January 17th, 2019
Night Moves - A Journal
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JIZZ GAME- Early May

Michel de Montaigne and myself were at Blind Barber on a recent Friday. I’d been having an okay night, opening, not really in state, getting comfortable.
I see this girl, a pin-up type, sitting alone at the bar. I go up and say something about how the way she moves is very sultry, almost calculated, slow and seductive,
like a burlesque girl or something, the way she sips at her straw with her deep red lips, the way she bats her eyes. I start to get physical,
I may have tried to kiss her immediately, I don’t remember. Something about talking to her, how specifically I was observing her, I just kind of immediately clicked into state.

I start making really intense eye contact, like my eyes are just fucking riveted to hers, no blinking, no looking away, no flinching,
I just picked an eye and bored into it. She says, “Let’s have a staring contest.” She says she never loses.
I fucking her like four times in a row and it’s not even close. I’m cold-blooded as fuck.

One thing I’ve been working on lately is trying to get hornier, to put the “Dong” into “Party Dong”. I’ve got the “Party” down pretty good,
and I can feel my body urging me to be more physical, to escalate faster, but I haven’t been giving myself permission to do it.
The social boundaries haven’t worn off yet. I haven’t been jacking off because I feel that energy kind of bolsters you into State.
This girl was slightly more full-bodied and her hair was dyed with that crayon smelling shit those Dragula girls use, but still attractive.
As we’re having this staring contest I start thinking these really intensely physical, sexual thoughts about how she’s gonna scream when I fuck her
and this kind of shit, trying to get myself really horny, but also thinking she’s subconsciously absorbing this imagery.
It’s funny cause she’s like laughing and playing this cutesy staring contest shit and I’m literally staring at her like a rapist.

I sort of grab her hair by the base of her skull and start tugging on it and stroking it. I keep trying to kiss her, she keeps moving away,
but I’m inching closer, she’s speaking right into my mouth, I can feel her lips, her breath on mine.
She keeps asking me why I’m not drinking, where my friends are, standard qualifying shit. She says she recently got out of a 6 year relationship.
My hands are on her back and hips and shit. Finally, she turns her head and I see where she’s let her guard down and pounce:
I bite her ear and start sucking on the lobe and tongueing the inside. I can feel her quivering. She turns to me with a jump
and I keep hold of her hair and kiss her deep and open mouthed. The shit was on. I had broken through. All of a sudden I feel that sweet release down below...

I wasn’t even that conscious I had a boner. Maybe I rubbed too hard against her barstool but I feel the juice running down my leg like the fucking Lemon Song.
Her attitude, my attitude, the atmosphere in the room, everything totally changes. I had been in State, but in a very high strung kind of way, and all that stress just kind of flushed out.
She could feel it too. She went from playing around to qualifying me in this really serious and authentic way, asking,
“Seriously, who are you? What are you on? What is this?” like she could feel me pulling away.
I’m blissfully disengaged, almost beyond State, like I overshot the mark. Totally, hilariously happy, in profound amazement at what had just occurred
and no longer giving a fuck if I’m getting laid or not. Girls are looking at me from across the bar. I put my phone in front of her and I scream, “Put your # in my phone!”
and she keeps asking “Who are you?” and saying “I never give my number out.” de Montaigne had come up a couple times asking if I was ready to go.
I tell her “Put your goddamn fucking number in my phone!” but not in a mean way, in a playful, sardonic way. I’m over it. I’m not gonna fight the girl for her number, so I leave.

The first thing I say to de Montaigne when we get outside is “I came in my fucking pants” and he starts laughing hysterically until he lays down on the middle of the sidewalk.
I was done for the night after that. I did approaches, but I wanted nothing. I probably would’ve been money if I had any desire to have sex whatsoever.
Girls were watching me cross the bar. Girls were approaching me. Some dudes threw some Mexican newspapers at de Montaigne because he approached some girls on Essex.
Some Italian dudes said they loved him cause he approached some chick while she was talking on her phone. I was laughing like I was high.
It’s weird how you can go out sober, and just from talking to different people, opening and opening and building really intense emotional dynamics with people, how at the end of the night you really do feel high.

So, I submit for your consideration a new technique: “Jizz Game”, which is where you find the first girl you can, rub against her till you come, and the rest of the night you’re in Nirvana,
just an intense pleasure building and building and releasing in a glorious hysteria. If you can get it up again after that point you’re fucking money...
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Kind of a chody night. Met up with a buddy, who is kind of a natural and who I used to work with, at a bar in the West Village.
Before he got there I Ran into a girl I used to work with who has a crush on me. Talked to her and her hot friends.
Since I've started going out 4-6 times a week about a month ago I've been pretty removed from the people I used to know,
so it was interesting to see how I would act around them, if I would shrink back into the person I was before, or if anything had changed.
I was pretty in state all day, but I did kind of chode up after 3+ hours of catching up with these people.

The issue is how to balance your personality/life within the community/club with that outside. A lot of my identity to these people
is probably one of a very nice, funny, but basically conciliatory guy, so it would feel weird going in and acting like a boss.
I was sort of switching back and forth between leading the girls and being honest and congruent and in state,
and being kind of a wimpy little monkey, which is probably what this particular girl likes about me. When they left,
one her friends gave me a hug, which I think was a good sign that I didn't chode out too much and there was some attraction there.
They had plans to see a movie and she texted me after, almost certainly DTF, but I was more interested in going out.

I did a 3 set at the bar, gorgeous girls. It went well, I was relaxed, but I ejected when my buddy came.
We ended up talking for a couple hours about work and shit, walking around Meatpacking, where I did a couple of very weak approaches.
It wasn't that I was uncomfortable, but I couldn't go into full rage mode with him there, because he only knows me as a civilian.
I talked to him a little bit about RSD, but it's an esoteric path, and I feel like he would have to see some instant make outs
and bathroom pulls to be interested in it. Went to the Biergarten. Did a few more apporaches.
I haven't been drinking the last couple weeks because i really don't need it when I go out, but he bought me a couple beers,
so I ended up a little drunk, which I did find kind of boosted my state.

I did a couple sets where I was very keyed in to how the girls were feeling, but I was sort of reactive/mocking whatever they were doing
and they immediately blew out. As a man, you need to know what the girl is feeling at all times, but remain unreactive to it.
I thought I was being funny. They thought I was being creepy.

Around 2 my buddy left and my state was pretty deflated. I did a couple weak approaches out front as people were leaving.
I met two beautiful girls on vacation and we went into Le Bain together, but I reverted to being a tour guide for them and taking their picture and shit.
I opened two not so attractive girls to try and build state and they were very enthusiastic about the stupid shit I was saying about Crepes and it did boost my state.
I met up with the tourist girls again and they were like "Did you do a shot? Cause you've got way more energy now" and I started to get physical,
but it fizzled out because I was self-censoring/ thinking too much.

It was some girl’s birthday and her friends said if I got in to the pool she would get in, and, like a chode, I stripped down to my underwear and got in.
She did not. Still, it was nice to swim, as the pool at Le Bain is the only pool I have access to, and I did get manhandled by a muscular gay dude in a mesh speedo,
which gave me a good reference experience about escalating even if you are making somebody uncomfortable as fuck.

