get temporary relief. But also what happens as a result is that you will then carry that remaining fear into your next set. You will also find that when you bail out of the set early on, this vicious cycle will continue in each interaction lasting less than the two minute cut off period, until you burn yourself out with fear.

What will happen then is you will stop approaching for the night. That is why you need to withstand your two minutes regardless of what happens. This is very important so that fear technology is at its most effective.

To explain the exposure model in a more visual format, it looks a little something like this;


in the following diagram, as you begin to approach the highest sets fear rises to an all-time high. The 'fear hump' is the emotions you are feeling to being exposed over and over. So fear rises, then falls, then rises again then falls again. As the time progresses towards the one minute mark, the fear falls to an all-time low. As the two minute mark is reached, fear subsides completely and so pick up performance goes up as a result. As the real 'authentic' you begin to present itself, the pick-up process will come across as being natural.

Physical Game:

So now you've been approaching and lasting your two minutes. Fantastic. Well done. Now what happens within the set? After I feel comfortable lasting my two minutes, where do I go from here? It is important to get comfortable talking to women, but if you just stand there and continue to talk all night then that’s all you are going to get. What you need to do is to up the stakes and begin to Apply physical game within this model. Getting physical with women should be scary. It isn’t. Not if you follow the set plan of Kino escalation. Start by simply introducing yourself. Say Hi. Ask if it is the best club in whatever city you are in then extend your hand out for her to shake it and tell her your name. Wow. Simple. You just touched her. Then within that interaction, you may want to tell her something embarrassing you did the other day. I slipped on a banana skin, or I urinate in the shower to save time or even that you like salad but don’t like croutons, ANYTHING that provokes a laugh. Remember to be LOUD and FRIENDLY. Quiet people appear as if they are under confident and have something to hide. Now go get a high five. After a while talking about anything, you can tell her how so adorable she is that you just had to come over and say hi. Give her a hug. While you're giving her a hug, pick her up and give her a spin or lift her up. If you're feeling slightly adventurous and want to display an aura of confidence then use the claw. Grab her round the neck with your arm and pull her in. Don’t strangle her, the cops are nearby, but be firm. If you've won her over then go for the kiss. If she refuses, take two steps back (in this case hugging her again) then Take one step forward which is the spin or the claw. Try for the make out again. Wash, rinse, repeat. She'll give in. Every woman loves to be kissed, held and touched...confidently, of course.

By the way, the above mentioned is by no means the correct way of doing this. The above is just an example. Try to use your own version of the methods.Try going straight for the kiss close then going backwards. Try spinning her then clawing her then going for the make out. List your easiest move first and list it in order of difficulty until you have the most difficult move at the end. Whatever the hardest moves are, try them first. Go and desensitize yourself to the fear that is surrounding the move. Scared of kissing her? Try to kiss her anyway and see if she pours hot boiling acid over your face or if she just moves her face so you get the cheek. Which is the most likely to happen? Was it as bad as you thought?

Go for the make out. Try to pull her out of the club. No joy? Get her number then MOVE on. Concentrate on getting the skill first and try not to get a girlfriend for a while until you learn this process properly. You will soon begin to do these moves unconsciously as human beings, we learn at a very fast speed.

To illustrate this, I remember the time when I first started my new office job and they were showing me the new computer systems that I had to figure out. You would have to press this key to get on This page then press F11 to get to F12 and so on. So here I am sitting there thinking how the hell I’m going to learn all of this. A million buttons all executing a function and I have to do this while speaking to people at the same time. To make things worse, the company was short staffed at the time so they threw me in at the deep end. There was this fear of going into work for the next few days and each morning I was dreading the fact that I had to go and learn how to work these damned computer systems again. But you know what happened? Over time, I survived. Six months later I was pressing the keys to execute each function unconsciously. I could speak to a client on the phone and at the same time my fingers were just tapping buttons without even looking down at the keyboard. It’s the same principle with pick up; scary at first, but soon you'll be doing it like you've been doing it all your life. Trust in yourself and plough through. It will become second nature over time, I promise. It’s just the beginning that’s the hardest part and it kind of gives you the idea that it’s going to be this hard forever. Not true. Push through your minds resistance. No one will do it for you.

