December 10th, 2018
Bootcamp in Berlin with BRAD (long, long time ago)
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Yeah, I recently found out that my short review about my BC with Brad back in the day (11/2010) was in the private section of RSDN - so only alumni could read it. I think it is better to change that and make a success story out of it.
It was an awesome weekend in Berlin. If you're not used to approaching many girls (have approach anxiety and stuff like that) a BC is definitely the place where this gets changed! Approached 20 girls at least every night there!
Props to Brad for an awesome weekend full of actions and new insights!

SO, below you find the original post - enjoy:
Hey guys!

First off, was a great weekend in Berlin. Learned some good distinctions from Brad I wasn't aware of till then. I can vividly remember a funny situation. I had a cute german girl already kclosed and ready to go home. Brad and Matt asked me what I was waiting for. My response was that I wanted to learn some additional things instead of pulling her home now because I don't primarily pay for a BC to get laid there but to improve my game as much as possible over the whole weekend. After the BC was officially finished pulled her nonetheless ;-)

The Budapest weekend was awesome too, very receptive girls there. And, of course: CINETRIP - one of the coolest parties ever. Imagine to party in an old turkish bath house where all the girls are wearing bikinis... Have to visit this city again!

Greetings from Vienna!
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