November 19th, 2018
Cleavage's Weapons Of Ass Destruction
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The basics:
My name is Cleavage. I’m 20 Years old. I live in Holland. I’m Indian. I’m in my
second year of college

How I got into this:
I’m a newbie. I’ve known about the pick-up community for about 4 years now. I
sometimes read some material of mystery method and stuff like that but never
actively put myself out there to extend my comfort zone. I have little
experience taking action. Nevertheless I have been going to clubs  almost every week since the age of 16 because
going out to clubs and partying is all me, my friend, my family and other
people in my environment do. I really love clubbing and going out.

I have seen twilight zone shit happening in clubs and always knew that getting
good with women is a skill that can be learned,but all the theory just didn’t
add up and when I found out that there’s a dating company that shows ACTUAL
PROOF of them putting all their theory in action for an affordable price, I
decided I needed to see this If I ever wanted to get good at this. It was one
of the best purchases I’ve ever done.  RSDnation and TAKING ACTION has instantly
become a major part of my life.

My core problems:
I was the last of my friends to lose his virginity. I’ve pulled a few times in
my life, but always have a hard time taking action and showing intent. The
permission boy video of Julien hits my core problem. All my friends/brother who
have been in game have said this to me, but I truly realized this after I saw
Julien in the video showing how permission boys act. I don’t persist enough in
general yet by far.

I also have a hard time taking action and am used to being passive most of the
time. I also miss that dominance and assertiveness. This also results in me in
not getting physical quick enough or put enough certainty behind the
physicality.  And of course I’m not used
to leading, a.k.a. taking the responsibility.

My strengths:
At the same time, I’m good at telling stories, rarely stress, don’t take many
people seriously, have a very deep imagination which really show in my humor, I
can talk and blabla for hours. Can hold eye-contact easily, I can analyze
social situations, when I’m being me and vomiting my personality I fuckin kill
it and when it comes down to it; I don’t really care many times.  

You guys:
So I’m hoping that you guys can share your thoughts, suggestions, feedback or help
me reinforce any behaviour that I might not be aware of.
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Indo, Indian girl, 19 year old,

So tonight one of my cousins tells me that he’s hired to play with his band on a birthday. They told me before that when they’re hired to play that there’s a 50% chance that it’s an all-out bachelor party filled with hot and horny women and a 50% chance that it’s a child’s birthday with no girls whatsoever. I’ve spent more nights in clubs then at home or elsewhere the past few months so I decide to take the risk and join them.

At the gas station
We meet up with a part of the band at a gas station. I see a car pull up and see 3 guys coming out. Then I suddenly also see a girl come out. She looks hot. Everybody knows everybody and everyone starts saying random stuff to each other in a giant circle. I do feel sexual tension as I pull laser eye contact on her, but we quickly separate and leave in 2 cars towards the birthday.

On my way to the party
In the car on the way to the destined place I get this feeling that we’re going to a child’s birthday. In that case that would mean that this is the only girl that I could game. I suddenly feel the need to think of ways that I could impress her. Things that I could say to make sure that I don’t fuck up the possibly only set of tonight. I quickly realize that this is how the scarcity mentality feels that Tyler talks about. I snap myself out of it.

Arriving at the party
We arrive at the party and my prediction was right. It’s the birthday of a child that’s turning 4. WTF. Indians seriously throw parties for 4 year old children from 20:00 to 3:00. No joke. Also not a single girl in sight. Only grandma’s, screaming kids and worn out mothers. I see the Indian girl again.
More guys of the band arrive. They’re now standing in a circle outside the venue discussing what the plan is for tonight, most of them are male friends or family of her. The band starts playing and I realize that all of these guys are gonna be busy playing for 4 hours straight except for 3 guys or so. Awesome. Me and the girl get introduced to each other. Her name is indo. It’s on right from the start.

We go inside together, talk, flirt, and she gives me puppy eyes asking me to get her a drink. please. I flip the script and tell her that I would find her much cooler if she would get ME one. We start getting into a game trying to get each other to get us a drink. She walks to the bathroom

When she comes back I want to take her outside because that’s the only place her family and friends aren’t watching her. I start thinking about bullshit like timing and how I’m gonna get rid of her cousins if they follow us and what excuse I should use to make her come outside. The moment passes and she’s dragged away.

