December 14th, 2018
My New Favorite Word!
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So I've been planning on writing up this article for a while now. Recently I've realized that I have built up a lot of momentum in my life and my life is going well for me. I recently (only 5 days ago) lost my virginity (props to RSD), overcome a problem with depression which I have been suffering from for quite a few years, my academic endeavours are going good, I'm starting to really see what I can achieve in the field of sport, I'm starting to outshine my father in the family business, I'm in a relationship with an extremely talented chick with whom I connect with on a very deep level and I'm really just taking action in all aspects of my life. All this is thanks to the RSD articles and videos which have really brought me to new paradigms and ways of thinking and will continue to do so as I evolve.

Recently Brad's AIDS article really got me thinking. “Maybe I should create a similar acronym that would be easy to remember and I could always come back to for advice”. I wanted something that I could look to for help in all aspects of life, not just pick-up. Over the next week or so my concept began to take shape and evolve. It has now settled at what I believe to be it's final form and I now present to you my new favorite word: “CART”. And here is my explanation. Hope you enjoy!

Listen to this for maximal effect. Don't be afraid to replay it!

C – Confidence in the Process.
A concept that has been flying around the articles recently is the idea of being confident in the process. That for me is believing in the process/journey that you are on. Believing that you are on the right track and that one day, if you continue on this path you will inevitably get to where you want to be. This belief and confidence is where you should take your total self confidence from.
This ties in with drawing your state from within. You create a spring inside you which constantly emits positive emotions due to the actions you are taking. You no longer seek validation from others, or base yourself on the reactions of others because you totally believe in the journey that you are on which they have no effect over. Even if they put you down because of what you do, you know where the path will inevitably take you, they cannot change that.

A – Assume Attraction.
You should always assume others are attracted to you. Simply the fact that you are male and are on a journey, that you have total confidence in and travel daily, should be enough reason for any woman to be attracted to you. You walk with purpose! Women should in fact be honoured that you are in their presence, for they have an opportunity to meet a highly motivated and purposeful person who will achieve (or already has achieved) great things.
This concept I believe can also be adapted for non-PUA interactions. You assume that everyone you meet will like you for who you are and will look up to you. You assume value because you know what you are worth. You do not look to take value off of others because you have all the value you need coming from that spring inside you, from the actions you take. Be like a rock to others, unshakable. They ping off of you and look for your approval. Assume alpha-ness and don't seek validation. People look up to you and yet, despite this, you don't abuse your power and dominant status because you ain't no jerk!

R – Remain Present.
Presence is huge. Possibly the most important concept I've taken from RSD. Presence means you're not caught up in your thoughts (the spontaneous thought processes of the ego). You are simply the present moment. You do not think of the past or future. You just simply assume it will happen, that things will work out ok. This all comes back to believing in the process.
I highly recommend meditating regularly. Meditation just brings you into the present moment and away from the thoughts. When I meditate (eyes closed) I don't “focus” on my breathing, I simply become aware of it. I then recognize the spontaneous thoughts of my mind and through this recognition I look past them and they fade away. As Tyler says the process of meditation is like the focus on the camera, you kind of “zoom in and zoom out” of that meditative state until finally, after much practice, you become so good at it that you can stay in that meditative state, free from thought. You can meditate anywhere. Just close your eyes and begin! In the meditative state I can almost feel my pre-frontal cortex growing stronger and expanding. It's one of the most amazing feelings I've ever had!
As your ego dies. It becomes easy for you to be that rock and to be icey i.e. not letting the reactions and words of others have any affect on you. A guy who recently really brought this “icey” point home is Kimi Raikkonen (F1 driver). I highly recommend you look up some of this guys interviews on Youtube. There's a reason he's known as the iceman!
The whole concept of presence also ties in with happiness and enjoying life. When you are present you start to really appreciate the small things. Sometimes it almost make you walk around in awe.

T – Time is the Most Precious Commodity.
One of Brads recent articles really brought this point home for me. Unlike money or gold, lost time cannot be retrieved making it the most valuable commodity to us all. What does this mean? You have to make the most of it! You need to continuously taking purposeful action and learning from your actions. I've recently started to make a list of things I have to do for the up-coming day so I can stay focused and really feel as though I have achieved something at the end of the day. Again taking your value from the actions you take. Currently I'm writing this article in the small hours of night (high on red bull) because it was on the to-do list and I am determined to achieve my goals.
You need to be aware of dates and deadlines in your life. Always be up to date. Putting all your effort into the tasks you do because you know time is precious and you can't turn back time. You put as much effort possible into everything be it washing the dishes. You aim to get the most out of your resting and sleeping time because you know there's things to be done once that time is over and you won't get a second chance at rest.Through doing this you become a role-model to others.
Life is short and is the sum of many consecutive, individual moments. You want to do things that are going to give you that one percent advantage because all those percentages add up. You need to be prepared to put your life on the line to achieve your dreams. You take action and constantly persevere to improve yourself because you love yourself and believe it is your destiny to achieve your dreams.

I know that my beliefs will be always evolving, that's a good thing. But I hope that when i do go off the path I can think of this simple word, CART and I'll find inspiration and help to take me back on my path.

I want to give credit to RSD for the principles in this article, especially Tyler, Julien and Brad who have had the most profound effect on me recently.

I leave you with some motivational videos. I hope you got something from this!:

"I either succeed or fail, and I'm not scared of those options." - Cat
Simple - great things begin with simple ideas. "Brick by brick my citizens" or some shit like that. 
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