January 17th, 2019
Level of game does not dictate ability
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 just realized this a few days ago.

For the most part when i go out with wings i go out with people that i consider "better than me", mostly because they have WAY more infield experience than myself, or beause
they do some fucked up shit that i never wouldve thought possible. a few days ago i got my first makeout in the middle of the day, i knew that it was possible and i know that
there are plenty of dudes that could have and have done that before me. however i myself have never seen that done, so for me to just go in for it in the middle of a street corner
blew my own mind. ive never seen any of my advanced friends do it, i know my buddy fader has done it as well i just wasnt there to see it :P

anyways what that taught me was that i could go out any day and find a chick, roll up on her, makeout, finger blast her and pull her and her friend into a bathroom and fuck them both.
DOESNT MEAN i will do this tomorrow or in a few years or so but what it does show me is that it IS possible. i do not have to be advanced to do it either, hell any chode could read this and go
out and do the same thing even with their lack of experience they COULD STILL do it. again not saying that they will, for the most part they will fuck it up just as we expect, but its just an observation
i think a big limiting belief that a lot of guys have when they get into this is when they see dudes fucking
12 chicks a week and they think "im not advanced enough to do that", which is total fucking horseshit. the only difference between a dude whose at an advanced level and a newbie is level
of self trust, consistency, and experience. that is all. that is the most measurable standard in which levels could be dictated. in all reality a newbie could do anything an advanced dude could do.
the newbie is not a newbie because he cant get results, he is a newbie because he has a lack of experience. 

lmaoo maybe this is just the remnants of my own shattered reality, even as little as two months ago making out with a chick during daygame seemed impossible to me, so you can imagine my 
shock when i went and did it, but it just made me see that i had a limiting belief that is deeply rooted into the community and it kind of just lingers there without anyone addressing it.

just some food for thought take from it what you will :) 
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Cool read bro. I have never even done day game and am kind of scared to.
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