October 20th, 2018
Untouchable: Need Broken Man Game
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the hard part isn't accepting that nobody gives a fuck if you get better at it or not.

the hard part is trusting in the process and taking action. especially if you come from a dark place, this can be hard, i.e. you just cant imagine that you are ever going to be better at it or even.. really good? I struggle with this myself. like a DEEP trust that even what seems out of reach for you now will be in reach sometime. My improvement over the last year has showed me that it is possible, because what I thought I can never do, I did. but I fucked up many times along the way. and its just getting yeah, you WILL get better that s for sure. all the best man. if you start to get the first reference experiences then the ball starts to get rolling.. thats what is was for me
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 Dear OP,

I know how you feel. I did some penis enlargement exercises a few years ago and was left with a broken dick for 2 years. It was the most crippling feeling in the world. Through a combination of Bikram yoga, Trigger point, deep tissue, and tuina chinese massage I was able to heal myself fully. The lower back has a major connection with the pelvic floor. I had stressed vital areas of my body from improper weightlifting. The penile excercises sent it over the edge. I also did a considerable amount of "inner game" work, and even have become more religious. This will be a long tough road, but this has now become the journey for your life. Seek out a great Physical Therapist to help you along your journey. 

Best of luck, you can do this. 
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OK, I saw Tyler's latest video, The Truth About Success, and it was very motivating.  I will be ok, one way or another.  As a person with some health issues, a problem with me is that I am always measuring myself against others without my health issues, trying to be as strong as them, and trying to be as strong as the person I was before I had an injury.  I see people without my issues and it messes me up.  I'm like, "damn, other people can sit down in a chair, or just walk around for an hour and be comfortable with it.  I can't measure up to even the simple things, there's no way I can compete with normal people.  No woman would ever want me".  I've got to measure success by MY OWN measure.  Yeah, I have problems, so maybe to me success doesn't mean having a lot of money, or having extreme success with women.  Maybe for me success is making out with a woman every so often, and just having a decent job where I can come home and not worry about starving.  Hell, it's better than what I'm getting now.  If I stay in this mindset where I just feel like I'm broken and incapable of doing anything, I'll probably just degrade until I die. 

And sexually I will NEVER acheive my dreams.  I know that because I have nerve damage.  It's permanent, there's nothing I can do. But until now, I've been operating from this extreme fear based mindset where I'm like, "what if I get worse?  how bad can it get?  Am I going to be totally impotenet tomorrow?  I'll never know what it really feels like to have sex".  I don't know..... maybe I will go impotent tomorrow. so I better do everything right now to get everything I can from this life because it could all fall apart any time.  Hell, even if my penis really does go totally impotent, I can always make out with girls.  Still good.  

The real success will be the success of my spirit.  I did a psychedelic meditation yesterday where I imagined that I died.  I felt myself fading away in to nothingness, and I resisted it hard.  It was like I couldn't let go of life.  In my mind I was like, "but wait.... I didn't get to do what I wanted to do in life.  Let me stay alive! " but impending death was like, "no, there is no going back, you are dying, you've missed your chance".  I pleaded and gave all these reasons why I should be allowed to stay alive.  Eventually I realized that all I was doing was arguing with what is.  I realized that I've been doing this all the time in my regular life.  For years I've been arguing with reality, pleading with it, having these fantasies where I'm like, "please, just turn back the clock to a time where I was healthy and I wouldn't have to deal with all this nerve pain and impotence".  But of course, the universe does not grant this wish. 

Anyway, the point is that I am here for now.  And even though I have limiting physical issues, I can still acheive my own personal version of success, though it can never live up to my expectations of what I could do before I was in my accident.  Real hell is dying and feeling like you didn't give it your all, like there's still something you need to do in the world, but not getting the chance to do it.  I felt like there was a coffin closing around my body and God saying, "this is where you will rest for all eternity, and you will never have a chance for redemption".  And on the inside I was screaming, "NOOOOOOO!!!!!".  My only goal now is to go in to that coffin willingly.  To stop making arguments as to why I shouldn't be in that coffin.  When it's my time to go, I'm going to go willingly, I'm going to let it all go.  I'm just going to say to myself, "ok, that's it, I gave it my all, but I'm ok with it coming to an end now".   But for the last 10 years I've just been like, "NO!!!! I hate this life.  I hate that I have this stupid health problem!"  That type of thinking will not only make my life miserable, but the real price of that is hell for the soul.
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Real hell is dying and feeling like you didn't give it your all, like there's still something you need to do in the world, but not getting the chance to do it.
Yea imagine seeing someone go through that with your own eyes. Thats how it was when my dad had cancer. He knew he had more stuff to do but he knew he couldn't do it cuz he was gonna die.

even though I have limiting physical issues, I can still acheive my own personal version of success, though it can never live up to my expectations of what I could do before I was in my accident.
This sounds a lot better than your beginning posts. I'm glad to see you are coming around man.
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Watch this.  Then you won't have any excuses.
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 RocknRoll on point as usual.

This chick has no arms and she became a pilot, and got married to some dude who was her taikwondo instructor.

Stop being a victim. There are no excuses.
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