December 13th, 2018
This social momentum shit really works
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 My previous 5 nights I must have approached somewhere between 80 to 100+ women, ranging from quick open and blow outs, to 10 minute conversations and number/kiss closes. Normally I'll have the odd night of intense approaching, but 5 in a row is unheard of for me.

Though I want to test this further to ensure it isn't a fluke, 5 nights in a row is enough to convince me this shit works.

So what is social momentum?

Firstly you have to have a foundation of sexualness. If the girl can't imagine being on her knees sucking your dick, you aren't going to sleep with her, end of. There has to be sexual tension. As Jeffy says "You're communicating to her as man to woman, not friend to friend", this sums it up well. You make it sexual as early as possible to screen out girls who are wasting your time, and if you have to fuck this balance up, it's better to err on the side of being too sexual. Kino is good, but only the tip of the iceberg. Everything about you should scream sex to the girl.

The best balance is fun and sexual. Too much fun makes you a clown, too much sexual shit makes you sleazy. Make it fun with sexual comments thrown intermittently in (not forced, but in a way that shows you're not embarassed or afraid of sex, you're just comfortable with it).

Sex is the foundation to 3 rules I now follow on a night out. There's zero theory and they're all totally practical. Following these 3 things I've approached more than usual, doing harder sets and pushing shit further:

1)  Open as quickly as possible (before you even enter your first bar), frequently and with minimal time between sets

It used to be "open the first girl on the right as soon as you enter the bar". Now for me this is worst case scenario, a backup plan. ideally I want to do 1 or 2 approaches before I've even hit my first bar, out on the street. By approach it can be anything, high fives, quick bullshit openers or whatever. They can be 10 minutes or 10 seconds. These are your warm ups.

At the start of the night you might not want to approach, especially if you've been sat inside all day doing boring shit. Following rule 1 will get you to a point where you're socially warmed up and accessing that natrually fun and playful side that girls love. Keep doing this until you're warmed up.

2) Realise that your girl for the night is out there, the one who either helps you hit state or comes home with you. She might be the 4th, the 14th, or 14th but she is out there. All it takes is one good set

Following on from rule 1. It might take the 3rd girl you talk to or the 13th, but at some point you will get outside your head. Trust the process and this will happen 100% of the time. Also know that your girl for the night (as described above) is out there, again it could be early on or late on but it doesn't matter. Don't give up just because the first few sets go poor. Remember the words:

All it takes is one good set

Say 20 women are stood in a room and half of them want to fuck you, the other half hate you. Pretty good odds right? The first 10 women you approach could all blow you out, but it doesn't change the fact that half of the girls there want to fuck you, it just means you coincidentally picked the first ones poorly. The 11th and final one would go well, and it'd look like you sucked.

But it could have just as easily gone the other way, where the first 10 went awesome and the last one sucked, making you overall look like a pimp.

Bear in mind that both had elements of luck and it still revolved around the idea of half the women wanting to fuck you, half hating you.

Or another way to look at it: Are you prepared to go through 9 blowouts to get to that one girl who wants to fuck you?

3) Traffic lights. 1/3 of girls are red lights (fuck off), 1/3 are orange (still there but not won over) and 1/3 are green (removing your pants)

If you can be genuinely cool with the idea that some women, no matter who you are and cool shit about you, will not like you or give you the time; approaching will open up for you. You'll open more hot girls because if it fucks up, you'll just accept that she's in the 'red' third. You'll accept girls who are indifferent or playing hard to get as being in the 'orange' third.

So it'll be open->blowout (okay she's red)->open->blowout (okay she's red)->open->blowout (okay this one's orange)->open->blowout (ahh this one's green)

The first few aproaches have taken no more than 3 or 4 minutes and saved you a ton of time. And the ones that open, open hard.

And there you have it. What I'm saying isn't groundbreaking but it does work. Follow the above and I guarantee you'll push yourself harder than usual.

Any questions, or if you want me to clarify or expand on anything go for it
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dude this is a REALLY good post
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Hey man I've been implementing this over the past 2 days and it's really helped me a lot man. I already knew a lot of this stuff but you've given it a better context and much greater clarity - especially with points 1 & 2.
It's working quite well: I'm beginning to realise that I can cross the indifference threshold quite fast and get thoroughly warmed up.

The only thing I'd add is that I don't know how to cross over into state (like when I used to drink) and always remain in this more chilled, outcome independant vibe. I'm looking more for the fearlessness and ruthless (congruent) pursual of intent that comes with the raging brushfire or searing hot coal state. Any insight is immesely appreciated (considering this is an old post).

Anyway thanks for this gem!
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