January 17th, 2019
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(Free Tour review is here:
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Dear reader,

This is gonna be a long review. Don't be afraid. 

I wrote it for me first, to cement in my mind the lessons and examples I got from attending the Hot Seat. 

But I also wrote it for people who are on the fence about attending such an event. I was. My opinion now is that the Hot Seat should be mandatory for anybody putting a lot of efforts in getting this area handled. I wish I had attended a Hot Seat 2-3 years ago. 

In short, Hot Seat rocks, Julien rocks, if you’re a noob, attend or kill yourself; if you’re intermediate, attend or kill yourself. I don’t consider myself advanced, but it looks like I am, so as an advanced guy also I learned so much it’s scary.

Take a seat, relax, put some nice music, and enjoy. 



-My Hot Seat
-Description of the event
-The girls in the videos
-Owen's game and Julien's game
-The lessons
-Examples of videos
-Suggestions for the event



Finally, after so much time waiting for it, so much hype around it and so many days wondering if spending 300$ would be worth it, I attended the Hot Seat 2.

For me the event was a massive success. Julien did a kickass job at conveying his material and answering the questions. The hours passed like nothing.

I don’t consider myself advanced by any means, but by the standards Julien talked about it seems that I am. So let me say that as an “advanced” guy in this game I learned TONS from this event.

Also, HS is the best thing that could have happened to me at the stage I’m at.


Because the HS gives you a crystal clear concept of what game is and what it looks like. Me, I didn’t have a crystal clear concept of what game looked like. For me game was just me approaching girls and getting some results, observing random guys flirting with girls, and hanging out with a few “naturals”.

I didn’t know how good was good.

During my journey I was slowly getting at the same level as those naturals I knew, I observed more than my fair share of guys interacting with girls, and I got successes with girls. But I had no reference for myself. I didn’t know if I was on the right track. I thought: “ok I fucked some girls, so I may be ok, but I haven’t fucked 100 models yet, so I haven’t reached my goals, so I am shit”. Some days I was thinking “yeah I got it now”, and other days “fuck I’m the worst man to talk to a girl ever”

Hence my worries and my occasional frustrations: I thought I did everything I could do, yet I wasn’t at the stage I wanted because I didn’t always know what I was doing well and what I was doing wrong, so I didn’t know where to go.

No worries now. I now have a clear direction. This is the first thing the event taught me.
I watched, analyzed, and reflected on the videos. Now I have a clear picture in my mind of what pick up is, how it can be done, what advanced level is, what I should aim for, what can enable me to get the kind of girls I want

Most importantly for me, I have a new motivation.
The event made me realize how close I am to super pimp extreme. Now I don’t need to fantasize about what super game looks like.

Simply put, I already have it. Let me add right away, like many other guys.

I already pick up like Tyler and Julien when I am on. .
I didn’t’ know that before. Now I do. I don’t have to question myself so much. When I am on, I play at elite level.
I’m not showing off or anything here, I’m just pinpointing the fact that when I was good I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT, so I would oftentimes think I was still a chode, beat myself up and get hard on myself for not getting the results I wanted. Hence the periods without much result. When you don’t know what is good in what you do, you’re in danger because you’re more likely to dismiss it and get rid of it, thinking it wasn’t helping you.

For example a while before I was not result oriented at all. My mind was blown every weekend. Then I changed that, thinking it would make me better, ignoring that this was the very thing that helped me. Boom, my nights changed instantly for the worse. As I was still ignoring the causality in this, I buried myself deeper and deeper in outcome dependence, hoping it would help me, and my game got fucked.
If I had seen the HS before, I would have instantly recognized what was happening, and would have reinforced freedom from outcome instead.

