December 13th, 2018
Alexander~ Youtube Channel Directory W/ Notes
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What up RSD main forum!?  Last week, I found Alex's youtube video on Physical Rapport because of the main forum.  It offered so much free value, I had to see what I was missing out on with the rest of Alex's 50+ youtube videos.  So, I spent the past week watching all of them and taking notes.  I left some of them out because they didn't have instructional content or because I had already seen them and didn't feel like taking notes on them (sooorry).  Here's 24 of Alex's video blogs.  I'm going to start with an index, then I'll post the vid followed by the notes. 

1) Statement of Empathy
2) You are enough
3) The it’s fine bracket
4) Self Amusement
5) The romantic revolution
6) Inner peace
7) Keys to Control
8) Range of Emotion
9) Acknowledge the good
10) Personal Boundaries
11) Physical Game Moves
12) Winning and learning
13) Overcoming suppression
14) Physical Rapport
15) Responsibility to close
16) Relaxation is the holy grail
17) Social Speculation is Death
18) Natural Confidence
19) One Night Stand Concepts
20) Range of emotions
21) Stupid Key to night game
22) You don’t suck, you’re intimidating
23) The King Frame
24) Enduring Tests


1) Statement of Empathy

            -When the girl tests you by saying you’re crazy, you’re weird, you’re drunk, she’s
really just expressing that she is maybe not so confident.  She likes your confidence, but she’s
taken aback by it

            -Respond by saying I understand how you feel but I was raised in the mountains we’re
really physical out there.  –or- I just got back from a crazy adventure and Im really confident back in my own
town.  –or- I had a great week at work, Im feeling really confident right now.  –or- ya, I understand how you feel but it’s Friday
night.  Crazy time!


2) You are enough

            -The first thing alex teaches in bootcamp.
            -you are enough.
            -embrace who you are.  Where you’re from.  Girls will be attracted to that, just
because you’re being real.



3) The it’s fine bracket

            -What’s the right thing to say?
                        -don’t think about what is right or wrong.  Don’t judge it that way.
            -shit talk.  You can say anything.
                        -stay away from really boring things and really weird things
            -go for massive quantity versus quality
            -take the girls through the range of emotions
-if she appears to be responding negatively, it’s ok.  Youre just taking her through the negative range.


4) Self amusement

            -not a tool you use to seduce girls
            -the self amusement that works to your advantage happens when you’re bored.  Youre bored because youre so
comfortable with bad reactions and good reactions.  You’ve expanded your comfort zone to include the positive
and the negative so much youre just bored. 
-what you do and the way you live your life is more interesting to you than what any girl around would have to offer you.
-if you’re having fun, she’s going to be aroused by it.  Youre not pursuing, youre just acting through your own intentions to amuse yourself.
-focus on the good things you’re doing well.
-become more relaxed when things don’t go well.
-Harass german girls.  Hahaha.  Eat their hair.  Lick their face.  It will not cause you to get that girl but it will put you in a good mood.
-nerf guns! Hahaha
-amuse yourself through your own boredom with positive intentions.

5) The romantic revolution

            -Romance is a very real part of picking up girls.
            -Shift from gangster beast mode to don juan demarco
            -Focus on meeting a great girl in field
            -Seek to appreciate or like the girl.
-Being warmhearted and positive rather than slipping into the negative spirals of intent, darkness, etc.
-Don’t think of skill next time you go out.  Think of love, meeting the girl, having romance.
-from cold hearted operational perspective to warm human connection


6) Inner peace

-A lot of guys carry a lot of anxiety because what they think and feel isn’t congruent with what they really are.
-A guy who is good at picking up girls is very relaxed and in the moment in any situation.
-Work on embracing the moment, taking a step back and slowing down.