Repetition is key

By continuing to exposing yourself, over time this results in a reduction of fear permanently within that area of your life. As your mind begins to build up these reference points over and over again, the fear itself begins to lose power and you will soon be wondering what it was that you were so afraid of in the first place. True, there is no magic pill that will make you transform into a superhuman being, but this process is damn near close to a magic pill. Go out, continue to repeat The process over and over and become that person that you've always wanted to be. That person that you already arbut afraid to show it. With exposure comes comfort and pick up performance rises. Success breeds confidence. Believe it. TRUST in the process and it won’t let you down.


In the following graph you can see what happens when you exposure yourself to that fear again and again. This means that in time the fear you once had has reduced to an all-time low. And that means FOREVER. As already explained, the fear element will always be present within you and you cannot totally eradicate a survival mechanism that is already built in you, but approaching and talking to girls will now no longer be an issue. Like parachuting out of an aeroplane over and over again, while you will never become truly accustomed to the jump itself, you will be able to deal with the emotions that arise from it.

The fallacy of growth

How long will this take to learn? What is the process? I can just keep doing this process over and over, and in time I will get better and better, right? Well, no, not exactly. There are many obstacles in your quest for the Holy Grail and although it looks simple, it’s not going to be easy. Mind you, to master something, nothing ever is. There are no short cuts in life, and you must follow the process to the letter and commit yourself if you want to see real growth. To get an idea, let’s take a look at how the average person thinks in terms of growth;


Simple, isn’t it. In an ideal world, you will see as time progresses, you begin to grow, and as a result your skill level naturally rises, right? Unfortunately, this is NOT how the mind learns something new.

It’s more like this:


So as you can see, we learn through trial and error and growth happens in spurts. At one stage you think you are ahead, then you plateau and things don’t seem to be going anywhere. This is when most guys quit. It’s like weight loss. You experience a little weight loss first, then the dreaded plateau comes in and you quit. However, if you continue this process and stick with it, then over Time you will begin to see massive gains in your game and you will continue to gain more and more momentum finally get there! You get there and it will all seem worth it in the end. Commit yourself for a year and see how much progress you make. Try to understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day. And neither were you. You may not have had the advantage that your friends had when they were younger, and how they learned unconsciously to pick up women through trial and error. But if they did learn it this way, then remember that it also took them time too. You'll have more of an advantage in the sense that you are coming from a more mature mindset, and also You’ll have a very conscious understanding of what it takes to get where you are at, and your friend’s wont. So there. They'll probably take any girl that comes their way, and then hold on to that girl because they don’t know when the next girl will show up. Trust me; you'll have the freedom of choice.

The Commitment Schedule

How much are you willing to commit yourself you get the women you want out of life? You may find that this isn’t the method for you. It’s not for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that your commitment to finding the girl you want shouldn’t be any less focused then what is in this programme. Find what works for you then commit yourself to it religiously and follow the process. No need for scientific formulas or fancy physics here. Just plain common sense.

You will need to have some kind of progress plan. Keeping a diary of your progress is fine, but you will need to have specific goals to aim for. For example, try to aim for, say, five things that motivate you, and then try to concentrate on that one motivator per month. If you don’t achieve your Expected outcome with that one goal, then continue to follow that same goal into the following month until you have achieved it. Then aim for the next goal and then do each goal one at a time. Learn it in chunks. Piece by piece. Don’t try to cram everything in all at once as so to overwhelm yourself. Apply a technique, and then learn it for a while. Let it become a part of your very being then move on.

So as an example, the five things that could motivate you could:

 1) Get a make out

2) Get a day two

3) Get an F. Close

4) Approach a minimum of 20 girls per night

5) Promise to try an element of physical game on every girl you meet, try to claw every girl you see.

Write your own 5 goals for the upcoming months and then concentrate on each goal for 1 month. See how far it gets you. Push yourself, and it will all seem easy in the end. You just need to overcome that initial resistance from your mind (and the girl) and then you will gain momentum. It will all seem awkward at first, but be kind to yourself, as your mind is getting used to the process. It takes time to implement. As time progresses, you'll soon be running things smoothly. You are the man. You can be whoever you want to be. Go out. Do it.