Met up with de Montaigne, who was in raging lunatic mode. He was standing in the middle of the roof howling like a goddamn wolf, totally "not giving a fuck".
I admired his lack of inhibition. I could feel myself sort of getting pulled up into his energy, then crashing back down. We did an amusing 3 set
where we just started screaming at these girls, giving them superhero names. “YOU ARE EXO_SKELETON GIRL! YOU ARE FRAGRANCE OF THE NIGHT! AND YOU ARE THE WANDERER!”
Then we got completely silent and just stared at them. They stayed a surprisingly long time before they left.
They told us we weren’t that funny and we needed to be funnier. They were wrong. We were fucking hilarious. I think our improv classes are really starting to pay off.

de Montaigne told me to go into a mixed 3 set and say nothing but “I smell muffins” at least five times. I did.

I did a 5 set with some girls from Mexico City that went pretty well. This girl was freaking out and kept saying “Pandejo!” about something.
I sat next to her and assuredly started to calm her with very solid, unreactive eye contact, at which point de Montaigne came in and screamed
“DO NOT TALK TO THIS MAN! DO NOT TALK TO THIS MAN!”and then bid us adieu by yelling “PEACE BITCHES!” in her face.
She was not happy about this. She kept saying “How would you feel if I yelled in your face ‘Peace Motherfucker’?” but I was calm and said “I’m not him,”
and she relented. She was giving me kino (Do people still say that?), but I didn’t have the balls to escalate. One of her friends gave me some of her crepe,
including a strawberry, which I take to mean they thought I was pretty cool. I later saw them outside the club, but was too deflated to re-open/ go for the number.

Walked around the club like a creep for a little while before I left. It was 4 am. Didn’t do any street sets, which are usually my favorite. Not a failure of a night, but no real success to speak of.


-Escalate, escalate, escalate. Need to get more comfortable/intelligent in an attractive girl's personal space.
-Staying in a dominant/leading mode. The two tourist girls would probably have been DTF if I had shown any modicum of testosterone.
-Focusing the Party. I can get to a place where I’m not giving a fuck in the greater sense of the club, but I need to bring this attitude to the little sphere of intimacy with a girl. It’s almost like talking to a baby. You must get right 6 inches from their face and make intense eye contact and self amuse and the whole rest of the world will disappear.
-Expanding new comfort with self and self confidence to relationships with old friends and acquiantences. Perhaps a lot of these older acquiantences liked you because you were constantly seeking validation/ conciliatory? They fed off these leakages of energy? I guess it’s not really about them, it’s about not budging from the center of your self/ remaining congruent.
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I found out about pick up a few years ago when I saw the Mystery Show on VH-1 (hahaha). I was in a relationship at the time, but after we broke up, I ordered ‘the Mystery Method’ off Amazon and went out and used some of the lines and shit. I was totally fucking shocked when, on my first night out, a girl exploded and hugged me when I told her she “would be so mine right now if I weren’t gay.” I read the Game, the Rules of Attraction, all that shit, but I was too lazy to learn routines and too afraid to approach. I thought the idea of attracting women with canned material was kind of gross and could never really commit to it. I tried to do Neil Strauss’ 30 day Challenge, but it reeked of self-help bullshit to me (Look at yourself in the mirror and say shit like, “You are the sun and other people orbit around you.”) and I pussied out on like day 4 when I was supposed to approach 4 girls and ask them where a good place to buy clothes would be. I ended up just going out 3 nights a week, getting pathetically drunk on PBR and maybe doing 1 set that didn’t go anywhere, if I was lucky. Honestly, I’ve never had so much as a prolonged conversation with a girl in a bar until recently. I was too caught up in envisioning the interaction beforehand. Probably the most embarrassing approach I did during this time was going up to a girl in a rock club with the classic neg “I like your hair. Is it real?” To which the girl replied with a frown “No.”

I’ve never been great at going at and getting the girls I want, but I’ve had a pretty good run with girls that came my way here and there. I wasn’t a 25 year old virgin or anything. I’ve had a few girlfriends, all pretty hot, and a number of hook ups, but I never felt I’ve gotten the success with women that I’ve deserved. People are always telling me I’m handsome but I’m a pretty solitary person and usually I’m something of an outcast. For most of my life I felt there was some kind of profound misunderstanding between me and women, like I was this handsome dude so they were supposed to want to fuck me, but they didn’t want to fuck me. I’ve had a number of attractive girls approach me only to watch the interest plummet out of their face after 2 minutes of talking to me. I thought it was because my entire personality was wrong. Something about the way I made jokes, or the way I saw things, women were just disgusted by it. I thought, if I’ve got to say shit like “C’svs. U’s” or “Do you believe in spells?” or learn how to palm read to get girls, then I’d rather be alone. I wasn’t going to change who I was. I thought I was pretty cool.

The idea of DHVing I could never get past. I didn’t want to learn these cheesy routines and have to prove to every fucking new set that I was worth talking to. That is what was really revolutionary to me about RSD, the idea of ASSUMING higher value. That when you’re born, you’re worthy, you don’t have to prove anything to anybody. It’s about returning to your originaly nature. Quieting all the neurosis. If you can learn to be comfortable and yourself, that’s all you need. You don’t need $200 jeans or a manicure or Peacock gear. It’s funny, because women always say that confidence is the sexiest thing and that the best pick up line is “Hey, how are you doing?” and as a chode you can’t really get your mind around this. You think it means you need to go up with like this TURBO confidence. It’s fake. It’s the same thing with state. I used to think being in state meant drinking a bunch of red bull and listening to music that pumps me up before I go out, like you have to be this crazy high energy maniac who takes the club by storm. You end up forcing this too, and when you get to the club and get blown out immediately you start to feel self-conscious, your state crashes and you start drinking to get it up again. You start questioning yourself, betraying your own feelings. You think, “Goddamnit, why do I feel this way? Why am I not jacked up? Goddamnit, body! You’re sabotaging me. My body language is all fucking wimpy, my hands are in my pockets, I’m fidgeting.” It’s a downward spiral from there. The best thing I heard about getting in state was it’s like “sliding backward into Mud.” This is totally true. Just feel whatever you’re feeling. This is what’s going to serve you in an interaction, your ability to recognize when feelings are arising between you and a girl and letting them happen and/or encouraging them. Congruence is really just admitting what you’re feeling.

A couple summers ago I started meditating, but I didn’t apply or connect it to Pick-Up, and, in a way, I used it in kind of the opposite way that I do now. I heard David Lynch saying meditation was great for creative people because it was a way of “Catching the Big Fish” and generating ideas, so I meditated as means to think of new ideas creatively. I’m a writer and meditation was a way for me to go into myself and get new angles on things. I realized that everyday, from the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep, I never spent any time with myself, just thinking. I was always reading, on my phone, watching movies, writing, listening to music, trying to consume as much culture as possible, thinking that was the way to be a better artist. After all, filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino and Francois Truffaut became great filmmakers because they had seen 10,000 movies in their lives and Stephen King recommends for writers to spend four hours every day reading and four hours every day writing. When you couple this with a job/school, you don’t really have time for your friends. I kept people out of my life in a very sharp way. I needed time for solitude to write and read. I still think that’s important, but I think it is probably more important to be open to life, to say yes to things and allow yourself to be swept up in them. How can you be an artist if you know nothing about life? If you don’t have any idea how people relate to each other? If you don’t understand the structure and motivation behind a people’s actions? Going out and talking to women is a great, great way to learn this kind of stuff.