7) Keys to Control

            -What you can do to control having a better time in the bar
            -When you’re in the bar your goal is to be attractive to girls
                        -What you want to do is be their source of arousal.
-You can only be the source of arousal if you’re not the source of reaction.  Be influential.  Cause arousal.
-Your first goal is to relax.
            -physiological keys
                        -honor the two hour rule- unwind and relax
                                    -the opposite is a tense uptightness.
                                    -take up space, be chill
                                    -nothing matters in the first two hours
-when you’re standing in a social situation, if you get the feeling that you want to be impressive or defensive, you’ll weight your stance on the balls of your feet.  Ensure that you’re standing on the heels of your feet.
-youre on a tight rope, the girls about to run away, you’re probably leaning at them.
-Ballistic shoulders
          -take up space, be able to move your shoulders around,
-Girls look bitchy because of their high heels.  It brings their shoulders in, makes them smaller, and can stress them out.
                                    -Breath deeply, be calm, smile.
                                    -Tap your feet.
-If there’s music, move your feet.  Your eyes will be more lit up, you will be more expressive, motion creates emotion.
-Speak deeper, slower, and more pleasantly. 


8) Range of Emotion

            -Attraction (arousal)
            -If you trust the process, the interaction will take care of itself
            -Monitor if you’re exposing the people around you to a full range of emotions.
-fear, excitement, scarcity, affection, confrontation, and bringing the girl onto your team.
-have a sense of empathy, am I being too much of any one of these?
            -talking with the girl, not at her
-get a sense of how you’re coming across and how you need to be updating. Take the feedback she’s giving you and run with it.
-As long as you’re interesting and arousing to be around, that’s what will draw the girl in.
-Deliver contrasting emotions.


9) Acknowledge the good

            -You suck because you don’t acknowledge what you’re doing well.
            -Girls are attracted to guys with a successful attitude.
            -Practice acknowledging what you’re doing well.
                        -This will give you a good attitude to share with the girls.
            -Congratulate yourself for even the small things.
            -Feel like I’m living life, I’m having a good time.
-Get to the hottest one.  Be proud of yourself for it.  This will switch you on and turn you
-Acknowledge what you do well!
-Keep that good feeling, and you will inspire attraction.


10) Personal Boundaries

            -Having a strong reality.
            -Knowing how to say no is the difference between having a strong reality and not.
                        -Anyone who wants to defy your presence.
            -Notmy scene.  Not how I do things. 
            -Creates a strong attractive reality. 
            -Express a negative range of emotions.


11) Physical Game Moves

            -You can influence the environment or the environment can influence you
            -Every noise that comes out of your mouth is a barb of emotion
            -Chat and be physical
            -Girls don’t want to know if they like you or not. 
-Every single girl will categorize you as an attractive guy if you’re in the right headspace.
-Chemistry is physical interactivity
-Four moves
            -Hand hold.
                        -It’s ok, it’s valentines day 60 days ago.
                        -any excuse to get away with it
            -express a negative range as well.  Walk away
            -get her to head massage you.
-Don’t make out with the girl in the bar.
            -If you make out with the girl, you dissipate all the attention
-It’s not what you do that gets you the girl, it’s what you deal with.
            -When a dude meets a random girl, she thinks he’s just a random dude.  But when the pressure is on, the cool guy just remains calm.
            -it’s how you deal with that first little piece of blow off.
                        -if you can deal with it you’re in
                        -if you can’t deal with it, you’re not in
-To deal with shit test
-if they have a boyfriend, it means you actually are a cool guy. 60% of girls have boyfriends.
-it’s nice to meet you.  Irrelevant.  Keep going.
-by that, you mean, nice to keep talking to you
                        -why are you still here?  why are you not making out with me.


12) Winning and learning

            -A loser takes an embarrassment as a victimization.  And good things as luck.
            -If you get a hot girl, give yourself a pat on the back.
-If you go out and fail 30 times, give yourself a pat on the back, and acknowledge the lessons.
            -make the shift from being a victim and getting lucky to winning and learning.
            -go for broke.  Don’t dabble.  Burn the boats.
            -Alex wasn’t good, but he got good.
            -You can’t have success without drama or challenge
            -come into congruence with the idea that you are enough.


