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Adventure Times in the TO: Road to AWESOMENESS
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August 11, 2012

As part of my daily reading ritual I started reading Zen Training by Katsuki Sekida. It's a really interesting book as it depicts the methods and principles behind Zazen and Zen training. One particular paragraph stuck out to me as I was reading it today.

"Man thinks unconsciously. Man thinks and acts without noticing. When he thinks, "It is fine today," he is aware of the weather but not of his own thought. It is the reflecting action of consiousness that comes immediately after the thought that makes him aware of his own thinking. The act of thinking of weather is an outward-looking one and is absorbed in the object of the thought. On the other hand, the reflecting consiousness looks inward and notes the preceding action that has just gone by, wrapped up in thinking of the weather---still leaving its trace behind as the direct past. By this reflection action of consiousness, a man comes to know what is going on in his mind, and that he has a mind; and he recognizes his own being."

As i was reading it i became consious of the fact and started paying more attention to my thoughts. Something clicked as i was reading it. I love books.

The big homie is back from his trip so we have to do it up. So the crew heads out to KSW. Time to pull up your big boy pants.

I speak to Falc concerning this slump I'm having and he mentions that I should pay attention to the vibe of the interaction rather then trying to do "Pickup" as it will make me more normal and less pickup dependent. As ill be focusing more on the interaction and the girl and less on the wheeling. I take this in mind when I head out. Learn to enjoy vibing with girls.

We see a five-set in the bus station and hit them up. We the bessss.

We get in the venue and it's good. A lot of girls, mixed sets and groups of people. I met another RSDer from the forum in there, he's a cool dude.

I get in receive a blowout and then open this female in a aqua dress.

Her: Thanks
Me: I'm Ash
Her: I'm BOOBZ
Me: Let's dance
Her: I can't
Me: Is it something I said
Her: No *laughs*

I grab her hand and start dancing she's not down and leaves to her friends. Meh. She then taps me and says

Her: Okay, I'm ready let's go

I then start dancing with her. I do my usual stuff but she's doesn't know how to do it. I'm like WTF? She like starts dancing from a distance, I'm like this can't be happening, dancing is my beard and butter. I do my best, and eventually she leaves.

I get blowouts, and more blowouts. No real man blowouts just regular soft blowouts. I need to go in harder. But I did go in on more sets then previously. So I suppose I win regardless?

I see a sexy chick in all black walk by. My mind goes blank, like blank. I start seeing 1's and 0's. I then immediately step to her.

Her: Thanks
Me: I'm Ash
Her: Sorry
Me: Was it something I said
Her: No I work here and have a boyfriend I'm seeing later on
Me: I have a puppy I'm seeing later on
Her: Your good *Laughs*

She then compliments me and leaves. My god was she sexy. I tip my hat off to myself for approaching.

Eventually we leave to do streetgame.

Too many sets to remember. Mostly blowouts or just ridiculous sets. I remember vividly blowing myself out on a few. I legit just manned up and told a few chicks to stop being retarded and act normal. I'm just trying to have a conversation with you.

I remember opening a girl. She was really hot, like hot. Her friend grabs her and I plow and say

Me: Wait you have a..sexxxxxxx...pretty boddddd...facccceee
Her: Exactly

Lol I completely just yelled at this girl that I was just only talking to her cause she had a amazing body. I laugh hard at this.

I start recording in-flied footage at some point. I get caught recording Falc in-set. I feel creepy afterwards. Oh well. Creeps gon' creep. I'm awesome.

I see blondie sitting down and approach. Friend immediately says no. I continue despite of all of her friends bullshit. Some dude steps up and I just continue as well. I'm calm as hell. My girl was receptive but eventually they get up and leave. The friend. The fucking friend.

I see this sexy thing of a person with two other friends. One of her friends is holding a cake. It's like 3:30am, that cake aint gonna make it home. Some dude then just grabs a piece and runs. Fun times.

I somehow starts engaging this sexy female. Sexy picture time.


Notice my jacket, i dont leave the house without it. The thumbs up baby. The thumbs up. HYFR.

This girl had a tight dress on, which was just incredible. I'd put exactly 96.632 babies in her. Eventually me and THE FADER engage the friends and get more cake. IM ONLY IN THIS SHIT FOR THE CAKE.

My chick then feeds me cake. This turns me on.

Her: You just gave me a lady boner
Me: Bullshit, show it to me

Eventually her friends are leaving so she hugs me and The Fader. I then go for the mouthrape cause well that's what I do. I get a kiss and go for more and get a peck. She disappears into the night.

I got free cake and this girl gives me a chubby. WHY CAN'T EVERYNIGHT BE LIKE THIS.

More stuff. Blowouts and other good bits.

A see a sexy brown chick walking towards a couple, I go in. I introduce myself and she receptive. Her friend then cockblocks.

Friend: She's my girlfriend
Me: Okay
Her: *Laughs*
Dude: We're all girlfriend
Me: Cool, I suppose we all could be girlfriend but I don't know about him
Her: I could be Ash's girlfriend

The friend then grabs my girl and leaves. God dammit. What's with brown girls not wanting to leave their friends with a pretty black dude. It not like I'm going to feed them cake or other sugary garbage. I only wanna shoot my kids on their face in a warm, dark alleyway. Flipping brown girls.

The rampage continues.

Me and Fader go in on this two-set. My god this chick was sexy. Like put a baby in that immediately sexy. Lord have mercy.

Usual stuff but I can tell she's uninterested cause she's not putting any effort and is giving me one word answer and shit. So I call her on this.

Me: Your seem so unresponsive, was it something I said
Her: No I'm just not interested
Me: Is it because I'm black
Her: How could you go there
Me: Idk I haven't really done anything to for you to be so unresponsive

Lol I'm an asshole. I knew if I was gonna savage this I had to get a strong emotional reaction for her be it good or bad. This does but I never really recovered for it. I laugh on the inside cause its funny because she's black as well. So its equally as funny. Some guy comes up and grab her and her friend. I see her walk away and I feel warm inside. I'm glad I approached cause she was smoking. OMG. I would leave the game for her.

I see pretty brown girl, talk and chat. Eventually I get her number but don't save it in my phone. Oh well.

I see pretty girl walking, I walk up and open, we chat and shoot the shit. Usual stuff, I'm awesome. She's a waitress at one of the clubs. I go for the number and get it. Feels good man.

We roam the streets cause well its a tradition after a long night of beasting. I get a muffin and a bagel and head home.


I was pretty baseline the entire night. Like calm, cool and collected. No mentally chatter at all just present and enjoyed myself. Even with all the magic shit i was saying. Just rock solid.

Learn to enjoy just vibing with chicks.

After that kiss, something turn on in me, I was just pumped and ready to go. I may need to just start kissing chicks in the beginning of the night, god damn.

I notice i stopped taking bullshit from people, if i see something i dont like ill call it out.

I noticed i dont give myself permission to do shit. I kissed that chick because i felt like it. Why didnt i do that all night. I got to give myself more permission to do stuff. I need more awesome shit that im not gonna remember the next morning.

