October 23rd, 2018
3 steps to become a master pua
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1. The most important thing you need to do is BELIEVE...that right now you are the best thing for any need to tell yourself that you're better for girls than mystery, matador, tom cruise, brad pitt, flavor flav lol...anybody

without belief you'll never be matter what's going on good or bad always tell yourself that you're the best and you'll succeed...and if you don't you're still the best and you not suceeding was bad luck....

if you don't win you got to tell yourself that it was mishap...and then start telling yourself about all the great things you've done in the past with woman and always conclude that thats why your'e the best.

Belief will spur faith, enthusiasm, desire...never let anyone tell you negative things that lower your belief if you feel your belief wavering tell yourself that youre the best thing for women...better than mys, matador, top cat, top chef, brad pitt, whoever else you think has no woman problems

Doing this alone will make you successful.

2. Conversational threads - It's ok to steal openers but why are you stealing other people's stories and using them in comfort...create your own...

1st write down things you want to talk about...just like a politician stick to the issues....what're the issues

1. your relationships and relationships in general
2. your goals
3. your values and experiences where you've proved these values
4. beliefs about sex...and sexual experiences (not jacking off will help you energy she'll feel your energy)

Jot down titles but DO NOT WRITE THEM OUT...conversation is spoken not written...soooooo GET A TAPE RECORDER and talk about it....thennnn type it up in youre computer...edit so it's conversational and easy to go into...add jokes, dhv's etc....

print it out rehearse can easily get two hours of good material this way without the trial and error because the threads will sound natural since you talked it out originally..

These are good but remember belief is are the best...better than any pua, celebrity or whatever and remember you love approaching just to approach.

3. Looks = heck yea looks help...they you and make it easier...yes you can do without and still be successful but it makes it easier...

dress fly, smell good, be groomed, work out...simple simple
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 I got the 2 step program

1) fuck bitches
2) get money

haha just playin, good tips man, that belief part reminds me of something I really identified with... Tim's Flawless Natural "I am the coolest motherfucker on the planet" part.

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"master pua"
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G Bizz wrote:
"master pua"
Everytime i see this i think "world crown chinpoko master".

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