This leads me to the most important point for you readers of the review. If you think you’re not progressing, if you wonder what the fuck you are doing, if you are frustrated in your journey, if you’re not getting what you want from it, BY ALL MEANS attend the event. IMO, attending should be mandatory to anyone taking the journey, to save months and years of tough aimless approaching.
But that’s only my opinion. I am not affiliated to RSD. Personally if I had seen it sooner I’d made me realize sooner what I was doing well, and that would have greatly helped me. If you are on the fence about attending the event, GO FOR IT.

Let’s now have a closer look to what the event looked like.



It consisted of a full day of infield footage of Tyler (for the most part) broken down by Julien, with a constant explanation of the principles at work in each video, as a well as a description of the subtleties that can remain unnoticed without a massive experience.

It was followed by a few exercises.

There was a bonus day with a few hours of footage of Julien’s game, which was really incredible.

Julien made the event in French, and did a very good job at that.

I liked the presentation, with compilations insisting on one point at a time, like “intent”, “blow outs”, “openers”, etc.

I liked that almost every video was broken down to show which principles were at work at each stage of the pick up.

I liked the choice of videos. At first, it seemed disappointing: no fireworks, no special powers. Then I realized it was to show the reality of PU: most of pick ups are textbook, so most of the pulls won’t look special.
Many videos will still blow your mind nonetheless, don’t worry lol.

I liked the variety of the footages (long videos, short videos, compilations of very short videos, street, club…).

I liked the level of game that was presented in the videos.

I liked the many subtleties Julien talked about (how to cement a D2, how to plow on a girl who is not receptive, how to take a number in front of a BF, etc).

I liked that bad approaches were shown and analyzed. You can do the same moves but get no results. What matters is the place it’s coming from.

I liked the fact that Julien answered all the questions, and managed to have interesting answers even when the question wasn’t interesting.
He was pretty flexible in his presentation and didn’t hesitate to show other videos that were relevant to what he was saying.

I liked the fact that the event is principle oriented, and not entertainment oriented. It’s funny as fuck, you’ll laugh a lot, but this wasn’t some movie thing where you just see a guy pick up girls. The videos are focused on showing how to get things done, they are here to describe principles and show how they work.



There are all types of girls. MILF, young, ugly, super hot, you name it.

For those who worry about the hotness of the girl: there are hot girls in the footages. There are hot blonde girls with big boobz, short Latina girls with big boobz or Brazilian girls with big boobz. There’s even Sasha Grey, if you find her hot.

Sometimes it’s true that the girl doesn’t seem super hot. But that’s the wrong perspective.

First the cam doesn’t do justice to the girl’s beauty. So the girl is very hot IRL, but due to the camera angles, and night time vision, she seems less hot than she really is. For example, in the video with the stripper freak out, or a video with a tiny blonde with Owen, the girls we see seemed very average. But when the angle changed with the stripper (when she was seated), you could see she was hotter than she seemed in the vid. In the same way, the tiny blonde girl seemed way hotter when the lights were better and the camera pointed at face level.

Second the videos are not some interesting entertainment, they are here to convey principles that work on every girl, and sometimes the best video to illustrate a principle wasn’t shot with the best girl in it. I remember reviews where guys were focusing on this or that girl who wasn’t super hot – but they missed the point. It wasn’t to show a good looking girl, it was to show a good illustration of a principle.

And third, this is to ingrain the mindset that you shouldn’t put girls on a pedestal. Treat every girl the same. Game is run on every girl, so that you don’t act differently when you’re with a hot girl. This is key to me, because focusing on the hot girls made me so outcome oriented that my game got destroyed as a result.
They run the same game (almost) whatever is the hotness of the girl. They don’t compromise what they are, what they think and how they act to supplicate a hotter girl to like them.

As for me, when I understood what was at work, and saw how they were approaching very hot girls, I had no trouble thinking this could help me get the hotties consistently.



If you wonder if Julien’s game is good – his game is good. Scarily so. You’ll see inspiring shit. In fact if you haven’t hung out with naturals before, or haven’t reached a level where you can express yourself totally, you’re most likely to have your concept of what game is flushed down the toilets, you’ll question everything you have done before as boring shit, and a whole new world of expression will be opened up to you.

