January 17th, 2019
Ze 30 Day Challenge to ze Fuck 2012'
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Hello, zis iz Paris Boum Boum. I am French, but I am not gay. I like boobz, boobz, and other precious things in life, like boobz. 

Zis iz ze 30 day challenge to ze fuck. It means zat I go out for 30 days in a row, in order to get ze fuck. 

Zere will be me, Paris Boum Boum, Mandala, Kompute3000, PandalaCoumCoum and Gerrard, and maybe many other characters. 

If you have never read ze previous 30 day challenges to ze fuck, zose are ze name of my dick, my left brain, God and ze universe. 

Also I attended a Hot Seat with Julien.
It was a special Hot Seat where I paid 3,000,000$, zere was only one video of him pointing his finger at me and repeating "YOUR ZE BOSS YOUR ZE BOSS YOUR ZE BOSS" for 36 hours straight.

I'll try to apply what I learned, to fuck girls wiz massive, massive boobz, and to self-actualize ze shit out of my dick. 
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Friday, 04-06-12


Hello zis iz Paris Boum Boum. 

Tonight I choded out like ze gay homosexual man. 

Zen I went to another party and I kissed and took ze number of a hot girl. 

Also I got a girl to get super compliant by being super decisive and clawing her right away. 

Also I opened a 5 set by saying absolutely nothing as they were leaving. 2 girls zere adopted me and stayed wiz me. I said nothing so they thought I was GOD. They introduced me to their other friends as "GOD". Zey made prayers around me, and when I had an inspiration, I pointed to ze sky wiz my finger and they would all shut ze fuck up. Zen zey moved and I left home. 

Even if my night start shitty, I can still have fun and find nice girls. 

So tonight I didn't get ze fuck. But it doesn't matter, I'll get ze fuck tomorrow. 
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Join Date: 04/02/2009 | Posts: 3618

Saturday, 04-07-12


Hello, zis iz Paris Boum Boum. I go to school on a baguette. 

Tonight I focused on jerk off theory. So I went to a bar I jerked off on ze dancefloor. Ze results were nice.

After approaching a few sets in a row I became a mix of God and Vladimir Putin.

I kissed a tall cute blonde. I didn't pull because she had a BF and was sorry about it. I checked her FB and zere iz a wonderful blog with photos of her and her BF she loves so much travelling around ze world. 

I approached many sets had a lot of fun. 

In ze other bar a hot chick somehow tipsy kissed me before leaving ze bar. Of course. 

I approached with intent a hot cute short brunette. ZIS STUFF WORKS GUYS. I left her after and didn't find her later. Aw well. 

In ze club I opened a girl with full intent and free association stuff, singing an old french song from ze eighties. She liked it a lot, she had big boobz so I liked it a lot too, zen I saw ze guy next to us waz her BF. 

I saw tonight zat I could open with intent and girls would like it. Also zat they like to kiss me. 

So tonight I didn't get ze fuck. But it doesn't matter, I'll get ze fuck tomorrow. 
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Join Date: 04/02/2009 | Posts: 3618

Sunday, 04-08-12


Hello, zis iz Paris Boum Boum. I am a good citizen. 

Tonight I went to a Sunday venue I kinda like. I am alone. Friendship is stupid anyway. 

It was packed beyond belief, and for ze first time there were many cute girls. It makes me happy. 

I am crying on the inside and decide to hit hit hit hit. My main purpose zis month is action and intent. So I approach without much thought. 

I talk to a cute girl in her late 30s. She was with a guy and they loved me by just being who I am. I'd do the same thing if I were them.  

I talk to a hot brunette. I am physical right away and it is clear I want to reproduce her wiz my dick. She's hot, she tells me very soon she has a BF. Great, that's what I want to hear, it means my intent is on point. 

I talk to a hot blonde. She stays seated but she liked me. 

I talk to a super hot 19yo blonde with a thin body and massive natural boobz. Why not. She was blushing. Next time I isolate her from her retarded friends. 

I talk to a hot blonde with beautiful boobz and curly hair. It's very rough at first because I hesitated a lot, then I feel the tension and it's feels good. 

The common things in all those sets were:
-massive discomfort at first
-then sexual tension
-they like me when I express myself
It's really important that I internalize the following belief: when I approach without thinking with no reaction time, I get awesome results. So far it's true, because I approach way more girls and hotter girls. Also the clearer the intent, the more likely chemistry arises. 

Also I approached a hot Slovenian girl with her black BF next to her. He got protective right away but I stayed there, and she was hypnotized lol. 

I am approaching very hot girls, when I start fucking them consistently it'll be insane. 
Also when I started to become ze shit and express myself I got afraid of what was happening. 

