January 16th, 2019
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Awesome man!

Here's a video from the event you attended...

HOT SEAT 2 RED HOT OFFICIAL LAUNCH IS JANUARY 25 @ 12PM EST -- check out the kickass new page at

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2. Tyler´s hotseat 2

View this as a 3000 bucks event.

PU is fun. Not a frustrating chore.

What´s their headspace? Habits? Mindsets? Principles? To be consistent.

Her RAS on you, if you suck her, she will look around.

3 main principles:

1. Intent (being congruent, everything is aligned)
-Value=being authentic
-She knows what´s up (man + woman)
-A girl won´t sleep you until she knows who you are

2. Buyer vs seller dynamic
-No hooking (it´s selling yourself)
-Advanced=centered, very chill
-Newbie=reactive, all over the place
-Centeredness- EC, is he going into his head?, is he reacting
-By EC you can tell what type of guy he is (Derek´s example of staring at guys)
-EC is huge
-Best buy analogy

3. Entitelment
-Does he feel like he deserves her
-Not placing her on pedestal
-Not pinging off the environment
-Treating all the girls same
-Being normal + moving forward=pickup (though kinda contradictory, Julien´s yelling girls down does not seem normal teeth)

Unlimited chips analogy. Nothing to lose. Unlimited chips

Situations where you think it´s not gonna work usually works

Go seek real blowouts. No ejecting too early.

Go find out where the limit is. (calibrate after not beforehand)

Rejections does not change who you are (I personally disagree. It does change who you are. It makes you more icey)

What happens if I do this? Poking the box.

Anime eyes. The sparkle in the eyes.

PU is kinda normal, kinda boring, both being pulled together

Quiet and attentive. Eyes totally focused on you.

Tyler´s so relaxed, no need to rush, he knows it´s on.

Girls don´t wanna be rushed towards sex

Kiss does not equal sex.

Girl´s are like lil nymphoes, thinking about sex all the time

Having selected blindspots that you wanna have (I am god, girls love sex,...)

Girls will have sex with more guys than men with girls (7 is the average for men?)

Lead. Ask for forgiveness not permission. No need to justify leading.

He´s not overgaming. Moment of realness. Not forcing anything. You don´t need to do anything. Enjoy the girl

Openers compilation:

Opening means shit (I personally think it´s everything. Well, if you don´t open then nothing happens. How you open does not matter)

Element of randomness. It´s not gonna work 100% of the time (Julien gave us some fucked up examples teeth)

You cannot predict her reactions. Always assume the best.

You can control what´s in your control.

If you did everything in you could, why would you get pissed?

Criteria for succes are the actions you take.

You actions is what pumps up your state

Do not justufy your approaches (she knows what´s up. Man + woman)

Just walk straight to her.

Lower your time of reaction. Zero reaction time. 3 nano second rule.

Street sets. Move them fast.

Throw yourself in immediately.

Cement yourself in her reality. You need to differenciate yourself from the others. Wall of politeness (with very hot girls)- Be unstifled, break through the fucking haze HARD

Her RAS on you. They forget the surrounding. Zone in on you.

Sharing who you are to everyone.

Always a smile to it. PU is fun.

Mixed sets- how the relationships are immediately (friends?/random chode?)- Always ask the girl

"You know how to party"

Self monologue, pump yourself up.

Actions in between sets are as important as actions in set.

Thoughout the night your emotions have a rhytm/wave so be congruent.

Walklng sets in the street. Talk while walking up. It´s ok to speak before you stop them No approaches!

Snap other people into spectator mode.

Walking street sets. Harrasing, persistent as hell, "2 min, 2 min, dadadadadadadadadaddada", lot of tapping "why you hate me, just a sec, just a sec". Just spitting until it "hooks"

Not verbals but subcommunications.

Commit to the set 100%. Bathroom? "Hold it"

Play to win.

Fight for it. There´s gonna be bullshit.