Why is it so good ?
Because you’ll see what intent, expression and authenticity are. You’ll see why and how the stronger the intent, the better you do. That means he doesn’t try to change who he is in order to get a girl to like him, and this is precisely what makes the girl attracted.
Because he goes for shit normal people usually don’t go for, like forcing car make outs in 10 sec.
Because he’s persistent as fuck, and manages to find ways to make it work.
Because his philosophy of “always try a new angle” makes him very flexible and able to deal with whatever shit is thrown at it.
Because he’s free from outcome and you can see it.
Because you see how far you can go, and how much you have stifled yourself before. “Oink like a piggy, a little piggy, do it, do it”, “beg to lick the shit out of my dick”, lol.

Also, if you wonder if Tyler’s game is good – it’s good, don’t worry.
What’s interesting with Tyler is that when you see him next to Julien you realize that looks are not what make him able to steal his girls, or to lay hotties consistently. Sorry lol

If you think you’re too experienced to get anything from it, the only thing I can say is that I went out a shitload of times, approached many different girls, fooled around with quite a few, hanged around with talented naturals, and still learned TONS at that event.



I frankly can’t detail all the lessons I got from the event. I have almost 10 different lessons for each video. Plus they won’t help you if you don’t see them in action. How do I know? Because I was like you, reading all the reviews before, trying to find the one missing piece. It doesn’t work and it can’t, because words can’t convey properly the meaning of practical principles, like intent for example. Those words refer to concepts, ok, but those concepts ultimately refer to actions and behaviors, so if you don’t have the actions and behaviors before your eyes, you’ll have a hard time inferring what they look like from what you read.

As for me, the biggest lessons are:

-Girls respond to clarity of intent, not to hiding your interest and your thoughts.
Intent is: do what you want to do, say what you want to say, without any filter.
We are often inferring from a limited social experience that girls don’t respond to expressed interest, or talking about what you want to talk. Hence the popular focus on blow outs, and how to avoid them.
The videos show you in what sense girls respond and are attracted to clarity of intent.
Basically, the clearer your intent, the more of your true self you show to the girl, thus the quicker the attraction and the decision to fuck you. As long as she can’t see who you really are, there’s no way she can fuck you. Being authentic helps her to get to know you and to trust you.
And it works. I applied that immediately, and I was scared of what was happening. Also I looked back on my previous experience, and realized that awesome things happened when I had clarity of intent.
So intent is one of the big things I wouldn’t have understood without the videos, or even inferred from massive field experience. HS shows you again and again that clarity of intent builds massive attraction.

How I am going to work on this:
-Approach a fair amount of girls focusing on this only
-No reaction time
-Straight line to the girl
-Deal with what can happen AFTER not before
-Interrupt her if needed, you deserve her

-The foundation of game is being able to draw state from within, as opposed to hoping you’ll get good feelings from the environment and the people around you.
This means this: if you let your state come from external sources, your state will crash as soon as a negative external source affects you. If you feel bad, you’ll transfer that to the girl, she’ll feel bad instead of feeling attracted. Thus, relying on external sources to feel good will never make you consistent in getting girls.
It’s a good thing that girls don’t say “yes” to everyone wanting to fuck them. They will say no very often, and they will have bad reactions, in the sense that the outcome you’ll get will not be the outcome you want. So you will feel bad guaranteed one way or the other when you approach girls, if you rely on good reactions to feel good.
So the key is to be able to generate good emotions on your own consistently. You mustn’t rely on her to give you good emotions.
YOU give yourself good emotions, and the girl can be a part of it. But she’s only a part of it.
You do that by living your life in alignment with your values, or in a way that satisfies you.
You do that by helping your brain and your body to give you good emotions, by exercising, eating healthy food, etc.
But also you can do that by having fun talking to girls. You don’t talk to girls to get good reactions from them, you don’t look for the right thing to say in order to get her. No. You talk to girls so that what you say and how you act make you have fun, feel good, and laugh.
This is the big shift. Your talking to girls isn’t outcome oriented, it is process oriented, and the process is having fun, generating good emotions.
Talking to girls make you feel bad if you want sex and the outcome is not sex.
Talking to girl make you feel good if you play with life and do shit you find funny.