13) Overcoming suppression

-Everyone is suppressed by their social conditioning.  Australia, America, Europe, it’s all the same.
-The social conditioning is not a big deal.  You’ve just been immersed in it.
-Girls respond to emotional cues of alpha male-ness.  They hate any guy who can’t think for himself.
-When you break social conditioning, you will be tested.  When you beat those tests, you demonstrate you are cool.
-When you break that social conditioning, you de valuate the concerns and then are able to walk through the world more at ease.
-Defy your social conditioning.  Inspire change in yourself.  And inspire change in other people.
-Be the alpha male who takes initiative, makes change, and is able to face adversity.



14) Physical Rapport

-Focus less on academia of game and more on taking action and letting the transformation and growth take care of itself
-Physical rapport
                        -you have to be caveman escalation monster to get girls (partially true)
            -you need to communicate to the girl that you are enough
                        -you have a positive easy going vibe
                        -youre having fun
                        -you’re an alpha male and you do things on your own terms
-but you have to have an empathy for the situation you’re in and the girls you’re interacting with
            -Girls want to be aroused
                        -arousal translates to attraction
                        -going caveman will generate massive attraction
-but by going too hard too soon, it’s like blowing your interaction load too early
            -Then the interaction fizzles out           
                        -then she knows you just want to fuck her
                        -you could make her feel uncomfortable
            -adoption frame
                        -making them feel comfortable with you
                        -physical rapport is just establishing physical comfort with each other
                        -rather than invading her space, bring her into your space
-never want to go beyond the physical rapport that the venue could allow for.  Ie- you can’t fuck her in the bar.
                                    -escalating too hard too early is a trap
                                                -comes down to trusting yourself or not
                                                            -the guy can see the girl is reacting to him
            -physical rapport
                        -be comfortable in each others space
                        -be playful
                        -really physically escalate at times but then stop.  “no no we’re in a bar”
-do it in a playful sense rather than an “I’m trying to score a girl frame”
            -create a frame where you’re spending time with a girl in a bar
                        -attraction is a function of time
-by being away from each other, you will get better than the other guys in the bar
                        -it puts her in the frame that this guy is cool, we have chemistry, and she’s going to be thinking why isn’t this guy trying to do more
                                    -you don’t do more because you know it’s not the right time to escalate
                                                -you trust yourself
                                                            -creates a vacuum
                                                                        -the girl isn’t sure if you like her
                                                                                    -she will then game you
-the vacuum
                        -you do a lot to get the interaction going then the you pull back creating the vacuum
                                    -the girl will game you
                        -you only truly get good results when the girl is gaming you
                                    -why isn’t he taking it any further when I know he can
            -a shift in psychology
                        -you’ll think oh shit im taking this too slow
-in the long run you will consummate the interaction much more, have more social abundance, and have girls projecting attraction onto you
-            -decide which girl you’re going to stay with, establish physical rapport, screen the girl
            -give her space to decide that she can like you and she wants to make you like her
            -you want to push and make takeaways
                        -give the interaction room to breath
            -the interaction is a team effort
                        -not the battle for the chick
-ninjanigo chuey
            -beware of the ninjas in japanese


15) Responsibility to close

-You need to take every responsibility in the interaction for it to get to an intimate point
-This relieves the girl of feeling slutty.
-Remember that girls do want to have intimate relationships with guys.  But you have to be the guy who can make a situation where you’re both going to enjoy it.
-Girls are socially indecisive and need to be led.
-Follow through with your interactions.
-Take it from being a nice interaction to having the girl thinking of sex.
-Be patient.  Take time.  Endure tests.
            -Take full responsibility for sex.
            -Create a situation where “it just happened” because you led it in that direction.


16) Relaxation is the holy grail

-The ultimate goal is being relaxed.  (unapologetic, easy going, going at your own pace)
-When you’re relaxed, you can be honest with yourself and express that honesty outward which makes you naturally express the full range of emotions which naturally attracts girls.
-Girls get a positive dominant vibe off you if you’re relaxed.  She just knows you’re a cool guy.
-Rather than having crazy interactions, there will be very subtle indicators of interest.  People will become stifled by you and nervous.
-You’re so relaxed, you make her nervous by comparison.
-Consciously slow down.  Relax.  Realize that no one has any power unless you give it to them.  No one can give you anything you can’t give yourself.