I notice im real pessimistic about taking numbers, i gotta realize its a part of the process. Just trust in the process. Your preconceieved notions will get you killed.

I barely had any intent tonight except from a few sets. Today i just felt "Oh shes pretty let me approach" instead of my usual "Shes giving me a boner APPROACH".

I opened alot more then i previously did at a venue. I suppose im progressing and getting more comfortable opening. This in itself makes my night worth it. All the other ridiculous stuff is icing on the cake. Pun intended.

Money issues. God damn.

They lovin' the crew.

My night can be basically describe by this video.

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August 12, 2012

I realize I have unrealistic expectations of the future. Goals are awesome but I seem to be creating this future projection that serves no purpose except to elude the present from me. I'm going have to be careful about this. The present is all I have.

I wake up and head downtown to continue the beasting. I meet up with Mars.

Mars opens a two-set I wing. She's a dietitian from Nova Scotia. I'm livid and engage the fuck outta her. I'm awesome. Eventually they leave. She's only here until tomorrow no point in number closing.

Another two-set, usual stuff. I notice she has aqua makeup around your eyes.

Me: What color is that
Her: It's blue and green
Me: It's really nice, it captures the attention towards your eyes
Her: Thanks

She then asks me for a lighter

Her: Do you have a lighter
Me: Gosh, I barely know you and your already asking me for things
Her: *Laughs*

I then get physical and pat her stomach and grab her sides. She's not down and backs away. Meh. Eventually they leave.

I disqualified myself in this set. I gotta stop doing that. It should only be used when she hooks and the vibe is fun and flirty. Stop disqualifying.

We notice these sexy two-set earlier but they got away from us. We see them across the street so I open.

Me: Your adorable, Hi I'm Ash
Her: Hi, I'm BOOBZ

I can immediately tell she's a bit put off and unreceptive so I immediately acknowledge it

Me: You seem unreceptive, is it something I said
Her: No this just doesn't happen a lot
Me: Cool

I continue. They look young and are looking for fake ID's. I joke about their age and they don't like it. Their friend says that they need to find a store that sells ID's and leave. Meh.

It's okay to acknowledge that she is a bit off and unreceptive but I notice bringing it up only makes her more unresponsive because it brings it to the forefront. I should plow instead and use it only as a last case or sets where I want constructive feedback. God damn.

I see a pretty chick in a white dress, I go in.

Me: You're Adorable
Her: Thanks
Me: Hi I'm Ash
Her: Hi I'm BOOBZ

I immediately grab her hands, spin her and get a hug. We chat and she gives me jelly beans. I'm my usual lively talkative fun self. I know she's attracted so I go for the insta-date, she mentions boyfriend. I plow a bit but get resistance. Eventually I give her a hug, get more jelly-beans and leave.

Mars mentions that from her body language she was attracted to me and that I should have plowed more for that insta-date. I don't notice this at all. I think I was just focusing on her eyes and the jelly-beans. I just had a boner.

As we were walking this chick walks by that I like so I immediately turn back and open. She's a tourist from somewhere, idk. I chat and she's enjoying herself, I try to arrange a day2 but she's leaving soon. Meh. So I give her a hug and let her leave.

I notice these two girls in bright colors coming towards us from across the street. So we cross and I open them.

Me: You're adorable, what's your name
Her: What
Me: You're adorable
Her: What
Friend: He said you're adorable
Her: Oh

I grab her hand and twirl her and throw her hand over my shoulder. We chat. I'm my awesome self as usual. She's from up north. She's thick. I'd slam that. Eventually her friend grabs her and starts walking. I plow.

Me: Wait we're in the middle of a conversation
Friend: Nope we have to leave
Me: But I just met her
Friend: Exactly
Me: I love her
Friend: She love you too

I speak way too damn fast sometimes. When she couldn't understand me it felt like needles down my spine. Just horrible. I'm going to practice just speaking slowly.

We get to subway and Mars orders food. I see a chick I like walking outside. I  go to approach her.

Me: Excuse, Hi I'm Ash
Her: Hey, I'm Brooke
Me: I thought you were cute and had to met you

Nothing fancy just talking, joking and vibing. After sometime I could see she was hooked and i could've insta-date her but i left my bag and I have all my shit in there. I can't go home without it. I should have just went on the insta-date. Fuck going home. So I arrange a day2 for tomorrow instead.

Me: Hey what are you doing tomorrow afternoon
Her: I don't know
Me: Well we're going to grab coffee
Her: Maybe, I may have that job thing I was telling you
Me: Okay ill shoot you a text around noon and you let me know if anything
Her: Okay

I get her number and then ask her what's my name

Me: What's my name
Her: Hmmmm I don't know
Me: Your horrible
Her: I'm sorry
Me: Ill text it to you
Her: I knew it started with a A
Me: That's only the first letter

I give her a hug and let her go on her way. She's cute chick with tattoos and has a nice ass.

I experience some weird anxiety about my backpack and am not in a good mindset afterwards. This is unlike me. Oh well. Mars calls me and tells me he has it. I love you brah.

He's in set so I just walk up, grab it and leave smoothly. I don't even think she noticed. IM A NINJA.

My days pretty much a wrap at this point, so I get a bagel and call it a day.


My goal today was simply approaching five-sets, which I accomplished like a boss and kept going afterwards. It's a sunday, I don't need anything strenuous and I want to go home and relax a bit.

I speak way to fast when I'm excited. This is bad and needs to stop. I'm going to have to slow down and take a breather.

Stop disqualifying yourself.

Stop acknowledging when the girl is unreceptive. It's become kinda like a crutch to when I don't go in hard enough I can kinda use this to backtrack and recover. If I open properly, she is either going to be in or out. But default should be to just plow until she realizes I'm awesome as fuck.

After speaking to Mars i realize i have to be content with the females i can attract and that im going to have to work my way up. Im not just going to instantly start sleeping with the tens. Its a process. Im going to get my share of hotties but i cant just throw a lay away because i feel she is a six or seven and doesnt fit my standards. Im going for the reference experieince now the girl doesnt matter as much. She still has to be cute through.

I know I'm in a plateau so I need to focus on the areas I'm having a problem with.

Intent - Using statement of intents. Telling her what i find sexy about her. Rubbing my boner on her.
Aggression - Just start manhandling chicks. Go in hard and just be physical. I will screen out the ones who are not down.
Dominance - Leading and just being a man.
Permission Boy - Stop being a and just do the things i want to do. Like go for the kiss or get physical. It's better to do and ask for forgiveness then ask for permission.

I realize im ridiculously awesome so im just going to grunt like Rick Ross whenever i get a shit-test. UGH.  

I eat a bunch of chicken, help my mom take out the garbage and watch stuff on my computer. Goodnight.
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August 14, 2012

Discovered yesterday that some of my finances aint as well put in place as i imagined. Im going to have to postpone moving out until Oct-Nov because of this which kinda sucks but just goes to show me that i cant neglect one area of my life without there being any major repercussions. 

I head downtown to daygame. I meet up with Gravity and M-Star. They're crazy. 

I see girl dressed up with a nice body and approach. 