I start thinking about Julien’s video of how people like me should cut through the bullshit and need to stop being a permission boy. I know I must try this.

I see her on the other end of the room I point at her and I go; HEY EEEYJ, going over the music that’s being played and getting shocked looks from people in the room and cousins that are next to her.
COME HERE. NOW. She looks at me shocked. She doesn’t come. I get bored of watching grandma’s doing sexy dances on the dancefloor at this ridiculous party and I order another Bacardi cola. I see her outside a few minutes later. We talk and she starts to make excuses to feel me up and get more and more physical. This girl is definitely down for some hanky panky. The sexual tension rises hard. I don’t even doubt that she wants it. I notice that when I want to escalate that she keeps looking around if family or friends watching. She finally gets me a drink. After a while more and more cousins and friends of her stop their band activities and she keeps getting dragged away so I just take her ping and call it a night.

So we text via blackberry messenger every day since then and I notice that she’s not really the type that talks a lot via text. XD We did vibe hard, she’s very sexual and I have no doubt that I can close the deal and her punany once I get her in a room. I don’t like texting in general and I want to meet up with this skank as soon as possible. So this Thursday this conversation went down;

This entire conversation is translated from dutch to english so some translations may seem weird.
All my conversations with the girl have been trough blackberry messenger:

Me: Hey yoee (12:32)
Her: Heeey (12:32)
Me: How ya doin (12:32)
Her; yeaah I’’m good and you (12:33)
Me: I’m okay but I’m dying from the heat
the thermometer in my living room showed 29 degrees yesterday :’( (12:35)
Her: Whhahahah XD
that’s a good thing (12:59)
Me: Noooo it’s too hot (13:02)
Her: No it isn’t (13:03)
Me: I immediately opened my balcony door yesterday and on the balcony of my 15 year old Italian girl next door I saw a random half naked black dude sunbathing on her balcony couch.
I almost teared from laughing.
Her dad doesn’t know that she keeps smuggling black dudes in their house. (13:05)
Her: XD (13:09)
Me: Black strangers walking through my backyard and shit :D
What are you doing are you at school (14:10)
Her; Whahahha
I’m free from class today
I’m going to the centre of the town (where the shops are and stuff) (14:25)

Hmmmnz this is the first time since we met on Saturday that she wasn’t working or following classes at school. This is an opportunity, No excuses, Go for the girl.

Me: pfff centre of the city = lame, you should hang out with me instead (angel smiley) (14:49)
Her: Where do you live (15:01)

So at this moment I’m like FUCK IT, I’m pulling her home today. Instead of trying to build rapport by texting and never actually meeting the girl, which happened to me a lot in the past, I’m gonna try something new. Something I almost never do; PUSH and PERSIST for the date, even it means losing her or coming across as needy.

Me: I live in *place*, it’s 10 minutes away from the centre of the town
I’ll come get you in my pimp mobile (15:11)
Her: What about my niece? (15:26)

woow this cutting through bullshit stuff works xD . She already know we’ll eventually gonna bang as soon as she enters my house. As I’ve seen last Saturday this girl obviously doesn’t put out if family members of her are around. I don’t think I can deal with the niece.

Me: Then you’ll wait with your niece for the bus on the central station and then I’ll pick you up at the backside of the station after. (15:37)

Her: Hwhahahh not gonna dump my niece (15:39)
Me: Dumping? (sarcastic smiley) I’m not talkin about right now stupid but in a couple of hours, the shops will then close and she’ll be going home anyway (15:44)
Her: I can’tt
Need to pick up a baby (15:47)

Wtf does she need a baby for -_-‘

Me: I’ll make sure you’ll get back in time to pick up that baby don’t worry ;) (15:52)
Her: I have to pick the baby up at 17:30 (16:09)

I know that I should’ve made a fake promise and go get her but at this moment I’m still walking around in my pj’s and there’s no way I can get to her for 17:00 so, so I try something different

Me; hmmnz okay I’ll just kidnap you afterwards :P how late can you chill again (16:16)
Her: Hahahh yeah I don’’t know (16:17)
Me: I was planning on buying some fruit in a few minutes
I feel like smoothies so we’ll make a few.
Her: XD