How I am going to work on this:
-Do more amusing shit in my life
-Improve my lifestyle and become more happy in may day to day life
-Positivity challenge

-Trying to avoid bad reactions will get you nowhere, so switch to be ok dealing with bad reactions.
If you try to avoid bad reactions, you’ll filter your thoughts and actions, and your intent will be weak. She’ll see you’re not authentic. You’ll be trying to get her to like you by changing who you are. This supposes that who you are is not enough to be liked by any girl. That’s what she’ll understand. So she’ll accept what you’re sub-communicating to her, i.e. you’re not enough, you’re someone who should be liked, and she’ll act accordingly, i.e. no sex.
So trying to avoid bad reactions can’t lead you anywhere interesting, apart from acting like a gay friend.
In order to be able to remain authentic, and at the same time still take action to get what you want, you have to refuse compromising on who you are. Thus, you WILL behave in ways that will spark bad reactions. This is normal, healthy, and the logical consequence of you doing what YOU want to do, not doing what she wants to do.
You’ll get bad reactions, but you doing what you want to do is what a girl wants, and what she’s attracted to, so at the end you still win.
The tricky part is walking the way between “she hates me for remaining who I am” and “she loves me for remaining who I am”.
You do that by calibrating AFTER the actions, not before. If you do it before, you stifle yourself, you filter your thoughts and behaviors, and you ruin your intent. So you act first and calibrate after. You land the plane the way you can. Just take action and do the best you can in the moment, that’s it.
One way is to pump your state even more by doing what you want and what you find funny, until it transfers to the girls and you finally get compliance.
You can tell yourself “I am good I have good intentions, there’s nothing wrong with approaching / interacting with girls”.
You can reframe positively everything, work on asserting your frame, apologize, whatever.
So authenticity means act first and calibrate after, and it implies you’ll get bad reactions, but they are not the end of the interaction, they are just the necessary steps for her to realize you are the kind of guys she wants, i.e. a guy who does what he wants.
You don’t ask for permission, so you’ll get bad reactions. But a man who doesn’t ask for permission is exactly what she needs. Let her take the time to realize it. A hot girl doesn’t need another friend, she needs a real man. Don’t ask for permission to do what you want.

How I am going to work on this:
-Approach with intent (no reaction time, bee line, etc)
-Express myself
-See what happens, and see if reacting is worth it
-Proactively generate bad reactions to see what happens, and calibrate after

-Success is not measured by the outcomes you get, but by the action you take.
People usually think: if the outcome is good, I am successful, if not, I am a failure.
This is putting the responsibility of what happens in the world on your shoulders.
It’s oblivious to the fact that you can’t control everything, it’s totally delusional.
You can’t control your inner body chemistry, you can’t control the fact that a girl wants to act stupid at that very moment, you can’t control what she likes and how she should act.
That’s what it’s called “game”. There’s randomness at the heart of it.
So stop trying to fight the randomness. Play with it instead.
Take so much action that it becomes fun to you and puts you in a good mood. And associate in your mind taking action to feeling good.
Julien took the example of the best archer in the world trying to reach a target in a very windy location, where the winds change every second. There’s no way the best archer will reach the target every time. He can’t control the environment. But what he can control is consistency in his actions. By aiming at the target whatever the direction of the wind may be, he’ll eventually reach it sooner or later. It’s the only logical thing to do. So he shouldn’t feel bad if he misses a shot, provided he’s doing the right thing at all times. That way he’s sure he’ll eventually score.
Julien showed some videos where he was performing incredibly well, and then others where the results were poor. He highlighted the fact that he was doing the same things in both, it’s just that it doesn’t work every time. But when it CAN work, he’s already ready and shots for the kill.