Me; Excuse me, Hi Im Ash
Her: Hey
Me: Usually this is the point where you say your name
Me: I thought you were cute and had to meet you
Her: Sorry no, your young
Me: Wtf does that mean
Her: How old are you
Me: How old do i look
Her: 18
Me: Come on, seriously 
Her: OMG younger
Me: Im 22

She then says im too young (shes 25 by the way) and that she only dates guys who are 30. I just continue talking not taking any of this to heart and just plow. Eventually she sees that i dont care and opens up a bit, we walk and talk. She then tries framing this as me stalking her because i approached her. I completely reframe that shit. The fuck does she take this for. 

Her: So do you do this often
Me: Do what often
Her: Approach strangers
Me: Whenever i see a pretty girl
Her: Wow how often does it work (From this point i knew something was off)
Me: I dont know what you mean
Her: Because usually tell me i look closed off when i walk
Me: Id approach anyways. i find people that are closed off are actually the ones who are the most receptive
Her: That takes alot of guts
Me: Not really, i see something i want and i go for it

I could already see from the frame of this interaction that shes is not going to be down by the way she is talking and behaviouring i plow cause i dont care. We talk about travel and stuff, i ask her about the music she was listening to before i approached her, it was Rwandian music. She had spent some the summer there while doing grad school. Meh.

She gets a phone call from her sister and i just chill and walk and she gets off of it fast. I dont know bro. Eventually she tells me shes headed towards a different directions so i go for the number.

Her: Im headed in this direction so bye
Me: Lets grab coffee somtime
Her: Nope

Meh. I didnt plow and just left her. Not every girl is gonna be down, plus i dont need a useless number. I then head to subway to break my fast and make the best sandwich ever. Like ever. My throat hurts and my voice is shitty so i just chill for the rest of the day. No need to push it when im feeling low. I head home afterwards. 

The biggest thing i learned today is that not everygirl is going to be down, i should always be closing but i wanna find the girls im compatible with and have chemistry. Approaching at this point isnt a problem but finding girls that i connect or have chemistry with the girls is. I suppose the only solution is either: play skyrim and hope she falls in my lap, like literally or approach more. I like the second one more but the first one sounds enticing. This can also be a giant rationalization around the fact that i suck but wont acknowledge it. i suppose ill never know. 

I started looking into getting my money up. Doing my security test on Tuesday, so i'll have that adding into the pot soon. Being broke isnt fun. Atleast i can still game :)

Im so ridiculousy awesome i look good in giant sunhats. Eat that old me.


Im going to read, eat the rest of the sub and look at weird stuff on the internet. Goodnight.
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 Adventure Times in the TO: Road to AWESOMENESS...

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August 15, 2012

I have the facial expression of the girl I dropped burned into my subconscious, it was of awe and shock.

I get downtown to do some daygame with Gravity and M-Star. We do shit up.

I'm still feeling cold so most of my sets I either freeze up or just went into spectator mode. Meh. This doesn't bother me much. I'm just building momentum.

Eventually they dip and I link up with MARS, THE BEASTMASTER and we head to the venue. I love this venue. It's awesome, just awesome.

I approach this tall european chick on the way there, instant blowout. Meh. It's natural no need to fight it.

I get into the venue and feel nervous. I haven't felt like this since I first started gaming, I'm usually calm and baseline as a motherfucker. I suppose any feeling is a good feeling. I then for the first 45 minutes just standing being a pussy.

I confront what I'm feeling and just accept it and take action. I get two blowouts, okay. Any action is better then no action. I open one more chick. It hooks and we're off dancing.

We do our thing, I don't need to remind you guys of my dancing abilities, I'm naturally a smooth motherfucker with this shit. Most of the girls I danced with stayed for more then 15+ minutes, so I must be doing something good, I just have to escalate. Lesson learned. Escalate.

Eventually her friend grabs her or some shit, doesn't matter I'm feeling pumped at this point. I continue to plow and open chicks: I get a lot of blowouts. It's the action not the outcome that matters.

Each time I hook a girl its usually leads to dancing, a weird conceincidence right?

I go in on this girl, black dress with long hair. We grind and dance for awhile, she loses her friend. She disappears like three times, each time I'm like okay she's done for keep opening but she keeps coming back. Lesson Learned. Your preconceived notions will get you killed.

She loves this young black dude, eventually her friend comes and grab her because no one is occupying her. No biggie, I'm in state and continue beasting on.

I open this short girl dancing behind me, goes well but she doesnt want to dance close and enjoys going crazy so i acknowledge it an just enjoy the chick. No need to impose a GET LAID OR DYING mentality. Sometimes its good to just sit back and have fun.  Eventually she disappears. Meh.

I see this short thick girl dancing beside me with a friend, I tap her on the shoulder, grab her waist and begin dancing. If I want something I'm gon' take it.

She doesn't fight and complies we start dancing, and her friend is just grinding on my girl. My girl pushes my hand down to her crotch so I start stroking her pussy. It's better to be safe then sorry.

Eventually after sometime my girl grabs her friend and thrust me at her. I grind a bit but her friend then grab my girl and. disappear. I laugh hard at this. Her reaction was priceless.

I do more shit, I'm in the zone nothing matters. Most of the times I'm in the dancing by myself getting approach invitations by chicks. I make note of a lot of females and how they are paying attention to the boy.

I open this girl that blowout someone earlier. I see her friends laughing as this is happening. Fun times.

She then goes low, I'm wearing a pair of old chucks, have skinny jeans on and the floor is slippery so I slip and drop her. The expression on her face was priceless.

Her: You fucked up
Me: Meh, the floor is slippery
Friend: Next
Me: Cool

I continue a bit but she then blows me out. Lol this was funny.

Some asian girl that was dancing near me earlier just bumps into me, so I. grab her and start grinding. Idgaf. We do our thing.

I really don't go for asian girls, so I'm just trying to take this to the next level and see how far I can go. So I'm just manhandling her, being aggressive and rubbing her pussy. Good times.

From her appearance I swear she could have been a fob. Like legit. So I asked her name

Me: What's you name
Her: Adele
Me: Wait what

Lol she isn't a fob at all. I lol'd hard after this like, legit just lol'd. Fun times. I continue the massacre, she stays so I supposed she liked it. Eventually she goes to find her friends and I continue.

I see this cute little latino that was flirty with everyone but wouldn't let no one grind with her. So I see she's in front of this dude, he's not doing shit so I just go in, grab her hands, spin her and start dancing.

I actually prefer to dance with girls face to face, its easier to go for the makeout and escalate. We do this. She's really little so it was fun.

She stops a few times to check her phone to which I just calm and just grab her waist and resume the festivities. Eventually she disappears.

I open more shit and dance more. At one point I'm so comfortable and having a good time that I just enjoy the environment and go crazy. That anxious feeling of always opening is gone and replaced with a feeling of goodness. If that makes sense.

I run into a chick I know, she's sexy but with four huge dudes. I engage her as she walks by.

Eventually the place is closing so we hit shit up. I hit up a two-set with Mars.

