December 13th, 2018
Amerok's 30 days challenge
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 Hi guys, 

I'm a 31 years old swiss dude spending 9 months in Boston (2 months to go) and I'm part of the Swiss lair and Boston's lair. I attended the free tour + the hotseat in Boston (review to follow)

I've been now 14 months in the game going out 3 nights a week on average. In these 14 months I had 6 girls (2 girlfriends, 2 fuck-buddies and 2 ONS, 3 of the 6 being SNLs) to compare with the 7 girls I had in the past 10 years!!! So the gods of the game have been good with me so far. I decided to post on this forum since this 30 days challenge has been inspired by Julien and Brad. I'm new on this forum, so the above "CV" is to explain how commited I am.  

For the moment I'm in a relationship with my girlfriend in Switzerland (7 months LDR) and I have now 2 FB here in Boston. Below are my new goals in the game, my current sticking point are my entitlement and leading. I'm currently focussing on pulling, very hot girls and SNLs.

1. Work towards sexual mastery : lifelong journey
2. Become emotionallly unaffected by others' actions and words : lifelong journey
3. Manning up in all areas of my life, becoming more of a man of action : lifelong journey
4. Have sex with 10 very beautiful girls : SMART objective

First FR after having started the challenge on friday below:

These FR will all be shorts (It is 3:25am now)

Day 3 : date => Going out

I go to a date with a depressed nurse. I still take the chance to see where it's going to lead me.

We go to Mc Greevy's, she's having a vodka red bull. We bounce to Pour house, she's having a vodka red bull. We go to "The Place", we take shots, she's having two vodka red bull.

She's hammered.

I try to get her to dance, she resists and stuff. I refrain from hitting on other girls and go to dance. Then a guy hits on her and she follows him. I'm like "fuck", so I just unleash the dragon.

I open a girl => hand of god => dance + makeout + #close. All this in maybe 3 minutes max.

I turn the head : she saw me. Who cares? I'm so detached from the outcome => not emotionnally affected.

At the end of the night I meet a cool dude and his friends and I tell him there are hot girls in there, he gives me the tips for Clark's. I explain him the situation with "my" girly (lol) and his female friend start to play my new girlfriend of the night to piss her off.

The bitch/nurse/date leaves with the tall guy who opened her while I was dancing.

I try to pull the girl that gave me her number : she's working tomorrow.

I send a text to my "date" :

Me : "Enjoy the dick!"
Her : "Ewwww"

Self-amusement + 1 new reference experience + a future fuck buddy?

See you tomorrow

What I did good

- Stayed and tried to see where it's going
- My best places to pick-up girls I learned it from dates or fuck buddies

What I will do better next time

- When the girl is not attracted and not compliant, ditch the date, even having sex with her will be boring if there is no chemistry

Info for everybody

The Place is awesome on mondays and I heard that Clark's is huge as well for pickup
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Hi Amerok!
Did you want to sleep with the girl last night?
If yes, what I would have done is the following:
First remember the Tv analogy discussed in various hot seats. You select the TV ( aka the girl) but if you want to buy it and there is a problem with your credit card, you will do everything that is in your power to get it handled , like calling the bank... but if it does not work, it does not word, you wanted it but do not needed it.
When I have a situation like that and I want the girl I do various things:
- When my girl and the other man are dancing, I go in with the hand of god and take the girl.
- I do the cyclone and separe them because they are shocked and then pick up the girl.
- I go in and start grinding the man from the front, then he will be shocked, I then will pick up the girl and walk away screaming " I love you! You are done get the fuck out of here!"

If it does not work, who cares?

But it is coming from a frame of self amusement, entitlement, I dont need the girl, I want her ( i will do everything it is possible to make it happen) but hey if it does not happen, it does not happen.

See you,
Realman alias TheCloser.... ;)
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Only 2 months left?? Pfft
The path to success is to take massive, determined action.
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 Warum bist du fur ein day2 in die Disko gegangen? Wenn du irgendwo langweilig gehst, dir "date" wuerde nicht ging mit dem Guy. 

Das is ein einfachter Trick, sehr effectiv.
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Day 4

Went to Clarke's with xmanbeantown : nobody, just ran some game on a girl at the bar. It's incredible how I can get a girl laughing in 2s now. Just by being centered and self-amusing. So powerful. I hit on the waitress as well just for fun. I love waitresses, it's always playful.

Went to The Place : xmanbeantown stole a girl from the mega-alpha bartender : kudos! I chatted two married girls, their husbands came back, just being social and cool. No big deal.

Went to Howl at the Moon : hit on maybe 4-5 girls, short sets, not much to tell, grabbed a number from an asian chick.

