December 9th, 2018
Cheated on my wife??? FUUUUUU
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Vincent M

Vincent M


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 Emotionally fucked up situation. I think coming here was a way to get some sort of validation for your actions. I mean a pick up website, with tons of group thinking fuckers telling you not to group think and read their books. That is a fundamental life philosophy. Your fucked. No one can answer that for you. I'm in a loving committed relationship and I constantly want to fuck other chicks. I get strong emotional feelings for other girls that would piss my girl off. I know that its my nature as a man to provide comfort and want to watch over and protect girls. That's what I get out of it. I care about other people genuinely, and I sense ur the same with the fucked situation you got trapped in lol.

Point is dude, I'm 24 and have NO CLUE WHAT THE FUCK I'M TALKING ABOUT. You want real actual advice, go talk to an old dude whose been in a 40 year marriage. That fucker has advice. You want to forgive yourself and find other people who identify with you, come here cuz we are all fucking retarded too.

Now just my opinion, fuck the girl, lie to your wife about it, feel horrible. Or tell her about it Idk. Your fucked anyway. Nothing you do now is gonna be perfect. I'm saying this because I'm in a push it to the limit stage in my life and I'm biased as fuck towards that. 

Ok correction, truly honestly follow your heart. Make your decision from love. If you go to church you know what I mean. A good father doesn't punish his children by aggravating them, he loves them and celebrates them regardless of their faults. A man always shows mercy and kindness to his enemies. Love your neighbor as you do yourself, not to be treated as like in return, but because you truly see your neighbor as an extension of yourself. Live with love and follow God. Pray for wisdom. I'll say a prayer for you.
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move on
your wife is going to hate you - sorry but she will- get a pilow for that- shes gonna make you feel like crap

the new girl sure- sounds great

i am in a long distance relationship and its all about visas.. if he did that to me- id loose it
cos ive worked so hard to get  to be with him
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Are you asking if you should end your marriage cause you made one mistake?  Fuck no dude.  I bet if you told her that she wouldn't even leave you.  Don't tell her unless you think that you'll do it again.  It was one moment of weakness.  You are human.  If it happens again then you should not be with her.  Good luck

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich.”

― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

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LOL of course she is down with it. She's getting out of Mexico LOLOL
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Cheating goes without saying… the real commitment is to work through the differences. While both are willing, love will find a way.   t

The true/ultimate commitment in a relationship is to always work through the differences… Cheating is disloyal; however, it is not the ultimate commitment. This is why people sometimes try to stay together after cheating happens. Because they have not given up on the ultimate commitment (being: to work thru the differences/issues). 
That being said: if the cheater cannot work through it, it is done… 
People make mistakes… for me, the betrayal would be too much (at least it is now, at this point in my life)… 
It takes a lot of healing to get back from cheating…  Unfortunately there is no chance to fix things if he has given up on trying to work things out…
The cheating (as horrible at it is), was not necessarily the end… the end is when there is no will to work through it. Not willing to do the work needed to have a relationship. 
Making a bad decision like cheating is once thing… Not willing to work out the betrayal & other issues is breaking the commitment & the end of the relationship… or the beginning of a downward spiral of heartache  the ends with breaking up...
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Just to add, I personally get angry about the comments to "accept true love".

Humans LIVE OFF of each other. We are SOCIAL. And the opposite sex is a HUGE FACTOR in that social experience we have in our lives.

If you settle down at early 20's, please answer to yourself:

Once I'm old and my body is too worn out and my focus has shifted onto other values in life and having AMAZING experiences with women is no longer possible, will I regret not having multiple girls / lot of sex / choosing the right girl for ME?

Not just for the sake of getting and banging girls, but for the sake of actually finding that person that is perfect for you and you're perfect for her. Because I truly believe if one doesn't follow their drive when they feel the urge to do so, that will haunt you later on and eat you alive. No wonder marriages don't last. My own mother has divorced 3 times and is still not happy.

To quote Elliot Hulse:

"When you're in a loving relationship with someone, you don't OWN that person and that person doesn't own you. What you've decided to do is support each other in becoming the strongest version of each other."

Because the LUST will fade, whether you settle down at 20 or 30. The love will continue as long as you genuinely made the CHOICE to be with that person.
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What does "alarm signal" mean? This is my alarm at 46 years old. Previously, every day anyone wanted to cram, and now every other day and two. This is an alarm signal. And the author has an alarm. Yes, such that the bell cracked. And look, the bell tower will collapse!
Here in one of the topics he wrote that he was missing a couple of times a month. This is an alarm signal in 32 years. Well, okay, say, the body is like that. It happens. Someone three times a day, and someone once every two weeks. Neither of them will envy. But just as God gave. But fall asleep in the process! It's only after seven hundred grams of vodka can be.
Really I recommend to the author to hand over analyzes and to talk to the doctor.
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If you are concious of your actions then you can change
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