Last year a dude named Michel de Montaigne moved into this brownstone I live in in Brooklyn. He started telling me about rsd and I sort of watched a few of the videos here and there, once again, not giving them too much attention because I needed that time to write and read. I went out with him a few times and did maybe one set a night or something, total chode shit. I couldn’t get around the idea that my personality was just wrong for women. I liked my personality, it was who I was as an artist, and I wasn’t going to change into some lame Pick-Up Douche. I went out with him and watched him make out with literally every single one of this group of four hot girls that were in town for vacation. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t get it. I resented him for it.

Then I watched this video on Youtube of Jeffy dressed as Santa Claus fucking mauling all these girls in broad daylight on the street and I was amazed. One night after work I had done a shot and smoked a little bit and I decided to try the same thing. There were these two girls and I went over, totally oblvious to anything they were saying or doing and did “The Claw.” I dragged one of them to the dance floor, grabbed her by the hair, spun her around and just fucking starting making out with her hardcore. She goes “Oh my God!” like in this really breathy, fuck me kind of way, grinding on my shit like a fucking dog in heat, bending over to the floor, going buck wild. I’m thinking, “What the hell is going on here? That was so easy.” I thought I was in, but her friend dragged her away. Everybody in the room saw it. One of the bartender’s who was gay, who had hitherto only viewed me as probably a weak little chode, asked me if I wanted to come back to his place. Of course I declined. The next night I went out and did the same kind of shit, mauling girls, getting physical, and it was getting me waaayy better results than any of the Mystery Method shit. The most important lesson for me was, if you’re comfortable with it, she’ll be comfortable with it. They feel whatever you feel.

But I sort of laid off for a while. For whatever reason a couple weeks ago I started to watch the videos again. I was surprised to see how what they were saying, about meditation, about congruity, already jived with what I believed. I’m kind of a new-agey, mystical guy. I’m really into poetry, I balance my chakras, and the movie “My Dinner With Andre” was my Bible for a while (Great movie, definitely check it out if you’ve never seen it). It’s weird, I feel like the stuff most people have a problem with in RSD, the new-agey Hippie shit, that’s the stuff that I totally accept and believe. It’s all about energy, which is an incredibly difficult thing to define and talk about. You can’t really control it. You can harmonize with it, manipulate it, almost like music or sound. It’s there for you to play with, but you’re not quite sure where it’s coming from. Even by going out only these past couple weeks, I’m way more aware of this field of energy that courses through every interaction, and I realize that it’s what women pay attention to almost exclusively and most guys are totally oblivious to it. Good energy kind of lubricates and guides your body language and if you are really in tune with it, you almost can’t make a wrong move.

To me, it’s not even really about fucking, it’s about being looked at in a certain way, being thrown the anime eyes by every girl in the room. This is what I really want. Now that I’ve got a few weeks under my belt, I’m starting to see that it’s also about having fun and learning. Going out with de Montaigne has been a fuckload of fun and I can’t thank him enough for pushing me into this crazy new world.


This is not self-obsession. Self-obsession is when your mind gets stuck
in an operation where it is constantly looking for confirmations of it’s own high,
or, failing that, low, opinion of itself. I know what it’s like to be in a place mentally
where everyone you meet, everything you see, throws you back into your self.
You’re not really seeing anything or anybody, you’re too worried
about how you’re being recieved. Going out and approaching heightens your perceptions
of everything. Every now and again a girl will remark, “OMG your pupils are HUGE!”
They think you’re on Ecstacy.

It’s time to stop believing all the myths we’ve been fed by corporate advertising our whole lives.
The power of a woman’s sexuality, the beauty of her form, has been co-opted by corporations
and leveraged against us to sell us things. If you believe you are broken somehow
you will buy anything they want to sell you to fix yourself so that you’ll be worthy of love.
If you go into a bar you will see a room full of guys,
90% of whom are actively creating a belief in their own inferiority.
The women are flaunting their sexuality at the men, as a taunt, as a dare.
The men just stand there and stare,

We have not even made it to the surface.
The surface is a hard thing to admit you see.
The safe choices are made because they will keep us safe,
but they don’t keep us safe at all. They keep us alone.
To don a blue Oxford Button down and stone washed khakis and hold a drink waist high;
To grow a curly moustache and get tattoos of deer antlers and drink PBR.
Even karaoke is another way to die. Dying each night into a glass of beer, into a shot,
hoping for the love you have not given yourself. You keep putting alcohol into your mouth
thinking it’s some kind of magic cure that will turn you into a wonderful person.

But your mind will heal itself if you just sit and listen to it for a few minutes each day.
It is already in you. It is limitless. You are already filled.
Disprove all the lies that pen your tiny heart.
Drugs and alcohol are there to drum up states of consciousness
we can draw out of each other naturally.
For whatever reason we’ve been taught to fear our emotions.
Who has the courage to look into a pair of eyes unshielded
by self-consciousness or without the lather of beer?
There’s endless energy to give and be given. Instead
it leaks away in 1000 little distractions.
A lifetime of whimpered nights.

People worship embarrassment in an odd sort of way.
All of our sitcoms are about “awkward” moments or weirdoes
who live flagrantly outside the social norm.
One who is embarrassed has stepped out of the stupor,
the trance of conformity and automation,
or maybe they’ve stumbled out of it clumsily.
People savor embarrassment, I think, in the same way
they become in love with their own damage.
They don’t seek embarrassment, but what else can you do with it
but turn it into some kind of laugh?
‘AWK-WARD!’ people are fond of saying.
We desperately want to be freed from obeying this strict social code all the time.
That’s why we drink, but the only way to do it is to approach, t
o step into the world of impulse, of self-direction, of self-amusement,
of self-expression, the world of feeling.
It’s a scary place to be at first.
Women have the privelage of being escorted to this dynamic world of adventure.
It’s our job to take them there, comfortably and safely.
No one is going to do that for us.

But “Game” is only superficially about picking up chicks.
Women are only the beginning.
It’s really about giving people back to each other,
restoring people’s confidence in themselves and freeing them
from the debilitating hypnosis of the Corporate world,
which can only profit off of our devout belief in our own inadequacies.
Advertisers and Corporations have stolen the hearts right out of our chests
and are trying to sell them back to us, one product at a time.
People don’t really want to buy things, they want to buy experiences.
All we have to realize is that there’s an endless world
of energy and delight inside of us, free for the taking, any time we want,
if we only give it to each other.
Hopefully the commercialization of friendship or, worse, love, is not next,
although Facebook and online dating are steps in this direction.
As of now, it’s still free for us to talk to each other, to feel things,
but, for some stupid reason, it takes a hell of a lot of courage
to stand up and do so, to not worry about looking a fool.
For the man who can talk to anybody,
and be comfortable in himself
regardless of the situation,
the world is his oyster.


-To go out 4-6 times a week.
-To get more comfortable and impulsive when going out without smoke or alcohol
-Meditate every day for 20 minutes at least.
-To meet new wings and community members in the NYC area
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Interesting, intense night. Went to Union Pool alone,
the premiere Hipster meat market in Williamsburg and
probably the nexus of all things hipster in the Galaxy.

