December 11th, 2018
Your Life's Mission—Post it here.
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Thanks Thor fo the insights. Thanks everyone.Good Luck yall.
"No one can be told what the matrix is you have to see it for yourself.....There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path." "It is not enough to know. You must do" -Bruce Lee ;    "I do and I understand"- Confuscious DEPSL  FSMS   "Movement is life" RSDNathan AME"Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.After enlightenment,chop wood and carry water." Ancient Eastern Adage  [sp DBC"Everything is a learning experience"  "9 times out of 10 if you're not getting it's because of a logistical issue" MPUA Adam Lyons ESWMR "...the game is logistics" RSDBrad       "The guys that get humor. Learned it from books" -Jeffty AKA JLAIX    "Wear "playa threads" instead of nerd gear" Jeffy AKA Jlaix

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You don't reach a life's purpose... it's a direction that you go towards.
stolpioni wrote:
Seems like most of you have pretty unspecific goals. How can you reach them when they're not specific?

My goals are:

- Have a bankroll of $15,000,000 by the age of 45.
- Own a yacht (minimum worth of $2,000,000)
- Have a family (Wife and minimum 2 kids)
- Don't give a fuck and have no fear of death (actually have a death wish)
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Only I am much taller (not a hobit) and much much better looking. The man can fight I must admit.

Its all about getting bread. Paper chase > pulling thought, its fun to do both. Ya heard!
Jlaix: You are rather cheeky I admit but the self amusing authentic avi makes it impossible to hate!
Tyler:This is ultimately one of the keys to the game -- viewing EVERYTHING AS A JOKE. It's ALL funny.
Tim:`How can I make this fun?
brad:This thread got Ambiguity banned, you can thank me later. Zack G: Ambiguity is becoming the Howard Roark of RSD!
Alex: "The famous ambiguity!" + "This is what happens when your naturally attractive;
Ambiguity: I don't chase, I replace. #CheekyInnit!
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 to end poverty is one of them
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To experience, then to die. Also world domination.
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 World peace.

and when I lie on my deathbed in 100 years from now, I want to look back on this short human existence and say "Yes, I regret nothing. I gave everything. This life was worth living." Then I'll wake up.
Being a Pimp doesn't mean that you don't get afraid, being a Pimp means that you don't let fear stop you. Your life consists of single days. Your days consist of single moments. If you try to be your best self in every moment, you will realize your full life potential. Every big journey consists of small steps.
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 To attract everything I want in life.
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it could also come from paying attention to the outside world instead of sitting around thinking about englightenment and shit. like if you got bills to pay or you can't eat you probably don't care too much. or in the woods shooting rabbits and shit. i think the truth is that there are no answers, life makes no sense, meditation is some odd activity that happens to have some beneficial side effects if you don't give yourself psychosis, have fun. just my opinion/weltanschauung
Thorzen wrote:

champ wrote:

All motivation basically comes from a belief that you are not enough, so, as long as motivation is there, we follow it, but if it completely disappears, that means we have transcended it, and then there's nothing to worry about. Just like girls will not always be interesting, especially as you grow older.

Keep chasing things as long as you feel a pull towards it, when you no longer do, you have grown out of it, this is called maturing. 

We chase something as long as it feels worth chasing and enjoy it. The path of least resistance is to follow wherever you are pushed towards. 

The only belief you should worry about is one that makes you relax and feel good enough. Such as "There's no reason why you're not enough" from Alex, or my "I'll never be perfect, but I am enough." Whatever takes off the pressure to "try" and just be. Another thing to understand is that, all negative thinking and "reasons you're not good enough" are just all excuses to not love yourself as you are. Just love yourself as you are right now, there is no excuses.

Every action taking in pain creates more pain. You must face pain, feel it fully, that is the only way to get out of it. The only way out is through. Pain evaporates once you go through it fully. It's old pain which you at the time suppressed, which means, all it wants from you is to be opened up and gone felt properly. 

Don't start blaming yourself like crazy for your "blind spots" and what not. It is not punishment. Tolle is good for you, spirituality means loving yourself, not start judging yourself. 

A great book on the subject is The Power of Now. Pain sometimes make people do great things in the outside world, because they feel empty in the inside world. But it only brings them more pain, because they are running from their pain instead of feeling it. Running from pain will never get you anywhere good.

Emotions are a big factor for your success. But it needs to be the right emotions. Chilled out, relaxed joy inside, brings success. Instead of fighting people, you attract them, they merge with you, they like your energy, it draws them to you, they assist you, because they like your energy. 

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