Me: Hey, I'm Ash
Her: Hey, I'm Michelle
Me: Let's dance
Her: I have a boyfriend
Me: Okay *grabs her hand and spins her and puts her hand on my shoulder*
Her: I have a boyfriend
Me: Cool
Her: You smell delicious
Her: Yea
Me: That's totally weird thing to say to a stranger
Her: *Laughs*

Lol yea. I swear every night I get one weird compliment or interaction. This one made my night. I continue joking/plowing.

Me: How was your night
Her: Fine
Me: Did you dance
Her: No not tonight
Me: Why the fuck not
Her: I'm here with my boyfriend
Me: And
Her: Not today
Me: You're horrible

We chat more, its more of me plowing and clawing her. She keeps telling me "It was nice to meet you" and I just ignore and continue talking. Lesson Learned. Don't acknowledge the obstacles.

Eventually their boyfriends come back and grab them we continue on. I see a pretty girl at the bar so I approach

Me: Hey, I'm Ash
Her: Hey
Me: Usually when someone introduces themselves you say your name
Her: I met you already
Me: Where
Her: On the dancefloor
Me: Was I good
Her: You were alright
Her: Yea
Me: WTF does that mean, my confidence just went down
Her: Some random girl telling you your dancing was alright brings down your confidence, you ain't superman
Me: I'm Clark Kent and Superman does have he's weakness
Her: Like wait
Me: Luis Lane
Her: Yea right
Me: So I never got your name
Her: Luis

Lol this one got outta my control. I was in my "I can't do no wrong" headspace and let this spiral. I remember just letting it go off topic and feeding into her frame. It was funny but horrible, just horrible. I plow on cause she's pretty, eventually security tells us to leave so we leave. Good times.

We go outside and its time for streetbeasting. I see the little girl from before talking to two dudes and go in. I'm Superman.

I go in kinda soft, not my usual hard self but it still hooks and send the dudes into spectator mode. Weird.

I'm still in my "IM FUCKING AWESOME" headspace and totally just do chode shit to amuse myself.

She mentioned "Plight" and I'm like that's a unusual word. Lol this then makes the entire thing awkward. I plow but eventually leave. There was no intent, I was friend to friend.

Mars opens a two-set and I wing. Cool girl she shows me videos of a Jay'z and Kanye concert she went to by herself. I think tell her to download Illmatic immediately cause well Nas is awesome.

I wouldn't even mind slamming her, she's a bit thick but w/e. Reference experience is reference experience. She goes to the same school and asks for my number, I completely over looks this and continue escalating. Eventually she durrs off and I engage her friend. Good times.

We then see a two-set walking by and go in on them. Usual stuff, my girl is a bit unreceptive but I plow and she opens up. I self-amuse too much and we somehow end up switching chicks.

The chick I'm currently talking to is only speaking french. I'm fucked. I mumble and regurgitate french to her but this ain't working. She calls my dance stupid. I'm just laughing the entire time. The game. The fucking game.

Eventually after some more of this broken telephone of a conversation the girls leave. I then hear my girl speaking english. I suppose her speaking french was a shit-test, that I failed miserably. Good ol' french, how I dislike you.

The streets are empty so we call it a night. We go to subway and make the best sandwich ever. LIKE EVER. This sandwich is the highlight of my night. I put bbq sauce on everything.


The biggest lesson for me tonight was that no matter how the beginning of the night is, I can still turn it around regardless. I felt horrible and in my mind at the beginning but once I was at peace with it and decided to take action, shit started to work in my favor. Jump into the abyss as Mars would say and just start hitting shit up.

I gotta focus on going for the close, dancing is all good and fun but it ain't converting to any lays.

My throat feels shitty and my voice is damaged but I still went out regardless. I laugh at sickness.

I still feel the exact same. Each night I go out I take more and more action but I'm still in this plateau and I don't feel any discernible change at all after tonight. I suppose I keep try pushing my comfort zone.

I gotta stop myself from sabotaging my own sets. It just I feel so good and do stuff that fucks it up or is just miscalibrated.

I hit a point where I'd rather beast then spend time with a chick. Like I'm all for day2s but if it cuts into my beasting time fuck that. I'd rather beast it. All the chicks are the same.

I don't categories chicks based on value or hottest, if she is hot enough to give me a boner I'm good to go. Gota stop letting my supericifial standards get in my way of getting a lay.

I have to work on intent, I didn't have that killer presence. It was more airy and friendly. Meh.

I have a really bad headache so I'm just going to go to sleep. Goodnight.
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Plateau or Just Complacent?

August 17, 2012

I had a huge migraine and fever yesterday so I stayed in. I still wanted to go out even through I felt like dying but I could barely stand without wanting to pass out so I decided to call it a night. I drank a lot of water, rested up and when I was feeling better I started reading Ozzie's Physical Game. I'm like halfway through, its ridiculous good so far.

So coming out tonight I was still feeling meh. I have a slight fever, a sore throat and no appetite but fuck nothing is going to stop me from beasting. Once I get a boner these things won't matter.

I get downtown to street game and I notice this sexy light-skinned girl in heels walking besides me as I'm on the phone. I finish up my call and think "I wonder if I still got my magic" so I open.

Me: Excuse me, Hi I'm Ash
Her: Hey, I'm Nicole
Me: I thought you were cute and had to meet you
Her: Thanks

She's extremely receptive. We chat and walk. She's from outta town and is here for a friends birthday party. I chat and we discuss our mutual enjoyment of house music. 

My voice isn't strong due to having a sore throat but it didn't matter at all. Everything was on point.

Eventually I tell her

Me: Hey I'm headed this way give me your number and we'll party next time you're down here
Her: Yea take my number
Me: Okay *takes number*
Her: Make sure you text me
Me: Okay

I know for a fact that the thing that made this set go as good as it went was because I was purely expressing myself. I remember vividly just talking about house music and different venues I go that play house because I love it and she got sucked into my world. I realize I tend to express myself a lot in sets but not positively or I just give a fuck enough to do it. I don't know why.

Eventually we head our separate ways. I then get lost looking for an address when it was right across the street the entire time. I meet up with MARS and FALC soon after. We head to the venue.

I'm still feeling kinda meh, so as these two were beasting on the way to the venue I was kinda just chilling back. I seen a girl that I found really attractive and opened immediately. She blow me out but it only pumped me up.

We get into the venue and its popping.

First set, goes good. A pair of russian females who are here studying to learn english. I have the nonchalantly hand on lower back as we're talking. Eventually it fizzles out. I don't care its only a warm-up set to me.

We see a giant set of girls. We go in, my wing engages the birthday girl, I engage her friend. Goes good until they disappears after a bit. Meh. Building that momentum.

Fader goes in on a mixed three-set. I know the dude wasn't with them but I don't go in for some reason. I instinctively know nothing can happen but I just don't.
Eventually he leaves and I go in. Nothing of amazement happens.

Fader engages a girl walking by, I engage her friend and self-amuse too much and get myself blown out. She made a funny face and I joked around too much about that face and she didn't like it. Eventually they leave.

I see a three-set go in. Usual crap, its a bit rocky but w/e. She's from brazil here studying english. Eventually it fizzles so I eject. Meh.