Note to myself:
-This shit is way toooo awesome. I need to be super productive so I can afford hitting up clubs again.

-I am really good at taking action (just approaching and pushing my comfort zone)

The end of the night is what counts.

2 sets- Hand of god (even on mixed sets)

"I am so little/gay/..." To break the tension in a mixed set and to disarm the guy

Tyler is fucking awkward with dancing. Laughed my ass off. Ridiculous.

Constantly moving the set around.

Rejections compilation:

Persistence, don´t give up

If she´s compliant then just be normal, do not keep on pummeling the girl

No need to justify getting the number. "Gimme your number" casually

Always go for the number in every set. Always call/text it. You never know.

Dancefloors- bounce them ASAP (same with the street sets)

He´s chill, positive assumptions.

The ultimate shittests- when she withdraws all IOIs

Hot girls=less IOIs

Consolidate your number. "What´s my name?" to the girl.

I am sober= DHV

Moment of realness:
-Not just an emotion
-She can see herself on a coffee with you or indtroducing you to her family
-Taking a break from al the bam bam bam
-Just normal talk just like with friends. 50/50

I have a BF/husband...She´s managing your expectations (is he cool with me having a BF?)- just ignore it and never bring it up

Always introduce yourself to the friends. But do the bare minimum ("hey, I am Ivi")

Momentum= Getting yourself into a social mood

Perfect pickup= you don´t remember what you did/said. Just the vibe.

AA=they are gonna kill me.

Momentum= girls gonna give you proof not promises that you are not gonna die

"Eeeeeeyo" fucking loud. (Tried it in quiet areas of the club/streets, guess wut? I am still alive!)

If you don´t feel like being physical, then baby step it up (if you push it too much then you are just being incongruent). This applies also to the level of expressivity, etc...

It´s all about you

You cannot control how you feel but you can control your actions (which wil influence how you feel)

Micro/macro momentum

Micro momentum- when switching venues it resets to zero

"Remember my name? Say my name? Say my name?..."

"After party" You don´t even need an afterparty, girls know what´s up (take the responsibility off of them)

Calming them down "it´s ok, it´s ok" "shhhhhh"

"Focus! Look at me"

Always with a little smile.

If you don´t fucking enjoy talking to girl, why would they enjoy talking to you (Julien making a point with this disgusted facial expression)

"noonoononon, I want to actually ge to know you"- tone it down

Friends approaval "Can I call her?"

Do whatever it takes. Street sets. Try to stop them, if no go, walk with them.

Jack off theory:
-Minimize the time between sets
-I had my misconceptions which just fucked me up. It doesn´t mean that you stress over it and start running up to girls all tensed up
-Stay congruent and just approach

Being shameless of jackoff theory (huge lesson for me)

Wear a head band? Actually it looks cool to me. But not probably on me as a lil asian boy teeth

BF Freakouts:

Fights are very unlikely.

Lots of girls cheat on their BF as they are reactive

Just be centered

He´s not trying to have a last word ("hey nice to meet you man, no nice to meet you man!")

No need to try to befriend the guy. Especially if he´s a fucking dick.

If girls are r-tards and tell you to fuckoff. Leave without saying "nice meeting you/enjoy your night"

"Sorry man, I didn´t know, peace"

"It´s not illegal to talk to girls"

Is it worth pursuing the girl with a BF? Depends on whether you like her, whether the guy is cool or not and hte chances of a fight

If she looks at the guy, then boom immediatelly introduce yourself to them (I did it on sat night, the fucking brother crushed my hand, sneaky bastard)

Do what you wanna do. Never compromise who you are to the environment (small/big city)
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3. Julien´s Hotseat


You shove your personality onto other people.

Jackoff theory:
-Don´t force it
-Stay congruent
-Don´t stress over it (oh I need to have only 2 seconds in between that means I have to run, quick, quick" that was me)

Straight line, push her friends away, get in close

Rip her away with a smile.

