January 18th, 2019
Im the lazy guy Tyler spoke off in new vid. Am I permanately fukced?!! Tyler or others can you respnd please:(
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The lates video was phenomenal. I nearly cried when realized how hard this was all hitting me home.

I am that pathetic lazy guy that Tyler spoke about.

I fuking hate that!!

So , ok, i get that and I admit it. Is there a way off that path? How do I develope that sort of strong work ethic etc?

Just push myself into it? Ease into it?

For the first time in a looooong time I realized I need to change and if you guys can give me some advice would be awesome.

P.S I am not talking about PU stuff here, but generally.


So in that video tyler spoke of a homeless guys for as an example and how he is on downwardspiral. Its like a vicious cycle. Well , sad, but I realize thats what my life is like.

I know I am brilliant. I used to read a lot. Made quite a bit of money. I am full time "internet marketer" and I can create few thousand dollars quite easiliy with no effort in few days. But because I learnt how to do it, I am lazy as shit. I do have big dreams. I know that if I fuking executed and worked lets say 8 hours a day on my stuff I could achive a lot ( at the moment I probably work like an hour max a day for maybe 4 days a week. Most time I surf the internet, go out drimking and having "fun".

The way he described a guy with good work ethic just really resonates with me. I would love to just be able to put my mind to it and commit to dreams and goals. But literally I get sleepy when I start working on something and think to myself that I do it after I wake up. Then a short nap and I never do it. Few years ago I had some great ideas and I know they will work ,but I still have not worked on them. Only kept telling myself that I will soon. WTF!!

Sorry, I know this sounds like a rambling and whiny , weak, homo stuff ,but really i feel like I am lost in this lazy pattern and after watching the video I am under the impression , that once i am down that path I am permanately fucked?

Am I?


I just want to thank everyone for answering here.

I really took some things on board and since then I stopped smoking, made over $25,000 online and have been working out 5 days a week.

And thanks Tyler for that amazing video also (Y)
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That sucks dude. First thing u can do is make a decision to do this. Commit 110% to it. Once you make that decision thats the biggest step. Follow that decision with taking action any possible way u can. Balls out commiment, whatever means neccessary, all the way. Make a decision right now to change ur life 110%. Once u make that choice theres no looking back. Cold approach is a great way to do it, just gotta commit all the way.

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I speak from experience as someone who went from lazy sloth to super productive man.

Get leverage on yourself.

Examine yourself at the core and find out what motivates you, what REALLY motivates you.

To understand this you need to stop thinking so big. Success is not something achieved in one grand move because you were so motivated to get that ferrari.

You need to focus on the thousands of little steps usually repetive that you need to do.

Reboot your brain, write down every little thing you need to do in your life, doctors appointment, pay the elec bill etc. Get in onto paper and witness the feeling of emptying your mind.

What is it you like to do when you are lazy, Is it a tv program you like to watch, a food you like.

Then use that lure as a bait for the task you need to do.

You have to coax your emotional brain, dont think logically it is the reptillian brain holding you back and you have reinforced the habit by rewarding bad behaviour.

Re-wire your brain by rewarding good behaviour and punishing bad.

After a while it gets easier as you build the new habit.

Ultimately the most imortant thing is that you actually want to change and become a better person.

At that point self respect enters the equation as you start to form a new prouder self-image and you are scared to fall back.

GL. I realise I have just rambled but there is a great deal of truth and help here, read it again.
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I just stopped listening to part 5 of Willpower Rediscovering the greatest human strength.
It says that ego depletion is caused by too much exercise of your will power.

One of the keys they mention is to focus on one project that requires willpower at a time, Instead of trying to change everything all of the sudden.

So if you are Lazy, figure out all the things that make you lazy(or not focused) and start eradicating them out of your life one by one. Don't do them all at the same time
because you would be too tired to have will for anything else. And eventually you will give in to all.  just one until it becomes natural and it doesn't require to much will power and then another etc.

hope that helps.
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you are permanently ****ed
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 Read some good books on motivation, changing habits, etc.

You need emotional leverage.  Don't just think about why you want to change something or start doing something, write it all down in detail.  Write how it will make you feel if you succeed, write out obstacles or feelings that may come up and make you falter, and how you will overcome them.  Read this shit you write down every morning, because your emotions and thoughts will change with the moment to suit whatever mood your in at the time, you gotta resummon that focus regularly.

Prime your environment for change.  Get rid of distractions or things which could tempt you to fail.  You rather watch tv or play videogames than do productive shit?  Sell them all then.

Plan rewards and punishments for deviation, follow through with them.  Pavlonian shit works on everyone, not just dogs.
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I find that writing down your goals on a sheet of paper and listing what needs to be done to get towards these goals really helps. Write stuff down really helps me a lot.. like its harder to lie to yourself when its written down in a logical manner. Its funny that im giving you advice about this because I just joined PPC-Coach and want to be where youre at (making decent income working ridiculously low hours) but not for the lazyness part.. just to have more time for friends, family, girls, travel, etc.
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 Tyler said it himself in that video "Claw your way out like a motherfucker" no matter if its fuckin painful at first , the most painful phase its just in the beggining ,its like a diet , at first its fucking difficult to be on it , but then it turns into an habit and you dont even notice.
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well, Tyler says in his video that people who are successful for the long haul realize that you have to take small, but consistent steps, and stick with it.  And the hardest part is the first month while your brain readjusts to the new work load.... whatever work you choose to do.  Whatever new stress you put on yourself will be difficult at first, but you will get used to it.  Tyler used the example of weight lifting.  It was difficult for him to lift light weights at first, but now he's ok with heavier stuff.  You can exercise your work ethic and consistency as well. 

Also..... damn man at least you have money.  When you said you were a lazy mofo, I thought you were the guy that just doesn't have any money and doesn't do anything.  At least you got good at something and figured out how to support yourself.  That's a great acheivement.  You just got a little soft.  Now you have the luxury of dedicating yourself to anything you want.  You don't have to dedicate yourself to a daily grind job, and be confined if you don't want.  Fuck, if you wanted you could just go out and travel the country, and do your 1 hour of easy work in your car, using a satellite connection or something.  
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Thanks guys!!

I had several of you PMing me and asking about making money etc...

Ill be posting some stuff here soon about making money etc.

Or even some of my insights to PU stuff.. Not a pimp but been with 40+ women since age 13 ( threesomes , mother+daughter at the same time etc .. Some crazy shit lol)

Anyway, weird that in area of women or being social I never had issues. I am confident and outgoing and etc.

But yeah its just my whole life I have but 50% of effort into everything I do and still get pretty good results. So yeah I would love to see what happens if I put 100% into my work, relationships etc.

I watched the video again and I spose just hoping and praying that I will be strong enough to crawl myself out of that lazy pattern I been in my whole life.

Any advice on how to "WANT IT" more?
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