I then chill and relax, no need to push myself. Maybe this is me rationalizing choding around and not taking action I really don't know. I do know I was joking around and having fun so maybe its not.

Mars then tells me to go in a three-set. I

Me: WTF that's not a challenge
Him: You seem like you need a warm-up
Me: Fuck that
Him: Okay her

He points to a tall blonde talking real close to a dude in the corner, I step immediately a open like champ.

Me: Hey, I'm Ash
Her: Hey, I'm Anna
Me: I thought you were cute and had to meet you
Her: Thanks
Me: How is your night
Her: Good

Nothing amazing but we're getting physical as I'm talking into her ear and have my hand on her back as the dude just stands there. Eventually he leaves to go promote more or some shit, I don't know.

At this point I knew I had her hooked

Me: So tell me about yourself
Her: I don't know what do you want to know
Me: What's your favorite color
Her: Green
Me: Why
Her: Because my eyes are green

This chick was hot as fuck, I got a boner talking to her. She was tall, skinny, russian and did I mention 19. My god.

I'm just expressing myself so we talked about traveling, food, school and a bunch of shit I don't remember. I'm physically dominant the entire time I have my hands held around her waist and I'm just pulling her in, just being very dominant but relaxed. I realize that a lot of my game comes from being relaxed as my baseline and then getting physical. Good stuff.

I don't know if this was a shit-test but it didn't phase me at all

Her: I'm not the girl you're gonna fuck tonight
Me: Cool
Her: You're a player
Me: Cool
Her: You're smooth
Me: I don't know what that means but thanks
Her: You're slick
Me: Cool
Her: Do you do this to every girl
Me: If I see a girl I'm attracted to I approach her

I really don't know if this was a shit-test or not but I just kept a dominant frame and continue going. We progress.

Her: *Says some irrelevant bullshit*
Me: *Just holds eye contact*
Her: You're making me feel weird
Me: *Continues holding eye contact*
Her: *Laughs*
Me: You haven't met a confident guy before have you
Her: No, I'm usually the dominant one in the relationship
Me: Interesting

This is the point where I usually go for the make out cause I have them. But I seen the escalation window a few times and didn't take it. It's either I'm complacent, scared to lose the girl or this goes deeper then that. I really don't know but I know I didn't take the right course of action when I needed to. I vividly remember points where I knew I should be leading but didn't. I seriously don't know why I do these things its counter-intuitive to my goals . It confuses me, I know better so why am I not doing it.

Eventually she wants to put on a fake aussie accent and fuck with people, I don't want to do this at all. I suppose without me leading she stepped up to fill that void of leadership. I cringe as I'm writing this. This is horrible.

I see two dudes and engage them as she talks to one. The dude is all over her and believes her. Good going there girlie. I chat the dude and I go back to my friends.

I felt no need to tool or go back and re-initate contact with my chick, there was no fear of losing her at all.

I continue on and open another set. It fizzles out. She's comes back and wants to keep fucking with people I'm like meh. Don't really want to. She durrs off. I realize I gotta put in some effort and go to find her.

I see her talking to a dude and go in, she introduces me. I don't know if I was giving a weird vibe or something but she pinches me lol. I really don't know meh.

I see the dudes and we chill. Eventually we want to leave so I go back and engage my girl who is talking to a different dude now. I grab her waist and whisper

Me: I'm leaving see ya
Her: Okay see ya

I then go for a kiss and get cheek, I then grab her face and get a proper kiss, fuck that playful shit. She then says

Her: You're cockblocking me homie
Me: Cool

I then leave. This set brought up a lot of my flaws and sticking points. There was no doubt at a certain point I could have pulled her but I didn't. There's no point focusing on the negatives. Sometimes you win sometimes you learn.

We do twilight game. I open more girls nothing amazing happens. The strips dies so the nights done.


I honesty can't tell if I'm experiencing a plateau or am really complacent. I seem to be pushing myself but sometimes I don't give it my all. That straight edge/hunger when I first started isn't there. I honesty don't know.

After reading Physical Game I realize most of my interactions don't go anywhere because I don't have a goal or end point when I'm talking to the girl. This is evident in both in person to text interactions. It just doesn't lead anything because I don't have a specific goal in mind. I can't expect the girl to take charge and make all the decisions. She's not going to put all the work just so I can fuck her. This is what happens when I text a girl, it goes good for a while but without a clear objective the chicks gets bored and stops replying. I then think I fucked up on text somehow and think I need MORE CHICKS. When in actuality it was my indecisiveness that fucked me over. This is a huge hurdle for me to realize. I have to be decisive and know what I want and go for it. I can't rely on the girl for shit.

Expression = Win

When i mediate im awesome but when i dont im not. Correlation?

There's a lot I can say about tonight but I'm tired and kinda meh.

I grab a tea and a bagel on my way home. I'm going to mediate for a bit and go to sleep. Goodnight.
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Is That a Shit-Test?

August 19, 2012

Lol tonight was just ridiculous, just pandemonium. My only goals tonight are to lead and be physical, that's pretty much it. I basically spent the entire night self-amusing, it was bananas.

I head downtown and meet up with the CREW and we head to the venue. We beast on the way there. It was fun.

Like yesterday I just chill and would dart off when I see a pretty girl which would results in a blowout because I'm cold. Meh. Any action is good action.

Eventually we get to the venue but the line is full of dudes and its already like midnight. So we decide to continue streetgaming. I was built for this shit.

I just chill and act normal. Hunger no there. I know I went in a few times but I can't remember shit. Most of my night are blurs at this point.

We meet up with M-Star at this point and we head back to the venue to do the waiting in line like chodes thing. Eventually we say fuck this and head to a different venue, a rooftop patio.

We get there and its nice, there's a bunch of mixed sets and groups of people having fun. Not really a venue I would hit to game but its pretty chill.

Me and M-Star go in on this two-set. They loves us, we're awesome. At one point I claw my girl and slip and almost fall because she was too far away. I guess the claw doesn't solve everything.

Eventually they go to the washroom and leave me and M-Star to our devices. Some chick walks up and picks up a purse that was on table and calls someone. Apparently that was their friend and they just left their purse with us sketchy ass motherfuckers. Me and M-Star try to wheel but then just polarize her. Fun times. She eventually leaves and me and M-Star start fucking around.

We approach this two-set at the far back of the patio. Goes good. I hear my girl say she's has a boyfriend in a polite gentle way, idgaf and still use my puppy line.

Her: I have a boyfriend
Me: I have a puppy
Her: Is your puppy your boyfriend
Me: That's disgusting and horrible, shame on you

They leave soon after. I laugh hard at this.

We then approach this four-set and immediately get resistance. I durr hard and am just taken back by their rudeness. M-Star works he's magic.

The three attract ones were down but the fat motherhen basically blow this interaction apart.

Her: We've seen you guys for the latter part of the night hitting on girl trying to pickup
Me: *Laughs*

It was ridiculously hilarious and awkward at the same time, I definitely wanted to eject but decided fuck it I might as well stay and build tough skin, M-Star is going hard so I might as well.