I was almost never out of set from 11pm to 4 am, but I’ll only talk about the most notable.
I got tooled hardcore a couple times in a row, which put me in very uncomfortable situations both times.
The first I went up to two girls at the fountain. I was saying crazy, crazy shit all night, telling people
I was from the planet Zebulor and i came to visit my friends, the shrubbery.
One of the girls was fucking gorgeous and my eye contact was pretty solid,
and I was pretending to recite a poem for her, which they could tell I was making up on the spot.
I kind of folded and then this fucking huge dude comes up and she’s like, “This is my boyfriend.”
At first I ignored him, but it was clearly over, so I started talking to him.
He was a huge fucking douchebag, his opinions representing everything I hate
about the typical comfortable, entitled white alpha male. Not that big of a deal though, so I moved on.
I saw them a couple more times in the night and joked about how much I sucked.

I open this girl sitting in a corner of the patio with like 7 or 8 friends, but I isolate her immediately
and turn my back on everybody else. I said something about how we were having “Mind sex”
and her friends, particularly the 3 dudes, overheard it and started making fun of me for it.
I didn’t care, BUT then she asked me to buy her friends a shot if we were gonna have mind sex
and I was like “Fuck no,” and a weird gasp of energy kind of shot through everybody.
Like, hey buddy, what the fuck is your problem? I felt really uncomfortable, but I stood my ground.
I was just trying to be fun and now things had turned ugly. She asked me to buy her a shot again
and I said “Hell no” again. I felt like I didn’t lose her respect, and I held eye contact,
my back still to all of her friends, and I think I could’ve pushed it farther. I think she was attracted to me
as a strong, solitary man, as opposed to her fucking petty chode guy friends. As I left
one of them said something about “Mind sex” and I went up to him and was like, “Don’t worry, pal, the mind sex is over.”

The weird thing was, almost immediately I had probably the best set of my night.
Like, getting embarrassed sharpened my shit intensely. I went up to these two brazilian girls.
At first I was focused on the less hot one, but I realized, wtf am I waiting for and I immediately got physical
with the hotter one. We had really fucking intense eye contact and the escalated very slowly, working my way up
to my hands on her hips and back and digging my fingers into her spine. I wasn’t really saying anything,
but it was almost like I was kissing her with my eyes. Like, whereever I looked, her neck, her lips, her breasts,
she could feel what I was going to do to her almost as if I had grazed over them or actually touched them.
At first she was saying things like, “I can’t kiss you,” which changed to “I can’t kiss you here.”
I was getting really close to her neck, and I thought I was wearing her down. The kinds of escalation I find myself getting into,
I just wrap myself around the girl and stare at her, I stop talking and it’s all about eye contact and physicality.
It’s a long process, almost like a snake digesting a goat, very slow, an inch by inch process of working your way to the kiss.
They kept saying shit about how they needed to pee, how they needed drinks, this that.
I let them go pee, thinking it would show something to her about my lack of neediness,
but I couldn’t find them again. Stupid on my part. It popped the bubble

Approached some girl on the dance floor. A guy, probably in the community, interrupted me.
I looked at him and said “Dude, this is my girlfriend.” We had a kind of intense stare down,
certainly something I’m not used to, once again, uncomfortable. He’s like, “Is that true?”
I say, yeah, though it’s obviously not true, and I hold my ground and
he sort of leaves after a few seconds before I do.

Kept doing sets, but I was sort of in performing monkey mode,
although I was really amusing myself and behaving in ways I never have previously,
moving differently, chasing the impulses, speaking in weird tonalities.
Self-impressing, self-overhearing. Two girls likened what I was doing to a little play,
which was pretty accurate, and flattering, because I’m an actor and I love the theatre.
Maybe not the best thing for pick-up though...

Went to another bar close by to use the bathroom and approached this fucking gorgeous polish girl and her two friends sitting at the bar.
I sort of laid myself over her like a blanket. At first I was saying stuff about how I lived on Sesame Street, and I told her about all my neighbors,
about how there was a bird who was big and yellow, named big bird, “He’s pretty cool,” and a guy who lives in a trash can named Oscar, who’s “Kind of an asshole.”
She was laughing. I was very, very close to her face, making lazer fucking eye contact. Then I stopped talking and that's where it got bizarre.
I literally stood there with my arm around her back for probably 20 minutes to half an hour without saying anything, staring at her, a fucking standoff, a miniature Cold War on Metropolitan Avenue.
She started to say “Leave me alone, stop touching me,” things like this, but I could see her smiling and looking at my lips. She was serious, but she was also attracted I think.
It was a similiar situation to the one with the brazilian girl earlier. I was undressing her with my eyes. She probably was turned on, and totally hated that she was turned on.
She didn’t get up and leave. Her friends didn’t say shit. She didn’t take my hand away. She talked to her friends like I wasn’t there, but I would tap her on the shoulder
and she’d turn and look at me and say, “Please, i’m trying to talk to my friends, go away.” I felt like a total creep, but I was also trying to call her bluff. I just kept staring.
Finally she calls the bartender over and says to get the bouncer. The bartender, who was a girl, didn’t seem like it was that unusual or big of a deal and said,
“Are you really gonna make me get the bouncer or are you just gonna leave?” Now, this is where I should’ve held my ground. I don’t know what I should’ve said,
but I could’ve shown them that I wasn’t a creep, that I was strong, that it would be okay, I just had strong intentions. Instead, I threw my hands up and left.
This girl was really fucking hot, and it was a massive shit test, I think. These hot, hot girls have a lot of fucking barriers you’ve got to go through. They've all got a Secret Service detail,
8 different layers of cock-blocking friends and soul-shattering shit tests and bitchiness. You've got to learn to forge through them.
Please tell me if I’m way off on this and I was just being a massive creep...

So I relent, I let my prey go. I go back to Union Pool, but it’s 3 and I’m drained emotionally.
I’m really in state at this point, just intensely present. I go up and talk to these two girls,
rifling off stupid shit, but it gets uncovered that me and this one girl have a really strong connection, a lot in common.
She asks me if I’m on anything because my pupils are dilated. I say no.
She knew a lot about me, even though she’s never met me, like she’s kind of psychic, which kind of flipped the frame.
She tells me I’m a lion, that I have a lion face, I move like a lion, and that she loves lions, that I’m an actor, weird shit.
She’s really cool, and at this point it’s clear that it’s her leading me, it’s me being impressed with her, rather than the other way around.
I sort of try to flip it back in my favor, but I’m tired and I genuinely am impressed with and like her.
Her friend goes inside and I sort of look at her lips and almost imperceptibly move my head in for the kiss
and she just goes “No,” with a wave of her hand almost like she was a fucking wizard thwarting a spell.

I don’t think it was because she wasn’t attracted, I just think it was because I hadn’t earned it, and I wasn’t leading, and it wasn’t the right place.
She tells me she doesn’t have a phone, which I believe because she’s kind of a hippie
and won’t buy one because she doesn’t like the employment practices of the people who make them,
so she writes her e-mail and her full name in a little book I carry around with me, “The Essesntial Rumi,”
(Who is a really great spiritual poet I would highly recommend, as his shit is very much in line with the meditation and Tolle stuff),
so I’m looking forward to day 2 with her.