Went to Citybar : xmanbeantown met a drunk previously so he went back to meet her that night. I don't know what happened next?

Went to Lir with Young : while waiting, I hit on a chubby brunette with big boobs and beautiful eyes. We shoot the shit on liberating oneself from social conditioning and being an independent woman. This was a talk she generated on her own, I was just present and listening most of the time watching her laser eyes. Then I tell her that I'm looking for independent, strong, powerful women like female warriors. Yes, I like a strong character and the fury in a woman. Of course, from there I also self-amuse and she laughs like mad. Then, I make her stand and dance with her => makeout => crazy makeout : she bites me like no girl before (really), sticks her tongue out while I suck on it (I'm getting a hard on, here and right now as well ). At one point she tells me about having sweaty salty sex. Later she tells me : "grab my boobs" and put my two hands on her boobs. At this point it is too much for the bar, so I just do one hand on one boob "discretely". Her 2 friends are getting pissed off. I get her number. I'll see her soon. Logistically, she lived 1 hour away and her friend was driving her, so it was dead.

Went to Pour house : took the number of a black girl.

What I did good

- I have a stronger and stronger presence
- I don't need to entertain the girl anymore
- I can do less and have even better results by being more silent, listening
- Now my game has a solid baseline, day 3 : makeout, day 4 : makeout. I can really project my personality and give value without trying hard.
- I self-amused
- Was the buyer in the buyer/seller dynamics

What I will do better next time

- Befriend the friends, I was being too exclusive to the girl, making out like crazy for 30 minutes. It's a calibration issue.

PS : Thank you guys for your answers, I'm in a hurry, I'll answer later!
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Day 5


nobody, I think bc of the rain.

The place

Sellar was here, with B. one of his female friend (tall, slender, redhead, singer and a leo : loves the attention). I danced with her and we pumped each other state. Took the number of a girl who "is seeing somebody" : meaning I have a fuck friend. I told her it was just to be friend : wrong frame, the next day (today) : I told her that actually the truth was that I wanted to know her.

I love when they're hesitating, thinking (that's my projection) : "is this guy better than the other guy?" like they are weighing melons at the supermarket to see which one is the ripest. If they refuse (to dance, to give you their number), it means they think you're not. I found out that for me, to make it work, it's all about dominance and intent.

The highlight of the night was when asked B. : so tell me more about you. Then I went silent and during 5 minutes she was telling me all about her life, with Sellar spicing it up : "your zodiac sign?" => "leo", "your favorite position?" => "I like doggystyle". I notice it's very unattractive when a girl starts to qualify herself too much, it feels like she thinks she's not good enough. Interesting mirror. I was the buyer.

I also bumped into a gorgeous girl quite hard, I ask her : "is this how you hit on guys? It's not very subtle". She got mad as I left, shrieking : "This is not how I hit on guys!!!!". Have you fell out of the magic school bus, miss tall busty blonde?

Sissy K's

I love karaoke and with the extroverted singer friend of Sellar, she was all excited to go there. I can observe now how much girls need to draw their state from the environment. She sings, I sing "Hotel California", hit on 3-4 girls. I get a kiss on the cheek just on the opener, due to my strong intent and fail to get a girl to dance with me due to my weak intent (I was 99% and she was dancing with the guy she's gaming). Anyway, I dance with another girl to make up for it.

Apart from her, I can now consistently open on the dance floor dancing. All you need is to bring value and excitement, which means you mean to be excited first. I love to dance so I don't try to talk to them on the dance floor as Owen advised. I'll do it once though.

I went home taking the last train, which means I went to bed at 2:00am instead of 3:00am (yeah). If I want to last in this 30 day challenge, sleep management is key. I'm also realizing that this could be the leverage into getting in the sleep habits I've been wanting to acquire for a long time (going to bed right away instead of procrastinating on the internet).

What I did good

- I found great places for going out during the week
- I'm happy I met people such as Sellar, Young and xmanbeantown wih whom I share the same attitude and determination
- 1 more reference experience
- I used powerfully buyer/seller dynamics

What I will do better next time

- Hit more on girls even if there is a girl in our group. I found that when you go out with a female friends. She becomes like an anchor/source of female energy which kind of keep you where she is.
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 Day 6

Central Square : TiTS
With xmanbeantown. Well, I think central square is not my scene. I love artsy girls, but cute abundant artsy girls. There is a scarcity of hot girls for my tastes at Central Square.


Met with Denny. The place is dead, we bounce

The place

See a girl I opened at Ned Devine's, I remembered her name. I dance with her, everything goes fine. There is a window where her friends are not there, I miss it to kiss her. Later, I go into my head and try to take value from her, her friend cockblocks me : "She does not want to dance like that", meaning : with my cock against her ass.