You don´t need a response. No need to acknowledge. (this is huge for me)

"Close your eyes, no one will see"

"I´ll be sad"

"It doesn´t count as sex"

"It´s ok"

Makeout "I hate you"

If she´s in a hurry "Coffe tommorow, I know we don´t know each other but I wanna see you,..."

LEAD. (Emotionally, physically,...)

Lead her through different vibes (real/confrontional/sexual/chil/...)

No permission boy. teeth

"Do you approve?" to the friend (taking off the responsbility off of her)

Tell her what you want.

Friend comes in. In a split second "hey, I am Ivi"

Don´t wait for responses.

Verbals- scuplting the vibe.

It´s not about the style of the game, but about what you wanna do in that moment (assholish/nice/chill/...)

Same results, different vibe (chiill/energetic/...)

"How old are you?" "....." "What´s the right answer?" self amusement.

"Oh, I have to dance/pee" or walk away "you don´t even fight for me?"

Girls want a full range of emotions (sad, happy, chill, romantic, intimate,...)

"It´s just a dream, nothing happened here"

"My GF is hotter"

Being shameless and stealing girls.

"Tell him that I am your gay friend" (do it only when you look like a man and behave like a man)

BF outside her RAS by pulling her away, making her turn her back against him


"I saw you and I had to tell you"

Right in their face.

"Don´t leave me, don´t embarrass me"

Always good EC

Densifying your personality. Focus on aspect of your personality (asshole, romantic, self amused, chill,...)

"I think you are the one"

Pick her up and spin her around (you can do it even from behind to steal a girl, do it with caution)

If you go in too hard then step back.

"I hate myself, I will kill myself"

"Kill yourself"

"I fucked a baby,..."

Big sets- straight to the girl, deal with the others later

Mixed sets. Break the tension " 2 min, 2 min, I am small/gay/..."

You don´t need to be dadadadada, super persistent on every girl, it´s ok if some girls do not like you.

Hand of god, pull her in, put her hand behind your neck, body press against each other.

Just assume it´s on. Not desperate for attention. It´s ok if she talks to her friends.

It´s ok to approach couples (hahaha never did this that much, but after trying it sat night it was sooo much fun)

"I am just a man, in a woman´s body"

"shhhhhhh" calming them down while hugging them

"Who are you?"

No need to answer her immediatelly. No need to stress. No need to fill in the blanks. Positive assumptions (it´s on)

Seated sets:
1. sit down with her quick
2. make her stand up ("2 min, 2 min, just one step"

Change the vibe in a split second if she´s not OK with the directions you are leading her in

When it does not go well right off the bat- pump your own emotions, try new angles

"Wait, I am white"

"How do I know you are not a man. Whip out your dick, whip it out!"

"Oi" "Ey"

The trip opener- fake tripping, "oh I am so embarrassed, it´s so embarrassing,..." hug (ridiculous and that´s why it can be fun)

Looks do not matter (Julien´s cumstained shirt)

Grounded energy

"Be real"

"Come at me bro"

Rejections compilation:

Still taking right action

"What´s the right thing to do?" (gun to your head)

Not assuming it. Being reactive, being a seller,...Even 1% off and you are done.

"You broke my heart"

"I am korean from the waist down"

Hand of god, if she doesn´t come, then get in closer and pull her out

Car makeouts "roll the window down", being persistent, taking off the responsibility off of her (caution not to get killed if they stomp on the gas or roll the window up)

Demand attention.

Check this video out:

Taking responsibility off of her.

Persisting for logistics (she will help you/give you hints)

"Close your eyes, I am not gonna kiss you, I am not gonna kiss you, I swear on my mother´s head"

Instead of hooking, suck them into your reality

"Hug me goodbye" and then pick her up and ran away from her friends teeth

Being real=50/50

"That´s what she said"

Attention span of an ant (after seeing videos I finally get it)

Making her compliant "coffee tommorow (repeatedly)", "You won´t even remember me" "say: call me"

You are the oak tree, she´s the squirell. You are grounded. She´s all over the place (reactive)

No need to slowly build up arousal (as in Natural Instincts Method) it however you feel, so it can be all over the place, going up and down.