17) Social Speculation is Death

            -Be positive and look on the bright side no matter what.
            -Social conditioning
                        -Makes you think negatively about things
            -When you’re relaxed, you can always think positively
            -Don’t speculate about social dynamics.  It’s a total waste of time.
            -You want to be the guy who is taking action.


18) Natural Confidence

            -Core confidence vs. external confidence
-If you can be confident, you can be automatically arousing however you conduct yourself
-You want people to be more reactive to you than you are to them, then you’re an arousing source of energy
-Confidence happens when you perceive that nothing holds you back.  When you’re in the moment, acting freely and influencing others, ratherthan others influencing you.
            -How to get true confidence
                        -Have enough social experiences.  Both positive and constructive.
                        -You don’t think anything is gonna hold you back. 
-You don’t gain status by achieving things.  You achieve things so you can have a good lifestyle.
-You don’t pick up girls to validate yourself, it’s just a part of your lifestyle.
            -There’s a long term core confidence you can develop
                        -Accumulation of experiences that make you indifferent to all situations.
-When you’re confident in all situations you will perceive that nothing holds you back.
            -There’s also a situational confidence you can get
                        -Build momentum, get in the moment, act freely
-When you have confidence, you will naturally be categorized as an attractive guy.
-If you act freely, you have a relaxed vibe about you that makes you socially magnetic.
-Don’t seek confidence through achievement, seek it through becoming indifference by overcoming your fears.
-Confidence happens when you perceive that nothing holds you back.
-It’s all about you, not the external world.


19) One Night Stand Concepts

            -Don’t aim to achieve the quick pull.
                        -It shows you don’t have good empathy for social adjustedness
            -Honor the 2 hour rule
                        -unwind for 2 hours with no expectations
                        -screen. See who’s down and who’s not
            -The last 20% of the time, the girls arousal will be peaked.
            -It doesn’t matter what you do for the first 80% of the night.  Just stay amused.
            -The club is your temple of relaxation.
            -Enjoy meeting other people and your influence over them.  
            -Allow the culmination of your night leave you calm and relaxed.
-The girls are seeking arousal.  When they’re coming off their peak arousal at the bar, they’re going to see you having fun, and wonder what’s happening.  They want to
keep going.
-If you’re not trying to bang the girl in the bar, the girl with think you’re cool and be down for the after party.
-By escalating too hard, you risk a hard blow out, and even alienating girls from you.
-Seek physical rapport.
-Taking your time with the interaction takes a lot of self trust.  Imposing yourself on the girl is non trusting.
-In a realistic bar situation, the interaction is going to take 5 hours or so.
            -30% in the bar
            -30% outside the bar
            -30% inside a hotel/ house party/ hostel
-There’s no pressure to make an impression in the beginning
            -Switch to self trust from pickup super hero.
-When you leave together, it should be a frame of “youre comfortable with each other” not “it’s going downnow”.  Switch to it’s going downnow frame when you’re in a place such as a house that the interaction can go all the way to consummation.
-When you don’t over escalate, you leave room for the interaction to move forward.  You don’t give the girl an ultimatum.


20) Range of emotions

-Communicate with girls like you talk to your boys- talk about shit you love, shit you hate, what’s cool, giveprops when you want to, objectively judge things positively and negatively.  If you can treat them like an old friend they will relate to you like an old friend.
                        -This will create tests.  You can’t say that.  Youre crazy.  Youre not cool.
-Shit’s cool.  I like your style or your energy.  I fuckin hate that guy.  Look at that fuckin idiot. 
-It all ends up giving the girl a full range of emotions. 
-Shut up, that’s fucking gay. 
-A full range of emotion gets the set started and keeps it going.
-Contrast the positive and negative. I love.  I hate.
-Speak first and decide what to make of it later.
-When you understand this, you can float into any set and not care about what to say.
-When you say these things, it doesn’t mean shit, it’s just fun to be around.  Keep them emotionally aroused.
-Arouse girls with our conversation.  But also physically, takeaways, push and pull
-When you are enough you get a really strong frame and strong sense of self.
-The natural you become the cooler and more indifferent and influential you will be
-The goal is to be honest with yourself
-Instead of thinking what to say, think how do I feel, and how can I I express that to the girl


