January 18th, 2019
Ultimate Guide to Overcoming LMR: the CLOTH CONDOM!! And some technique
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Having just reached 40 girls, I figured it's time for me to share some of my wisdom. Here is my technique that has become brutally effective at overcoming LMR, of course it won't always work against the super virgins, but if your game is tight and you know how to turn girls on physically, it should work on most 21+ girls who have had sex at least once.

ALCOHOL MAKES SHIT 100000000000000000% EASIER, FYI (derrrr)

Anyway, the method works something like this:

1. Throw her on bed (like actually pick her up and throw her)

2. Makeout

3. Kiss neck

4. Run hands all over body. Squeeze tits and ass HARD. Massage body, back, etc. Run hands through hair. See if she likes it rough. Listen to her body, see what she likes.

5. Get shirt off. If met with resistance:
a. "It's ok girl, bra and panties stay on, we're not gonna have sex"
b. Settle for pulling shirt up a little, kiss stomach, try again later.

6. Try to get pants/skirt/dress and bra off. If they won't budge here, you just have to get them hornier. DO NOT STOP TO BUILD RAPPORT, BUILD COMFORT, GO HOT/COLD, OR ANY OF THAT GAY SHIT. Overcoming LMR is about making her horny, not faggy talking time.

7. OVER COMPLIMENT HER BODY. This is not neg theory of 2003, it's okay to compliment her at this point, so shut the fuck up if that's what your thinking. Every bish in the world is insecure about her body - especially the hottest ones that have the least reason to feel insecure. Go crazy for her body. Tell her it's just your type, say it's perfect to you. Tell her it drives you wild. Lot's of times the girl won't have sex simply because she feels insecure getting naked for a stranger, not because she isn't horny. Imagine that!

Now here's where the player shit comes in...

-Inner thighs
-Upper back, especially where neck meets hair

Yes, AVOID all the best spots! She will think you're new ;) but it's okay. She will slowly have the middle of her legs turn into a goddamn river. Her body will be tingling all over. Kiss EVERYWHERE - her arms, legs, stomach, top of chest, tits (but not the nipple), lower neck, DO NOT MAKE OUT THO. This is will AROUSE AND TEASE THE FUCK OUT HER. She will be BEGGING for it in a moment...

Now it's time for my favorite techinuqe. My patented CLOTH CONDOM!™

This is exactly what it sounds like - a condom made of cloth! 

Basically, you get a fat boner, you have your boxers on still (or basketball shorts), and she has panties on still. You GRIND you cock all over her tingling little pussy, HARD. She'll start moaning and breathing hard.

Now, you make the cloth condom ™ . Literally, use your boner to fuck her own patnies inside of her a little bit. You won't be able to get far - only a quarter inch to one inch usually. The panties should wrap around your cock creating - you guessed it - the almighty CLOTH CONDOM!™

Give her the cloth condom ™ for a few minutes, then start kissing all the areas you were purposely avoiding - the inner tighs, neck, ears, tits, etfc. - these areas will be throbbing and begging for attention. Listen to her body for what she likes the best. Be aggressive, dominant, rough, squeeze and rub your hands all over her body. After a few minutes of this, you should hear those magic words. She will say either:

1. "Do you have a condom?" - Get a condom and fuck her
2. "Okay, Okay..." - Meaning she submits, she gives in, she can't take it, she needs dick, compliance! 

IF SHE DOESN'T ASK FOR SEX, you can just slide the panties off, and either go in raw or get a condom, whatever you fancy ;) , BUT GIVE HER AMPLE TIME TO ASK FIRST, DON'T RUSH IT - only go for it after you've given her the chance. They usually crack, but sometimes they're too shy and you need to do it yourself. No biggie

1. You don't know how to finger properly or the way she likes it, and it hurts her or just doesn't feel good, so it's a turn off and kills the vibe
or, even worse....
2. You DO finger her really well, and it's almost as satisfying as the real thing, and she doesn't need dick anymore! 

For a bonus, if you like to munch, you can make the cloth dental dam ™ - lick it over the panties HARD with your tounge, or even pull them slightly to the side and eat her out - eating out is ok, but be sure to TEASE, not really PLEASE, that way she still wants the cock in the end.

Also, you can flip her over and kiss all down her back and neck, massage her back, bite her ass, pull her hair, and give the cloth condom ™  from behind - works just as well.

BOOM! LMR solved boys :P

-Alcohol makes things a million times easier (use wine for a non obvious, "classy" way to get her drunk)
-This is NOT the time for building rapport, comfort, talking, sharing, or any other homo shit. Overcoming LMR is purely about getting her horny
-Throw her on bed, makeout
-Get clothes off, but your boxers/her panties stay on
-Kiss everywhere on her body (no more makeout) except the best spots like inner thighs, tits, neck, ears, etc.
-Make the cloth condom ™ (push boner literally a good half inch to full inch into her pussy, OVER the patnies, thus creating a cloth condom ™!)
-Finally kiss all the best areas you were avoiding on purpose
-Be dominant, aggressive, listen to her body, take control
-Wait for her to ask for sex FIRST, but if you get the feeling it's a been a while and she's not going to ask, then you can go for it
-Fuck her brains out
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Totally got a bonor reading htis, no homo. Reminds me of all the times I've used similar techniques lol I've never tried neglecting the neck/nipple area though, sounds like a good tease.
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Damn, I wish I read this a few months ago.
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 Would the cloth condum protect me from STDS?
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thumbs upGreat Post
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Intresting, I think it's a really good guide. I finger and makeout too much, I think it lowers the tension but I rarely get real LMR... I find if I finger while making out I eventually get her to always say "OMG JUST FUCK ME ALREADY HOLY SHIT"

I'll try it out another time though instead of fingering, we'll see! Especially if I get resistance towards fingers...
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 Good guide. 

I've been using this CLOTH CONDOM technique for a while. Usually works like a charm.
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 Well this is some nice nighttime reading material.  10/10.
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Pretty sure fingering a girl never cockblocked me...
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 HHhahaha LOLed sooooo hard at the Cloth Condom with a TRADEMARK on it :D :D :D.
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 I got wet just reading that! omg come over and pick me up j/k.
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