Seated sets->make her stand up, get physical-> sit down and be chill

Pointing at chicks with your finger and then hand of god

Hand of god (either hand low and palms up/ hand high palms down)

Being shameless (approaching girls in front of girls you already approached before)= self amusement

"Compare me to everyone"

"What´s your racial background"

Be congruent, don´t force it. Night has emotional waves. Let it arise.

She will give you hints to pull her.

Less is more. Not trying.


It´s your responsibiliy to change the vibe

Regular pull talk, just very chill chill chat, no need to even hold hands

"If you wanna go you can go"

Make her comfortable + taking responsibility off of her

Pulls: baby steps, constant motion

Why are you there? Because you want her.

Focus on getting laid not on getting better at game. Getting better at game will come as a byproduct

Screen for logistics

Once you become an attractive guy, it´s all about the logistics

Bathroom pull: Always go for the minimum, if if doesn´t work say something like "let´s go to the bathroom,..."

Take aways only after you hook the set

"You lose me forever"

Play to win. Nothing to lose. 5 AM, out of state? Do it anyway.

"You will go back to your boring LA life"

"I don´t care, I have a GF waiting for me at home"

"It doesn´t deserve it"

"Like a dog"

"Why do you treat me like a dog"

"You look desperate"


Pulling: Grab her phone. Or turn it off like Derek.

PU is in waves (not linear), interactions are also in waves

LMR/Flakes- you didn´t structured the interaction correctly

Create a mastermind group (you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. My family I am fuuuucked teeth)

LMR? Push pull, sexual, emotional, romantic, smooth, dominant,...just try every angle

Serious NO vs. a NO with a laugh. If you get a serious NO then stop!

Don´t make out too much. Use it as an expression. Don´t use it to make her horny unless you are very near/at the sex location. If you give her enough then she´s satisfied with it and it´s "byebye"

Going out 7 days a week (20 min is ok)


Nobody is above the process. You need to get the reference experiences.

PU is vague. Human interactions. Not everything will be crystal clear. Accept the unknown

Pickup (the process of learning it) is HARD. The hardest thing you will ever do. (well, I agree)

Trust yourself, trust your own opinions.
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No beef. Why you hate me Julien? cryteeth

Now to the best part. To the part where I learned the most.

4. Bootcamp

I wasn´t a student. I just happened to be always in the same club as him teeth

Thursday night

On thursday night I stalked on Julien. Approached some sets in front of him just to be an attention whore.

I reapproach this blondie. I lead her to a chill area to talk, I try to put her hands on my shoulders and get more physical. There´s resistance. 

In my peripheral vision I see a hand. In a split second I know what´s up and just take my girl´s hand and pull her away. Yes, it was Julien.

Now this gave me permission to try to steal his girl. Before I didn´t want to do it to piss him off (like I did piss Jeffy off last time in Munich)

Friday night
See Julien briefly, but they left the club very quick. I am sad, no revenge for me.

But I see Ozzie. He´s a cool guy. He takes care of his student the whole night, didn´t saw him approach.

Saturday night

From my journal:
ChinaBoy~ wrote:

Julien makes out with my girl while I was holding her hand (highlight of the night)
I just go up to 2 pretty cute chicks just congruent (that means at that time: low key, kinda quiet, but solid EC)...Also some light physicality like hugging. This was enough to "hook the set"

I just talk to my girl with her friend standing there. Just assuming it´s on, I am enough, letting her invest. having her leaning in. But the proximity was not good, she was standing like 1 feet away leaning in...also I wasn´t like static physical with her (for example claw)...