-Kind of a scary night, lot of ups and downs, lot of uncomfortable situations, which is good. I felt stronger at the end, like more of a man. I shaved off a couple layers of my comfort zone
-It’s okay to be more laid back, to be less wild and more focused in an interaction. Don’t need to be such a performing monkey. Still trying to figure out how big I need to go when self-amusing/ overwhelming the club.
-REALLY need to figure out how to escalate physically in a way that I’m taking all the responsibility/ won't get me arrested. Need to do it faster. Cannot take three days to escalate like a fucking boa constrictor squeezing the resistance out of a goat.
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Went out to Meatpacking last night. After Saturday I was a little drained emotionally
and couldn't pump my state. Did some street sets. Weak sauce.
I've come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a blow out.
Like, most the girls have the same stupid, boring lives as everybody else
and the people they know are probably lame. If anything, a blow out is their loss.
It represents a failure on their part to recognize your innate coolness
or to give you sufficient time to reveal it to them.

Didn't want to wait in line for clubs or anything so I went to the East Village.
Met two girls on Avenue A and had some drinks with them at some Polish Dive Bar.
I decided to explore how long I could be in set and develop a relationship over a night,
rather than trying to bulldoze into makeouts left and right. Ended up making out with the hot one.
She was really neurotic and said she was afraid of PDA, but I could see in her eyes she was turned on.
She did a shot out of a crystal skull glass. She kept asking me, like they do, "No, seriously, where did you come from?"
I probably could've pulled her, but I lacked the testicular fortitude and I put her into a taxi back to Williamsburg.
I'm wondering what would've happened if I just got in the cab with her and told them to go to my house.
She probably would've been find making out in the cab, a more private place.
This girl was really neurotic and scattered and needed someone to lead her every step of the way.
The logistics of the pull are kind of hard because I live in Brooklyn and can't really afford cabs to my house all the time.
Of course, the subway would cause a huge state break. I went home after that.
So I have a possible day 2 situation, although I texted her and she has yet to text back.
Did a few more sets on the way to the subway. Some girls asked me if I was on MDMA cause my pupils were huge.

The thing is, I'm turning girls on with my intense eye contact, but they have no fucking idea who I am.
I am making them laugh by being crazy, but it's more like performing monkey laughter than strong, flirtatious laughter.

I've been thinking that this life is an esoteric life. It's almost like being a criminal, not in that it's against the law,
but in that it's a community that operates outside the typical "Laws" or customs that most people live by.
There's a whole other code to live by, a whole other game being played,
a different system of rules being enacted than what most guys think.
Girls are just so much more advanced in social interactions than your typical guy.
He has no idea what's going on. He takes everything she does as being sincere.
"To live outside the law you must be honest," is how Bob Dylan put it. We're taking risks that other people
couldn't imagine. It is dangerous, but it's not that dangerous. and it reveals this whole other world of communication
that I, for one, had no idea existed. We're not going to go to jail,
but we do take a lot of punishment. Certain people are just outsiders.
What else would drive us to going out 7 nights a week, getting tooled hardcore,
saying shit like "Fuck you, I love you, Kill yourself,"
getting rejected by more girls in one night than most guys do in a year?
I'm not sure that the average guy
could commit totally to the emotional abuse that comes with this life.

-Rhythm is KEY to pumping state. You really need to get into a place where you can just do sets and sets and sets that you absolutely don't care about. Self-amusement happens gradually. You can't force it, but it will happen if you just keep saying stupid shit and blowing out in funny ways.
-Want to wake up before noon. Last couple days I've been waking up after 1.
-You need to take some risks to pull. The girls need you to take the risks. Still learning the boundaries of what you can get away with.
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Field Report May 29 - I'M A VERY NICE MAN

Good night. I wasn’t even going to go out.
I was trying to set up some day 2s and all my shit flaked,
so I was kind of dwelling on that.
de Montaigne came into my room after midnight
and says “Let’s go to Dollar Beer Night.” So we do.

Earlier in the day I had a couple interesting sets at the book store.
I talked to some girl at the stacks outside and I was surprised with the ease that the conversation went forth.
It was my first day game kind of thing and it seemed easier then a club set. I could be patient and let the interaction come to us.

This young gay black dude opened ME when he came up and started talking about how he jacked off that day
and how he was into anything, letting dudes come on his chest, he kept saying, “What do I have to do to get a gay scholarship?”
A month ago, I would’ve sort of humored the guy, or at least laughed it off but after a couple hundred cold approaches
I’ve seen enough blow outs to know how it’s done, and I handled it pretty fucking strongly.
I shut the guy out and he left not long after he approached.
I suppose this was some kind of karma for all of the crazy shit I’ve said to girls recently.

I usually smoke a little bit before I go out, to ease the anxiety.
Last night I did not and I think it worked to my benefit. I did not do that many sets, but they all went well.
I had strong physical connections and probably could have gotten make outs in all of them.
The downside was that it was harder for me to talk in a stream of consciousness and I strained to get in state and let the emotions carry me.
I was much more calibrated though. Being sober, I wasn’t as powerful emotionally,
but the girls could tell I was sober, rather than in “Clown Zone”.
Still trying to find the balance of energy
and last night was a step in the right direction.

I ended up making out with this cute little blond chick pretty hardcore,
and I could have pulled, but she got wasted and turned brain dead.
I let her go look for her friends and when I started making out again
I couldn't re-establish the sexual connection. The energy was gone
and I tried to force it and it didn't quite work. She started dancing with some dude
who did the fish hook move on her, where you pretend to cast and reel them in
on the dance floor. At that point, I was turned off. It seemed too easy, so I let her pass.

On the way home I walked into a 3 set with really intense focus on one girl
and you could tell she was loving it. I didn’t say anything, just walked up
and looked at her very specifically. She smiled nervously
and said, “Oh my God, who are you? WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?”
Which is a question that literally almost every set asks me.
I haven’t figured out how to answer it.
I’ve been very literal, telling them my name, where I’m from, where I live, what I do.
I have been ridiculous, saying I’m from the future, from Mars.
I told this particular girl, “I am from the night,” which is probably the creepiest thing you can possibly say.
I broke eye contact with her to establish contact with her friends and that’s when they all left.
If you come in that intensely, it’s only when you break that the blow out happens.
They went to meet some other friends and as I walked past they were
half creeped out, half turned on, trying to figure out if I was
some crazy gutter punk dirt bag or what, and as I passed
I put my hands above my head and said, “I’m a very nice man.”

Does anybody have any advice about what to do/say when a girl says,
“Where did you come from? No, who are you really?” I know they’re asking this
because they’re attracted and they literally met me like two minutes ago
and I’m eye fucking the shit out of them and they know nothing about me.
Any advice would be appreciated.

-Need to open more mixed sets.
-Need to do Day Game.
-Figure out the "Where did you come from?" question
-I've been unemployed for 3 weeks now. I need to figure out a better way to spend my days than sleeping till 1 and reading this forum.
-Being in state does not mean being a maniac every night. You can be chilled out and vibe that way, in fact, it might get you further, because girls can see you are socially calibrated.
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Hit up 13th Step around 11:00. The end of the Heat Celtics game was on so the whole bar was captivated by that.
I was sober. Got blown out handily. Met up with de Montaigne and went to Blind Barber.
On the way there we chatted up a couple girls on the street and they invited us in to play pool.
We told them we'd be in in a few minutes
then we split. We felt like hot chicks.

Didn't feel like a chode, did a lot of approaches, but I spent a lot of time out of set and could not get in state.
I was pre-judging everything I was saying, second guessing myself, suppressing my energy, trying to force it.
It's hard not to be self-conscious when you're sober. More blow-outs.
I told some girls my dick was the size of a phytoplankton.