Remember, that is not just a programme where you will be executing fancy moves. You need to become that sex worthy guy. How? If you follow this process, you will naturally become that guy simply as a by product from challenging yourself to the limit, and doing this process night after night. Try to aim for 3-4 nights a week. Have a rest in between. You don’t want to reach burnout. This is about transformation. This is about BEING, not DOING. Become that sex worthy person and not just some social robot with a neat bag of tricks. Somebody once asked Michael Jackson what was going through his mind when he was dancing. He replied 'Nothing. The worst thing a dancer can do is to think. He must feel. He must essentially become the dance, an almost physical embodiment of the music'. Be like Michael. Become that person. Feel what it’s like. Don’t have all this internal dialogue going on in your mind where you are micromanaging yourself and getting more and more into your own head. Become the dance. Become the physical embodiment of the sex worthy guy. You'll get there in the end, I promise.


So that’s it? I can go out and hey presto I can become this great guy? Almost, not quite. Part of this process is about taking a bootcamp with RSD. You can read all the theory you want in these pages and mental masturbate all day long pretending to yourself that you are this big pimp. Some of you may even think about reading this, sitting back and think about doing the challenges later, which, let’s be honest, is nothing more than avoidance in disguise. I strongly recommend you go take a boot camp first with RSD, as these guys will help to get you on the road to where you want to be. No joke. Go and watch one of their videos on You Tube and tell me you don’t want to save every last penny to go on this life changing experience that will open your eyes to all that is possible. You probably won’t be able to implement the challenges listed here with any great success unless you Take a bootcamp and do it for real first. And for real I mean by having an instructor to guide you through each process step by step so you get a feel of what it’s like in a three dimensional time frame. The instructors are there to push you far beyond your limits, way past your comfort zone, and what you think you are capable of. Something you probably would not be able to do just by reading this and going out. The bootcamp is a life changing event and a premium product. It will make you go back out into the world with a fresh set of eyes and you'll find you also have this strange sense of being at peace with the world. If you have a list of things to do before you die, make sure taking an RSD bootcamp is one of them. It is the closest living thing to a magic pill. Even though a magic pill technically doesn’t exist, of course. But if you want to know the truth, then the truth is YOU are the magic pill. RSD will help you get the ball rolling, but from there, you Are on your own. They will push you to get you to where you want to be. I won’t lie to you. You will not become this great pimp in three days after taking a bootcamp. It’s just not possible. But what the bootcamp will give you is the key to your new life to success with woman. All you have to do is put the key in, turn the lock and walk through the door man. For once you go through, the journey is ultimately your own. Remember, that this is not just an investment of your time and money; this is an investment into your LIFE.

The End..?

No, this isn’t the end. This is just the beginning. This is the start of something new, I can feel it. Becoming good with women is only part of the equation and will not solve all your problems in life. This is not just about self-help but it’s also about helping yourself. This is about becoming a better person, a guy who lives his life in abundance and doesn’t having his life dictated to him by Anybody. So unplug yourself from this socially conditioned life and enter the Matrix. For as you all may know, nobody can tell you what the Matrix is, you just have to experience it for yourself.

Well anyway, I’m coming to the end of my speech. And I guess it’s time to say goodbye. But before I go, I happen to look up. In the corner of the Coffee Shop there’s a girl that’s looking over at me. I smile. She smiles  back  and  bites her bottom lip. I know it’s on. Get up, Go over. Get my two minutes. Let nature take its course. Eyes Level. Fingers crossed. Deep breath. Here I go.

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This is an excellent write up!
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i totally agree i think ozzie is so cool! ozzziiieeee youuuu roooockkkkk!!!
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Great job
"let the game be beautiful" Ryan~

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I see what you did there
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Nice write up. I believe Fear Tech works, because it uses systematic desensitization.

With less anxiety, you're free to get more reference experiences, and you grow more. Over time, everything becomes natural.

I also like this approach because it doesn't require a lot of thinking, just ACTION, which is how we learn. Think about how we learned to walk as babies -- we just kept doing it until it became natural. Pickup is the same, lower the anxiety, and experience will take care of calibration.

I'm doing sales right now, and I must say I learned the most on the floor, doing the best I can and asking for feedbacks AFTERWARDS.

It's too bad Ozzie doesn't do BC outside europe.
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Awesome bro!
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 Are you from the uk imran? i am going to do a boot camp and will want to go out after to practise what i have learnt.
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 Very good review. !!!!
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 Great write up!
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 Awesome write up. I just completed my ozzie bootcamp thos weekend and was gonna do a write up for my own journal but this is perfect. Cheers bro!

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