Julien saw me on thursday night and I asked him for feedback. Julien: "You are not leading"

He was probably standing near me and observing me...while I was talking to the girls, just out of the fucking blue a hand comes in. When I see it in a split second I realise that it´s Julien. I just grab both of the girls hands and start pulling them away. BUT Julien made EC with my girl and from that instant I was DONE. He was just more on than me. That´s it.

I really take pride in myself taking massive action and being a persistent motherfucker...I just refuse to give up. And I will NOT be fucked with and just be pushed around socially by some guy called Julien.

I just hold my girls hand and just keep pulling...but the girls RAS is fully focused on Julien, he´s even like laidback, leaning back, fully assuming it´s on. I just keep fucking pulling her away. She wouldn´t move. I go into my head and reassure myself: "I am the man, I am enough, Just be chill of course Ivi". This calms me down (but I still already reacted by tensing up in my chest). I just keep trying to pull her away. I even tried to lift her up but heavy resistance from her part.

After this 2-3 minute shenanigans of my trying to pull her away and her fully focusing on Julien I see the faces getting in close. BAM! Makeout. I burst out laughing and decide to give up. I walk by Julien and he just pats my arm. I am happy, why? Cuz this was sooo much fun, it was out of my comfort zone, it makes me icey. It´s just sooo valuable LONG TERM.

I go back like 2 minutes later and that fucker Julien is out of the set...He just wanted to fuck with me . Just steal my set and bobytrap it (by making out with her) was I am reapproaching, who wants to make out with a chick after Julien .

I see Julien and go up to him and just say genuinely: "Hey man, I really love you, it was awesome". I couldn´t be more grateful for this. Stealing each other chicks is soo fun, even when you lose your best set of the night (it was my best set of the night results wise).

I go around pissed "Fuck, he just fucking stole MY girl? hahaha I am gonna have my revenge, I am gonna steal his girl, time to get into state." and started approaching more. There was the fury.
Nope I didn´t got the chance to see him again with a girl to try to steal his girl.

I learnt a lot from these 2-3 minutes. These lessons from infield are gonna be ingrained in my mind harder than hotseat. As I lost probably the best set of my night.


Now the main lessons, from my little 4 day trip and all of those seminars/bc

Main lessons:

1. What it means to be congruent/incongruent
2. Moment of realness
3. I need to lead (Julien´s feedback from seeing me infield)
4. Willpower- Gun to you head: "What´s the right thing to do?" (will use this as religion to take care of my life)
5. I am actually gonna get good at this. VERY GOOD.

Realised that I have an abnormal level of leverage, willpower and that I do take so much action. It´s impossible for me to NOT get good at this.

Thanks to everyone who took part in creating this programs.

Big thanks to Julien for stealing my girl.

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Great. Thanks for your notes !

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Awesome review. Thanks)
Just don't give a f*ck. No, really.
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I liked that the cell phones were secure in a backpack.

The security wasn´t top notch...You guys need metal detectors. It´s easy to smuggle some something into the hotseat if you just think outside the box.

Paradox with the hype...hyping the whole event may attract a lot of people to attend the seminar, but if you over do it and help people to set their expectations too high, then they may be disappointed.

Also I´d like for the teachers to give a little reality check:
-This is not a magic pill
-80% of the people will not use it and be stay the same, whereas 20% of the people apply it and it changes their lifes

Also I'd be better if the teacher asked what we want out of the seminar...a lot of people sign up for the seminar without knowing what they wanna get out of the seminar.

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Good read, man.
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 Cool stuff friend :)
Be in the moment
Be the best

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Uh... I'd like to correct you here, my boy.

He's not 10x better than him at all.

I'd say he's probably at least 100x better than Owen ;-)

Cheers for the good review. Keep it up man!
ChinaBoy~ wrote:
3. Julien Bonus day
This was even better than Tyler hotseat. Julien seems to be 10x better than Tyler.

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