I text her 2 hours later

Me: Thanks to you I’m watching 16 & pregnant on MTV and getting some hardcore speeches from my mom that I’d better not end that way too. (18:35)

she texts me 2 hours later

Her: Whaahahahh xD
How is that my fault (20:15)
Me: Where are you now are you still in the centre of the city? (20:20)
Her: Noo
I went
with my little sister to the playyard (20:22)
Me: So sweett (20:23)
Her: Yeahh
Needed to be done (20:24)


Me: You’re not so mean as I thought.. It’d be better if you roll with your ass towards me now and I’ll drop you off later on tonight at you crib (20:27)
Her: Yeahh but I’m babysitting my little sister
I just helped her shower (20:50)
Me: Whahahah aii miss babysitter isn’t she going to sleep in a few minutes? (20:55)
Her: She’s already asleep (21:14)
Me: Okii so then you’re finally free to come and hangggg right
Her: No
My mom isn’t home. (21:33)

At this point I feel like It’s a dead end for now and I’m getting texted by a russin girl I’ve made out with a few days ago asking me what I’m up to tonight so I decide to give up on this one for now and go for the russian, I’ll post how the convo with russian went some other time.

Me: Ow really (21:34)
Her: Yeah (21:36)
Me: To bad I do wanted to see you again :P (21:39)
Her: Yeaaah iiknOwww (21:41)
Me: !!! I was planning on getting you to make a smoothie for me :D I would’ve won again.. (21:42)
Her: Whahaha no way I would (21:42)

After that it’s just fluff talk. I’d love to hear what you guys would’ve done or said differently in this situation and what you think I need to look out for. Should I push numbers like this all the time?
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Nice bro! Keep going!!
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 Oow man.Persisting every fuckin single day with indo paid off. AHH YEAAH :D I had text conversations like the above all day long for fuckin 4 days straight before I finally pushed it into a real meeting. I’ve been active in game for 2 months now and I finally got a skank on a real date.  My first real date and pull with a hot since I started to take action and seeing hot seat. I’M PUMPED! This is what happend that night:

At Home:
It’s suday night I’m chilling at home and watching my brother and his gayrard friend play max payne. Indo texted me that day telling me she wanted to meet up. She’s flaky as ever, responses only once every half an hour or so. I try different things again but it doesn’t really seem to cut through. My brother keeps telling me I should just tell her I’m already parked on the corner of her house. (I only know in which neighbourhood she lives,not the adress)  My mind goes all ‘but that would sound needy’ and ‘but what will she think if I come late, it’s a 20 minute drive’. However deep down I know that my brother is right.I finally swallow my pride and try it. It works. She gives me her adress and tells me to come. Lesson learned. Say whatever it takes. Pickup is sloppy. Drop the ego.  

Her house:
I arrive 24:00 at her house. The plan was to pick her up and take her to my house. BUT she texts me to come inside. Hmmnz. Unexpected. For the last 4 years I’ve always had first dates in my house not the girl’s house. This is new to me. I feel a slight adrenaline rush combined with a raging boner. Awesome. 

I come inside and we start chilling on her balcony. Our text conversations have been very shallow and we make up for it by sharing some deep stories about each other’s life. She even tells me she has a boyfriend, LOL, whatever stupid hoe. But I don’t really want to chitchat anymore. I WANT THE PUNANI. Reality strikes hard and I find myself really controlling the impulses that tell me to just grab her and kiss her or at least show her that I want her and that I’m not afraid to admit that. I keep making ‘subtle’ moves and waiting for her permission to escalate (LAME -_-‘) which she obviously doesn’t give. I felt this need to ‘initiate the right timing’ and want it to ‘smoothly and magically happen in right moment’ like in bollywood movies. I hate fuckin bollywood movies. We talk a lot on her couch. 