The motherhen then continues to try and tool us but we're not having it, we plow and change topics, we're good at this.

Her: I'm going to call security in a minute

Eventually I can see this isn't going anywhere and I'm not trying to get kicked out even through it would be funny story so we eject and laugh hard at this immediately after. Funniest set of the night. M-Star is my hero.

We then chill and enjoy the scenery. Eventually we leave to do the streetgame. We get out and do stuff.

I see a sexy three-set walking across the street so I make a b-line to them. As I'm walking up the sexy one makes eye contact with me and holds it. This is in the bag so I open.

Me: Hey, I'm Ash
Her: Hey
Friend: No, get away, I'm going to get really aggressive
Me: For what
Friend: Nope leave
Me: I don't see your problem
Friend: My boyfriend is behind you and he's going to kick your ass

I turn around and its a old friend from work. I immediately just engage him and shot the shit with him. This guy is beyond funny and friendly. He'd do coke and ecstasy at work during lunch and come back high outta he's mind and just fuck around. It's beyond funny. But he's good people so I just joke with him and totally disregard the girls. If they're with him that's cool. Eventually I say bye and head on.

I do more stuff, more self-amusing. Yelling shit at strangers, budding into conversations and leering at females.

We see a three-set and we go in. Everyone has a girl and is doing GREAT. They lovin' the crew.

Me: Where are you from
Her: I'm Persian
Me: Can you cook
Her: I can cook everything
Me: WTF is everything
Her: Everything
Me: On the other hand let's get married
Her: Okay
Me: We're going to 3.5 babies
Her: 3.5 babies

I'm just physical and playful with my girl, I immediately threw that claw like a fat kid at a cake shop. ITS THE CLAW.

I then go on a future projection where we live in a log cabin on a deserted island. Where I go fishing every morning and when I come home i would give her my catch and she would cook it and then we have sex for six hours striaght and then sleep. Only to repeat it again the next day. I'm amazing.

We joke and shit.

Me: Tell me about yourself
Her: I go to UofO
Me: Interesting
Her: I don't know, what do you want to know
Me: What's your favorite color
Her: Purple
Me: Bullshit *Squares up in front of her*
Her: Yea really
Me: Purple is my favorite color
Her: Yea purple is my favorite color too
Me: That's it we're getting married

We continue to shot the shit, Mars tries to arrange for us to reach Falc's crib for an after party but my girl tells me they have to pick up a friend who is stranded somewhere, so I knew it was a no-go.

She gives me a boner and I pin it on her and tell her. She's laughs but stays. I NEED MORE BONER. Eventually they have to leave so I grab her number and give her a hug.

I go in on a two-set at the hotdog stand. I wouldn't normally because of some unconscious limiting belief bullshit but I do because MARS dares me to so I do it.

I think "Hey let me be funny and open with french"

Me: Bonjour
Her: Bonjour
Me: Je'm Appelle Ash
Her: *Something in french*

Lol after four years of french I probably only know like five different statements and this girl actually knows french. Boy did I pick a wrong girl to open differently.

She then calls me out and speaks french to me. After Wednesday french girl fiasco I know to just plow and not get sucked into her crap so I plow like a motherfucker.

Her: Your french accent sucks
Me: That's what four years of french at public school gets you
Friend: OMG four years
Me: Good ol' public school

I could see I'm slowly losing this so I go in harder, I think Mars jumps on the friend.

Me: We started on the wrong foot let's do this again
Her: Okay
Me: *Backturn* Hi, My name is Ash
Her: Hi
Me: Better?
Her: That probably would have worked

After some plowing she opens up but her friend grabs her and I'm done for. I suppose that's what self-amusing gets me. Oh well. We continue on.

We all go in on a three-set. I grab my girl and twirl her immediately as I grab her hand. I claw her as we talk, her friend is trying to grab her but I resist and somehow end up dancing elegantly with my girl to ballroom music I'm making with my mouth. I surprise myself sometimes. Eventually her friend comes and grabs her. I'm not even mad.

More stuff happens. I yell shit and just self-amuse. Meh.

Some girl opens FADER so I just walk off and start reading a newspaper. After awhile she waves at me so I tell her to come, she does

Her: Why don't you look at the horoscopes and tell me what's in my future
Me: *Flips through pages* It says a big black penis
Her: Next one
Me: *Flips through pages* Wait it says.....a medium sized penis
Her: Nope, next one
Me: *Flips through pages* Okay this ones right it says....................a medium sized black penis

I laugh so hard at this. Im so awesome. She's turned off by this but I don't give a fuck.

I claw her immediately and say

Me: What's your name
Her: Nope your done
Me: I'm Ash
Her: Hi.....

She knows if she stays she's getting fucked, so she thinks and then wanders off back to her group. I'm dying at this point. The game. The fucking game.

We continue on and see this girl sitting inbetween a sign

Me: Hey
Her: Shhhhh
Me: What's up
Her: I'm hiding move
Me: Cool

I then turn to Fader and ask him

Me: Bro was that a shit test?

I laugh hard at this. I can't even comprehend this. Life.

Eventually the strip dies so we hop on the bus and call it a night.

My only goal for tonight was leading and being physical. I got really physical really fast with all my sets tonight. The leading part could use more work but thats understandable. Im proud of my physical aspect for tonight. THE CLAW ALWAYS WINS. Good stuff dude.

The more I go out the more I notice that the girls here are meh. Only like 33% are actually stunners the rest are just normal or overweight chicks in tight outfits. They put on tight skimpy clothing and get hit on by drunk dudes and think they are amazing shit. Validation is a ain't it. Oh well. When the suns up they're back to chodey mic-life-life. Nightlife is kinda weird when you look at it.

M-Star is a ridiculousy fun dude to hang with. He's very high energy and fun to be around and the way he opens is awesome. It never came across me to open like that. He just jumps up and smoothly sits down right near the girl or just pushes her off of her own seat and claws her. The motherfucking man.

Tonight i just self-amused like a motherfucker, it was fun. I just didnt care and just wanted to have fun. It blow me out a alot of times but when a girl liked it, it was childs play and it put me in a indifferent mindstate from the get-go. Self-amusement ftw thumbs up  

Im done fasting so time to hit up the gym. I've seemed to lose some weight but not the good kind, time to go hard again.

I wait like ten minutes for my bus ride home and realize its late so i leave and head to Timmies and grab two bagels, somehow get some free timbits and a cup of water and come back in time to catch my bus. Bawse shit.

Im tired and sore. I jerk off cause i deserve it. Goodnight.
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August 19, 2012

Another excerpt from Zen Training that stuck out to me as i was reading it.

"The more a frog strikes to keep away from the snake, the more it is attracted, and eventually it is swallowed up. A psychotic person is obsessed by the idea that he tries to evade."

I got home in the am after last night session and get into a somewhat of an argument with my sister over doing something I don't wanna do, forget that ish. I make my own decision, I'm not gonna do something that I see any reason in doing so. She does he loud thing and I just fade to sleep. Close my door. Idgaf. Why is this important? I don't know, but I may find some importance in it later on.