How I am going to work on this:
-Get a clear idea of the actions I need to take
-Spend some time just mentally rewarding myself each time I perform those action, no matter what the outcome may be

-As a consequence, there are no rejections, there are only steps to get into the zone.
When you approach a girl and it doesn’t work, what does it mean?
If your state is drawn from the girl’s reactions to you, you’ll feel bad, you’ll stop taking action, and you’ll entertain bad loser thoughts as soon as those reactions are bad.
But if you draw your state from within, the approach you made was just another step to become more authentic – because by approaching you did what you wanted to do. So you become more and more authentic whatever the result of the approach may be.
And after a few of them you stop pinging off of the environment and start acting through your own intentions, which means you don’t filter anything, you don’t ask yourself “how will she react, is it allowed to do that?” etc. You finally got momentum, and from there your attractive personality will express itself more, and you’ll get results.
But the way to get there was to get bad reactions and keep taking actions anyway.
So the so-called rejections are only the necessary steps to get what you want.

How I am going to work on this:
-Spend some time focusing on the momentum building process only

-The process of the interaction is meant to be enjoyed, not skipped.
When you are with the girl, what is happening now is the best thing that can happen. If it turns bad, it turns bad. If it turns well, it turns well. But it’s always the best thing.
We often have a climactic vision of what interacting with girls means. We tend to force it when we don’t get the good reactions, or the sex part, because we need her to feel better.
We want to pull her instantly, get the make out now, fuck her now, or we feel bad. The interaction in itself we don’t give a fuck about.
This makes us tense, and eager to get the outcome, which is detriment to our results.
The best vibe is to stay relaxed at all time, and to enjoy whatever is happening. No need to rush it or to over game. You’re enough, so you don’t need to be tense. There’s nothing to be afraid about.
The more you stay relaxed and expressive the more she can trust you. Take your time, time is your ally.
A way to do that is to stay process oriented, i.e. you only care about what you’re doing in the moment to have fun or feel good.
The good interaction doesn’t consist in you stimulating the girl all the time until you manipulate her into sex, it’s just you stimulating yourself to feel good and integrating the girl into that. The more you are with her, the best it feels.

How I am going to work on this:
-Waste more time with girls, learn to have fun in interactions even when I feel it’s not going anywhere in terms of pulling

-External circumstances don’t matter to approach the girl, they don’t determine the girl’s reaction to you.
Approach her in a bee line. Approach right away, without knowing what to say. Say whatever arises from you in the moment. Don’t rush and express yourself. Get physical. That’s it.
If she’s in a set, isolate her asap, by saying you want to talk to her 1 second.
If there are guys around, by staying unreactive to them, you use the social pressure put on you to your advantage.
If she’s in a conversation with a friend, odds are what they are talking about is not interesting, or they talked about it already.
If she’s with a guy, he’s her gay brother.
Waiting for the right moment will never make your approach better. It will make it worst because it will mitigate your intent. Approaching right away can only help.

How I am going to work on this:
-(see Intent)

-Dictate the rhythm. Maintain it until she adapts.
The rhythm of the interaction is the pattern to which it obeys, and characterizes who is reacting and who is leading.
If you react to her, she’s already leading. If you let her lead she probably won’t fuck you. You’re just another guy unable to make her express her feminine polarity.
Dictating the rhythm means that every change, every spike in the interaction comes from you, and she follows those changes. You decide where the interaction is going, and when it changes.
You do that by expressing yourself and keeping your flow until she adapts to it.
Example: when you say “hi, how are you”, etc, she gives the answer and you wait for her to move the interaction forward. But if suddenly you say “sex in the bathroom”, now she is trying to understand what is happening and she is reacting to it. If you keep on talking about what you want after, she has to adapt to it. Now you dictate the rhythm.
Tell her what to think, what to do. “You met a good man”. “Let me talk to her, just say yes”.
Learn to refocus her RAS on you. Talk loud, yell at her if needed.
When you translate that to actions, it also means: always work at getting the responsibility off of her. If you let her do the work, the work will never be done. If you do it, and only then has it a chance to work.