Then the date takes a twist.
We start playing just dance on her wii. We’re competing in dancemoves and we’re starting to get loose. I keep lifting her up, trowing her on the couch and blocking her from moving so I can cheat cause she keeps beating my ass in this lame game. We’re all over each other, but I have yet to ‘make a move’ and still haven’t showed the intent that I’m there for her and that I want to fuck her. I start a pillow fight and she starts to playfully fight me. I start to chase her as we fight and she runs TO HER ROOM and start lying on HER BED. I immidiately realize what’s happening here. I must do this!!!  I take both of her hands and push her down on the bed. She keeps kicking me in the dick and laughing. I got her pinned down. It’s been almost 4 HOURS since I first stepped into her house. I know that this is the last moment that I can still turn the tides around after being so permission seeking. It’s not too late. I can still make it happen if I just go for those last 10 cm She’s looking  in my eyes. I look in her eyes. 

I do nothing.


The moment passes. It’s been past 4 and I leave.
Right after the date I felt terrible obviously. That’s why I waited to get back to my objective unemotional view and now, 1 day later, I look back at it, and it was a good night for a very first pull after 2 months of game. I also would’ve never been able to get that date a few months back. I’m proud that I now get myself in situations where I experience shit instead of speculating all the time. 

Back at home
When I get home I get some sleep and next day I start to ask my brother for advice since he’s already been through these stages. He knows me better then anyone and completely changes my mind-set on how you’re supposed to receive a no from the girl (in one form or another) and how girls don’t give a fuck about sloppyness, but at the same time tend to punish indecisiveness real hard.  He tells me how trying to close should be an expression of your sexuality and not a technique or strategy and all kinds of stuff. I'm starting to feel more pumped then ever. . I took myself and game waaaay to serious at that moment. I forgot to have fun, like I normally always have. I feel all the realizations flow through my head. Holy shit bromigo. I want a round 2, whether it be with this girl again or just a new one, whatever, I WANNA TRY AGAIN. 

I’ve always known that I could be getting laid a LOT more then I’m getting right now. I always had a suspicion that being passive and not taking enough action and looking for permission are my core problems that stop me. When my brother and friends told me it was true awhile ago it wasn’t nice for me to hear. When Julien brought out his permission boy video it was even slightly painful to hear the truth. But in the end there’s nothing more harsh then experiencing first hand in field how this problem clearly stops me from getting laid and progressing in game. There’s absolutely nothing I needed to do anymore to close her but to take that last final little bit of action. LOL this date really nailed it down for me.XD  

I’m more pumped and motivated then ever. I need to stop focussing on all the aspects of game that I already know how to do on a reasonable level for now and start to FULLY focus on taking action and not seeking permission and just cut through bullshit, especially my own bullshit. I don’t expect to change overnight, but I believe I can cut my learning curve a lot if I focus on this. The timing of this realization is great cause I’m going to one of the most important parties this year tomorrow. This party is just build for creating momentum and taking action, cause there’s just so many friends and girls I’ve met that are coming. I’ve already bought tickets to go to some huge parties later this week, but I’ll probably be going out every day for the rest of the week anyway. Awesome times bro.
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 The Tuesday Special.
So this Tuesday was the last of a fuckin epic marathon of Student Night Tuesdays that ran non-stop for the past 9 months. A night that celebrated the ending of a great year. I did something I haven’t done in a club for a VERY long time; get fuckin wasted. Like gibberish talking and obnoxiously loud yelling type of wasted.  I kept trying to get Saint_ to come as well, but the gaylord keeps telling me he has an important exam the next day and keeps talking about how important it is to stay home and study. Okay. He’s gonna miss out. :D

The club:
I arrive at the club at 24:00 with 2 friends and I go downstairs to hang up my coat. I hear someone behind me talking to me. Wtf. It’s Saint_. ROFL. Fuck exams brah. So we go back upstairs again and I  notice  that it’s still quite empty. We relax and get a drink.So the first thing we do lately when we hit the clubs is split up. As soon as possible. We usually end up losing each other for big parts of the evening. It feels like going out alone except that you can fall back to your friend in case you get to stressed out. 

I’m standing in front of the bar  and I see an  6-brunette in front of me looking at girls dancing on the bar. I wanna talk to this girl. For 10 seconds or so I feel that fear of approaching. Thinking about what I should say and when I should say it. That instant need to calibrate. Those feelings that tell you now isn’t the right time. In an impuls I cut through the bad emotions and thoughts and start to talk to her;Me: Hey you really look like you wanna dance on that bar as well.Girl: No No I wouldn’t do that...It was a weak little approach, but just overcoming that fear and bad thoughts feels so powerful. I’m starting to feel that fire awakening and the booze is starting to hit in as well.I start talking to other students and people I know by coming here so many times. I get introduced to many people and start feeling my mind shift from speculating to doing. 

