January 17th, 2019
60 day challenge straight into bootcamp – Boston 5/3/12 – Alex, Tyler, Julien
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I felt obligated to write a review of my bootcamp because I feel the instructors went the extra mile and I’m actually getting better results post-bootcamp. I’ve been going out twice a week since July last year and I’ve been going out every day since March.

There were 6 students and Tyler and Julien were the instructors. I had Alex for the first half of night 1 while Tyler was finishing the free tour. This proved to be one of the most valuable things for me. Alex’s personal advice and watching him pull a girl that night made me re-think my entire game. On day 1, I just ran around the venue opening sets while the instructors evaluated my game. Alex gave me advice and the immediate next set went really good and lasted like 15min. Then I forgot his advice and started getting blown out again, haha. Tyler grabbed me later in the night and watched me do some sets and he did some demo’s for me. We also got to see Tyler do some crazy stuff and see that no one fucks with you when you’re in state. On the way to the diner, Tyler gave a little oneitis seminar to a guy in the cab and I got a lot of value out of that too.

On day 2 Tyler gave us a little seminar during dinner that melted my brain. This stuck with me, and my nights ever since have been going much better. I had Julien on day 2 which I was really excited about because I know he is always up your ass and pushing your limits and giving you advice throughout the night. That is why I signed up for the bootcamp. Day 2 is physical game, so I was running around the club getting physical with girls while also trying to stay centered, like Tyler advised. Julien was always watching and kept giving me advice throughout the night and my sets kept getting better and I was getting further into state. On several sets, Julien was whispering into my ear or putting my arm around the girl, etc. He also kept pushing me into sets that I was blown out of and forcing me to take a real man’s blowout, then we would laugh about it after, haha. Then we did street sets when the bars closed and that was insane. We were just grabbing girls and making out with them. The whole street was watching us and girls were screaming and people were laughing their asses off. That night was probably one of the best nights of my life. We were laughing non stop. I felt like I was 5 years old. Our entire group was in state and we were killing it. I got more makeouts that night than in 9 months of gaming. We got debriefed again that night.

Day 3 was a Saturday and this night our job was to do everything on our own and apply the lessons, so we’re ready to do it without the instructors after bootcamp. I applied the lessons and had a really good night. Made out with another girl and got a solid phone #, but I flew back home the next day and couldn’t meet up with her. It definitely would’ve been a same night pull, but her friend wanted to leave. I saw Tyler do a lot of demo’s this night and saw how he deals with bf’s and bitchy girls, etc. I also got to see how Tyler builds momentum and saw how good his game gets as the night progresses. He was totally different at the end of the night. He was running around laughing and doing all sorts of physical stuff, getting makeouts, etc. I thought my momentum building was good, but in actuality I was only making myself more stressed with every set. Tyler is better because he gets more relaxed with every set. We got debriefed again that night and they wrapped up the bootcamp.

I signed up for this bootcamp as an act of desperation because I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right. I thought I was supposed to be getting laid after going out 60 days straight and doing 100 sets a week. During Tyler’s debrief he told me what my expectations should be and how much I should expect to get laid, how long it will take, etc. That was very valuable. Everyone’s feedback about being more centered and relaxed and like a white hot coal was also very valuable and I’ve been doing that with good results. I’m still going out every night and my sets are definitely going better and longer. They’re also more positive. I feel relaxed and happy at the end of the night instead of feeling like I’ve been through a war. The bootcamp was definitely worth the money and I was lucky to get feedback from 3 instructors. After the bootcamp, I definitely realize the girls aren’t the party. We are the party. I realize this because I don’t miss any particular girl from the bootcamp. Instead, I miss having that crew and rampaging through the street laughing my ass off, like on that Friday night. That is the feeling that I will be chasing in this game.

Tyler, Alex, Julien, Julien’s assistant, Thank you guys so much!!! I had a blast!

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Dude this is an awesome review. Really makes me want to try this bootcamp thing out. I would love to see tyler deal with girls that are acting bitchy. lol
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Also consider Hot Seat. You'll see all kinds of stuff like this.
joe91 wrote:
Dude this is an awesome review. Really makes me want to try this bootcamp thing out. I would love to see tyler deal with girls that are acting bitchy. lol
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You are getting me so excited for my first boot camp!!! Can't fuck'n wait!!!!
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I can't wait my first bootcamp !
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