How I am going to work on this:
-Tell her more often what to think and what to do

-If things don't work the way you want yet, try a new angle.
If you get too physical, don't become even more physical to get compliance. Change your vibe, change her mood, apologize, try and find something else. 
Same applies for whatever stage you're at in the interaction (pulling, plowing, ...).

-"Hit hit hit" mentality
Every approach is a step towards momentum. So there's no point in waiting between approaches. Once an approach was bad OR GOOD, approach other sets immediately. 



There are very inspiring videos. Here are a few examples:

Intent videos
They consist of 3 videos of Tyler approaching girls with 3 different levels of intent, to show how intent can determine the quality of the interaction. The one with least intent is the one the majority of people think indicates a high level of game.

Girl with glasses video
PU is text book most of the time, there is very little to do, and when you do right what you have to do, it’s easy to land the girl.

Openers compilation
Many great opener showing the opener doesn’t matter.
“You, raptor” opener: saying what’s on your mind and opening right away is better than waiting to find something to say, because by waiting you are reinforcing the fact you don’t feel entitled to her.
There’s a great street set where Tyler is dismissed for the first 2 min of the interaction, she doesn’t respond, tells him to go, and keeps on walking, but he’s entitled and acts accordingly, and suddenly she opens up.
“Mac Donald’s – Dictator”, taking care of the other guys proactively, Hand of God.

Blow outs compilation
It consists of various blow outs Owen and Julien can get during a night. They’re doing the same thing, but it doesn’t work, because there’s always an element of randomness involved. Also when your intent is weaker, you lose.
You need to pump your state more by self amusing yourself when that happens.

Hot girl not reacting in the club
The girl doesn’t give IOIs, she seems cold, she goes to the toilets. At the end we see she was clearly attracted. Hot girls test you by reacting less. Assume it’s on and don your thing.

Momentum videos
Tyker abd Julien suck at first, and after a few approaches they start getting results. It shows that it’s not about looks, looks don’t change throughout the night, but about destroying your filters and being able to express yourself fully.

Tyler versus Julien
Hilarious and awesome videos of Tyler and Julien stealing each other’s girls. They show you that the determining part is your emotional state, your intent, your sense of entitlement, and how present to the moment you are.
It’s about who is reacting more to the other, that’s it.
You can see a funny footage where you see Tyler all smooth, talking to a girl in stairs, then Julien appears out of nowhere in a straight line and makes out with her in front of Tyler. Tyler feels like a fucking loser and goes fuck himself elsewhere lol.

Street sets videos
They consist of Tyler roaming the street like a loser midget, approaching girls, and pushing the interaction.
There is a bomb video of him pulling a girl who was waiting in front of a fast food joint for her date / orbiter who was ordering inside.

BF freak outs
They show how BF can react when you game their girls in front of them, and what you can do.

Nice Swiss girl video
Tyler thinks the girl is nice and all, so he’s all smooth and nice. He forgets principles such as express yourself totally, push the interaction, be the buyer, and eventually she acts like EVERY other girl acts, i.e. she prefers the drunk guys her friends are with who will treat her like any other slut.

Dark alley video
Tyler approaches two girls in a scary dark alley, and one of the girl gives her an insane amount of shit all the fucking time. Anybody else would have given up at various stages, especially when she physically threatens him, or is beyond rude when talking to him. She is relentless, but he stays there, and he ends up moving them elsewhere with the girl he wants.
You have to put yourself in situations like this and persist, if you want to become more unreactive.