Italian girl.
Then an italian 7-girl  walks by and she reckognizes that I’m ***’s younger brother. I immidiately go in to full  hug mode and start telling her she should at least introduce herself. She responses by saying I’m too young for her and that she’s 24. I tell her I’m 23 and I start vibing up close. Full man-to-woman. Cheeks pressed against each other while talking calmly in each other’s ear. We talk a little and before I even really notice it, she escapes. Noooo. Whatever. I’ve btw learned that noticing thing has a great time lag when you’re wasted. 

Russian girl.
I walk around chilling a bit on my own and then I suddenly see Russian girl. This is a girl I’ve been wanting to bang for quite some time now. We’ve kissed a few times, but I haven’t really created the opportunity yet to really make something out of it.  We vibe for a bit and when I escalate she suddenly pulls back and starts yelling; ‘’Are you gonna tell people here I blow black guys again?!’’OMG not this drama again -_-‘. Some douchebag told her a few weeks ago that I was saying crazy things about her. I’ll talk to her later. 

J’s girlfriend.
I decide to check out the basement and then I see J’s girlfriend. J is a dude that is an active organizer of the parties. Me and his girl vibed hard a while back after which I saw him walk by looking kind of stressed. I immidiately asked the girl if they’re dating and she says; ‘well, kinda.. actutally..yeah..’ So I backed off, but afterwards I realized I should do her anyway, cause he would do the same to my girl. Besides I probably won’t be seeing both of them anymore. So the plan was to get her away from him. The problem is that the boyfriend would NOT leave her for more than 5 seconds EVER.  I think back about the hot seat video where Julien steals a girl from tyler by just making insane laser eye contact. I try the same thing. She’s into it and I keep making subtle gestures when her boyfriend isn’t looking that she should come and sneak away with me. She keeps laughing, doubting and looking back and forth between me and her boyfriend. She doesn’t come. When I look back I think I could’ve pulled it off if I was assuming and persisting it more. I need to work on that.

Turkish girls.
I go to the basement and start hanging with friends and other familiar faces.The I see Saint_ again and we go outside together to look for girls. We always go out together, but we rarely wing each other, unless it’s neccesary. We see 2 girls sitting alone on a sidewalk about 5 meters away from the club. These sets are the hardest for me. The ones that ‘appear to be really obvious’. The ones that I have to walk the distance for. I get a little impuls control, but Saint_ (the most impulsive guy you’ll ever meet) already decided that we’re gonna approach. I put up a little resistance, but this has happend enough times these past 2 months to know that he’s always right in these situations and that I should shut the fuck up and go. I shut up and follow him. (+1 Saint_) He opens, but it’s kinda clownish. I break through it by genuinely asking them if they’re exchange students. We talk a little with the girls and Saint_ starts sitting next to his girl, I follow and immidiately sit next to mine, good timing Saint_ (+1 Saint_). At this point I’m fully wasted and fucking owning it with my girl. I vommit my personality over the girl and I notice that when I’m drunk that I don’t focus on the words and sentences, but on where the conversation as a whole is going.  It’s time to escalate though. Then I don’t know why, but Saint_ stops talking to his girl and starts looking at me funny. His girl starts looking at me funny.  He starts laughing like I have a hidden agenda or something and BAM girls are gone. (-100 Saint). I look at him with a wtf-face. We both start laughing. LOL. This night is awesome.

Light skinned girl.
We hang around and I’m standing in a corner with a few of my friends when I see this really hot light skinned girl grinding up against some dude. I’ve seen her here before sometimes and I do feel that chemistry a little when we look in each other’s eyes. She’s always dancing with thay guy. It’s probably her boyfriend. Let’s find out xD. I walk up to her and see her staring at some random painting. I tell she shouldn’t stare like that bla bla bla. Just spitting out bla after blabla. Then her friend comes who already has cockblock written all over her face. She starts making ‘shoo away’ gestures to me. I ignore. I keep talking and she comes close to me and start to lightly push me away from the girl on my chest. I laugh and ignore. The girl starts to freak out a little because her friend keeps pushing me away and tells her not to, but the friend keeps doing it. I say to the cockblock; It’s okay, I know your friend. She doesn’t buy it and my girl busts me on it. I eventually eject. Thinking back now, I should’ve silenced the cock block friend like a real man or at least tell the girl that I understand that her friend is just protecting her so she needs to sneak away form her and come see me. 