I told my wing that it doesn't matter how many blow-outs you have,
because if you get one pull, that makes your night a success.
The hard part is making the blow-outs amusing, using them to gain state,
rather than letting them defeat you and dampen your mood.
Don't take anything the girls say personally, because it isn't personal.
It's just their auto-pilot shit.

Went to Pianos. Things started to pick up a bit. I did Manwhore's "I can't believe I shaved my balls for this" opener.
I've recently discovered Manwhore's EPIC, RAW, 2 HOUR, PROTEIN JAKKED FACEFUCK SPEECH on youtube
and he's my new hero. de Montaigne used the shaved balls line on some tall Irish dude and got into some static with him.
The guy re-opened us asking why we were so weird. I played it off. de Montaigne sort of confronted the guy,
and he began to say shit about how we should shut our mouths and how he was going to kick our asses.
We decided it was time to leave. On the way out I saw a pretty brunette at the bar downstairs
and it was my best set of the night. She was very receptive to my physicality, I put my hands on her
knee, hips, but I didn't go for a make out. I probably should have, and at one point the tension rose nicely
and it was probably the only time all night I was in state. I got the number and hopefully I can show them some
of New York's finest landmarks (including my bed) before they leave. I texted her Brad's "Get home safe - Talent" but got no reply.

Did one last set out front where I just stared at some girl. She probably thought she was hotter than she was.
Girl's get really turned on if you just look at them a certain way, but I'm still uncalibrated and don't know where to go from there.
I asked for her #. She said no. I went home.

-Being congruent to WHATEVER state you're in. If you're feeling mellow, be mellow, have mellow conversations, even if the venue is high energy. If you try to fake high energy, the girl will sense you trying and blow you out. If you just be yourself then you can have a real conversation and the state will free itself gradually.
-Also, approaching less attractive girls early is great for building set. They are almost always more receptive and giving to an interaction.
-Don't even take anything a girl says personally. Don't let it get in your head. It's alljust a game to them.
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Started in Meatpacking. Did a lot of sets at the Biergarten.
# closed a girl, but it will probably flake. One funny thing that happened:
Did a 3 set that was vibing really well and when I introduced myself they’re like ‘Oh my God! Are you Talent?!”
and I was like, “yeah.” They’re like “We met your friend. He said we should stay away from you.
He said you were on ‘To Catch a Predator’.” de Montaigne was going around
and laying land mines for me in every set in the venue, so when they found out my name
they’d think I’m a massive creep. I should’ve went physical with one of the girls, I didn’t,
and bounced up to Le Bain, where Thurs is gay night.
I asked 4 French girls on the way if I could go in with them. They chewed me up and spit me out.
It didn’t phase me, but I didn’t take charge in the interaction. These bitches need dominated.
That’s the only way to get their attention.
It was, unsurprisingly, dude heavy. I can feel myself calibrating better. I’m not quite as wild, but not boring either.
Opened a 2 set on the roof and I could immediately tell it was on with one of the girls.
I did the Boa-Goat thing for about 1/2 an hour. I handled all of her questions gracefully.
My answers were funny and strong and not conciliatory. I felt like I was skiing through a slalom course, not super fast,
but aggressive where I needed to be. She was really into me. I was literally a fraction of an inch from her lips, but she had a boyfriend.
She kept saying, “I totally would, but I have a boyfriend.” I really didn’t believe her. I grabbed her hair, kissed her neck, we eskimo made out.
I was balancing creepily intense eye contact with playfulness and detachment from outcome nicely.
By the end of the set I was super in state. I opened girls with much more force and vigor.
I was getting physical immediately. I did the claw. I could feel sets blowing open.
They could tell immediately from my first word that I was in some other place, that I was somebody they needed to talk to.

It sucked because it was already after 3. I realize that it takes a couple hours of vicious blow outs to get in state.
I thought it would only take an hour or so, but at this point it takes me a while. Also, the club needs to get in state.
The night has an arc to it just like we do. People aren’t fully in euphoric party mode till 2 am or so. Not that this should hold me back,
but earlier in the night people think it’s incongruent when they’re having this chill conversation and you come up like a goddamned escaped lunatic.
Probably the best thing you can do to build state is just find as many middling women as you can and just make-out make-out make-out.
I feed off the sexual tension and draw my state from these Boa-Goat interactions and when they’re over I am always instensely in state.
I need to get into them sooner. That being said, I AM GOING TO FIGURE THIS SHIT OUT.
Every night of the past week I’ve found myself in these stand-offs and I will learn to ski through their slalom of shit tests.
Making out is not that big a deal. I need to make out with everybody, until it becomes like shaking hands.

Did a couple street sets that blew open. Two Cougars on a stoop thought I had great energy.
I vibed with them really well, but didn’t push it or frame it sexually. There was a girl at some pizza place that I opened.
I said, “Hey!” with that authoritative tonality. I could feel my masculinity, my sexuality surging through my voice.
I noticed my tonality was better all night. More dominate, more forceful. Your voice is maybe your best tool.
It’s almost like touching somebody without touching them. At one point I was saying some phrase to the Dancer girl
and I was mouthing it to her like I was licking her chach. It was very sensual. Speech is very sensual, lips and breath and tongue.
You can shock a girl out of her auto pilot and get her attention with the force of one word. When you’re in state, there’s a lot of force behind your words,
they aren’t hollow. It’s like there’s a perfect proportion of mass behind them to match your intent. It’s deals a solid blow.
You aren’t flailing or throwing weak punches. The words ride the impulse perfectly.

Opened this gorgeous girl at a pizza place with, “Hey!” She looks up like, Who is THIS? I’m like, “You’re beautiful.”
But I could feel as I was saying it that I wasn’t using it to get anywhere. The subtext was “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you,”
not “Would you be interested in letting me put my penis inside of you, possibly?”
de Montaigne showed up though and I bailed to the subway. He could tell that I was in the zone.
It’s a shame that it was so late that I couldn’t use it more.
I spend a some portion of my day fretting over whether or not I’m gonna get in state that night.
The fear is still there that I’m gonna revert to chode mode, to the frightened person that I was before.
We talked about this on the train home. Like, if we stopped going out, would we shrink back into the people we were before?
I feel like I’ve seen a glimpse into a new world. I’m learning more about the way people actually interact with each other,
whereas before I thought it was all about sincerity. I suppose you could say I’ve always been book smart,
but I’ve never really been that people smart. I’ve always had some acumen about what people were thinking or doing,
but I never really acted on it. This process has for me been not about deciphering what people are thinking or what they want,
but bringing my emotional convictions to action outside of myself. Not being afraid to be who I am, regardless of the circumstances.
That’s what congruity is. Acting on your intentions in spite of fear or social pressure. The fear is artificial.
Going out, getting blown out, doing it, is the way you teach yourself this.
I can’t imagine people trying to learn to do this from books. It’s impossible.
Or the guys going out and doing one set a night 3 nights a week. You’ll never get anywhere.
You just have to step blindly into set after set after set. Your body and mind will catch up to you.

de Montaigne made a really good point that I’d like to make a note of.
He said when you’re getting physical in a set, it’s not a dominating, threatening energy
so much as you’re creating a safe place in your arms for them, almost like you’re the babysitter or the dad,
that they're the bratty little sister. This comes from Julien’s “Adoption” frame, treat them like you’re adopting them.
It's funny, because we were watching the video together and I thought Julien said "Abduction," as in
"Act like you're abducting them," and de Montaigne heard "Adoption," which is a much more reasonable attitude.
They need to feel safe with you, like you’ll protect them. Of course, you also need to lead and dominate too,
but the sexual potency will get rejected unless they feel safe with you. I’ve noticed this with Tyler, he’s physical
and somewhat invasive, but his physicality is also very collected and calm and almost brotherly.
By making them feel safe in your arms the whole world disappears,
the bubble is created and they begin to work to please you, the masculine protector and provider.