Porto Rico girl
Tyler approaches a girl way taller than him. She dismisses him. He plows hardcore, then he manages to take her with him to a restaurant, then he ends up pulling her to her place. He managed to do that without kissing the girl at all, and with almost no “good reactions” from her. He had to push through her bullshit, then she was happy to invite him home, after seeing he really was the guy he pretended to be.

Julien in a restaurant
He enters a very classy restaurant, dressed casual where everybody is in tuxedo. He walks up to a set that many people would deem impossible. It's a group of people at a table, some are seated, and he approaches the girl IN THE MIDDLE, surrounded her classy friends, by just pointing at her and saying almost nothing. He manages to make her stand up, move the other people and leaves them, just to talk to him. All the people around wonder what the fuck is going on. 
Tyler at a table
He's nice chatting a seated girl who is with her friend, then he kisses her and she likes it.



I don’t know if they may help, anyway here are some:

Take more time to really train the audience to actively watch videos.
I’m not saying it was not done, or reiterated, I’m saying it was something you knew you had to do, but I found myself not doing it many times, especially after 5h of footage.
Insist on “compare what you do with what you see”, “is there intent ?”, “who is reacting more to the other ?”, etc, again and again and again, only focusing on that. That way the retention rate will be higher after 7h of footage.
Again it was done, but not so much at end. The audience is lazy, and so am I. If I hadn’t put on so many efforts in this during years, I am sure I wouldn’t have reminded myself of watching more actively at the end of the event.

More pauses would help
Adding 1 or 2 short breaks would greatly help the retention rate of the audience.

More Day Game footage
We saw day game footages because somebody in the audience asked for them, and that’s good.
Also considering that day game and night game are the same, focusing on night game is understandable for learning purposes.
Yet showing 1 or 2 extended examples of what can be done during the day with the material presented would greatly enhance the Hot Seat as I’ve seen it.

Wider variety of instructors
In the Hot Seat I saw, there were Tyler, Julien, and a short video with Brad.
Adding maybe one video of each instructor would show the audience what relates to the principles, and what relates to the personal interpretation of them. For example I bet Julien and Alex don’t self-amuse the same way. Showing more instructors would definitely help to grasp the core of what the speaker wants to convey.



This is my current understanding of what I saw in the Hot Seat.

Hope you found this review interesting. Feedback and questions are welcome, as they'll help reinforce everything I understood there. 

Thanks Julien.

I’m already on a 30 day challenge to implement as much of the Hot Seat lessons as I can.

Wish me luck !
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 Nice review PBB! You convinced me to sign up for the Copenhagen Hot Seat.

I'm a VERY visually oriented guy so I think watching it getting done with help me tons.
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What do you mean by "no reaction time" ?
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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You see --> you open right away
You reduce the time between noticing the girl and approaching as close as possible to 0 sec. 

maxil wrote:
What do you mean by "no reaction time" ?
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 awesome review!
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Thank God you attended this shit. You've been at this for so long, so it's good to see where you need to correct course. Hope you're killing it in the weeks to come.
                   Such game.
Much improve.
                              So amaze.
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Cool ! Looking forward for your review. 

Manimal~ wrote:
 Nice review PBB! You convinced me to sign up for the Copenhagen Hot Seat.

I'm a VERY visually oriented guy so I think watching it getting done with help me tons.
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Thanks, glad it helps. 

barney stintson wrote:
 awesome review!
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Ha ha, told you...
Thanks for your commitment, kindness, and awesome free day footage. 

Julien wrote:

Thanks so much for the detailed review, man!
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Hope I will !

Haze~ wrote:
Thank God you attended this shit. You've been at this for so long, so it's good to see where you need to correct course. Hope you're killing it in the weeks to come.
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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dave7 wrote:
 If you're not advanced then whisky is not blue.
Fixed for alcoholism. 
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