January 16th, 2019
Funny Text Convo of Girl Psycho-ing Out On ME
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Got this girls number after talking to her for about 10 minutes. She wasn't hot and I didn't even make out with her or anything.

These are the texts back and forward over a few days after I met her:

Angelica: Hey Alex, Angelica here! I really enjoyed meeting you at assembly the other night:) would you like to have a coffee sometime and we can continue our discussion about Freud and Jung?:)
Alex: Well hey there. yeah, was nice to meet ya. I'm down for coffee :)
Angelica: Cool! What about this week-end? Say,Biscuit mill this Sat?:D
Alex: I'm keen :) what time does biscuit mill go till, though? Cause I think I'm going to Zula on fri.
Angelica: Don't have to go to biscuit mill can go somewhere else?
Alex: I'm good with anything :)
Angelica: How about Origin there coffee is amazing??
Alex: No idea where that is, but I'm down for good coffee!
Angelica: Awesome, its near the Cape Quarters, De Waterkant
Angelica: Hey,what time tomorrow?:)
Alex: How's like 1 o clock?
Angelica: Grate see u then, have an awesome night
Alex: You too :)
Alex: Hey, sorry to have to do this but I'm gonna have to cancel on our coffee. I literally only got home just now (I was driving for a very unsober bunch of people). So I'm only getting to sleep now so I'm just not going to have as much time to do all the stuff I need to do tomorrow. Still keen to do it sometime soon tho :)
Angelica: Ok,that's a pity. Have a great day and let me know when you free to meet:)
Angelica: How was ur Saturday?
Angelica: Still wanna do coffee???
Alex: I'm keen! Just looking like I'm going to be super busy lately so not too sure when I can.
Angelica: Ok, let me know when your free and we can make a plan:)
Alex: (y)
Angelica: Alex how are u????
Alex: Angelica I'm good how are YOU?
Angelica: I am good, what u up to???
Angelica: ?
Alex: Driving
Alex: Talk in a bit
Angelica: Where, ok sweet
Angelica: ?
Alex: Converse concert!
Angelica: Come to Assembly
Angelica: Now
Alex: Just got to the concert sorry :)
Angelica: Where is it
Angelica: Alex???
Angelica: ?????
Alex: By artscape
Angelica: Come to Assembly, isn't that were the after party is???
Angelica: Alex just come here now
Angelica: Alex just come please
Alex: There 3500 people here. This is where the party is at :)
Angelica: You are so lame, a girl is asking you to come to Assembly and you still say no. There is something wrong with u
Angelica: End of, fuck you just string girls along don't u????
Angelica: Fuck I was right, u don't want a girlfriend,u want a girl that came take shit???
Angelica: Take
Angelica: Fuck I am so so so sorry just come
Alex: Its ok. I just had plans already.
Angelica: So u won't come then???
Angelica: Asshole, what eves over
Angelica: Please
Angelica: No I am not
Angelica: Just come here
Angelica: Agg please answers me????
Angelica: Just com here please
Angelica: Beg u!!!!
Angelica: Fuck I don't knew what's wrong with me, but please come here
Angelica: Please!!!!!!!!!
Angelica: Where the fuck are u????
Angelica: ?$
Angelica: Even if U, wanted to see me, you would never do
Angelica: I am so so so sorry

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Anyone else had girls freakout like this when you've only MET?
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 well to be fair, it would seem as though you are in fact a bit of a flaky
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"You are the unicorn, but once they capture you, you're the one riding them!"
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jlaix wrote:
 well to be fair, it would seem as though you are in fact a bit of a flaky cunt
This is true, she sill went over the top though lol
"First you have to give up, first you have to *know*... not fear... *know*... that someday you're gonna die."- Tyler Durden(Fight Club)

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You just KNOW the sex with that one would be good.
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 Ya had a girl freak out like this in vegas in person. Talking about how.. fuck I don't even know. Something about how she just wants a guy to be real, I'm like.. yep. I'm real. (personal favorite)  And then she starts talking about marriage, etc. Then she gets on her knees in front of me for some reason and I pull her head in and she looks at me and says something like "oh you don't think I do this.." (of course you do). At which point she buries the top of her head in my crotch and then moves up and bites the skin between my testicles thru my pants. Left shortly after 
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Probably shouldn't have said you wanted to meet up with her.
Someday, I want to be a billionaire.
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Yeah I wasn't that interested in meeting up. Shouldn't have said yes tbh.

But on a positive note I figured out how to save text convos from this thumbs up
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 What ended up happening with this chick?
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