-Create a safe place when getting physical. Take the "adoption" frame.
-Sharp tonality is key. Cut the ends of your words downward.
-Make out with more girls, regardless of level of attraction. Make out earlier.
-Start earlier in the night, that way state will be built by midnight. Also, easier to open earlier and not get blown out because people are in a more chilled out mode.
-Some of the shit I learned from an older podcast, routine-y, "opener" kind of shit, actually worked pretty well. Don't be afraid to use canned material. A lot of times it's exactly what you need to diffuse a situation or get a burst of attraction.
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Went out with some civilian friends to a bar in my neighb that I really want to beast in.
It was raining and there weren’t too many people out. My friends asked me how the ladies were coming in my life.
I told them, “Few and far between,” which is certainly not accurate, but it was easier than me telling them
I’m devoting my life to becoming a massive douche, and it probably fits their idea of who I am better.

The hard thing about the night was that I like these guys, they’re my friends, but I could not stand there in the bar with them
staring around the room in chode mode. I could not do it. I had to approach and I did. After my first set I met back up with my friends
and one of them said, “I take it that didn’t go too well?” or something like that, and it was a strange reminder of the distance between
my frame now and the typical guy’s frame. I don’t think about whether or not it goes well. I just do it. Then I do it again and again.
It's a numbers game, essentially. It doesn't matter how much of a fucking pimp you are.
Throughout the night they kind of said things like this. Theorizing about what they should say, what good lines would be, which girls were worth talking to, etc.
Every time I approached they seemed uncomfortable. It was sad. I felt bad, because I more or less ditched my friends,
but I wasn’t going to waste my Friday night.

I used to live with these dudes, and I bascially deferred to them and worked to get their validation in all interactions before,
to make them laugh by talking about how pathetic I was with chicks, shit like that. Last night I was very conscious not to do that.
I’m having a tough time sorting through my thoughts in the moment, deciding which ones are chode-y, needy thoughts,
and when I’m just being a dick trying to keep a dominate frame. It was very hard not to feed off their validation and energy
like some kind of emotional barnacle, but rather say and do what I actually feel, regardless of how cheesy or strange it might come across.
It’s ironic, because it’s taking this leap, it’s trusting your own heart, that draws people to you, when you expect it to do the opposite.
You’d think that complimenting and supporting what they say or believe when make them like you more. It’s the same with guys as it is with chicks.
They won’t respect you if you change yourself to fit around them. It was weird how when these guys started to percieve me as alpha,
or as not giving a shit what they thought, they started to direct everything they were saying to me, or sending a lot of energy to me for validation.
It was creepy and uncomfortable, too much responsibility. It’s eerie how people will just kind of throw whatever they are away if they think it will make you like them.

It was weird being in this venue again, a place I used to get nervous walking into, and realizing the talent pool is significantly lower than a lot of these bars
I’ve been going to, on both sides of the gender pool. It’s not hard to be the coolest dude in the place. Sets just kind of blow open for you if you have any vitality.
I imagine these women don’t get approached by aggressive Men very often.

I ended up making out with this British chick on the street against some scaffolding. I imagine it was sort of like making out with Winnie the Pooh.
Like, she literally didn’t open her mouth at all to kiss me, she just kind of pecked, and she snuggled up with me like a fucking hand puppet.
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Last night was a big night for me.
I feel like I broke through to a new plateau and it was def the most successful night I’ve had
since starting to go out in earnest about a month ago.

Planned to get an early start with de Montaigne, and I was surprised he brought a wing-woman,
who I will refer to as Miss Clio, along to make three. It initially threw me a bit, as it was an unsuspected move.
It took me a few minutes to get calibrated and not worry about. Once we got to the train platform shit immediately started to get crazy.
I was giddy as fuck. We gamed some girl in high school, telling her we were the Sandwich Crew.
3 girls on the train were trying to take a picture of themselves, so I was like, “You need a picture? I’ll take a picture of you,”
and I took their picture and then announced to the whole train in a hobo voice something about how I lost my job and was going around
taking pictures of people on the train and if they had anything to give me, any change or anything, it would be much appreciated and God Bless Them and have a wonderful evening.
The girls watched me through the train window as we went up the stairs. We exploded out of the subway wih huge energy.
Miss Clio was laughing, but I think de Montaigne thought I was being a bit of a performing monkey.

As we get out of the subway I see four or five girls standing in the sunroof of a limo. I’m like, “Oh shit,” knowing I’ve got to approach.
Montaigne is like, “Go,” so I run over, get in the limo and poke my head through the sun roof with them.
Some bros on the street in blazers were taking our picture.
We were laughing and then I sit down in the limo, where all I can see is hot legs and party dresses.
I could’ve gotten physical, but I didn’t and I went to meet up with the Sandwich crew, laughing hysterically.

Did some street sets. Nothing really hooked. One girl was wavering whether or not she should go to the Biergarten with us.
We come out of the gate with a lot of energy, but we’re not aggressively escalating like we probably could.
de Montaigne was throwing some static at me about how I needed to find a girl if I was gonna get into Jane
and he was being critical of my approaches, but not in a constructive way, in a discouraging way, which is the last thing you need at the beginning of the night,
where you have to assume everything is going to blow out anyway.
There’s no such thing as a bad approach. Every approach is a good approach.
It briefly flustered me. He got into line at the Biergarten with Miss Clio and I went to find a girl. I had a nice chat with some hostess who worked at the Standard Grill.
Couldn’t pull anybody. de Montaigne looked at me like, “Hey we’re about to get in, sorry,” like he was trying to ditch me,
but I climbed over the fence and joined them. I got over it, I didn’t really care, but it was not conducive to the mood at the beginning of the night.

Went into Biergarten. Waited 20 minutes at the bar to get a glass of water. Blow-outs.
Hooked with some girls from Long Island. Me and this Greek chick hit it off immediately.
I was completely focused on her when her friends were there, which worked really well,
made my intentions known right off the bat, though her friends were hot too.
They approved, leaving us alone to get to know each other.
She was fucking sexy, just my type, tan, dark hair, great body, really cool. I go in for the make out and she’s like
“I’m not making out with you in the Biergarten,” which didn’t phase me. I tell her we’re going to Jane and she’s like,
“Oh me and my friends were going there too!” So I take her by the hand and lead her around the venue looking for her friends
and we bounce to the Jane. I had really good contact with her, my arm around her, holding hands, leading her.
She tells me she loves the Jane because it reminds her of Beauty and the Beast,
and I say, “You must be Belle, so that makes me the Beast. Are you going to turn me into a Prince?”
which ends up being the line I say to girls all night.
Jane is fucking packed, beautiful women everywhere, probably the best crop I’ve seen.
Me and Belle hit the dance floor and it’s on, hardcore make-out. We dance and make-out for probably an hour. I do the lift and spin. Women fucking love the lift.
You are literally sweeping them off their feet. I kept a nice balance between escalating to make it hot and heavy, and laying off a little bit,
releasing her and putting some distance between us, to show I was non needy. At one point she’s grinding on my shit, I’m sitting
and she’s like, “I can’t arouse you that much. I’m not fucking you tonight.”
And I said, “You’re gonna have to turn me on a helluva lot more than that if you think I’m sleeping with you tonight. I’m from Ohio. I'm a very nice boy.”
which probably wasn’t the best answer. I could’ve pushed it. It was obvious she was telling herself that
as much as she was telling me. It’s learning to walk that fine-line between being aggressive, dominant but also non-needy and detached from outcome.
I was in set for along time, which I think was good practice for figuring out these boundaries.
Eventually she bounces with her friends because they all live on the Island and drove together but I get a solid # close.
I wasn’t disappointed she left because I wanted to try my hand at the rest of the room.