21) Stupid Key to night game

-State is a load of shit.  An awareness of state will help you lose it.  Recite this to yourself.  There’s no such thing as state, I’m in love.
-All you want is to be relaxed.
-Being calm is the variable that helps you achieve results.
-Silly trick: Remember that night game is a field of play that has massive variability, you can be chode,  and get lucky.  By that same token, you can be
extremely good and the odds can fall against you.  By knowing this, you lower your expectations.  If you don’t worry about any of that,
it will calm you down.
-The most important thing to snl is leaving the venue with the girl.
            -Have empathy, remember girls are arousal junkies. 
-They go out with the intention to have fun with their girls, make the most of their night
-There’s a time where their arousal peaks (around 75% into the night) then their arousal drops.  That’s when you need to be there and pulll her from the club.


22) You don’t suck, you’re intimidating

            -Helsinki is the best city in the world for cold approach pick up
            -The girls can be intimidating, but the girls are actually intimidated by you
-When you approach the girl and she gives you stupid retarded tests, it’s just because she sees you as a confident guy (on a pedestal)
-Have the adoption frame.  You need to be the man in the woman’s life.  Look after her.  Make her feel comfortable rather than trying to impress/attract.
            -What the single girls will do is give you quiet and attentive attention.
-Approach over and over again.  Your frame is it’s just a matter of time until she’s comfortable with you.
-When she becomes calm and trusts you, then she will be open to the stories and things you have to say.
-Expect the tests.  They are just a knee jerk reaction.  Silly girl.  Soothe her.  Calm her down.
-Time is your ally in beating tests.
-You bring out a really feminine side to them.  Then they’re totally under your influence.

23) The King Frame

            -In this world, there are girls, alpha males, and beta males
            -Being alpha is a natural inborn attraction switch
-The king frame is you put yourself first but you do it for the benefit of yourself for the people around you.  Lead the team forward to success but have empathy for the people around you.
-Leading in combination with empathy.


24) Enduring Tests

            -It’s not what you do, it’s what you deal with that makes you good.
-The average guy is concerned with not making a bad impression.  This sis stifling.  The impression you think you want to make is wrong.
-There’s no chance to make a good impression.  Who cares?  Not you.  Not the girl.  This lowers the bar so you can be unstifled.
-The true way to show value is to pass tests.
-How you can keep the interaction going.  The more it goes, the more she will see you’re a real person this leads to attraction and other things.
-Those times when you get the cold shoulder, the skill is to be able to keep talking.  Impressionless bullshit when you’re under pressure.
-Is that your pickup line?  We need to go to the bathroom. 
-Shift your focus to be able to keep the set going.  When you think she isn’t into you, keep going.
-Enduring tests is the key to personal growth as well as being high value.


Tyler/ Julien Bootcamp Alum- July 2011 

Field Reports

Alexander Videos w/ Notes
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 cool, brother!
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 Awesome man!

Here´s a compilation of Alex´s writings/notes. Alexander Compilation
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 Why does the front page of this site not have moar toasts like this?
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Well done sir.
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 Bumping it up.

Correlates with this article
The natural instincts manifesto.

And this video explaining alex's natural instincts method which is in the above article
I just want to enjoy amazing girls. Crazy what sort of journey ive embarked on pursuing this quest.

My adventures in Dallas - 2013
 My adventures in Austin - 2012 
  Tyler/Julien, Honolulu Bootcamp July 2011 Tyler hotseat2 x5 (2011-2012) Alex hotseat x2 (2013)
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This is great.  Thanks!

I'll have a new Tyler/Alexander video up for you this coming week.

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wow, good job OP!

and alex has 2 jackets. I was wrong all the time lol
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 nahh back to 1 jacket..he forgot to collect his jacket at a nightclub...the club ended up giving it away to charity haha
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Holy shit this is awesome work, thanks dude!

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