Big Head asian girl.
The rest of the night I meet more people from back in the days and just hang and fool around with my friend.  The russian girl comes to kiss me goodbye and she tells me she must bring her  friend home and she can’t stay with me. It’s now past 4 and the club is closing so everyone’s getting their coats. I talk to an asian girl who comes here too every Tuesday and we fluff talk. She has the fucking biggest head ever. I don’t find her attractive, so I don’t really want to escalate or anything.
After getting our coats me and Saint_ walk to his house. Then we see big head asian girl again and she tells me she need to go into the same direction. We start to talk and blabla again and I’m really vommiting me all over her again and the window for a pull starts to open as she keeps telling me she’s lonely and she doesn’t care what other people think and she just wants to party. Then we’re almost at her house and me and Saint_ need to take different direction. She looks at me with puppy eyes waiting for me to make a decision. I did not want to, but the thought crosses my mind that maybe I should go anyway. I hesitate for a few seconds, but decide to call it a night. A few days after, a lot of people tell me I should have gone anyway even though they all admit that she’s hella disguisting. It felt so wrong to go with her, so that alone is a clear sign that I should’ve gone, purely because I didn’t want to. xD. If I think about it, there’s only to be learned from banging a girl you don’t find attractive if you’ve never done it before. Next time I’ll force myself.    

2 things that really sticked this night;
- lately me and my wing decided to drop the word ‘Approaching’ because the word itself feels so hidden agenda, needy, reaction seeking and too much focused on the opening. Instead we say; how many girls have you TALKED to. Or go TALK to her, which reminds us back to the old days 5 or 6 years ago where we just use to TALK to random people on streets, clubs and streets because we felt like it. 

- One thing I keep  noticing more and more these past weeks is how your mind changes as the night progresses. When I enter the club I just feel all these thoughts and observations go through my head. After 2 or so, I just feel the curiousity to try so much intenser then the need to speculate. 

It turns out that the club has been doing so well that it decided to open it’s door on Tuesdays for the entire summer. Nice :D. I’m off tonight to a club with my niece, she’s still really mad at me for not showing up at her birthday a few months ago. Need to make up for it tonight. She’d better hook me up with a hot friend. I’m also going to some crazy parties the next days and probably a round 2 with indian girl. I need to step the fuck up. 
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NOT a field report but conspicuous nontheless:

Sunday night:

I'm at home chiling when I decide to review the past week of going out. Nothing out of the ordinary happend except that clubs are very small crowded these days so I have to learn how to deal with that as well. I've been going out a lot and I've let camera people in clubs take a lot of photos of me. I wanted some of those pics and started to search on websites of the clubs.  While I was searching I noticed that one club organizes a huge GAY party every month and clicked on the  picture album of the last edition
to check out if hot females indeed attend gay parties. 

I notice 1 picture... hmmmm......I know that guy.....wait a WHAT... THE... FUCK!?!?




WHAT THE FUCK DUDE. I thought this guy had a girlfriend. Whuahahaauhahahahahahahahhhahaa I'm in total shock right now.  I did NOT expect this guy to be gay. He used to hook up with tons of girls.
He said he was having trouble with his girl a while ago? He has a 3 year old child? Why isn't he just coming out the closet?? Whahahahhh  Woow.  I'm calling all my friends to tell them the news. 
This used to be a good friend of mine and reliable wingman back in he days. I was actually planning on hitting him up again to go out, but I doubt that he will wing me again unless it will get him some penis. Whahahhahhha. Damn, finding out one of your straight friends who pretends to have a girlfriend is actually gay is a lot more shocking then I imagined. I wonder how long he's been hiding his secret double life. I guess people have a lot more secrets then one might think. 
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Maybe he knows that there are allot of women at gay parties, you'll never know xD
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The pose is hilarious
Someday, I want to be a billionaire.
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