I wake up to a text from POF, she wants to know what I'm doing today. GAMING? I say doing family stuff and immediately go for the meetup later. I really don't care no more, either she's down or not. She obliges. Cool beans. I then head downtown to do the daygame.

Today i was constantly reminded of what I would have become if I didnt take the path i did.

I still have a slight fever and my throat still kills me, oh well. I get down and it starts raining.

I walk around a bit and I want to leave. But fuck I'm not always gonna be 100%. Am I gonna go call it quits every time I feel a little sick? What the fuck is that. I'm better then this.

Once I make the commitment to stay I see a little blonde cutie walk by me, I open. I instantly feel better.

We chat, I don't remember a lot. She had a smoothie and was headed to work. She's seemed interest. She works at some depression helpline at the Eaton centre. She leaves for work and says bye. I totally forgot to go for the number, I don't care. The action is all that matters.

I continue to walk for a bit, I suddenly run into Angrydave. We do the game thing. I like homie, he's cool and reminds me of myself when I was going through that stage.

He points out a two-set, we go in. I open but the way they reacted Angrydave never got a chance to join the convo and I forgot to introduce him. Lesson learned. Introduce your friends.

I get resistance immediately and just acknowledge it and plow. They open up afterwards. They are from France and are traveling Canada doing this world tour thing. Meh.

We chat and I'm engaging both of them. I never opened and had to deal with a two-set before by myself, same shit as one-set.

Eventually I eject cause well homie isn't in it and I can't fuck both these chicks. Meh.

I then think I see a sexy chick from across the street and tell AngryDave to go in, he does and opens like a bawse. I say loud ridiculous stuff into my phone as I walk to not be lonely sad

Eventually he walks back and we head down.

I see a sexy chick across the street walking in the opposite direction and the lights just turned red. Is that a shit-test?

I wait until its green and walk, she has a nice ass. I walk causally and hope she doesn't go into the building complex and she does. Lesson Learned. Stop messing around and open. Whatever, no point in focusing on the negative. We continue on.

I see this sexy ass brown chick and step to her like a bawse. I open but she has headphone in, so I just tap her and open again. She loves me cause I'm awesome. We chat and shit, I'm on like a motherfucker. This is becoming normal just expressing myself, joking and having fun with the girl.

She's from Vancouver and just moved here last month and works at a clothing store in local PUA mall.

I can tell she's attracted and into the conversation so I do the what any person in he's right mind would so I purposed an instadate. I could have done better but whatever. Pickup is messy.

Me: What's are you doing right now
Her: I don't know
Me: Good, we're gonna grab a coffee or go for drinks
Her: I can't I have stuff to do

It's the action that counts. Meh.

I knew I could I kept walking and talking with her but that wouldn't leave me anywhere so as soon as I knew she's was hooked I went for the instadate. I then went for the number because I prefaced this interaction with I have to meet a friend in a bit and I don't wanna continue to walk to get another number. Either she's down or not.

Me: Okay, we'll do something this week give me your number
Her: Ill give you my facebook
Me: WTF, that's a comp-out
Her: I have boyfriend
Me: I have a puppy
Her: I have a puppy too

I can tell she saying these things just to say that and wanted to see if she can test me, I then think fuck this IM AWESOME

Me: K stop
Her: Okay
Me: Are you attracted to me or not
Her: *Thinks* No
Me: Whaaaaa *Backturns*
Her: Laughs
Me: Okays what's your number

Lol I'm awesome. Eventually I plow more but she's not budging, so as I'm about to eject she mentions

Her: Hopefully we run into each other

I don't know but the way she said it hit me a little different, like she just wanted me to fight for her so I'm like fuck this

Me: Bullshit we're not
Her: Don't say that
Me: You're the one making this difficult
Her: Okay let me take you're number
Me: W/e
Her: *Takes number*

I then give her like two hugs and send her off. She was really sexy but I legit didn't give a fuck. I don't even care if she takes my number, it's all the same in the end. We continue on.

I seen a promoter females from before and go in on her. I break her outta that sales mode but then get back into it cause she given flyer for free dancing lessons. I would love free dancing lessons.

I noticed she opened up a bit and throw out a hint and wanted me to take it but I didn't. I don't know why but w/e. Eventually I leave.

I then buy candy with at shoppers because its Eid and head home. I deserve it.


After reading that excerptit hit me that everything you think, do or even try to do has an effect on you be it your mood, energy levels or how you behave. It all connectedd. After today im going to just surrond myself with just good positive stuff and see how it goes. I love books.

POF chicks starts acting stupid so i stop relying.

I've been feeling really indifferent lately like really indifferent like i could care less, its like i intrisically know that nothing can add more to what i already have and everything else is just stuff to play with. This has manifested itself in me being more bolder all around. I genuinely feel AWESOME, so if a female acts up or deals with some bullshit im done. Theres a million more like her out there. Why add negativity to my life. WE HAPPY OVER HERE.

I feel different, i could say more but ill leave it out for the meantime. Im going to go eat candy and catch up on my shows. Goodnight.
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August 22, 2012

I wake up, study a bit and then head out to the security guard test, afterwards I head downtown to beast.

I really don't remember that much of today to be honest. Just me being awesome all day. I know at the beginning I was cold and froze but that's about it, its expected when I'm getting in social mode.

These are later in the night

Millz opens a two set and I wing, I just chill with my girl and don't really run game, but she seemed to be enjoying herself. Idk. We joke about Millz and her friend. Eventually she proposes we light sparkles and we do after some time. Eventually they leave. Cool and friendly yo.

Millz points out a two-set and says that he opened last time, so I go in and it goes fine. I'm chatting both my girls but am a bit cold and it reaches a silence. Meh. Some dudes come in and I just chill until I leave.

I then stand besides Millz awkwardly while he was in set for payback for not coming in. I lol at this. I then notice this girl in all pink behind me and so I do a backturn and engage her.

Me: Hey
Her: I'm texting someone irrelevant
Me: So stop
Her: I'm almost done
Me: Send a picture of a cat doing something crazy, that's basically how I flirt with a girl
Her: LOL almost done

She then finishes up and starts to walk off, I yell

Her: That's way
Her: I'm on something

She's then stumbles off. I laugh at this.

I do some more and leave.

Today was funny, really funny. Millz is my hero. That's all I'm going to say.


I start working tomorrow so my finances are going to be getting back up real soon. I can't be doing this broke ish, it ain't me.

I'm gonna start hitting the gym again, I gotta get back in top physical state if I'm going to kill this shit. My regimens gonna consist of lifting as heavy as possible, taking a multi-vitamin and eat as food as possible. I'm gonna get huge yo.

I don't remember my nights out, the next morning most of what happened the night before is a blurr and appears to mystery. Idk. That's why I write my FR before I sleep. Oh well time to make new memories I suppose.

I notice im very animated in my sets, usually high energy just talking usually doing some sort of hand motion and getting physical with my girl, be it shaking her or grabbing her. Most sets this works but sometimes it comes off uncaliberated when im cold and want to get to this state. Im also leading the conversation and usualy doing most of the talking which is meh. I have to find a way to better engage my girl without wasting so much energy and getting her to qualifiy more. 