I say : "I understand you're trying to protect her".
Her : "Yes"
Me : "You're just being a friend"
Her : "Yes"
Me : "That's cool, have a good night" and at this moment, I had an emotional shift to my ego of being rejected : I'm not there yet.

I dance with a 40-year old-ish woman who was looking at me from the beginning, a former stunner blonde woman. She tells me : "You could dance with all these girls" and pointing at young girls over there. I say to her : "I'm a big boy, I'm dancing with you now". Her : "I know".

I dance with other girls, so I can open 80% of the time on the dance floor if I'm not begging, but I'm taking, having fun and offering value(fun). Only attracted girls who know what they want will go past their auto-pilot response and conditioning to dance with you if you ask and you're not in a ballroom settings. That's my experience so far.

I open a group of 3 girls, with one which is like my 9, my type of girl : (fake) blonde big boobs, tattoo, beautiful lips. Before opening, I feel like I have to do more because she was so beautiful to me (entitlement issues : there's no reason I'm not enough).

Me : "Who are you"
Her : "I'm fine" (auto-pilot response)
Me : "No, who are you?"
Her : "I'm fine" (auto-pilot response) at this moment I know she's been hit on hundreds of time.
Me : "I said who are you?"
Her : "I'm J."

I stare at her, but I cannot hold the sexual tension, even though I'm very relaxed.

Me : "What's up?"
Her : "Nothing" (been hit on hundreds times, she has the answers to not give you positive reactions : to the IOIs freaks : she's giving me nothing to work on)
Me : "That's boring, are you bored?" I come up with this. I think it was a bit negative.

She turns her back. I introduce myself to her friends, 1 min. later they turn their back. I go back to my buddy.

Later, she comes back to the dancefloor. I see I will need to get into state. I pump up my state and once I hit state. I grab her, dance with her, spins with her in my arms. She loves it. I release her. Her friend comes to cockblock me : "she's my girlfriend". Yeah sure, that's the first time I hear that one. I double-claw them (done in the moment, thanks to my state) : "Is there more room in the couple? I'd like to join". I release them and dance. I go back and try Julien's "two minutes, two minutes" but since it's a new behavior it's uncalibrated (trying a foreign set of bearings).

My state goes a little bit down, I pump it up again and in one song she shows her friend with her finger on the lyrics of the song ("I will always love you" or sth like that). At this moment, I hit state. I take her finger, turn it to me, grab her arm, take her in my arm and start dancing with her again.

I see two beautiful girls (I open one of them), but I'm too busy trying to get this particular girl.

The group of 3 girls go back to the bar. I ask Denny to wing me because of the cockblock. I open my girl again while her cockblocking friend is talking to the tall, black, muscular barman. Denny does not move next to me. I ask him, nervous : "do your job, do your job" : he's paralyzed, in his head. Alright, I'll have to do this myself. I ignore the cockblock and take the number of my girl. This was very messy, not smooth at all, I was not relaxed, very tensed.

I try to think about an activity and a date to make the close more solid :
Me : "You've been to Beacon Hill?"
Her : "No"
Me : "Let's go to Beacon Hill on sunday then"
Her : No answer

The girls go out, we bounce as well.

Two girls in the street

Learning from the hotseat, I open 2 girls in the street.
Me : "Who are you?"
Her : "I'm Angelina Jolie"
Me : "I'm Brad (Pitt)".

UPDATE : Actually, she called me a freak because I said to my girl after that : "We'll have babies together and we will give them weird names".

Her friend freaks out and starts to drag her away : "you're a creep" (social conditioning). I walk along them and I say things to her dragging friend : "Be social, be cool, be friendly". While her friend gets dragged away asking me repeatedly with anime eyes : "Where do you come from?" while the other still tries to impose the "Creep frame" on me. It went nowhere but it was a lot of fun.

Sissy K's

5$ cover for 5 min. No really attractive girl.

Outside of Clarke's, through the window

I want to enter Clarke's since I see a very cute blond girl inside turning her back to me from the window. The bouncer tells me they're closing. I say that I understand. I go back to the window and ask the bartender to call the girl's attention (her back is turned to the window). I say hi and show her with my hand to come outside. The male bartender tries to get me to go away by saying "bye bye", I just ignore him. I can withstand social pressure, fucker! I stay btw 3-5 minutes while she turns her back at least 5-6 times, each time hesitating, while each time I show her to come out of the bar while smiling. At one point I get bored and I say "bye bye" and leave. Great self-amusement and social experiment. Since I'm the buyer, I don't feel like I lost anything. I know I'm a cool guy, it's her loss, she was all alone in there. Now I know that girls don't meet so many cool guys. After all these years, now I get that I'm a "scarce resource".