So tonight I didn't get ze fuck, and it's great because it teaches me I should feel as good with the girl as without the girl. When I go home alone, it gives me what I need to achieve freedom from outcome. 

But it doesn't matter, I'll get ze fuck tomorrow. 
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Join Date: 04/02/2009 | Posts: 3618

Monday, 04-09-12


Oh I am alone. 

Oh I don't approach. 

Oh I see a scandinavian blonde with massive boobz outside. 

Oh I talk to her. 

Oh I am not expressing myself fully. 

Oh I bail. 

Oh I see friends of mine in front of another bar. 

Oh the hot blonde girl next to them almost kissed me when I said hi. 

Oh it was Monday and I did a few approaches nonetheless, hit on the girl wiz massive boobz, and realized feeling good emotions is good for me and good for my game. 

It must mean I have a massive dong.
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Join Date: 04/02/2009 | Posts: 3618

Tuesday, 04-10-12


Hello, zis Paris Boum Boum. I am your mother. 

It rained all day long, but it didnt stop me to approach a hot blonde girl in the street. I very rarely do that, but acted right away. She couldn't suck my dick because it was raining and I would get a cold, so she gave me a huge smile and kept on walking. 

I felt like a pimp right after and wanted to tell the guys around looking at me LOSERS COME JERK ME OFF BRO.

I didn't have time at night, but I went out nonetheless. 

I approach a girl I cold approached a few weeks back. Only when I get clear in my intent and get physical with her do I feel the chemistry. Also she haz massive boobz. But they were all leaving. Her friends, not ze boobz. I tried to bring them to another place but it failed. Ze boobz, not the friends. Next time I can just say "invite me, let's go" . 

I go to a bar I hate with a guy I know. 

I talk to a cute brunette but her BF is here. 

I approach a hot girl with nice boobz from Morocco. I go in the 5 set, say nothing, and they disappear and I stay with the girl. I ask her if she has a camel, if she goes to school on a camel, etc. She shit tests me hard at the beginning but I don't give a fuck. I hate zis bar so much. I remain icey, now she is rubbing herself and her tits on me. I move her, then when I want to move her more she refuses, she wants to get back to her friends. I tell her something harsh for fun but she thought I became a reactive faggot. 

I talk a short cute blonde right away à la Julien lol.

So tonight I saw again that clarity of intent makes everything easier. 

So tonight I didn't get ze fuck. But it doesn't matter, I'll get it tomorrow. 
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Dr Feelgood

Dr Feelgood

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Good, good, good! The next season is on!

I'm just gonna get the potatoe chips and make myself comfortable on the couch!

Let's see what Gerrard can do.
"Failure is caused by unwillingness to adapt!"

"If it's not rough, it is not fun!"
- Lady Gaga, Philosopher

Sluts, Butts and Bubblegum - my Field Reports live from Vienna:
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Wednesday, 04-11-12


Hello zis iz Paris Boum Boum. I've just lost my FR because I am so much of a cheap fuck I don't want to pay for a first world internet connection. 

I am super stifled and anxious at first. 

I see a cute girl I kissed last week. No chemistry, because I am don't act on my intent. Lesson learned. 

I approach a hot short brunette wiz nice boobz. Intent works. 

I approach a hot short Italian girl. Intent works. I could have kissed her but didn't believe it when I saw ze window so early. Beautiful girl. 

I talk to an average girl FOR ZE BOOBZ. I lose her because I don't give a fuck, also because I was waiting for her to give me better reactions in order for me to fully express myself. Lesson learned. 

I see a short brunette. Again being clear in my intent worked, she liked it, and I finally started to express myself. 

I see a small blonde I approached a few days ago, she wasn't weird, she was nice.

So tonight I didn't get ze fuck. But I talked to a few hot girls, and worked on my intent. Also bitches love intent. So it doesn't matter, i'll get ze fuck tomorrow. 
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Paris Boum Boum wrote:
I approach a hot girl with nice boobz from Morocco.
All Moroccan girls have big nice boobz
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

Trusted Member

Join Date: 04/02/2009 | Posts: 3618

Thursday, 04-12-12


Hello, zis iz Paris Boum Boum. My mom and dad are brothers and sisters. 

I went out alone and late, because what are you gonna say huh ? 

I eat a sandwich on my way, now I am alone, tired and I have diarrhea. Ok, let's see what we can do. 

BAR 1:

-I open ze first set I see, 3 set, I say nothing and they react hardcore. Another confirmation zat girls love it when I approach them with intent. 

-I see a guy I know wiz 2 girls. I instantly hit on the blonde girl. She's in her late thirties, but cute and hot as fuck, nice boobz, etc. I say "hey girl I smell onions oh yeah sexy sandwich" and I get physical right away. She loves it, it's super fun. Zen I realize I'm stealing my buddy's girl, so I ignore him a bit, zen I tone down ze intent and I leave. 
I am a moron because at closing time they left without him I think and he couldn't close for shit. 