More blow-outs. I use Manwhore’s 3-some opener on 2 girls dancing on a table. I claw them and say, “3-some tonight,” or something
and they look at me and go “We’re sisters.” So I bail on that possibility. I grabbed some Asian girl, mauled her and released her.
I had one weird set, where I opened these 3 chicks and the ones I opened blew me out and started to leave, but the hottest one,
who I didn’t talk to, took my hand and held on to it and looked at me with baby deer eyes. Her friend came over and was like, “No, we’re leaving,”
and dragged her away, but the hot one apologized and looked at me while she left. It's weird how if you just approach decisively other girls see this
and look over like they want you to come for them next. Maybe it's because they can't hear the stupid shit you're saying and can only see your boss-mode body language.
Most of these venues, I'm convinced, this shit is easier than it looks. If you're a Man with a Dick, you got the drop on 90% of the guys.

I told one girl that this was probably the only time we will ever talk to each other in our lives, which I thought was a pretty cool thing to say,
and she’s like, “You’re probably right” in a bitchy way. I said I just wanted to enjoy the moment.
When I left I was like, “Have a nice life,” but in a sincere way. I thought it was a cool set.
She wasn’t receptive, but that’s her problem.

I’m starting to realize the benefits of just going out to socialize and meet rather than be in this aggressive “Sarge” mode all night.
As much as girls need defiance and dominance, they respond equally to positivity and good vibes.
I want my game to come from a place of love, from a place of light,
not from a place of resentment or vengance and hatred against women.
It's weird, because love does not necessarily just mean hugs and open arms. It's "tough love" too.
Jesus Christ (a pretty heavy name to drop on an online pick-up forum) said he came not to bring peace
but a sword, to put brother against brother, father against son. Often the most loving thing you can do
is the hardest. If you see someone is addicted to a destructive relationship or thought pattern
the last thing they're gonna want you to do is break them away from that. They're gonna hate you for it.
But people have to be forced through these things, and it takes a lot of love to make that stand against them.
Women need to see that you're strong, that you're a protector, before you can sweep them away.
The great thing is that it takes a lot of courage to free your positivity, to send it outward,
to express your heart fully, regardless of who is in the room with you.
Maybe this is the best way to show your strength.
Being a hard-headed prick in every set is not necessarily the best strategy.
It’s hard, because a lot of times you need to be aggressive to break into the set, to get them to pay attention to you.
It’s learning to do both simultaneously, to take charge, but to bring good emotions too.

Vibed with myself on the dance floor a while. I held my glass up in the air and some girl toasted me.
I waited till the song was over before chatting her up. She said something about her boyfriend back in Paris
and showed me a picture of him on her phone. Rather than take it as an obstacle, I thought it was sweet
that she was so excited to see him when she went home. I wished her bon voyage.
This is sort of what I mean by being sociable and bringing good vibes.
Rather than be like, “She doesn’t have a fucking boyfriend,” and maul her,
I tried to compliment and accentuate and support her tenderness and be cool.
Every club benefits most from a guy who just brings good vibes, who takes it upon himself
to free people up so they see it's okay to express themselves. It's almost like breaking their reality,
but your breaking them from the idea that they can't dance
or say a certain thing because the whole room will judge them.
Fun is contagious. People go out to party.
There's a few guys on this board like that, I think.

Found this blond girl with glasses and an unbelievable pin-up type body on the dance floor.
I said something like, “Has anyone ever described you as being buxom? Or voluptuous?”
She loves it. I start to say all this shit about how I’m stationed on Radar Island, Hawaii
and I have a picture of her on the wall of my barracks and I have to leave in 3 days to go kill Japs.
We vibe great. We dance and make-out. de Montaigne hooks up with her friend.
Turns out she drove to the venue and she lives not too far from me in BK. It’s so on it’s not even funny.
de Montaigne makes a few valiant efforts to leave us to drive home together by walking her friend to the subway,
but the Buxom girl insists on giving him a ride home. She tries to bum a cigarette off some people out front.
One guys says he’ll sell her one for $50. I tell him this is America and that’s an exhorbitant price for a cigarette.
We get in the car, make out, pick de Montaigne up and it takes us like 45 minutes to drive home because the bridge is fucked up.
My focus right now is on prolonging the set and getting deeper into interactions so I can be comfortable for extended periods of time
and in all situations with women, rather than just being some guy who’s a beast in a club for 5 minutes while he’s pinning you against a wall.
That’s good too, but I get nervous around girls in that naked silence of the real world, having a drink or a dinner one on one for 4 hours.
We end up back at the house, de Montaigne hits the sack because he’s got to fly to South Carolina in 3 hours.
I reinitiate the make-out out front. She kind of pulls away and I take her number.
I go in for one more make-out and get aggressive, feeling her up and shit. She melts.
I’m like, “Come inside,” she parks. My first pull! We go inside, clothes come off, turns out she’s got two fresh incisions on the bottom of her breasts.
My first pair of fake tits! A nice threshold to cross. Her body was fucking perfect.
She said she was born the same day, same city, all that shit, as Scarlett Johannsen, and she wasn’t too far from that.
Nice, full ass, tiny waist, big fake boobs. She said she couldn’t stay long, so I hit that shit and she hung out for sec before hitting the road. It was great.
That being said, it was an easy pull. The girl didn't have the layers and layers of advanced social defenses that most girls have when they go out ot the club.

I woke up this morning to a text from Belle saying we should hang out soon :)
So I’m gonna do a Day 2 with her in the next couple days.
I’m gonna take the next couple nights off just because I feel like I deserve a little break.
The journey has been a blast so far, and I can’t wait to see what happens next week.
I know you’re supposed to draw state from within and be detached from outcome,
but you can’t deny that success, that getting laid, puts a confidence in your bones
that isn’t quite there if you haven’t gotten laid yet. After all, the Buddha spent the first few decades
of his life knowing every luxury and pleasure life had to offer.
It took Tyler and these guys years of solid, old-style game to come to the conclusion
that it was all about congruity and self-mastery.
Sleeping with dozens of girls is probably the best way to learn to be detached from outcome.
You have validation and proof that you are a man, so you can discard it, you don’t need it anymore.
"I don't answer questions." - Kanye My FRs - Apoloqies for all the "q"s, the key that makes the "jee" letter on my keyboard is broken.
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The best part of that night was when you told that girl you were worried she was going to kill your plants. You do have some nice plants.

This is the best poetic weirdo FR journal on RSDNation.
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