What I did good

- I noticed the internal shift when I go from offering value/having fun to taking value
- Good dominance
- Good state pumping
- I opened strong
- I'm having fun and dancing with all the girls, even the ugly ones, I am the party and you are all my friends.
- I talked and got the number of a girl whose beauty is intimidating to me
- I used the line : "You know how to party", I love this one, it resonates with me.
- I held my "Cool social guy frame" vs. "Creep frame"

What I will do better next time

- Isolation
- Befriend the friends better. That's my new sticking point, now that my intent is strong and clear.
- I forgot the two hot girls when I left the place, I could have gone back to them, both of them gave me HUGE signals at one point of the night. to please my buddy because I "felt" he wanted to bounce. Bad people-pleasing habit. That was the waste of the night, really beautiful girls sending me signals. They were all dolled up, maybe on their ovulation period, DTF. Well, abundance mindset! N

- Be more authentic with very beautiful girls that intimidates me : I am enough. Gaming less. Not feeling I have do more or trying hard.


Great night from a learning stand point, with the very beautiful girl (and the failed winging : hum hum) I was out of my comfort zone all the time. I expanded when I did that. Same with the window girl and insisting with the friend calling me a creep. I'm extending my social power little by little. I can do more now in a social setting.

Constructive feedback welcome!
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 Day 8 : Brahmin

Opened a group of girls in the line.
Set1 : group of girls. nowhere
Set2 : I had to fight for a girl from 2 gay dudes (true story), at some point I lift her in the air to take her somewhere else. I got bored of fighting like a dog for a bone. I gave up after some time.

Opened around 10 other girls. I did good in general.

I could debrief and vent with xmanbeantown, so not much to write, this is taking way too much time. Thanks bro!

What I did good

- Conserved my energy, by being relaxed, I danced but still did not wasted it. Very different feeling from the day before at Royale where I was exhausted emotionally and physically.
- Pushed myself out of my comfort zone by fighting for this girl and opening this group ballsy : double-claw. Boom. I swear I could have got an instant double makeout if I was a little more ballsy. I will never know. snif.

What I will do better next time

- Not react so much, let go of the outcome and what girls think of me
- Go to Liberty ! ;-) Pussy!

Day 9 : daygame with xmanbeantown and M. 

1 number, just a few approaches. Some "high risks", just fun.



I'm very inspired by the results and attitude of xmanbeantown and Young. I like their style of game. I like xmanbeantown's coolness and suaveness. Very chill. I like Young's humor, craziness, social intuition and beastness!

Both are kind and positive people, way to go! Hit me up anytime of the week and we'll learn how to play better in team and communicate as a team.

I got some feed-back from xmanbeantown to be better at pulling :

"Feel entitled, she wants to have sex as much as you do. The value of human interaction between a man and woman is physical closeness"

I hear you, I'm going there man, f****in' success barriers!!! I WANT TO BREAK FREE!!!
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 Day 9 : Faneuil Hall and Boylston street with outraged cupid

Nothing special. More reference experiences.

Sweetwater, I talked to some cool guys about films and motorcycles, just being social

Lolita's : open a seated group of 4 girls, sat at the table, became the leader of the interaction. Outraged cupid comes in. We shoot the shit while being the buyers. I tell them we're going to whyskey's to lead them (impro). Logistics are against us, the girl I'm interested in is leaving Friday. I go for the number. Nope.

What I did good

- I realize I have some balls.
- I led with no success. Anyway, I did it.
- I focussed on the positive

What I will do better next time

- Isolate the girl before asking her for her phone number. Too much social pressure for her. In this situation, nobody was talking, all lights on, it was difficult to say : I want to ask you something and take her apart. Anyway, I 'll do it next time.

- Bounce on a high note, when they are laughing

From saturday :

What I will do better next time

- Empathize with people for being socially conditioned instead of judging them.
- Empathize with girls' fears of a guy lying to her instead of taking it personnally
- I'm not responsible for other people's bullshit.
- I'm not responsible for other people's insecurities.
- I'm not responsible for other people's fears.
- It's not because they're projecting on me that I have to take their bullshit.
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 @SirKonstantine : Thanks for the feed-back, dude. Yes it makes sense, I thought the place was a bar, though. It has a dancefloor.

@Realman : Thanks for the feed-back, yes it makes sense as well, I'm taking it.
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 Day 10 : The Place + Lir

At the place, I'm very stifled. There's a bunch of drunk hot girls that come out of the "party bus" with some dude. They're all drunk and in state.