-I see a brunette wiz SUPERBOOBZ(tm) with a guy. I hesitate a lot, and don't follow my intent. As a consequence when I finally approach it's weird and they leave. I should totally ignore ze guy, and get full on physical on ze girl.

-I see 2 blondes and talk to zem. They seemed hot but now not as much. I don't give a fuck, I try to see what happens, and I bail. 

-I see 2 girls rejecting guys. I open them and it goes well. The redhead girl whose boobz I like talks to a guy nearby, I talk to ze brunette. No boobz, so I don't have much interest, although she's cute. Zen I talk to ze blonde. It's cool but I don't have enough intent. I get out of ze bar wiz zem though, end up at one of ze girl's place because she had stuff to take and we take the metro together. Brunette tells me she went on a very selective dating website, whatever. I make fun of her. I leave. 

BAR 2:

-I see a female friend of mine

-I approach a girl handing her credit card at ze counter by yelling "gimme your fucking money now". She loved it. 

-I talk to a girl wiz massive boobz. She's cold at first but I plow. I know now she's cold because she can't believe it's happening. After that I'm like "yeah whatever I know I'm not hot, I'm not on your level, blah blah" which is totally assholish because I'm fucking hot and she knows it. I'm like "don't worry it's ok" and take another girl in my arms lol. Zen she becomes nice but I don't give a shit and we bail. 

BAR 3:

Nice Thursday. I found other friends along ze way but I ditch everybody when I get inside. 

-I approach a hot cougar with massive boobz. Intent works

-I approach a blonde in a 5 set. They don't react at all. I stay there, fuck them. Chodes. I realized afterwards zat they didn't speak french (the hot blonde didn't), and one of the guys was nice with me afterwards.

-I talk to a brunette wiz boobz. Intent wins. 

-I try the Hand of God on a girl in a group in front of her BF. I have to plow but it works a bit. Yeah. 

-I talk to a super hot blonde. She didn't speak my language and after 2 min I started reacting to ze tall black guy who was dancing wiz her lol. 

-I talk to a nice french girl. She was cute, and rather hot. But my focus was on:

I see a cute short girl wiz SUPERBOOBZ(tm). 
I approach. 
Hard instant cockblock from her friend. 
I turn instantly to CB and tell her "I'm her mother, it's ok don't worry", she sees her friend laughing so after a few tries she goes fuck herself elsewhere else. Also I thought she was Mexican, so I said "me llamo Chiquito" or something, she laughes and disappears. 
My girl is really hot, in ze sense that she has nice skin, nice lips, and SUPERBOOBZ(tm). 
I play good game, I lead her, I move her, I go for ze kiss, she gets upset "it's too easy for you'" or something. 
Then we chill a bit. She's a pretty cool chick, we have common interests, suddenly I am awesome. She pays me a drink, but I don't want to drink. Also she tells me she's 18. 

I isolate her to the smoking area. I manage to sit her on my lap. She tells me I am so hot and incredible. 
We move and we make out. She has super lips. Awwwwww. And nice boobz too. 

Then it becomes weird because now she walks away from me to see how I react, and when we're together she starts slapping me hard ont the chest and saying weird shit like "you're not confident ! fuck !". She does it for half an hour. I start yelling at her, like really yelling to shut ze fuck up. I calm her down once or twice. She was saying that to test if I wasn't confident. I love her feedback: "you're so hot, be a motherfucking pimp bastard and fuck us all aaaaaaah"

When she leaves I make my own party, don't give a fuck and approach hot girls around, even in front of her. I see her coming back when I am with a nice hot girl, she's dancing with her friend, I double claw the two girls and keep on talking to ze girl I am with. I could have tried something more fun, next time. 

Eventually, I finally manage to get her out and after a long fight she decides to leave with me. YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
"I don't have my stuff, it's in ze coat check, but my friends has the ticket". I know that song, so I make sure she knows her girl's number, and proceed to take her out without any of her stuff. 
Zen suddenly fucking friend appears out of nowhere. 
I feel I lost ze pull. FUUUUUUU-
I still work at it for an hour. I want to bring them to a bar nearby. At first it's cool, then fucking friends don't want go and we stay in the street like hobos. 

I don't give up, I make my girl stand up, I pick her up and take her away to ze other bar / my place. She likes it. It doesnt' work though, because ze friend comes back. 


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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

Trusted Member

Join Date: 04/02/2009 | Posts: 3618

Lol, I hope it's gonna be fun.

Dr Feelgood wrote:
Good, good, good! The next season is on!

I'm just gonna get the potatoe chips and make myself comfortable on the couch!

Let's see what Gerrard can do.

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