The hesitantion has made its way back, i dont know. Im not experiencing AA at all but im not approaching as much as i should. It's frustrating seeing that pretty girl walk by and thinking what if. Im gonna have to go back into try hard mode and cut out this chill stuff ive been doing lately. I learned way more when i was a hitting shit up. I guess ill see tomorrow.

I eat and drink milk. Im tired and a little aggrevated. Meh. Goodnight.
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August 21, 2012

I don't even know what to say about tonight, epic fail on my part but I learned a bunch of shit so I win regardless.

I head to the gym in the morning, I haven't been there for about three weeks so my warmup weight is killing me. God damn. None the less I finish that shit like a champ and head off to work. We had a board meeting at work it was boring, I just played Sudoku and tried to be witty ever so often. Meh.

Eventually I head down to do some streetgame before our usual venue. I get down and don't really feel like opening. I walk a bit and then run into Angrydave and a friend.

I see a brunette with a nice ass across the street and make a b-line to her. As I'm about to open she turns into a restaurant. God damn. Oh well time to be more awesome, I continue on.

These two sexy chicks walk right into me and before I could even think I open


Lol no conscience response, I just opened. I extend my hand to the girl in the red and she grabs it and holds. I notice she's putting pressure so I go for the claw. Easy as 123. We chat.

Friend: How old are you
Me: How old you I look like
Friend: 18
Me: 18
Friend: I knew it
Me: How old are you guys
Friend: She just turned 16
Me: And you
Friend: I'm older

I didn't give a fuck my chick was sexy, she had ass and a tits. I'd fuck that without hesitation. Yup I'm going to hell. Oh well.

When she said she was 16 I like stop clawing her and patted her on her head like a kid. Its saccifice to say that she's didn't like it. Classical push-pull. She then starts grabbing my ass.

Me: Could you like stop that
Her: No
Me: You might as well grab my dick

Her and the friend then grab my dick and start stroking it in the street and then abruptly stop and walk off

Her: What
Me: You cant just grab my dick and then leave, I feel used
Her: That's what we do
Me: Come here
Her: I have to leave
Me: Come here and give me a hug
Her: I HAVE to leavvve

She comes and I give her a hug. Did I mention she was sexy. God damn. They give me a boner and then disappear. My god. They were hot. Wtf are they putting in the water.

I continue on, AngryDave opens a two set and I wing. It's a pair of german girls who are here studying, walking around enjoying the city.

We chat, and so-fourth. My girl is being receptive while the other one just keeps quiet and watches us. It's weird but I stay normal.

Eventually after some plowing and dealing with her stuff we eject. Meh.

We decide to walk on. Me and Dave run into the girls again and I re-engage them.
I notice immediately that I'm coming from the same frame as before. Before I was the selector and now it's like I'm trying to re-join the party.

I get the friend and Dave hops on my girl. The friend is just giving me shit-test after shit-test just being difficult not being receptive at all. One word answers and shit, I call her out

Me: WTF stop giving me that bs
Her: Ah man *laughs*
Me: Ah man *laughs*

She then asks me a question and I say some fucked up "YOUR HOT" so I'm going to say w/e to keep you here. I know better but I said it anyways. From this point on the set starts to die. I continue to say utter bullshit to save my life. The friend then tries cutting into Dave and my girls convo and I break her attempt and we somehow end p switching girlst.

I engage my girl and she's being testy. I claw but she take it claw, so I put it back on, this occurs like 5 times. Doesn't she know the claw only gets stronger?

Eventually she steps back and starts grabbing my ass again, I then feel her boobs cause well I'm a man. She then back aways and laughs.

Her: You don't know you'll get shot
Me: You're about the whitest white girl I know
Her: Respect
Me: Come here

She kept being gangster with me and I'm sure your  five-foot-four you ain't about that life.

At one point, I calw her again but the friend is being a cockblock and says

Friend: Let's go
Her: But their cute
Me: *Stares down friend and as he claws girl*
Friend: We have to leave
Me: Nope, she's mine

The friend then grabs my girl and then leaves. Lol what a life. I'm not even mad. Shit happens.

I then grab a wrap and chill for two hours. I'm feeling good and for some reason not opening sets. Meh. Weird shit.

Eventually I head over to the venue and meet up with the crew. We do the talking to chicks thing.

Tonight was probably one of my crappiest nights at this venue. I rely too much on my wing and often times form a chode crystal. Having a wing is good but I gotta disappear and open shit without a wing from time to time. Meh.

I get blownout a few times, and then dance with a girl. This bumps my state.

I rely way too much on dancing. Which isn't good. I also need to up my playfullness. I'm either in wolf or boy mode no inbetween. With wolf scaring the fuck outta girls and the boy being way too friendly. I need a calm boner with woo combination.

I basically dance and chode the night away. I go in receive blowout then wing Mars on a two-set. I grab my girls hand and some black dude grabs her hand I keep on and he disappears. SHE MINES.

We dance face to face and then she insist we start grinding. This girl was by far the hardest grinder I have ever had, she was putting so much power and effort into that shit i got fued up and just grabbed her waist and was basically thrusting into her ass with my dick.

Idk what happened next but her friend grabs her and they kiss and I go back to rengage my girl but no go. They're kiss blew me out. Oh well.

I continue the non-actionness until I see girl, get blowout. Head outside, then head back in. See sexy girl, open and get a

Me: You're adorable
Her: No, I'm too fucked up
Me: Whaaa
Her: Actually buy me a drink
Me: Fuck no
Her: Then nope

The fuck does she take this for, plus im really broke so even if i wanted to i couldnt. I continue on and get blowouts.

The venues done, we head outside. Mars opens a two-set and i go in, i immediately claw my girl and spit awesomeness at her, she seems down for the kid but her friend has a boyfriend and isnt down for the afterparty. I didnt want to deal with all this so i just hover and we end up switching girls, i claw her again and we talk about dogs and refuggees are alike. Idk. Eventually they leave and we continue on to beast and call it a night soon afterwards.

It's seems weird but ive seemed to progress back to a beginning but i have all the skills ive cultivated. Like i dont have AA but i just dont open, i dont know this is really messing with me. 


My onistis told me she started seeing her bestfriend. Im like cool. I dont know when she told me i felt a shock and some emotion then i realized that she has to be with someone and that some other dude was going to take action if i wasnt. This is the second girl within my social circle that ive losed because i didnt take action at the right time. I dont even know anymore. It's whatever. I suppose the decision has been made for me. Cold approach is all i know now.

I need to evaluate what im doing when im at a venue, chilling and having fun with a wing is all good and fun but i need to be opening as well. My wing isnt going to do all my work for me so why am i going to depend on him to do so. Rolling solo within the venue maybe my best bet. 

I got physical with all the girls i was talking too, either clawing them or being playful and touching them.

I need to cultivate a more fun and playful vibe, usually im a wolf or a boy. Which works but limits me, i need to be fun with a boner.

I can feel my intent getting back up. Working out combined with a better diet is the shit. 

Im tired as shit and sore. I eat a chicken sandwich some yogurt and drink some milk and sleep. Goodnight.
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