I'm so out-of-state that it's almost as if they don't see me, bumping into me, etc. I dance on the dance floor and relax, trusting that I will get in state.

Of course I open guys and girls, guys talk to me, girls not so much. Lol.

I'm in my head. Other hot girls are coming in, among one of them that I kissed last week and I was too needy with my text => shot myself in the foot. Relax, man, relax! She recognizes me and giggles to her friends. I feel like : "I'm a weird guy". No, I'm enough. I'm holding my frame even though I feel weird.

Later I text Young asking him for advice what to do. He tells me to go out and take some fresh air and lower the bar. I go out and find a girl I talk to her, I relax when I hear my own deep voice, feeling my body standing straight and my laser eyes : yes, I am this guy. This makes me feel better. I don't go further with her.

Young arrives, he was talking to a blonde girl inside.

Later I go into his set, I'm so out-of-state and needy that I end up very uncalibrated. Since I'm reinventing my game once again (5th or 6th iteration?) I'm now in a period of conscious incompetence. I see all the thing I was doing "wrong" : like trying for rapport, submissive BL and it feels horrible. Since I'm not trying for rapport now, which is a huge shift in paradigm for me, I'm starting again from scratch, replacing "trying for rapport" with "self-amusement" or presence.

Later : 4x 21 years old midgets. I open one with "who are you?" with a smile and teasing. As she turns to the leader, the dreaded midget leader on the dancing platform, she waves to me "bye bye" (meaning : you failed bitch"), I smile at her I use the peace sign and use my new positivity routine that I invented the other day to counter her negativity : "Peace, peace, love, love, harmony, harmony" (I'll add joy and happiness, thanks Young).

The girls feels that I'm trying to get the control of the frame back, so the four of them stand in front of me and all wave to me : "bye bye". I feel the emotional rush inside which tells me to go away. Fuck that! Alright, time to amp up that shit. I improvise : I do the "heart symbol" with my two hands and pump it on my chest while looking at them and smiling (I'm in state). They give up! I stand my ground and don't move at all.

Later, of course they watch me like : "Who is this guy?". Well, I'm not a (anymore).

The girl I opened at the bar tells me that "she is there all the time" with a big smile : friendly & cool, bro, friendly & cool.

We go to Lir. I open a girl at the end of the bar. I go fucking uncalibrated, just to mess with her. I ask very fast in a row : "Who are you? What do you do? Where do you come from?" She gets pissed off : "I'm trying to drink my Martini while reading my statsitics(?)". Wrong guy, bitch. I stay on the stool and tell her : "You know what? Next time you can just say : it was nice to meet you, have a good night and shake my hand. That's polite and enjoyable. Have a good night".

Later, same look : "who is this guy?" "I'm your daddy, bitch! I'm there to spank the hell out of you."

I'm getting there guys, I'm getting there.

What I did good

- Held my frame
- Put myself in challenging situations
- I stepped up in terms of emotional resilience

What I will do better next time

- There is no perfect moment
- I will not leave a venue, until I burned every interaction to the ground
- I will let go of the outcome (SNL/Sex all over my forehead) and enjoy the interactions for what they are. I think the girls' reaction to me that night : no girl wanted to dance with me, rejections, was due to that. I was tired so I pressured myself : I have to do something out of that night.
- Nobody will save me, it's not my wingman's fault if I have AA or do not feel entitled. I was getting angry because Young was not there when I needed him. This is self-deception at its best. That's my buddy's fault, waaaaaaa. Lol.
- I will not go out this late, I do not get any work done during the day. That is not sustainable.

Yesterday I watched a video I did of me and I was like : "my teeth are horrible" (We are not used to see our face with a camera, not the same as in the mirror). And I felt this drop in self-esteem. I'm thinking about what Owen says about "looks don't matter" and then I realize : tons of girls like me with these teeth. Moreover, when they look at me, they're looking at my eyes. And out of all this negative mental bullshit, I emerge, strong :

I'm awesome

There's no reason I'm not enough.

However, I'll start a new treatment to correct my teeth when I'll be back home, but without any emotional attachment to it. I think I want to work for 1 year when I'll be home to make some money and to snap out of the "student mode". I think that's what I need. Well, it has nothing to do here, but it feels good to express it, though!


EDIT : Oh yeah, these 4 girls rejecting me => I hit state. I love that shit. Reject me, baby => more power to me.

EDIT : Fuck! I realize now what the hot girls are feeling when I'm needy/go for them : that I'm self-seeking in them, that I would feel validated if I would have sex with them. Ouch, this is ugly icky emotional stuff.
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